Confessions of a Tired Mom

There is a very good possibilty that I have already used that title. But I am too tired to check, so sorry if so.
Are there any fellow Mommies out there that are as tired as me? Seriously, I can barely keep my eyes open lately.
Between staying up {wayyyy too late} to finish orders, keeping the house {semi} clean, {trying} to keep on top of the laundry {even though I washed the same load three times this weekend!}, {attempting} to conversate with my husband who seems equally busy, {not very successfully} keeping up with my exercise, cooking fresh, wholesome {somewhat, at least} meals….
Well, I guess you can see why I am tired.
Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE being home with my kids…but its super hard work and I have two words for you people:
Yup, I am learning it’s valuable beacause all I have to say is…I wonder if I even speak adult-ese anymore? It seems like everytime I get away from my kids and I get to spend time with legal voters, I get a glazed over look and start drifting off into lala land.
What in the world is everyone talking about?!?
I’m embarrassed to say that between raising my kids, working with young people and my little hoodie business, I have lost contact with the world outside of those three things. Like apparently there has been a volcano in Iceland that shut down most of Europe’s airways last month? Well, yeah, I looked like an idiot when I cluelessly told my brother {who has no kids, is very involved with current affairs AND lives in Europe} that I had no idea what he was talking about when he said his flight to the States might be canceled because of it.
What I do know is this:

{I’ve been playing with actions…so bear with me!}
I seriously need locks on my cabinet {which Brandon is in process of installing this weekend}. I know, its amazing we made it without them throughout Jake’s first years but believe me when I say HE WAS NOT THE LEAST BIT INTERESTED. Evy, on the other hand, sheesh. She has to be into everything. And yes, when the Dr asked me at every well-baby check up with Jake if we had them on the cabinet doors, I smiled and nodded my head…’cause we did…on the two Jake liked. Shhhh! Sorry Dr. B.
And despite the fact that I don’t really know what’s going on out there {which I am attempting to fix…I have been logging on to again, whew}, I know that apparently I have done something right ’cause Jake can storytell REALLY well!!

Yes, that is a very old Search for Truth Bible study chart that Jake must have found somewhere around the house and yes he is retelling the destruction of Jerusalem, but it sounded like this:
“And then the Knights took the men and said, ‘We are going to defeat you!’
But the men said, ‘No you’re not!’
Bam, bam, pow,pow {Jake’s fighting sound effects}
Whoohoo, we won, we won! We got them!
And this Soilder {pointing to the “knights”}, he’s very brave, Mommy!”
Yeah, I know, not really super spiritual and kinda sad that he drifted to the distruction page instead of the love, joy peace page? Oh boy.
Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, tired.
I’m tired. Very, very tired. And I have a movie that I rented from Redbox that has been sitting in the DVD player for THREE nights in a row. Brandon gets it cued up and then I crash, or I sew, or I clean. And he goes to bed, sick of waiting for me.
So tonight, my dear friends, I will not sew, I will not clean… I will put the kids down for bed and the REST. Because even God rested…and I’m so glad He did!! :)
On the seventh day God had finished his work of creation, so he rested from all his work, Genesis 2:2

7 thoughts on “Confessions of a Tired Mom

  1. 1
    Mande says:

    We are so in sync. When I read your posts I feel as if I am looking into a mirror. Mike has been doing some contracting work all week long in addition to regular hours….so longer days for me. Girlfriend, I am exhausted. So glad you are taking a break from it all and just resting tonight. So refreshing to read I am not the only one that missed the volcano in Iceland. Some days my only adult interaction is catching up with my blog friends in blog land. So blessed to have this little window to you. Hugs through the screen. Good night my dear friend. xo

  2. 2
    twoks4you says:

    Amy! I can relate to you. I don't make hoody's but I do run a wedding site and thats a lot of work and also being in ministry as well… Anyway its nice to know we aren't alone in our sleepyheadedness… :) Not sure if that was supposed to run together or not but who cares? LOL! Love you! Good night.

    Kay-Kay Hines

  3. 3
    Sullivan's says:

    Amy – you make me tired just reading your blog! :D

    I don't have young children at home and there are many news events that I miss out on – guess I need to get back in the habit of checking as well! LOL

    Love the picture of Evy in the cabinet – she is adorable! And Jake….. what can I say. So many of his antics remind me of Hudson. I can just imagine Hudson telling pretty much the same story if he got ahold of the SFT chart. And no…….. he wouldn't find the page with the love, joy, peace message either! LOL

    Love you! – You are SPECIAL !!!!


  4. 4
    Jenni says:

    first i heard about europe if it makes you feel any better! ha! i do not stay up on current events to save my life! now, if it is an episode of one tree hill or so you think you can dance, another story!

    i am glad that you rested last night and i hope that it was enough to make you feel rejuvenated for the rest of this week!

    big hugs!

  5. 5
    Monica Hassas says:

    I don't do current events either! ha ha
    Last night I was so tired that after I cleaned the kitchen I laid down with Ethan and fell asleep in my clothes, sans shower, etc. etc.

    Thanks for this post, Amy! You are telling it like how we all feel and it feels good to know we are not alone – that alone gives me a little peace! Love you!

  6. 6
    SoShawna says:

    Oh yeah, two kids, keeping up housework and life…then add a pregnancy on top of it and you'll find out just how much does NOT get done…haha…the crashing part is so funny. That's us. Elton downloads all these episodes for shows we like and wants to sit and watch them. I crash. Days go by and finally he's like SIT DOWN WITH ME NOW….lol. I do scan the headlines of major news websites everyday though. If there's something major going on in the world at least I know a little about it even if I can't tell you details! It's OK Amy. We love you even if you probably don't know about the oil spill in the Gulf.

  7. 7
    amber. says:

    Aww…Amy! If I had my own car, I would come visit you & help out since I only work part-time. Seriously…I get bored. lol

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