Handmade Spring 2013 Is Now Available!

I am so excited. Have you seen the website facelift?

Click on image to take you there…

I can’t even express how thrilled I am to introduce you all to some customers who love and adore Evy’s Tree. For now, you get to see and read a little bit about why they like our items, but in the next week or two, we will have a video up of them talking about their experience with Evy’s Tree. You are going to love it.

AND…you get to hear me talk. Yikes. Not going to lie I’m a bit nervous about that. ha. 

I hope you have a great time browsing the new and improved website. It was time for a clean up and of course my dear friend Brooke outdid herself, as always. Pretty sure I’d be no where if it weren’t for her. And Monika…her pictures rock, yes?? I’d also like to thank the lovely ladies and their families who spent an entire day a couple weeks ago volunteering their time for this project. Many people have asked if these are really customers or friends or family. Well, none of them are family {although you may see a few of my family members in some of the pictures since they were taken in my backyard ;)}, but all of them are people who I can now call friends. It’s a mixed group of ladies who were either customers who became friends or friends who became customers. Either way, these ladies are from the San Francisco Bay Area and have been a tremendous support of Evy’s Tree in one way or another. Most of them started buying our items waaayyy back when I first started and have been hooked since. Plus they tell all they know about Evy’s Tree which is pretty awesome. So thanks again ladies! We love and appreciate you!

Lastly, did you hear that our Handmade Spring 2013 will be available for purchase TONIGHT at 7 PM PST??

We have some beautiful and basic pieces available. Most of them bursting with the Spring colors and are meant to be a compliment to anything you buy this season. You can see the entire line HERE.

A quick note regarding this Spring line: I fully intended to have our manufactured goods here by now. Unfortunately they have been delayed again, for at least a couple months. The reason being is the fabric we choose did not hold up to my expectations, so we had to start over and weave the fabric again. I think you will be really happy with what I choose. BUT….

That leaves us with very little to offer in our handmade line. I had planned on having several thousand manufactured items here to make up for the gap, so when I went fabric shopping at the beginning of December, I bought only enough for a small line to compliment our manufactured items. And of course, as luck would have it, there is no manufactured line. That means that this handmade line is very, very limited. I mean VERY limited. I’m particularly nervous about the Striped Diana Wrap that everyone wants. Please know that it WILL sell out pretty quickly so if you want one I suggest you log on right at 7 PM PST.

I will have another upload of Spring items next month. It will be some brand new styles, not necessarily Diana Wraps or Brillas. I think you will be excited about it. Also, I will have something very exciting for boys and men debuting in April. So stay tuned!! Hopefully, after  that, the manufactured items will follow shortly. I will keep you updated on that.

So for now, your manufactured 50% off coupons are still on hold, BUT… there are some discount codes for the handmade items floating around {HERE, HERE, HERE}, so I would make sure you use that!!

Thank you friends! I love and appreciate you all. You guys make me smile and keep me going. Thank you for everything. Big hugs!


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Spring Previews and a HUGE Giveaway

Well, it’s that time again…time to introduce a new line and as always, the week leading up to it we have some fun giveaways to go with it. But this time around, we are going to do things just a *tad* differently. I don’t think you will mind. :)

Here’s the deal: Evy’s Tree has come a VERY long way from where we first started. We have grown leaps and bounds, but have found ourselves in a bit of an interesting spot…we are too big to do things small and are too small to do things big. We are teetering on the edge of really growing and its a strange place to be. The truth of the matter is, if I want to make this a solid business where I’m not doing ALL THE WORK {key words here. I could run this business for the rest of my life and do everything myself, but my lifespan would probably be very short, ha}…we still have a VERY long ways to go until we can truly say this business is worth it’s time {or my time} in money. What does that mean in plain English? It means that if I don’t get a broader audience of NEW customers, then running Evy’s Tree the way I am doing may not be worth it in the end.

Recently I sold a Women’s Conference and I had several beautiful people come up to me say things like, “Oh my goodness, you’re famous!” or “I feel like I’m meeting a celebrity!” or “If only my business could be like yours!”.

*Hanging my head in embarrassment*

Can I be honest {yes, you all know I can be, hehe}? These statements make me SO VERY UNCOMFORTABLE. While I am honored that you feel and think so highly of me, I shrink inwardly in shame knowing what it’s REALLY like. Evy’s Tree has grown, yes, I will not downplay that, but please, NEVER mistake a massive amount of exposure to actual sales. EVER.

I once saw this beautiful coat on a European Royal. A British friend of mine showed it to me. It was featured in one of the big name gossip magazines and the coat was GORGEOUS. My friend started telling me the history about the coat. A mutual friend of hers from University designed it and owned a company making said coat and many others. She had her own website, shopping cart, wholesale lines with big companies…but in the end she had to close her doors because her output did not equal her input, or more simply: there were just not enough purchases. Which meant she could not continue to grow the business and make enough money to survive. So the coat company went under…despite the fact that a Royal had worn one.

What’s my point?  I have to grow this business to the place that it makes me the money I need to make it worth my while. I don’t want you to panic, I am NOT closing the doors on Evy’s Tree, but after I heard those statements from those precious ladies at the women’s conference…it caused me to evaluate it all; and I wanted you to know how it really is over here.

It’s not that exciting. 

I am still working my tooshie off, staying up way too late, and brainstorming at all hours of the day. I am still trying to make this work. Period.

What it really boils down to this is: how many hoodies do YOU really need? I know, I know, I have my Evy’s Tree die hards out there who buy every one and for that I am eternally grateful, but the majority of us only need a handful before we’ve reached our yearly limit. So that means I need more customers {on top of my faithful ones} to make Evy’s Tree work. That’s really the bottom line. I need more people to buy, and then tell others to buy. I need to broaden my nets, as it were.

So here’s what I need for YOU to do. I need to for you to SHARE, SHARE, SHARE. And it starts right now, with the Spring line. Can you help me blow this thing up? Here’s where I need the MOST help

1. Facebook: My #1 referrer is facebook. Most of my customers find me there. However, ever since Facebook has switched up their format and started letting you see the MOST popular posts instead of ALL the posts, I have lost a lot of business. It seems like not every one sees what I post, even though I post constantly {to point of being annoying, ha}. I have heard that if you, as the reader, like a post that I write that it shows up more, so can you make it habit to like as many of my posts as possible from here on out? You don’t even have to read it! ha. Just like it so everyone can see it. Or a comment would be great too. {hint, hint :)}

2. Blog: This one is simple and obvious. Can you follow my blog? If you do, you will make sure to not miss a beat. If you don’t know how to follow this blog, please click HERE.

3. Twitter: Are you following me on Twitter? It seems Twitter has stayed the same while Facebook vacillates between one design and another. So…follow me on twitter please? It might be the only way for you get immediate updates from me if facebook goes belly up someday. ha.

4. Pinterest/Instragram: are you following me on Pinterest? How about on Instagram {evystree}? Let’s be honest…the more repins I get of Evy’s Tree items, the more word gets out there. Can you help? Follow me and repin Evy’s Tree!! :)

So here’s what we are going to do this season. I am hosting a $250 gift certificate giveaway this week. YIKES! I’m sure you all could do a lot of damage in the store with that puppy. On top of that, I will have two runners up: One $100 gift certificate and one $50 gift certificate.

So how does this work? Starting today, I am going to have to join each one of my social networks and tell me that you did. {If you already have, then great! Just tell me :)} Today is my blog…follow my blog {Instructions to do so HERE} and tell me you do = 1 comment.

If you want some extra entries, hop over to my facebook page and share this picture on facebook,

then comment under the picture that you did. You can share as many times as you would like and comment as many times as you like. Those comments will be tallied up at the end of every day and totaled with these blog comments. Each day there will be a new picture for you to share.

So to recap:

Join each social network blogged about today through Friday and comment on the corresponding blog post that you did: 1 point

Share the photo of the day on Facebook as many times as you like and comment each time you do: unlimited points

Make sense?!? Hopefully, sorry that’s so long!

So previews…well, like I said we’re doing things a tad differently. This season I am only going to show you a *few* items that will be listed on Tuesday, March 13. You will have to join us on Monday, March 12 to see the full line up. At that point the shop will be loaded and ready to go…even though you won’t be able to purchase, you will be able to see everything that will be available for purchase on Tuesday. Sound fair?? :)

So today we are just going to recap a couple of the ones I previewed last week, the first one was the Chevron picture above. You can read more about that one HERE.

And lastly, did you see the Brilla Mini Dress on facebook?? No? Well, here it is! I will have just a handful of these Brilla Mini Dresses in several colors. I think you will love it. The only bummer it comes in one size only…it will fit sizes 4-8. Boo. Will have to put a complaint out to American Apparel on that one. I do have a friend who is a size 10/12 and she says it fits her, but I have yet to see it on her so I will keep you posted on that one.

This one has the signature Brilla flower and a ruffled hood. It’s really fun. 

So again…to get your entry in for today, do you follow this blog? Yes? Great! Comment that you do. No? Just click HERE to do so then come back and tell me you have.

And don’t forget to pin it! Happy Spring everyone!!


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The Evy’s Tree Chevron

So today was another day of designing in the studio. All those ideas that have been swirling around in my head for a while are now coming together. It is fun to see things in your mind become reality.

I cannot, however, take credit for this one. My assistant {even though she lives in Stockton, she will always be an assistant to me, ha} Sarah, texted me the other day and said, “Why not do a hoodie based off the whole Chevron print craze?” I immediately texted her back… “I LOVE it!!”

Although I can’t say I have gone beserk over the pattern myself, I do admire it and find it very fun, whimsical, classic and funky, all wrapped up in one. I especially like the color element. For a person who decorates mainly in white, I find color intriguing and exciting, shocking I know. :)

So I needed some inspiration…Pinterest to the rescue!! You can see my inspiration board HERE. Overall, I really loved the prints where the colors bled into each other and weren’t perfectly symmetrical, but almost seemed to carry from one color to the next. I knew I didn’t want our Chevron to really LOOK like a Chevron. I wanted it curve and glide, but still prominent colors and shape. So here’s what I came up with….

A red brown pullover from AA called “Truffle” with its hood cut off. The colors are perfect Spring colors, bright and vibrant.

The stripes are a bit crooked and off…my way of “bleeding” the colors

And the edges tuck nicely under the armpit

And the cuffs along with two inches of the sleeves have been cut off and scrunchy pink fabric is added. The sleeves are supposed to look bunched up on your wrists. So much fun!

Huge surprise for me as this one is a little out of my character, but I had a blast making this one! I do plan on offering in other hoodie colors…any requests?

Oh…and ever wonder what my studio looks like after a day of “creating”?


Oh, and that metal thing isn’t a walker…its a chair Brandon brought me to replace the one that broke the other day. It’s not staying long, don’t worry. ha.

Big hugs everyone, and don’t forget to pin this one!! xoxo

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Introducing: Discount Hoodies

The last couple months I have been doing a good inventory of material here at Evy’s Tree. We have A LOT. Really soon I’m going to snap some photos of the studio and do a little studio tour with you, but just trust me when I say…we have a lot of material.

Some of the material I have is there simply because I bought too much. For example, there were some seasons where I over estimated how much I would sell of certain items and ordered LOTS of material. {Insert secret here for you: I get very tired of certain hoodies and often choose to discontinue them even if they are selling…this is also why I end up with more material than I would like to admit}

Anyway, over the Christmas break I came up with an idea. I gave all my seamstresses gobs of left over material and told them to go to town sewing. And that’s what they did. I just recently got back several bins full of hoodies from older fabric. I have decided to call this group of hoodies “Discount Hoodies” and it is a new category in my shop. So what is a “Discount Hoodie” you ask?

A Discount Hoodie are hoodies that my team will produce when time permits. They are used with left over fabric and once they are gone, they’re gone. They will not be available for preorder…which means what I have in my hands in all I will list. They will all be at least $10 cheaper than regular priced items and are not eligible for sales or discount codes. They are also a final sale. Basically, they are hoodies used from material that we are trying to get rid of.

My seamstresses will be adding discounted hoodies to shop frequently, so make sure to check back. I will also do blog posts when they arrive. Like I said, all that I have in my hands is what I will list, so if you see something you like, I suggest you snag it, as I can’t guarantee you will see it again. Here are the items available today:

The Adult and Mini Zig Zag Brilla

The Adult and Mini Indepence

The MIni Black Polka Brilla

I hope you all enjoy this new category in the shop and I hope you have fun watching what pops up. You never know if your favorite hoodie that you missed along the way will show up someday. Big hugs! xoxo

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Mommy, Daughter and Dollie Hoodies?

Yes, please!!

 I’ve had several requests for matching Brilla sets at the discounted price of $145 {normal price is $160}, so I decided to offer them in the shop. You can choose any in stock Brilla you would like for this set, as long as we have material to make it. Just put the name of the Brilla you want all three items to be in the notes to seller on paypal payment page. Please allow at least 3 weeks for your items to ship. Turnaround time is approximate.

I hope this is something all of you would enjoy! Click HERE to order.


Huge Black Friday Sale!!

Don’t forget to stop by the shop for some great deals today through Cyber Monday….

Make sure to enter BLACKFRIDAY at checkout to get 15% off EVERYTHING in the store!!!

Even more exciting is the 2011 Holiday Line Release:

The Mini Christmas Lumberjack Brilla

For adults…..For dolls….The Sugar Plum Diana Wrap

The Burnt Berry Diana WrapThe Persimmon Diana Wrap

Hope you all are having an amazing Black Friday…and HAD a wonderful Thanksgiving! I am counting my blessings today. I feel above and beyond blessed to have such an amazing life. Every detail, even the bad, has made me smile today. How about you?

Big hugs to you all…xoxo

Giveaway Week 4: Winner

Hello everyone… I have to give a HUGE thank you to all of you out there who worked so hard to share the Evy’s Tree love this past week. We FINALLY reached 5,000 facebook fans just today… a big thanks to Forty Toes Photography for that last push that put us over the 5,000 mark! I have very lofty goals for the fall/winter season, I would LOVE to see Evy’s Tree facebook page reach 10,000 fans by the beginning of the year! I know thats probably impossible, but I have to confess, with some of you, I think it will be very possible!

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Fall Preview and Giveaway Week 4: The Stragglers and The Comebacks

Hi all….thanks so much for your patience in getting this post out to you. I had hoped to have it up yesterday, but as Sarah and I were prepping the hoodies for pictures we realized that one of the hoodies we were going to preview today was stuck at the seamstress’ and we wouldn’t be able to get it until around 7PM last night: way too late to take pictures of it. Sooo…here we are. :)

Did you miss the last previews? Click HERE, HERE and HERE to see all three of them. Are you new to Evy’s Tree? Welcome! We are anxiously preparing for our fall line and website launch which will happen September 2.  Time will be announced next week so keep checking the Facebook page, twitter and this blog for updates. Also, if you haven’t already, I would suggest requesting the email newsletter over on the sidebar to the right.

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Fall Preview and Giveaway Week 3: Cardigans, The Grace and The Lizzy

Hello everyone! I hope you all are enjoying the Fall previews! We’re having fun over here watching them all unfold. If you missed them you can view week one HERE and week two HERE.

This week’s preview will be short and sweet…not that we planned it that way, but this week was supposed to highlight most of our made from scratch hoodies, but when I went to pick them up from our seamstress, we realized the patterns were a bit too big and the sizing was off. Boo. So back to the drawing board. Such is life when making your own patterns!

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Fall Preview and Giveaway Week Two: Brillas

Welcome back everyone to the Fall Previews! If you missed last weeks, click HERE to see the amazing Diana wraps that will be listed in on the BRAND NEW website coming this fall.

Reminder: All items previewed this month will be available on our new website {www.evystree.com} which debuts SEPTEMBER 2. 

So the Brillas…could you believe that Sarah and I had to actually PUT SOME ASIDE?!? We have so many Brilla’s that we felt it would overwhelm you all! So the good news is, there will be a Weekly Design of a new Brilla for the weeks to come after our September 2 launch. :) In fact, there is a good possiblity that some of these Brilla’s won’t make the cut for the website launch, we will see. So if you want a particular one, be sure to comment and let me know.

Oh and one more thing…for several of these we have limited material. Just a FYI. Oh and I haven’t chosen names yet for these babies. So any suggestions would be awesome. :) oh yeah, LAST THING…so I photoed all these this morning and I sincerely was in such a rush that I NEVER NOTICED THAT THE MINI DRESS FORM WAS TILTED!!!! ugh. I’m sorry everyone, that looks so unprofessional. Just chalk it up under the fact that I am stress city over here {seriously, if you could see my lovely 1992 complexion, you’d see what I mean}. ha. thanks all for your understanding. :)

Introducing the Brillas…..

So would you like to win one of the items above? Well, here’s what you do:

1. Become a follow of this blog through email subscribing or google connect and state that you did. Already a follower? Then just say you are. 1 point.
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And the winner for last week’s Diana Wrap?
Congrats Danielle!! You have 48 hours to contact me and then I will have to choose a new winner!
Big hugs friends!