TEAM ASHLEY: Tee Shirt Updates

Good morning everyone! Just wanted to check in with a quick update regarding the “Fear Will Not Rule” Tees….

About 100 of them have shipped. We are working SO VERY hard to get them out to you as quickly as possible. I just want to stress two things:

1. Team Ashley did not make ONE penny off these tees. Every little bit of profit went straight to Ashley.

2. Two of our team members are in charge of shipping them out. They both are working moms and are doing this on the SIDE. They even have their family members packing tees and printing labels. They are working that hard to get them out to you.

I am mentioning this as we know you are anxious to get the tees but hoping you will have patience with us while we do our best to get them to you. You all have been so kind and patient. THANK YOU!!

Lastly, regarding the donut tees…there were a few tees that were shorted us by the screenprinter and had to be reprinted. I believe everyone who didn’t get a tee has been contacted, but those are being shipped soon as well.

Thank you again friends for being so amazing and helping Ashley!! Money is still coming in for her health care and we are so eternally grateful. Big hugs to you all xoxo

TEAM ASHLEY: Today Is The Last Day and a SURPRISE!!

Dear friends…WOW, WOW, WOW.

We here at Team Ashley have no words. We are shocked, humbled, grateful…there are really not enough words in our vocabulary to explain how we feel about the massive support we have felt for Ashley over the last 48 hours. It is safe to say that we raised an exceptional amount of money for the Lil Blue Boo family. There are sincerely no proper words to really say how we feel other then…


We love you all so very much. I know that sounds crazy to say to a bunch of people that we don’t know, but we do mean it. You have shown true love by giving like you have. Thank you again, so very much.


A little something to thank YOU! If you haven’t already heard, we have a little surprise for you. I’m pretty sure you will love it. Last night we listed our very last two items. They are HUGE. Are you ready?

YES!! You read that right… 1 person gets 30 entire minutes of early shopping with a Matilda Jane stylist at the famed 435 Event!! PLUS…you get 10 items of your choice for FREE.

Pretty amazing ….

There are two of these slots available HERE. The bids are pretty high at the moment, but if any generous soul wants to break the bank, I would say NOW is the time to do it!!

And there are also a bunch of great items that have not been bid up to an extremely high dollar amount yet, so if you are looking for a way to donate money but don’t want to donate cash, then we would love for you to bid on those items. Especially the golf items, some great mommy items, a wonderful full day wedding consulting, a private in house wine tasting and some AMAZING photography sessions.

And don’t forget the donate button. We completely understand that some of the listings have gone higher then many of you can afford, so if you wanted to spend some money and can’t find anything to bid on in your price range, donate button is your best friend! :) It is here on this blog and also on the Hyena Cart site. We will leave the donate button up a little after the auction, so if you didn’t get your item, you can donate your money at that time too. Hope that helps some of you.

Lastly, please remember that the auction end times are scattered throughout the listings so make sure you watch what you are wanting, but the entire auction will close TONIGHT at 11 PM EST {or two minutes after the last bid}.

And if you are new here and don’t know where to go to bid… click the darling little fashionista our own Stephanie Corfee designed

Big hugs to you all and again….THANK YOU!!! xoxo

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TEAM ASHLEY: Hyena Cart is LIVE!!

TODAY is the day!! The auction for Ashley starts TONIGHT at 5 PM PST/8 PM EST.

Are you ready? I hope you have already headed over and gotten a Hyena Cart username and password. If not, please click HERE and do so. You will not be able to participate in the auction without this.

HERE is the auction cart. IT.IS.AMAZING. We are in awe of all that people have done to help Ashley. I know she is too. Her family has been touched by this token of support so very much. I don’t think there are words to describe Team Ashley’s thankfulness to all these donors. To all of you who have donated, THANK YOU!

And to you who will bid…we can’t thank you enough.  Although you can’t start bidding until tonight, please take some time and preview the items, share them with friends and get ready to start bidding TONIGHT. Please, please, if you don’t participate in the auction, consider donating a couple dollars through the donate button on the sidebar. There is also a donate button located on the top and bottom of the page in the Hyena Cart as well. Remember, every penny helps…even just $5!!

Just a few reminders regarding the auction:

* Please remember to bid responsibly. Do not bid on something you have no intention to pay for. For questions regarding the auction, please visit the Auction Policies as well as the FAQ.

* Team Ashley is a group of working moms who have donated their time to help raise some money for Ashley. We are doing the BEST we possibly can, so if you are concerned about something, we ask that you be patient with us and keep “Choose Joy” as the motto of this auction. :) Thank you in advance for all your understanding and grace you extend to us during this week. 

*If you have any questions, please contact me: Although I will do the best I can to respond as quickly as possible, if your inquiry is not urgent, it may take me 24 hrs to return your email. We are being bombarded with emails already and the auction hasn’t even started!  Again, thanks for your patience. 

So pass the word along today please! Tell everyone you know to bid on something when the auction starts tonight….such great things. Thanks again to you all for your love and support for Ashley.


PS…PLEASE pin this!!! Thank you!

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TEAM ASHLEY: Hyena Cart Info

Auction is ONE AND A HALF DAYS AWAY…Just a quick update…

Do you have a Hyena Cart account? If not, you need one in order to participate in the auction. We suggest you get one ASAP.

Click HERE to get one!

See you Monday with more info and the Hyena Cart reveal! xoxo

TEAM ASHLEY: Auction Sneak Peek and Info

The auction is just a couple days away…are you ready? How about a little preview of a couple items that will be available? Seriously, the items offered are AMAZING. As I have said previously, we have over 200 items up for grabs, we sincerely hope that you find something you love in the auction that you are willing to spend some big money on.

BUT…can’t keep up with auctions? Feel the prices get higher than you can afford? No worries…give whatever you can through the donate button on the sidebar! We’ll keep that button up for a while, so even after or during the auction is acceptable. Hope this helps some of you who want to give, but not through an auction.

Now, the auction….

First, I have to mention a very special touch you might find throughout the auction. Many of the talented designers have used this amazing fabric created by Stephanie Corfee {who is also AMAZING, more on her in a second}. It is an exclusive fabric so keep an eye out for it on auction pieces…

 Now on to some sneak peeks of items that will be up for grabs in the auction.

This stunning quilt from Jaybird Quilts.

The fabulous set from the oh so popular Chimi and Changa

Remember Stephanie Corfee?  She put together this gorgeous set, one of a kind of course! See? Amazing, right?

And last but not least…hold onto your seats doll lovers. A one of a kind Bamboletta doll made just for Team Ashley. WOW!

And that’s just a fraction of what will be up for grabs!! Oh, there will be some Evy’s Tree…BTW! :)

Again, don’t want to particpate in the auction, but still want to help? At risk of repeating myself, DONATE BUTTON. ha. :) But you can also purchase some Evy’s Tree hoodies {read HERE} as well as hop on over to Soren Lorensen…she is doing a little fundraiser for Ashley as well {click HERE}.

Need to catch up on all the auction info? click HERE

Again, every little bit helps! Big hugs to you all and be sure to come back on Monday for the auction shopping cart reveal and the auction! WHOOHOO! :)

PS…PLEASE pin this!! Click pin it below…pinterest is such a great way to help spread the word about Ashley. If you are feeling really gutsy, pin all the photos individually. Thanks friends! xoxo

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Team Ashley: Tee Shirt Update and Some More LBB Hoodies!

Well, it’s almost here….the anticipated auction to raise money for Ashley of Lil Blue Boo is only one week away. Are you ready??

The online auction is taking place February 27-29, 2012 at 8pm PST/11 pm EST

For more information please read the FAQ HERE.

Just a couple things that need to be addressed:

First, please remember that unfortunately we are no longer accepting donations for the auction. We have been swamped with donations and although we would LOVE to include everyone, it just isn’t feaseable for our small team. Still want to do something for Ashley? Please remember the donate button on the sidebar. Anything you can give would be awesome!! OR, show up for the online auction and purchase something. There will many beautiful items available. Thank you so much for your interest and support. Please plan on coming back to this blog this Thursday for a sneak peek of a few items listed. I really think you will love everything!!

Second, a tee shirt update. The Donut tees are slowly shipping this week and next. PLEASE be patient with us. Between the two tees Stephanie released we have hundreds of tees to ship {it’s nearing the thousand number} and only two working moms are packaging them and shipping them all out. They are working daily on them and into the wee hours of the morning. Currently they are shipping the donut tees only. The Fear Will Not Rule tees will start shipping in several weeks, more info to come regarding that. Again, your patience would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your donation to Ashley with these tees… EVERY PENNY COUNTS!

Lastly, my seamstress, during our material clean up last week, found little more LBB material. This one is from their spring line that I collaborated with Ashley on and made some matching hoodies specifically for that line. I only have a few, but the designated proceeds will go directly to Ashley’s donation fund.

Mini Holland Days Zip Up HERE

Mini Swiss Miss Zip Up HERE

Thank you friends for all you do! See you Thursday! xoxo

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Team Ashley: More Tees and an Update

Good morning everyone…a little pop quiz here…10 points for anyone who can shout out really fast when the auction is?


February 27-29 8PM PST- 11PM EST

Side note: the auction will be held on a hyena cart site, which we will unveil as we get a bit closer. 

Just wanted to keep you updated on a couple things:

The auction is no longer accepting donations. We have over 200!! So excited about that!! Thank you to everyone who has been so willing to help Ashley!

Please remember the donate button on the right side bar!! If you are anything like me, you will have great intentions to participate in the auction and then the evening of the auction your kids will throw a fit or your house will blow up or something and you will completely forget. No worries. Please feel free to donate at any time with the donate button. The funds go straight to Ashley.

The Donut tees are slated to begin shipping on the 17th….but please have patience with us!! We are doing our best to get everything packaged and out as fast as we can.

Missed the tee?? No worries, have you seen Stephanie’s amazing new tee?!?!? Click HERE to get to her post about it.

I already ordered mine. LOVE IT.

Big hugs everyone…please keep Ashley in your prayers. Thanks for all you do. xoxo

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Team Ashley: FAQ

Last night our dear friend Ashley posted a blog post regarding the auction that Team Ashley is putting in motion in order to raise some funds for her medical bills. We felt that now might be a good time to share some information with you all, especially since we have been bombarded with such sweet emails of love and support for Ashley, which have been peppered with questions regarding the auction.

First we want everyone to know that at this point we are not accepting any more donations for the auction. Fortunately, we have received SO many donations {I believe we are over 200 items}, but unfortunately, we can’t accept everything or else the auction would never end…we do need to get Ashley money at some point! ha :) Currently we are focusing all our attention on collecting pictures, descriptions and entering them into our auction carts. Thanks for your understanding there….

Now on to some frequently asked questions:

When is the auction?

February 27-29, 2012.  It starts at 8pm PST/11 pm EST and the end times will be staggered through the evening on the 29th, the exact ending times will be noted within each listing. Please note that Hyenacart auctions end 2 minutes after the last bid.

Where will the auction be held?

On a special site hosted by Hyena Cart. It is under construction right now, the address will be shared as we get a little closer to the auction date.  You will need a shopping account on in order to bid.

What kinds of items will be offered?

We have been privileged to get donations from some very large handmade and unique companies. I think you will be THRILLED with what we will have to offer. So far we have a wide variety of items…photographers offering fabulous packages for all over the country, many doll makers and clothiers, and a large amount of clothing vendors. We will be posting previews of items as we get closer to the date…but let me just tell you, SAVE YOUR MONEY. I promise, you are going to want to bid on this stuff.

Can I make something for the auction?

Donations were only being accepted from businesses…and currently we are not accepting any more donations.

 I don’t like auctions, but I want to help… How?

No problem! There is a donate button directly to your right on my sidebar. This button is linked to Ashley’s donation account and she receives all the funds that are received through it.  Anything you can give to Ashley would be AWESOME.

Unfortunately, the Team Ashley tee-shirts designed by Stephanie Corfee have sold out…THANK YOU to all who purchased one to support Ashley. Missed out on one? No worries, we’ll have other ways you can show your love and support for Ashley. And again, in the meantime…don’t forget the donation button!! :)

What happens if I win one of the auctions?

You will be required to pay within 24 hours of the auction ending. All payments will be made by paypal.  Please make sure your Paypal shipping address is correct, that is the address we will ship to, no exceptions.   We are unable to accept money orders or e-checks.  If you are unable to complete the transaction, the item will go to the next highest bidder.

 I am outside of the U.S., do you ship internationally?

Items can be shipped internationally unless the listing description states otherwise.  Some items will be services, so don’t bid if you are not in that area.  If you are outside of the U.S., the donor of the item will contact you after payment has been made to make arrangements to ship your item, you may be responsible for the shipping charges.

How much of the proceeds go to Ashley?

100%.  Team Ashley has donated their time and is not taking any salary or compensation from this auction. This is currently the only auction endorsed by Ashley and Lil Blue Boo. 

We hope this helps answer some of your questions! Please feel free to follow along, we will be posting more updates weekly. If you click on the Team Ashley Logo over on my sidebar, all the blog posts regarding the auction will be housed there.

Thank you friends! You are all amazing. We are blown away by the love and support you are showing our friend…a friend to all of us, yes?

Big hugs xoxo

Team Ashley: Auction Tee Shirts Now Available

A big, big thank you to you all for your love and support that you have all shown regarding the Team Ashley Auction and donation. I know Ashley appreciates everything you all have done and to be quite honest, is blown away by it all.

The team is working on a blog post to answer all the questions that have come our way over the last week. I am also going to go into the blog comments and try answer some of the ones left in my blog post comment section. Please be patient with us. We are all doing our best to keep up with the massive amount of emails that have come our way…as well as keep our own lives going. ha. So bear with us. We want this to be amazing for Ashley and we are SO EXCITED about the response of donors. I think you all will be thrilled to bits to see who has donated.

Now on to tees…we had several people ask for Team Ashley tees so they could show their love and support for Ashley and the upcoming auction. We do have some very special tees that will be in the auction, but for now, the very talented Stephanie Corfee created this darling one….

If you know Ashley, you will understand the humor in this tee. :) They are available in both men and women sizes as well as youth. All proceeds will go towards Ashley and her donation funds.

Click HERE to purchase.

PLEASE pass the word!! we want these tees to sell!! :)

See you later this week with more auction info. And thank you again for all your sharing you having done to promote this. All for Ashley!! :)


PS…want a cheap and easy way to help Ashley? Check out Stephanie’s kid fill in the blank thank you cards that are a $1 download HERE.

And there are a couple Boom Town Hoodies left HERE.

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Team Ashley: Boom Town Brillas

I am so excited! A while back my seamstress dropped off a couple bins of “left over” fabric. Inside one of the bins was enough strips to do one size run of both adults and kids Boom Town Brillas. I squealed for joy as I thought I was completely out of fabric.

In case you are new around here and are just getting acquainted with Evy’s Tree and/or Lil Blue Boo, last fall I designed a hoodie to match Ashley’s Fall 2011 Boom Town line. I started doing this after Ashley so sweetly asked me to collaborate with her on Spring Line last year. It’s always super fun to do things like this with another designer.

So the last couple of days I’ve been feeling a bit bummed as money is EXTREMELY tight and I would love to give something to donation fund before the auction. But just not going to happen around here this month. Maybe not even next month. Boo. So as I started pulling that fabric out I had a great idea…why not make a bunch up and donate all the proceeds to Ashley’s fund?!? Gives me and YOU a chance to do something for Ashley. AWESOME.

So if you are interested….

Adult HERE


Thanks friends for all you do to help Ashley. I’m so excited about this. It feels so good to help someone else once in a while, yes? :)