Introducing The Mini Charcoal Lacey Zip Up, and etc.

Evy needed a dark charcoal hoodie so we whipped up a couple of these puppies…

The Mini Charcoal Grey Lacey Zip Up

I think you will love this one. It’s made from the flex fleece poly blend hood from American Apparel and is OH SO soft inside. Plus it has the traditional lace and ruffles cascading down the shoulder

Click HERE to snag one!

Also did you see the Food Friday for this week? It’s a link up party and we’ve already has some link ups! Head on over and check out what they have to share as well! :) Click HERE to see it.

And Lastly, the Bargain of the Week ends Sunday. Click HERE to purchase.

So I’m wondering…does anyone have a particular item they would like to see in next week’s Bargain? Leave a comment with the item you want, I’ll take a look at it and see if we have enough stock to make it the weekly deal! :)

Happy Friday everyone! xoxo

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Introducing Evy’s Tree, Spring 2012

Warning…very long post. :)

Are you familiar with the story behind the 1932 Ford V8? The car that saved Ford Motors? No? Well, let me quickly tell you about it.

It was right after the Great Depression, and Ford Motor company was losing money over it’s Model A, which was losing steam with buyers. Ford realized he needed a new engine to keep his company afloat and went to work on the new V8 model, which seemed like a stretch of an engine to his confidants. He continued to work on it, and after many failed attempts, released several styles of the Ford V8 in 1932, all of them at reasonable prices that the public could afford. They were simple, understated, but packed with power with the new V8 engine. The engine literally saved Ford Motor company. And little did Ford know, he would create a legend…the V8 became one of the most sought after engines…from police cars to gangsters to families, it was the car to be riding in.

How do I know all this? Well, my dad, a “hot rodder” in high school, coveted the car. 15 years ago, he found one in mint condition, buried in an old barn 20 minutes from their house. He bought it and renovated it. Almost 10 years ago I went on our first Great Race with my dad in that car…we ran that race three times together, along with my siblings.

So what does the 1932 Ford have to do with Evy’s Tree, you ask? Well, a lot actually.

The ’32 helping make Evy’s Tree look good last Spring.

In a way, I feel like this year’s Spring line is a lot like the 1932 Ford. You see, I can relate to Mr. Ford a little. Thanks to a big move, a kitchen renovation, a change in ministry, and a loss of faithful employees, I felt Evy’s Tree was like that old Model A that was so quickly spiraling out of control and causing Ford to lose millions. Evy’s Tree, as much as I hate to admit has been lagging the last couple months, partly caused my lack of attention thanks to the above named changes, partly due to a need to revamp, and partly due to a failing economy.

Yes, I very much feel like I can relate to Ford Motor Company for sure. But just as the ’32 V8 brought a breath of fresh air to Ford Motor Company, this Spring line has brought life to Evy’s Tree. I am so excited about that.

A little over a month ago I sat down and realized I had nothing for Spring. Zero. Nada. My creative juices weren’t flowing in the least and I felt SO.VERY.FRUSTRATED. What was I going to do? I started taking a good look at what prompted me to start this business and I realized it was for two reasons: Comfort and Uniqueness. I wanted to buy hoodies that strayed away from the the whole “Beefy Hanes” hoodie and jeans looks {which I have NEVER been able to pull off} and wanted to find something that I could lounge around the house in and then run out to the store, pick up my kids or even wear to work and still look decent. I wanted a “wow” piece, something that people would stop and compliment me on. Almost a comfy piece of art that stood out on it’s own. That’s why I made my first hoodie and THAT is the reason why Evy’s Tree exists.

So this Spring, I went back to basics. There are very few pieces, but what items are available are UNIQUE and FUN. They will make people stop and compliment you. You probably will only need one or two pieces, but the one or two you get will definitely be amazing. If you want something a little more simple and understated, then you can always purchase one of our Classic Pieces {Formally known as Discount Hoodies}. They are always in stock, ready to ship and a little cheaper than the regular hoodies. But from here on out, when we have a line release, it’s going to be unique, fun and limited. Because that’s what Evy’s Tree is REALLY about.

So this Spring…I have a confession for you. Usually a couple months before I release a seasonal line, I make a trip down to L.A. and purchase an entire car full of fabric. And then I schedule a photo shoot with the very amazing Sam Hassas. But thanks to all I have mentioned previously, Evy’s Tree just did not have the money this season to do all that. So I had to make do with what I have. I am proud to say, I have created an entire Spring line with fabric I have bought previously. It was a God thing, I tell you. Like He multiplied the five loaves and two fish. Somehow, I found all this fabric I hadn’t used before and was perfect for Spring.


When it came to pictures I put a call out there to all my photographer friends and asked them if they would be willing to trade hoodies for pictures. I had so many people excitedly agree to help that I had to tell some of them we’d do it next time. That is how amazing my friends are. These photographers took my items and ran with them and made them look beautiful. And the amazing thing, they all caught the vision of this line without me even telling them. They pretty much all came up with the same vibe…edgy, fun, bold. I love it. Honestly, I have to say, last night I had a little chat with the Lord about how thankful I am for these people. They are so special to me.

So with that said, I’d like to introduce you to the Spring line….

The following photos are from Monika McSweeney Photography. I have recently become friends with Monika, and I can say, she is so very sweet. And her girls are beautiful!! Find her facebook page HERE.

The following photos are taken by Rojo Foto Design. Robert is a very good friend of ours and his wife Cheyenne went to church with Brandon as a kid…her family was, and still is, very, very important to us. We are honored they would do this shoot for us. The little girl is theirs. :) Find his facebook page HERE. Twitter HERE.

And last but not least, my brother in law David of DASO Photo. I’m sure you have heard me talk about him before. He’s pretty amazing. His model is my dear, dear friend Elisha and her girls. Elisha has been with me since the beginning. One of my biggest fans and supporters. I love both Elisha and my brother so very much. Find David’s facebook page HERE. His twitter HERE.

I just can’t say enough good things about this line. Wow. I love it. 100%. You can see it all HERE. Side note: this line is limited. There are a few pieces that we can make quite a bit of, but for the most part there are not many of these pieces available. The ones that are extremely limited are the Lola, the Zebra Simple Remix, the Purple Lovers Mini Dress.

Don’t forget!! Get a FREE Lacey tee if you purchase a Spring item on opening day, Tuesday March 13. Spend over $125 and get FREE shipping: just enter SPRINGSHIP at checkout.

And the winner of the $250 giveaway?

The $100 gift card:

OMW, I’m so excited about this one…Kelsey used to work for me and is sooo amazing. So happy to see her win this!!

 And the $50 gift card:

Can you ladies please email me at for your discount codes?

Thank you everyone for playing along! I love you all! Don’t forget…the Spring line goes live at 10 AM PST/1 PM EST! See you then! xoxo

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Like Us On Twitter $250 Gift Certificate Giveaway!

Well, there’s a catchy title for you, yes?!? ha.

So friends, my life is crazy. Really, really crazy. In case you missed all the fun on facebook/instagram/twitter last night….here’s a quick recap:

My house at the end of the day

Make you feel better? Well, it should. This is not half as bad as it can get. This is a good day actually. Oh boy. So much fun, I’ll tell you. I had no sitter and Jake did not take a nap AND Brandon is out of town until Saturday. So that means there was no giveaway post yesterday. So sorry. Hope you all can forget it and move on with me. ha :)

So today. Today is TWITTER day. Do you follow me on twitter?!? If not, you should. I post all my pictures on there, chat with my husband, retweet all those inspirational quotes I love…you know, all those things you just DON’T want to miss {yes, I am being sarcastic! ha} But really, twitter is the place to be. It’s very easy to follow and I do give special discount codes occasionally, so you will be happy you did.

So how to enter in today’s Follow me on twitter {HERE} and then tweet this:

Do you follow @evystree? If not you need to. Head over RIGHT NOW and check out

And then come back and say you tweeted it here in the comment sections of this post. Don’t have twitter? No worries, you can still enter via facebook by sharing this AMAZING picture by Monika McSweeney Photography.

This stunning model is wearing the new Sailor Brilla…the perfect Summer Brilla. Navy hoodie with light cream and and navy ruffles. This one should got with everything!

Share this photo on facebook and then comment under the photo that you did and your comments will be counted towards the $250 gift certificate.

Want an extra point? Head over to Monika’s facebook page {here} and like it. Comment in this blog post that you did. :)

And introducing the Crossover…a new hoodie made out of men’s zip up but refashioned to be the perfect running out of the house but need a cover up item. I think you will love it. It will come in black with grey sleeves, grey with light pink sleeves, and this color combo:

You will also have the option, for a few more dollars, to pick your color combo. Fun, right? :)

And last, here’s another mini dress. I LOVE this one. This is the White Rabbit Mini Dress

Want to see the whole Spring line?? Check out the shop on Monday morning at 10 AM, the entire line will be uploaded and ready for preview. The shopping carts go LIVE at 10 AM Tuesday, March 13. And I keep forgetting to mention that….

EVERY Spring purchase made on Tuesday, March 13, will include a Lacey Tee for FREE!! {One tee per customer and while supplies last}

So head on over and follow us on twitter and tweet our little saying!! Miss out on the other two giveaway posts? Click HERE and HERE.

See you Monday morning, when I’ll announce the winners of the giveaways! And don’t forget to pin this !! xoxo

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Spring Preview and HUGE Giveaway Day 2

Day two over here. Did you miss Day one? No worries…you can still get involved because every day adds up and equals ONE BIG PRIZE: a $250 gift certificate to the shop! And not to mention two runner up gift certificates: a $100 and a $50!

So if you missed yesterday, I suggest you run over and read what I have to say HERE. And if you didn’t get a chance to subscribe to my blog, you can do that HERE and then head over to the first blog post HERE and comment, saying that you did. {hope that wasn’t too confusing with all the HERE’s ha}

I do want to mention that I had a handful of messages from kind friends asking what they could do for Evy’s Tree. I have the best friends ever, by the way. To be honest, what I really failed to mention in the last post, but is probably the most important thing ever, is prayer. I believe fully in the power of prayer, how about you? Well, if you want to pray for Evy’s Tree here is what you could pray for…

When I lived in Stockton I had a team of two amazing people, Sarah and Jen. They both worked part time, but equaled one full time person. I felt like I was able to push Evy’s Tree forward and into the next level with their help. My mind was focused and purposed. But since moving to Santa Rosa, our budget has changed and I have needed to pull more of a salary from Evy’s Tree making hiring a full time assistant impossible.

So my prayer has been lately that God would provide the sales that would be the equivalent of one full time assitant. Could you help me pray for that? Besides sharing Evy’s Tree like crazy, that’s what you could do for me. :) THANK YOU!

So onto today. Today is FACEBOOK day. I’m sure this one is easy for many of you. Do you have a facebook page? You do? Well, great, this one is simple then!

I need everyone to click HERE and like my page. Now. Right this minute. And then come back and comment in the blog comment section that you did. That is your entry for today. Like us on facebook. Simple yes?

Want more entries? Make sure you followed my blog for one {HERE} and second, share this picture on facebook

and then comment under the picture that you did. When you visit our facebook page you will see the photo being shared…please comment under THAT PHOTO. You can share as many times as you like, just make sure you come back and tell me that you did so that your share will count.

Oh, and want a couple more preview pictures? Well, sure!

First I want to say something about the Brillas. They have been my number one seller, but this season you are only going to see three of the original Brillas. This season there will still be ruffles, but they will be slightly different. With this first Spring release {I’ll have some more spring items coming towards the end of the month} I will only have three Brillas. That’s it. Only three. They both will come in mom and daughter sizes, however, and some will be limited, like this one.

I put a call out for names on facebook last week and I finally decided on one. This is called the Lola Brilla, named after my friend Jenni’s little girl Lola. I love Jenni, she was one of my first blog friends and her family is darling. She has been a faithful friend and I appreciate her very much. And this chocolate hoodie with big pink polkas just reminded me of her little girl! So here’s Lola Brilla…

Oh and thanks to April for the name…April can you email for your discount code??

And one more…do you have a Diana wrap? You NEED one. I promise. You will probably need several after you have one. They are that amazing. Really. Just ask anyone who has one. They truly hide a mulititude of sins while making you look like a million bucks.

This one is Tangerine, to go with Spring’s hottest color this season.

One more…introducing the Simple Zebra Remix. A little twist on our classic Simple using a grey and black zebra jersey and with the ever so popular grey ribbed sleeves that bunch up on your wrist. Very fun.

 Oh one more thing: Sale items are still available, although there really are only a few left. Click HERE to shop and enter code SPRINGCLEANING upon checkout to get an additional 30% off the already marked down price. The code will be turned off Monday morning, so make sure you snag what you want before then!


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Spring Previews and a HUGE Giveaway

Well, it’s that time again…time to introduce a new line and as always, the week leading up to it we have some fun giveaways to go with it. But this time around, we are going to do things just a *tad* differently. I don’t think you will mind. :)

Here’s the deal: Evy’s Tree has come a VERY long way from where we first started. We have grown leaps and bounds, but have found ourselves in a bit of an interesting spot…we are too big to do things small and are too small to do things big. We are teetering on the edge of really growing and its a strange place to be. The truth of the matter is, if I want to make this a solid business where I’m not doing ALL THE WORK {key words here. I could run this business for the rest of my life and do everything myself, but my lifespan would probably be very short, ha}…we still have a VERY long ways to go until we can truly say this business is worth it’s time {or my time} in money. What does that mean in plain English? It means that if I don’t get a broader audience of NEW customers, then running Evy’s Tree the way I am doing may not be worth it in the end.

Recently I sold a Women’s Conference and I had several beautiful people come up to me say things like, “Oh my goodness, you’re famous!” or “I feel like I’m meeting a celebrity!” or “If only my business could be like yours!”.

*Hanging my head in embarrassment*

Can I be honest {yes, you all know I can be, hehe}? These statements make me SO VERY UNCOMFORTABLE. While I am honored that you feel and think so highly of me, I shrink inwardly in shame knowing what it’s REALLY like. Evy’s Tree has grown, yes, I will not downplay that, but please, NEVER mistake a massive amount of exposure to actual sales. EVER.

I once saw this beautiful coat on a European Royal. A British friend of mine showed it to me. It was featured in one of the big name gossip magazines and the coat was GORGEOUS. My friend started telling me the history about the coat. A mutual friend of hers from University designed it and owned a company making said coat and many others. She had her own website, shopping cart, wholesale lines with big companies…but in the end she had to close her doors because her output did not equal her input, or more simply: there were just not enough purchases. Which meant she could not continue to grow the business and make enough money to survive. So the coat company went under…despite the fact that a Royal had worn one.

What’s my point?  I have to grow this business to the place that it makes me the money I need to make it worth my while. I don’t want you to panic, I am NOT closing the doors on Evy’s Tree, but after I heard those statements from those precious ladies at the women’s conference…it caused me to evaluate it all; and I wanted you to know how it really is over here.

It’s not that exciting. 

I am still working my tooshie off, staying up way too late, and brainstorming at all hours of the day. I am still trying to make this work. Period.

What it really boils down to this is: how many hoodies do YOU really need? I know, I know, I have my Evy’s Tree die hards out there who buy every one and for that I am eternally grateful, but the majority of us only need a handful before we’ve reached our yearly limit. So that means I need more customers {on top of my faithful ones} to make Evy’s Tree work. That’s really the bottom line. I need more people to buy, and then tell others to buy. I need to broaden my nets, as it were.

So here’s what I need for YOU to do. I need to for you to SHARE, SHARE, SHARE. And it starts right now, with the Spring line. Can you help me blow this thing up? Here’s where I need the MOST help

1. Facebook: My #1 referrer is facebook. Most of my customers find me there. However, ever since Facebook has switched up their format and started letting you see the MOST popular posts instead of ALL the posts, I have lost a lot of business. It seems like not every one sees what I post, even though I post constantly {to point of being annoying, ha}. I have heard that if you, as the reader, like a post that I write that it shows up more, so can you make it habit to like as many of my posts as possible from here on out? You don’t even have to read it! ha. Just like it so everyone can see it. Or a comment would be great too. {hint, hint :)}

2. Blog: This one is simple and obvious. Can you follow my blog? If you do, you will make sure to not miss a beat. If you don’t know how to follow this blog, please click HERE.

3. Twitter: Are you following me on Twitter? It seems Twitter has stayed the same while Facebook vacillates between one design and another. So…follow me on twitter please? It might be the only way for you get immediate updates from me if facebook goes belly up someday. ha.

4. Pinterest/Instragram: are you following me on Pinterest? How about on Instagram {evystree}? Let’s be honest…the more repins I get of Evy’s Tree items, the more word gets out there. Can you help? Follow me and repin Evy’s Tree!! :)

So here’s what we are going to do this season. I am hosting a $250 gift certificate giveaway this week. YIKES! I’m sure you all could do a lot of damage in the store with that puppy. On top of that, I will have two runners up: One $100 gift certificate and one $50 gift certificate.

So how does this work? Starting today, I am going to have to join each one of my social networks and tell me that you did. {If you already have, then great! Just tell me :)} Today is my blog…follow my blog {Instructions to do so HERE} and tell me you do = 1 comment.

If you want some extra entries, hop over to my facebook page and share this picture on facebook,

then comment under the picture that you did. You can share as many times as you would like and comment as many times as you like. Those comments will be tallied up at the end of every day and totaled with these blog comments. Each day there will be a new picture for you to share.

So to recap:

Join each social network blogged about today through Friday and comment on the corresponding blog post that you did: 1 point

Share the photo of the day on Facebook as many times as you like and comment each time you do: unlimited points

Make sense?!? Hopefully, sorry that’s so long!

So previews…well, like I said we’re doing things a tad differently. This season I am only going to show you a *few* items that will be listed on Tuesday, March 13. You will have to join us on Monday, March 12 to see the full line up. At that point the shop will be loaded and ready to go…even though you won’t be able to purchase, you will be able to see everything that will be available for purchase on Tuesday. Sound fair?? :)

So today we are just going to recap a couple of the ones I previewed last week, the first one was the Chevron picture above. You can read more about that one HERE.

And lastly, did you see the Brilla Mini Dress on facebook?? No? Well, here it is! I will have just a handful of these Brilla Mini Dresses in several colors. I think you will love it. The only bummer it comes in one size only…it will fit sizes 4-8. Boo. Will have to put a complaint out to American Apparel on that one. I do have a friend who is a size 10/12 and she says it fits her, but I have yet to see it on her so I will keep you posted on that one.

This one has the signature Brilla flower and a ruffled hood. It’s really fun. 

So again…to get your entry in for today, do you follow this blog? Yes? Great! Comment that you do. No? Just click HERE to do so then come back and tell me you have.

And don’t forget to pin it! Happy Spring everyone!!


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The Evy’s Tree Chevron

So today was another day of designing in the studio. All those ideas that have been swirling around in my head for a while are now coming together. It is fun to see things in your mind become reality.

I cannot, however, take credit for this one. My assistant {even though she lives in Stockton, she will always be an assistant to me, ha} Sarah, texted me the other day and said, “Why not do a hoodie based off the whole Chevron print craze?” I immediately texted her back… “I LOVE it!!”

Although I can’t say I have gone beserk over the pattern myself, I do admire it and find it very fun, whimsical, classic and funky, all wrapped up in one. I especially like the color element. For a person who decorates mainly in white, I find color intriguing and exciting, shocking I know. :)

So I needed some inspiration…Pinterest to the rescue!! You can see my inspiration board HERE. Overall, I really loved the prints where the colors bled into each other and weren’t perfectly symmetrical, but almost seemed to carry from one color to the next. I knew I didn’t want our Chevron to really LOOK like a Chevron. I wanted it curve and glide, but still prominent colors and shape. So here’s what I came up with….

A red brown pullover from AA called “Truffle” with its hood cut off. The colors are perfect Spring colors, bright and vibrant.

The stripes are a bit crooked and off…my way of “bleeding” the colors

And the edges tuck nicely under the armpit

And the cuffs along with two inches of the sleeves have been cut off and scrunchy pink fabric is added. The sleeves are supposed to look bunched up on your wrists. So much fun!

Huge surprise for me as this one is a little out of my character, but I had a blast making this one! I do plan on offering in other hoodie colors…any requests?

Oh…and ever wonder what my studio looks like after a day of “creating”?


Oh, and that metal thing isn’t a walker…its a chair Brandon brought me to replace the one that broke the other day. It’s not staying long, don’t worry. ha.

Big hugs everyone, and don’t forget to pin this one!! xoxo

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Introducing: Discount Hoodies

The last couple months I have been doing a good inventory of material here at Evy’s Tree. We have A LOT. Really soon I’m going to snap some photos of the studio and do a little studio tour with you, but just trust me when I say…we have a lot of material.

Some of the material I have is there simply because I bought too much. For example, there were some seasons where I over estimated how much I would sell of certain items and ordered LOTS of material. {Insert secret here for you: I get very tired of certain hoodies and often choose to discontinue them even if they are selling…this is also why I end up with more material than I would like to admit}

Anyway, over the Christmas break I came up with an idea. I gave all my seamstresses gobs of left over material and told them to go to town sewing. And that’s what they did. I just recently got back several bins full of hoodies from older fabric. I have decided to call this group of hoodies “Discount Hoodies” and it is a new category in my shop. So what is a “Discount Hoodie” you ask?

A Discount Hoodie are hoodies that my team will produce when time permits. They are used with left over fabric and once they are gone, they’re gone. They will not be available for preorder…which means what I have in my hands in all I will list. They will all be at least $10 cheaper than regular priced items and are not eligible for sales or discount codes. They are also a final sale. Basically, they are hoodies used from material that we are trying to get rid of.

My seamstresses will be adding discounted hoodies to shop frequently, so make sure to check back. I will also do blog posts when they arrive. Like I said, all that I have in my hands is what I will list, so if you see something you like, I suggest you snag it, as I can’t guarantee you will see it again. Here are the items available today:

The Adult and Mini Zig Zag Brilla

The Adult and Mini Indepence

The MIni Black Polka Brilla

I hope you all enjoy this new category in the shop and I hope you have fun watching what pops up. You never know if your favorite hoodie that you missed along the way will show up someday. Big hugs! xoxo

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Mommy, Daughter and Dollie Hoodies?

Yes, please!!

 I’ve had several requests for matching Brilla sets at the discounted price of $145 {normal price is $160}, so I decided to offer them in the shop. You can choose any in stock Brilla you would like for this set, as long as we have material to make it. Just put the name of the Brilla you want all three items to be in the notes to seller on paypal payment page. Please allow at least 3 weeks for your items to ship. Turnaround time is approximate.

I hope this is something all of you would enjoy! Click HERE to order.