Christmas Recap 2011

It hit me today that Christmas is now over and I have to begin to clean up the Christmas “mess” and pack away all our beloved ornaments and Christmas momentos. It’s so crazy how Christmas comes and goes, you know? You look forward to it for weeks, some of you for months, and then its gone faster than you can say “Christmas Tree”. Totally weird.
I was thinking today how special Christmas has become to me. I know it’s because of my kids. You start seeing things through a child’s eye again, and its so magical…for lack of a better term. But the thing I love the most are all the memories I get to walk away with. The smiles that were plastered on their faces….and despite how tired we were…how fun Brandon and I had as well. Christmas is a wonderful time to remember and give thanks to the Lord for all His wonderful blessings that took place each year. 
Here are a few of my Christmas blessings:
Jake at his school Christmas concert. He’s the super tall one with a tie on that is talking and not signing. Right. Anyway, he is standing next to his best friend ever and I guess they got a little carried away. ha. 

Jake was also in the church musical.
He had a line and was SO EXCITED. That’s his buddy Joshua there with him.

Brandon was out of town that weekend…was so glad to have my mom and my brother be there for Jake.

A couple days before Christmas we had a Christmas cookie decorating day. My nieces came over, along with my sister and my brother Brad and we ate pizza and baked cookies. It was super fun. We always use this recipe every year. Here’s Evy and her twinsie cousin Emma goofing off. Evy looks almost identical to Emma when she was a baby.

Emma gave Jake and Evy her gifts that night, since she wasn’t going to see us on Christmas. Evy got a Piglet, which she loved, and a Cinderella nightgown. She was in Heaven.

And Jake got Cars 2  figurines. 

Christmas Eve was at my parents…Jake tugging on his massive gift. It was a remote control car. :)

I love this picture of my dad. Poor guy. I don’t know anyone who thinks Christmas is as boring as he does. Seriously…sit around all day, eat, do nothing, buy gifts for people? Uh, no, that goes completely against his grain. I have an agitated picture of him every year. This year is no exception.

goof offs…

My mom and Jake

Us all deciding what time we want to eat….

Our California Christmas. Sunny, but cold. 

My sister made the siblings sit down and take a picture. She wanted us to link our arms with Bradley. Poor guy. I really dislike this picture for a couple reasons: My arms look huge and I feel like a dork sitting there with my arm linked with my brother’s. Seriously. Ugh. Gotta love it I guess. We missed our brother Jeff this year….

Christmas morning was the highlight for us. Jake was SO excited to see Santa ate his cookies. And yes there is a Santa…his name begins with an A and ends with a Y. I think you know where I am going with this one… ha

He asked Santa for a bow and arrow. We beyond thrilled to see that Santa didn’t forget. {whew}

Despite having a fever of 103.7 the day before, and a little one here in the morning, my girl was a trooper. And so excited to get her apron set from Anthro.

I know this is blurry, but I couldn’t resist. She kept saying, “thank you so much Mommy!!” Love her

Such a doll

Love this face.

I have to say…I’m glad Christmas is over. But I am so glad I have these wonderful memories. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!!

3 thoughts on “Christmas Recap 2011

  1. 1
    Mande says:

    Beautiful pictures and what a wonderful time had with your family. Must be so nice to be home again and have your mom and dad nearby. We moved back home for the same reasons and you cannot put a price on family. You are blessed and I pray you will have another blessed 2012, Amy! XOXO

  2. 2
    AmandaChavis says:

    Is that a crossbow??? My dad got one of those from his brother for Christmas… A few weeks ago he cut half of his thumb off with a real one!!! (thankfully they were able to reattach it) So my uncle thought that would be a funny gift for him. It's a really cool toy!!! The girls have had a blast playing with it…. They shoot at all the deer heads hanging in his living room! Haha. So glad you all had a wonderful Christmas!!! Just realized as i type this that I'm in my Jammie's and my teal hoodie!!! My fav outfit!!!;). Love you!!!

  3. 3
    Alyson @Eisley Rae says:

    Gorgeous pictures. LOVE that she was so excited about her apron set. Precious. Looks like a gorgeous Christmas. xoxo

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