WWWW {What We Wore Wednesday} and a Shop Update

So today has been one of those days…just can’t keep up with the mound of things to do. But I have to get a couple pictures I want to share….

Could Amie’s little one get ANY cuter?!? And this is SUCH a beautiful picture! She is wearing the Red Zebra hoodie, which we will have some of on Black Friday of this week!

And little Kinsley…love this Bella Brilla. We will also have more of these next week during the Black Friday sale.

Just a couple things about the shop I wanted to remind/update you about….

Black Friday/Cyber Monday: Our annual Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale will take place at 11 PM PST on Thanksgiving Eve and will last through Cyber Monday eve. The shop will be closed until the sale starts next week. Everything I have will be listed for very, very cheap. There will also be a few freebies involved as well.

Inventory: So I’m asked at least weekly about inventory, what I have, what I will have and when I will have more new inventory. Please remember the following:

Manufactured goods are supposed to be here Jan/Feb of 2013. We will NOT have any NEW handmade designs until January of 2013. At this point, we are trying to liquidate all that we have {remember this?} to pay for our manufactured goods. If you purchased an item during the Save Evy’s Tree campaign and have a coupon code, you can use it on the manufactured goods in Jan/Feb. 

Also, things are so cheap now because I am trying to liquidate. When our shop reopens after Christmas, both handmade and manufactured goods will run within the price range of $70-$90. 

Hopefully this all makes sense and everyone is on the same page. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment and I’ll respond! :)


WWWW {What We Wore Wednesday}… on Thursday

Whelp I missed it yesterday, but since I have SUCH great pictures this week, I had to do it anyway.

So without further adieu….

This is Lori and her niece wearing the Purple giraffe Brillas. We have a couple of these left here and here

And Amy at the Sonoma County Fair {hey that’s OUR fair!! :)} wearing the Pink Asphalt Brilla. We have some more HERE.

And Kelly’s little girl in a mini Candy Corn Brilla, which we also have some of HERE.

And pretty Marci in her White Simple..which we also have some of HERE

And in her Black Night Brilla {HERE}

And I LOVE what Eileen has to say about wearing her Diana Wrap {HERE}…Hysterical!!

“When I was a student at Penn State and attended the games, we used to joke that I was a jinx. They would only play well when I was in the bathroom or getting food/drinks. Last year, we went to the PSU-Temple game and apparently, my bad luck was back! I left the stadium with my mom and my brother’s mother-in-law to set up our tailgate for some post game revelry and literally, as soon as we exited the gate, the Nittany Lions scored and we ended up winning the game. 

Well this year, I went up to PSU for homecoming/my little brothers’ (Dan & Brendan) birthdays. Turns out, I am STILL a jinx. I had to “watch” the entire last quarter of the game with my head down so that I wasn’t really watching. I was the talk of our section (with lots of complements from other alum-ladies on my Diana wrap!) but it worked! We won the game :)

My loving boyfriend captured the picture of my 4th quarter sacrifice for our team :) All in all, we had a great time!”

Thank you everyone for sending in pictures of you in Evy’s Tree! Feel free to email me if you have one you’d like to share for next week. Amy@evystree.com

Don’t forget the sale is still going on!


{WWWW} What We Wore Wednesday

A while back, we used to do What We Wore Wednesday posts HERE…a post dedicated strictly to you as the Evy’s Tree customer where you {or WE :)} can show off how awesome you look in our products. I started this to go along with the Whole What I Wore Wednesday posts that Lindsey did. Since I am a horrible model and really hate taking pictures of myself and/or documenting my clothes, I thought WWWW would be a good replacement. I think you’d much rather seeing all your cute faces than mine. :)

So I’d like to start these back up. I’m not going to promise we’ll do it every week, but I’m going to try to at least do one once or twice a month. How does this all sound to you? Want to join along? Then just email me with your photo, along with your name, city and state to amy@evystree.com. Please put WWWW in the subject line. :)

Our first one is Amie’s darling little girl. I LOVE how this blue looks on her face. She is wearing the Blue Zig Zag Brilla. We have some left of these…enter 40TOES to get 40% off! :)

Next up we have Brooke. I love this Brooke, you look so pretty! She is the last one on the right and she is wearing last year’s Red Zebra Brilla. It looks stunning on you! She and friends met Ray Wylie Hubbard. Brooke, don’t hate me when I tell you I had to google him to find out who he was! :( I’m not into country music, so I was clueless, but I LOVE that Evy’s Tree was there when you met him! :) xoxo

And little Avery, I adore this one! She looks so darling all dressed up this weekend and sporting Evy’s Tree! LOVE IT! She is wearing the Black Night Brilla. Remember to use 40TOES for 40% off!

And Julie sent me this hysterical picture. She said there was no Evy’s Tree in it, but she wanted to give me a good laugh. She calls this group the Duck Dynasty By The Farm. HA!! Love it! That’s Julie second from the right.

Happy Wednesday all!! xoxo

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WWWW {What We Wore Wednesday} and The Store Is Closing….

I know, I know, it’s Thursday, not Wednesday. And I haven’t done a WWWW for a while now, I’m sorry! There has been so much going on around these parts, it’s been a bit hectic. I’ll share more info with you all next week, but for now, I just wanted to let you know that…

The store is closing tomorrow {Friday} evening.

 I will explain what is going on with the shop this Monday through this blog, so please come back. I am going to be brutally honest about some things around here and I desperately need your help. DESPERATELY. I’m not sure how many Evy’s Tree fans I have out there anymore {especially since FB has changed up their timeline, it seems I don’t get to see many of you as often}, but if you love Evy’s Tree, I hope and pray you will support us when we reopen.

Will you be there on Monday {June 4} to hear more? I sure hope so!

And now onto WWWW…..

First my family on Memorial Day. Evy is wearing the Independence Brilla, my mom is wearing the Red Simple and Jake is wearing last years Independence for boys. I love these three. 

Meet Kirsten…she is a friend of mine, a friend found through Evy’s Tree. Kirsten is wearing a *vintage* Anchor hoodie {how many of you have those? they were a huge hit back in the day! :) }. As you can tell by the hoodie, Kirsten was one of my first buyers, and somewhere along the line I realized she was from Santa Rosa and had the same last name of a guy my brother was friends with in high school. Come to find out she married that same guy!! So we had a connection. She was also very good friends with a friend of mine from SR. When I moved, Kirsten and I have been in touch and it is so good to get to know her. She is SUCH a sweetie. She came by the studio in the Anchor and I had to snap her picture. Thanks Kirsten for being a willing subject! ha. :)

Next up is Jasmine…and I have to honest, I’m not sure Jasmine submitted this photo? My husband emailed me the pictures, so hopefully Jasmine doesn’t mind me using it! :) She is wearing the Pink Polka Brilla

I adore this picture of Evy and my nephew Lincoln. You can read more about this day here. Evy is wearing the Eggplant and navy ruffle pullover.

Have you seen beautiful SM from Forty Toes Photography in our Blue Zig Zag Brilla?? She is so stunning!

My beautiful friend Chrystyna wearing the red simple. I am soooo thankful for this lady, she has helped me out so much lately! :)

And lovely Angela wearing the Blush Diana Wrap. Loved how she placed the pin at her waist, what a good idea!! 

Well, that’s it for WWWW…thank you everyone for making Evy’s Tree such a big part of your lives! I am so thankful.

And don’t forget to check back Monday for more info on the shop. And if you want something, I’d snag it now! Shop HERE.

WWWW {What We Wore Wednesday} and Summer Items!!

Happy Wednesday everyone!!

Our WWWW is going to be short today. I wanted to show you something that you may have already seen if you follow me on twitter {@evystree}, but I wanted to showcase it again.

This past week, my sister in law Brittony, who goes by the nickname of “Brilla”, posted a wonderful little picture that looks like this:

If you have followed me since the beginning, you may recognize this hoodie…this is the original “Brilla” and you can read the whole story about it here and see what happened after that here. I’m pretty impressed that this hoodie is still alive and looks just as good as it did in the beginning. Brittony, when you are done with this one, I think we need to frame it and put it in the Evy’s Tree hall of fame! ha! :)

Have a picture of you wearing Evy’s Tree? Email it to me, so I can use it for WWW! amy@evystree.com


Summer items…well, there are going to be a bunch. Right now I am working on a great one that I think you will love, especially if you like bright colors and if you loved the Grace wrap.

That’s the only hint I’m going to give you at the moment. ha. They should be available late next week. :)

But this week, I listed a BUNCH of these tees HERE.

And I also listed a couple White Simples

and white lacey zip ups

I know it’s getting pretty hot where many of you are, so we also added the 3/4 length sleeve option so you can shorten any of your hoodies to look like this

I hope that helps some of you!

And lastly, if you don’t follow us on Facebook, you should! We had an amazing flash oops sale today that was so much fun and went great! I emptied out my entire oops bin! AWESOME!! Thank you to everyone who participated!

Big hugs to you all! xoxo

WWWW {What We Wore Wednesday}…and a Thursday

My friends. I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Remember this post? Well, I’m tackling the Dining Room this week. It looks amazing so far, but it’s literally taken me ALLL week to get half way done. I started painting last Saturday{I used this paint, I will give you a full report on my thoughts once I’m done. :)}….and the dining room table is still upside down with the legs waiting to be waxed. The kids are bit stressed about it. When my brother called this week that was the first bit of “big news” {that and the going into kindergarden 411} that Jake blurted out…. “Uncle Brad, the table is UPSIDE DOWN!!” ha.

Oh boy.

Anyway, every spare moment that I normally spend doing blogging has been spent on the dining room. Now we all know why my house never really looks done. I’m too busy blogging to care. That should be a sign hangs up in my kitchen, right? “Sorry, the house is a mess, I’m too busy blogging.” HAHA. Yikes.

So WWWW is a bit late. Sorry about that.

First up is Shelby. Shelby is a longtime customer and she is wearing one of the very first Brillas. So glad to see it’s still alive and kicking! :)

And sweet Jedediah in the Mini Italian. I’m not going to lie, this is one of my favorite hoodies EVER for little boys. Poor thing looks a bit frightened by that giant pancake! ha.

And yes, my family wears Evy’s Tree too…ALL.THE.TIME. It’s actually pretty sad. ha. We have no other clothes. :)

Evy in the Mini Holland Days zip up from last year. My word I love this girl.

And me. In the Navy blue lacey zip up. I wear this thing almost daily. I have it in three colors, grey, navy and black. I adore them. here I am trying to take a picture of myself in the mirror {how in the world do you guys do this all the time??? I couldn’t get a decent picture of myself!! ha}. I’m wearing the zip up with a JCrew Maxi skirt. I am seriously so addicted to these maxi skirts. They are awesome.

Sidenot: Check out my friend Caroline’s tutorial for one! Awesome!

And just to prove that I do actually wear something other than Evy’s Tree….here’s me on Saturday. It was HOT so I pulled out a flowy tee and {gasp} another maxi. But don’t worry, I had a hoodie in my purse. A grey lacey zip up to be exact. HA. oh boy. And ignore the wrinkles. We don’t iron over here. Ever.

And my little family on Sunday. To prove that Evy’s Tree really can go anywhere….here I am in my first Diana Wrap with a black pencil skirt and my very fave vintage {yikes, 10 years is vintage! ack!} Banana Republic snakeskin sling backs. Oh yea, my kids. They are crazy. Notice I’m getting a little better with the whole taking a picture of myself without putting the camera in front of my face thing.

Whelp, that’s it! Happy Wednesday..er…Thursday! If you have a picture to share, send it to amy@evsytree.com.


PS. Please ignore all the instagram photos. They make life so easy! Are you on instagram? Feel free to follow us: evystree is our handle.

PPS….a bunch of new stuff is marked down in the shop HERE.

WWWW {What We Wore Wednesday}

We have some cuties this week! Have a picture of you or your loved one wearing Evy’s Tree and would like it to be on WWWW? Email the picture to me! amy@evystree.com

First off, darling Kylan in the Lemon Twister Brilla from last fall

I love these of Lesley and her little one. Lesley is wearing the Black Night Brilla and her little on is wearing the Lumberjack Brilla.

And precious Shae’ is wearing the Polka Dance Brilla from Fall.

And beautiful Andrea is wearing the Blush Diana Wrap, which sold out very quickly!

She is also wearing the Crossover hoodie…she chose her own colors and did a pink with black combo. Very pretty!

And Angela has on the Sugar Plum Diana Wrap from Christmas. It looks amazing on you Angela!

Happy Wednesday to you all! Linking up with Lindsey today! :)


WWWW {What We Wore Wednesday}

Welcome back! Have a picture of you wearing Evy’s Tree? Email it to me! amy@evystree.com

Have you gotten your little one a Lacey Zip Up yet? No?? You NEED to!! Here’s Cynthia’s little on in the Mini Black Lacey Zip Up.

And baby Aubree in one too!

And Evy…she’s wearing the Charcoal Lacey Zip Up. Love this one.

And Mary, sporting her Zebra Brilla from last year!

And Amber says she wears these Ruffle Cardigans ALL.THE.TIME. love it.

And I’m so excited, we’re getting in pictures of the new spring line! yay!

I love this one of Amie and her little man out on a date. She is wearing the new Brilla Mini Dress in Pink Polka.

And Amie again in the new Lola Brilla. There are just a couple left of this one!

And Kelsey in the Crossover in Grey and Black

Want to save 20% off your Spring 2012 item order?? Visit HERE.

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WWWW {What We Wore Wednesday} and Bargain of the Week

This week’s WWWW should be entitled, “Evy’s Tree in….” as they are all destination photos. So cool! I love hearing about where Evy’s Tree travels!!

The first one is Kirsten over at I Love to Teach. Here is Evy’s Tree in Ireland! LOVE!

And Nicola’s precious little one is wearing Evy’s Tree in Scotland. That castle in back..stunning!

Here’s Rebecca and her sister in law Stacey…Evy’s Tree in Sea World!! :)

And how about this one? Evy’s Tree waiting to go somewhere! :) Love it. Korey’s little girls being photoed by their aunt Leigh Ann

Have a picture of you wearing Evy’s Tree? Email me, and I’ll use you in our WWWW posts! Amy@evystree.com

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Did you read about Bargain of the Week? Click HERE if not…the low down is every Monday there will be a new item that is significantly marked down for one week only. The item marked down is in stock and ready to ship and in many cases {such as this week} the item marked down may be limited and when it’s gone it’s gone…or perhaps it’s something we have all the time, but I have quite a bit in stock and want to get rid of some, or maybe I am just in the mood to mark an item down {ha!}. Either way, the item will be marked down until Sunday, and then it will be put back to regular price.

This week’s bargain is the Winter White Diana Wrap. You can always find out what the Weekly Deal is by looking over on the side bar of the blog, right about the blog catergories, a picture will be posted and if you click on the picture of the item it will take you to the listing. It looks like this:

I hope this helps some of you who are wanting to purchase something but feel you need to wait until a sale only. This way, there is ALWAYS a sale going on. :)


Lastly, don’t forget the Food Friday linky party starts this Friday! Either link up with a food post you have done recently or do your own Food Friday post, but either way, don’t forget to grab the button on the sidebar and include it in your post! :)

Big hugs everyone! xoxo

WWWW {What We Wore Wednesday} and A Shop Update

We have some cuties this week….all of them are either related to me or personal friends. ha. Kinda cool how that turned out! :)

First my sweetheart. I love her oh so much. She is wearing the new White Rabbit Simple Remix. It looks SO DARLING on her. There are some left HERE.

This is Kim. I love her. She is an amazing girl….us Miraflors are thankful for Kim. My mom bought her a hoodie for her birthday and she choose this red simple. I have a couple left in various sizes if anyone is interested…just email me amy@evystree.com

This is Vanessa. She is married to our dear friend Abraham. Abraham is like Brandon’s little brother, they have know each other their entire life. Vanessa and Abe just got married and as a little gift for their honeymoon, I gave her the Grey Lacey Zip Up. She is soo darling in it!!

This is my friend Chrystyna. I have been working with her on a project lately and I have really enjoyed getting to know her. She is very awesome and I would LOVE to have her work at Evy’s Tree!! ha :) She is wearing the Grey Simple.

And this is me…I am wearing the Brilla Mini Dress in the Pink POlka. I LOVE this thing! It is sooo comfy. In case you are wondering, I wear a size 4 on top and am 5’7″ and it fits great.  You can get one HERE.

Ignore the silly face…sorry! ha.

So I wasn’t sure what sizes this hoodie would fit, I knew it would fit a size 0-2 {my model}, 4-6 {me} but didn’t know about an 8-10. Well, I was over at my sister in law’s house and tore off my dress and had her try it on. She is 5’3″ and wears a size 10. SHE LOOKS FAB. So great that I made her keep the dress!! HA.

Want to be on our WWWW? Send me {amy@evystree.com} your picture with your name  and we’ll get you featured!

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* * * * * * ** * * * * * *

Just a quick update…thank you to everyone who bought at new spring item last week! We do still have a few items left, and some are near selling out. The following are almost gone:

The Zebra Simple Remix Adult and Mini

The Purple Lovers Brilla Mini Dress

The Tangerine Diana Wrap

Lastly, do you receive our Evy’s Tree email newsletter? If not, I suggest you subscribe. There will be something special arriving in your inbox tomorrow. :) Click HERE, scroll down to the bottom left and click on “sign up for our newsletter” to subscribe.

Big hugs friends!!! xoxo