Hostess Gifts

If you are like me, you like to bring a little something to your host when invited over to dinner or to a party. With this holiday season still in full swing {it’s not New Years yet! :)}, I got to thinking about the things I like to give to my hostess friends and thought I would share some of them. I usually try to buy extra of these things when we have a little money to spend and keep them in the hall closet with the rest of my party supplies. I also keep around cello wrap, special ribbon, tags and cello bags to throw a lovely little gift together last minute if I need to.

My go to hostess gift ideas:

Trapp Candles- I buy in bulk from {HERE}. Depending on what I have on hand, I either give a large candle alone as is, since it comes in such a beautiful box, of I give a smaller one, I put in a cello bag and tie with a ribbon. They smell so heavenly, your host will thank you!

Pretty Soaps- I always keep a couple bars of soap around the house to give away if needed. There is a lovely shop here in town that sells French and Italian soaps and I try to stock up when I go {HERE}…but I have found handmade soaps such as the pictured one, from Karol’s Handmade Soaps {HERE} to be amazing gifts! I got three soaps from Karol to give to my sister for Christmas and they are so very yummy. It’s fun to put soaps in a cello bag like the I do with the candles and wrap with a ribbon, or you can just wrap the soap alone with a ribbon.

Cookies- I think I have told you all how much my Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe {HERE} is loved around here. I try to keep some dough in the freezer, like {HERE}, in case I need them last minute. Depending on the size of the crowd, I’ll either make a whole plate full, or a small little cello bag full…also tied with a ribbon {see a ribbon pattern here? ha}. If you have a favorite cookie recipe or perhaps a store bought cookie that you love and always have on hand, wrap them up! Who doesn’t love cookies!

Flowers- During the summer, when my roses are in full bloom, I feel there is NOTHING better than a lovely bouquet of roses. I buy cheap vases when they are on sale at Target and/or Michaels and keep them around to use as gifts when I need them.

Which leads me to my last point….

If I don’t have roses, cookies, soap or candles on hand, my absolute last resort for a hostess gift is store-bought flowers of some sort, usually a potted variety from Trader Joes…but that just doesn’t seem the same as my other options, now does it? ha.

So tell me, do you have any great hostess gifts? I’d love to add something new to my list! Happy holidays everyone! xoxo

The Best Candle Company: Trapp Candle Discount Code

I am sure you have heard me mention over the years about how much I love Trapp Candles. In case you are new around these parts, let me tell you a little about what I consider the most perfect candle on the market.

First they are packaged pretty amazingly. They come in these lovely boxes {this is the holiday box, I’ve used up all my other ones :)} and make wonderful gifts. The presentation is always delightful.

The other thing I love about these candles is that they are all white or creamish wax. I have a little fetish about candles…they have to be white or cream. There is nothing worse than seeing an all white house with a purple candle {purple is my LEAST favorite color, FYI, ha}. Every scent is white or cream. PERFECT in my opinion.

But the #1 reason why I love these candles so much is the smell. There are no words for how wonderful these candles smell. You don’t even have to light them, just place them around your house and I promise you will still smell them. Light them…you will feel like you are living in a flower garden. Trust me, they are that good.

I first found these candles in a little garden shop on 5th street in Santa Rosa. I believe it was about 14 or 15 years ago. My sister in law Lia introduced me to them. I have been hooked ever since.

When I started dating Brandon and moved to Stockton, a flower shop in town carried them and that is where I purchased them most of the time. The lady who worked there called me “The Trapp Lady” since I never went into the florist for flowers…only candles. ha. They were always so sweet to me, giving me extra candles and special promotions. I loved them.

When I started working for Evy’s Tree, my time became very limited and I just couldn’t make it over to the florist like I was once able to. I started searching online for a company that I could purchase from that wouldn’t be too costly and could deliver them to my doorstep. That is when I found The Best Candle. I bought a couple candles from them and joined their mailing list. The candles arrived in perfect order…in a nice box with peanut shells so that the candles didn’t break. They come with the same packaging that the candles come with in the stores…it was wonderful! Also, since I joined their newsletter, I started receiving promotions from them and found that they always have special sales and such…oftentimes it ended up being cheaper for me to order through them than to buy the candle at the florist.

So I was hooked. :)

Last week I meant to share with you The Best Candle’s latest promotion, but time got away from me and when I was about to blog about the Trapp Candles, I realized that the promotion had expired. So I sent them an email asking when the next promotion would be so that I could share it with you all. I received a kind email back thanking me for my years as a customer and telling me they had set up a special coupon code just for you all!!! I was floored and honored!!!!

So head on over to The Best Candle and buy something {HERE}. Upon checkout enter the code Evy to receive 10% off your entire order for the month of April!! Isn’t that awesome?!? Please support this lovely small business, I hope they stay around for a long time, I just love purchasing from them!

Oh, and my favorite Trapp scents? Mediterranean Fig, Wild Currant, Bob’s Flower Shop, Guava Mango, Bamboo Sugar Cane and their newest scent Quince and Pomegranate. Oh my word, they are heavenly!!

THANK YOU to the owners of The Best Candle Company for being so kind to the Evy’s Tree family. Remember, enter Evy at checkout to get that 10%!  You’re still hanging around? What are you waiting for?? Click HERE.

Recommended Shops: Evy’s Tree Blog Sponsors

This past month Evy’s Tree has done something that we have never done before….we opened up our sidebar for blog sponsors. I have to be honest and say I just never thought anyone would want to advertise on our blog, but one morning as I was doing my devotional for the day, I felt impressed to pray about opening up my sidebar for advertising and giveaways. I spent some time praying and thinking about it and decided that I would go ahead and do it. Just after I had decided that, I opened up my inbox and there was an email from a shop asking if I would do a giveaway on my blog….So I felt that was a confirmation.

I sent out an email to a few friends and mentioned that I was open for advertising on my blog once. I haven’t formally announced that I am taking sponsors, so I guess this is my formal announcement. :) If you are interested in being a blog sponsor, feel free to contact me {}. If you don’t have a button, no worries! Brooke, my graphic designer, can make one for you for a small fee. Hope this helps some of you out. I am also offering monthly giveaway spots for an additional fee.

Every month I will highlight the new sponsors for that particular month. So I introduce this month’s new sponsors:

Doodle Design Shop

Meet Jenny

Here’s what Jenny has to say about her business:

I am a thirty something mama of two spunky kids (Brayden age 8 and Kennedy age 7,) wife to a loving minister husband and an overcommitted crafter.  The Doodle Design Shop studio is in our home so this business is truly a family affair.

 Doodle Design Shop started 6 years ago as a hand painted custom artwork company.  I  traveled to craft fairs and slowly starting branching out to all types of hand painted designs.  However, a few years ago I began making fabric flower pins (thanks to a crafty friend who knew my love for fabric flowers) and it grew from there.  Before I knew it, flower hats had taken over Doodle Design Shop.  Today, we produce several lines of fabric flower hats as well as hair accessories.  Our team consists of other mamas like me who work from home to make fabulous flower finds just for you! 

 I couldn’t do this business without the support of my entire family.  My mom and dad have done all kinds of tasks to make this business a success, especially a lot of kid-wrangling.  And of course, my ever supportive husband continually wades through piles of fabric and hats with a smile on his face.  I am truly blessed!

You can find Jenny’s shop HERE, facebook HERE, twitter HERE and blog HERE.

* * * * * * *

Like a Bubbling Brook Blog

Meet Jaime

Here’s what Jaime says about herself:

My name is Jaime, and I’m a very blessed homeschooling mama with a master’s degree.   After being accepted for doctoral work, God began to give me a greater vision for motherhood, and He graciously opened the doors for me to be a stay-at-home mother instead.  I did work outside the home briefly as a part-time adjunct professor, teaching communications at a private university. 

I’ve been married for over eleven years to the man that I adore.  He’s the pastor of a vibrant church body and loves God and his family with his whole heart.  We have two boys, both of whom God gifted to us by way of adoption. Children are such a blessing, and I am humbled and overjoyed that God saw fit to entrust these boys to us.  I thank Him everyday for them.  

We live a simple life compared to most, I think. We try very hard to be good stewards and glorify God with our health, finances, and time.  We believe that it is primarily our responsibility to train and disciple our children.  We began homeschooling our oldest son in 2009, and it brings me so much joy to witness those “aha!” moments in his life as he learns and grows. We try to eat wholesome, “real” foods.  Many of the foods you’ll find in our kitchen are all natural, and almost everything we eat at home is made from scratch.  I try to share a healthy, “real food” recipe at least twice per month.

 I love to cook, bakeread, tend to my tiny garden, consignment shop, and cozy up with my family. I enjoy a good cup of coffee, as I sit curled up on the couch, Bible in hand, in the early morning hours. As a stay-at-home mama with a graduate degree, I have an insatiable itch to study and research just about any worthy thought out there. I also enjoy the challenge ofliving well on less.

You can find Jaime’s inspirational blogging HERE, her facebook page HERE, and twitter HERE.

* * * * * * * *

Emily Camera//Mary Kay Consultant

Meet Emily  {You might remember her as a model from Evy’s Tree Photo shoots:)}

I am a mom and Mary Kay Consultant who believes is it important to take care of your skin and feel good about yourself. I may be wiping noses and changing diapers all day, but I’m going to feel good about myself while doing it! Mary Kay skin care and cosmetic products have done wonders in waking up my skin after years of trying a plethora of brands. I am now wanting to “pass it on” by being able to offer the products, as well as advice about skin care, to other busy women.

Need some Mary Kay? Be sure to send her an email {} or visit her site HERE.

* * * * *

I hope you all enjoy those sponsors! PLEASE head over and check out their shops/blogs. I know they would love and appreciate your business. Remember, when you support a small business you don’t just support at business, you support a young family, who is often doing their best to make it.

Thanks everyone for all your love and support. You all are the best! xoxo

Recommended Shops: The Pillow Factory

We are adding a new series to our blog…its called Recommended Shops and it will be a place where I can share with you all some great handmade shops I have come across over the last year or two. This won’t be a weekly series, it will be more a “when I feel like it” series, but I do have many shops I want to share with you, so I hope to do several of these over the next month or so.

Want to have your shop highlighted in this series? Send me an email and we’ll see what we can do for you:

The shop I want to share with you today is very special to me. Occasionally in the handmade world you come across people who you just feel like they are life long friends. Such was the case when I met Gioia and her husband Patrick at the Queen Bee Market last May.

Gioia’s booth at The Queen Bee Market

I wish I had a picture of Gioia but unfortunately I didn’t snap one…but trust me when I say she is darling. She is from Italy and a beauty. She and her husband are a gorgeous couple…both inside and out. Brandon and I really connected with them, when we met, they were on staff at a local Christian College in Southern California and of course, Brandon and Patrick had a great time talking ministry while we passed the hours hanging around the market. We exchanged phone numbers and promised to get together next time we were in Southern California..which we hope to be in February! :)

Anyway, Brandon and I LOVE Gioia’s style and Brandon flipped over her ABC pillows. We hope to get one next month for his office. Gioia has an amazing eye for details, her products are all hand cut! Really stunning! Anyway, she had these cute little doll blanket sets for sale, and I immediately told her I NEEDED one for Evy’s little doll bed I was planning on giving her for Christmas. We exchanged emails a bit and pretty soon I got this in the mail:

Seriously, it’s the cutest little package ever! She was so kind and sent me those gorgeous coasters there on the right. They are so pretty, I have them on my dining room table.

I had plans on redoing my little wooden baby doll crib that I had when I was a kid but Christmas snuck up on us and we never got around to it. I also didn’t have time to make a mattress, but I will do it this month for sure, as Gioia included some matching fabric to make one. But here is what Evy’s doll set looked like put together with her new Tumbleberry Toys doll:

Evy loves these Waldorf Dolls. Her Minha Boneca doll is best friends with her Tumbleberry doll. They both sleep in the crib…anyway, she was so overjoyed to see the doll under the tree. It was the first thing she saw on Christmas and SQUEALED with delight. I couldn’t even change the camera settings she was jumping around like a crazy person…so excuse how blurry these are:

She loves the blankie and pillow. The blankie goes with her dolls everywhere. Here’s a shot from her at church with the doll and the blankie. Please excuse the blurry iphone photo.

Anyway, my point is we all love The Pillow Factory…you have have got to head over and check out her items!

Her shop HERE

Her Facebook page HERE

And Gioia is offering a discount code of 15% off to all Evy’s Tree followers. Just enter EVY15 in the discount code box to get it. Thank you Gioia!!

I hope you all enjoyed this Recommended shop. If you get something let me know so I can drool over it! :)

Much love xoxo