Clean Garage

Ok, am we the only family that cleans their garage and then all of a sudden its packed to the gills again?!?
Seriously, how does that happen?
Oh wait, I know how that happens…my dad keeps bringing boxes and boxes of hand-me-downs over and I take them because I feel horrible hearing, “This is your Nannie’s favorite _________{fill in the blank}, and if you don’t take it I’m going to give it to the Goodwill”.
So right around the time when my giant order form American Apparel arrived and I came home from L.A. with a living room full of material, my parents came over for a visit. I did not intentionally do this, but I didn’t clean up my living room and Brandon was parking outside of the garage only because the living room was housing my stash of material and the garage my American Apparel boxes.
My parents were not pleased, to say the least. Which was probably a good thing since my garage was so full thanks to them. Ha.
So my dad promptly arrived on my doorstep two days later with a bunch of racks for the garage and an empty trunk to take some of the boxes back to Santa Rosa with him. He also promised to help me go through all the boxes he had brought and try to find a proper place for them.
THANK GOD. I think Brandon felt like he had died and gone to Heaven.
So after 48 hours of almost non- stop working…
The looks of exhaustion! HA!!! Sorry, but this picture is blackmail, is it not?!?
And of course my little man, the crazy person he is….
I wish I had thought to take before pictures. I was so stressed moving things that I never got the chance. But trust me…it was BAD. You can kinda get the idea from the above pictures. Stuff EVERYWHERE.
But here is the final result, all personal items, extra clothing and tools along the South wall
And my American Apparel wall on the East…with one very happy dad and an annoyed husband who would love for me to stop taking pictures. HA. Again, blackmail. haha. :)
Finally I get a happy face from the handsome man.
So there you have it. A clean, organized garage. But what to do with the 5 new American Apparel boxes I got yesterday?!? oh boy! :)

3 thoughts on “Clean Garage

  1. 1
    Kelley says:

    Wow! And you beat to the punch Saturday, September 11: National Clean Out Your Garage Day! Well,ain't you somethin'! GOOD JOB!

  2. 2
    Mande says:

    Holy smokes!! I am envious of your organized garage. It looks fantastic!!
    I dream of an organized home….oneday!! xoxo

  3. 3
    Jenni says:

    yay for being organized! good job daddy!

    love the rainboots on jake! teehee!

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