….is something you definitely don’t have much of. I’m sure we are all aware of this, but I don’t think we all live by this. I, for one, struggle with this, constantly. I know time is money, but to be honest, I don’t really treat it like it is. Most days I just let it tick on by without realizing I will never, ever get it back.

Tonight I was reminded of this. The last couple days I have been taking slow…using them to think, plan and consider life. I have thrown my “to do’s” out the window and focused on the “let’s enjoy”. And tonight we did.

After a rare meal out at the local pizza joint, the kids, Brandon and I headed over to my parent’s house to say a quick hello before bedtime. My mom had just made a strawberry pie for her Tuesday night Bible study, and she let us have a bite. It was AMAZING. Maybe amazing enough to do a Food Friday on someday! ha. ;)

And then Gramps decided to take Jake for a ride in the ’36.

This was a big deal because we tried a couple years ago to get Jake to take a ride in that car…but it’s SUPER loud and it scared him, so he wouldn’t go near it. But apparently he’s gotten over the fear because he hopped right in, gave me the two thumbs off and went roaring off down the hill and through the mountains with Gramps.

There are no words to describe how my heart felt. 

As we stood at my parent’s kitchen window and watched them driving down the hill…way off in the distance…I thanked the Lord that we are here, to be with my parents. And that we got to enjoy this night together. Because truth be told, we have no idea how many more years we will have with my dad capable of racing off in his cars. We have no idea.

As Jake and Gramps rumbled back into the garage, Evy wanted to jump in with them and I was able to snap this picture, with my dad doing his signature “hat’s off” wave.

Time. We have no idea how much more we have. So cherish every moment of every day.

Love you all


The Sword In The Stone

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ll know that our family takes a yearly trip to Disneyland in December. Brandon and I have been taking these trips with my sister and her family all the way back when we were dating, and we’ve only missed one year from then on. You can see some of our recaps HERE and HERE.

Anyway, Nicole went to visit Disneyland last week and this morning we shared some of our favorite memories from Disneyland as separate families. Brandon walked in on the conversation and said that his favorite memory is taking a yearly picture with Jake at the Sword in the Stone. I quickly pulled up our first picture of it and we started laughing and choking up at the same time. WHERE HAS TIME GONE?!?!

So I thought I would share them with you… our Sword in The Stone pictures….

2007 – Jake 10 Months old

2008- Jake 23 months old

2009- Jake 2 1/2 years old

2010- Jake 3 1/2 years old

2012 {we missed 2011, bought a new house = POOR, ha}- Jake 5 1/2 years old

…and he is too tall to sit on the stone!! OMW, where has my boy gone!! We had a good laugh about doing this into Jake’s teens and adulthood. Oh what fun this will be. Stay tuned next December for the 2013 picture! :)

Do you all like to visit Disneyland? Do you have a special place you take a picture year after year?


What I Love The Most

 “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal.  For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Matthew 6:19-21

Matthew 6 is one of my favorite Bible passages. It is one of the passages of Scriptures I have read over, and over, and over…and over again. I am really, really bad at memorizing Scripture {like HORRIBLE at it}, but even with my horrible memory, I have read this passage so much that many portions I can quote by heart. But you know what’s crazy? Even with my love for the passage, there are times in life when I read it and it feels like I have never seen it before. Has that ever happened to you?

Last week, during our Young Mother’s Bible Study, we talked about Matthew 6, especially verses 29-21. And I got SO CONVICTED. We are using a small group Bible study found {HERE} and the lesson we were studying was called “Overwhelmed”.

OH WOW…that describes me.

You see, the last several months have been tough. I know I’ve touched on some of the frustrations several times on this blog, so this isn’t new news to you all. I have spent many days, nights and any spare moments in between “spinning” the wheels in my brain over things happening in my life. And I have been so busy working, planning, stressing, working some more….that I have to be honest and say I have been very, very overwhelmed. To the point that all I do is sit in front of my computer and work. SO NOT GOOD.

Anyway, this Bible study convicted me. And made me think.

So many exciting are in store for Evy’s Tree, and hopefully for our family as well. But sometimes exciting can also be translated as SCARY. I’m sure if you’ve ever done anything outside of your box you know what I mean. ;) However, I’m choosing to say EXCITING instead of the latter. This summer our manufactured items will arrive and I have quite a bit to do to prepare for them. There is a long, long list of things I need to do to properly sell those items.

However, I DO NOT want my long list to overshadow what I feel is the most important thing in my life…these guys:

These are the people that God placed in my life to love and nurture…to care for and to encourage. And it doesn’t matter if I make a million dollars {or lose a million for that matter, ha}…if these guys are not taken care of, then I fail. Big time. Because where my treasure is, that’s where my heart is…and I want to make sure my treasure is in the right place, you know?

So what’s the point?

I am committing to put the things that matter the most first and foremost the next couple months. This is going to be a tough balance for me since I really do have quite a long to do list before those manufactured items get here, which means there are some things I am going to have to let go. Every mom knows this is a tough balance. Letting things go sometimes means you may loose some things in the process. But more than anything, I want to do what God has called me to do…and my first calling is this family. I am sure you feel the same way. So, to me, letting some things go is paramount.

I just want to encourage all of you out there, if you are in the same spot as me…feeling overwhelmed and feeling like things are flying out of control…I want to encourage you to define what you love the most, and make sure it lines up with what God purpose is for you. And then join me in cutting some things out that may not line up with HIS plan for you. Because remember….where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. Is your heart in the right place?

I want to make sure mine is. Big hugs friends. xoxo

Breaking All The Rules…and a Q and A

I never thought we’d be at that point, but we are: My kids can dress themselves. Now mind you, their choices have proven to be very interesting, but they can dress themselves none-the-less. Yesterday was one of those days where we told them to pick some clothes out to play in the back yard. Here’s what they came up with:

There are a couple problems with these outfits. First {and my biggest problem here} is that I have a HUGE pet peeve with navy blue and black. I know, I know, call me crazy, but I can’t blend them. EVER. I guess Jake didn’t get that memo. And Evy, well, I supposed no one told her that you don’t blend multicolored stripes, EVER. Yikes. And of course we won’t touch on the tat sleeve {from the dollar store, FYI}, googely eyes, and no socks on Jake. Oh boy. I sure do love these kids. Aren’t they awesome? And yes, we did go out like this. To the park and to dinner. yup.

So today, we were running out the door to hear my neice and nephew perform their duo at their speech tournament. While I was throwing clothes on in my room, I was shouting “get dressed” so much I thought my throat would burst. Thankfully, today’s outfit choices were a bit more normal looking:

Yes, there are still rules broken {ahem, Evy’s color combos}, but here’s the reality of it all… if I have learned anything about fashion over the last couple years, it’s this: it doesn’t matter. You go right ahead and wear what you want, because you know what? YOU are the only YOU we’ll ever see…so feel free to express yourself. What really matters is confidence. Do you have it?? If you have it, then you’re good. Confidence is WAY more important than anything outward.

Whelp, there’s my pep talk for the morning. ha

ANYWAY….I’m planning out my blog posts for this week {we’ll see how well I do with getting them done, yikes}, and I’m wondering if there is anyone out there with any questions regarding handmade business, working at home, manufacturing, etc…I’m thinking about doing another edition of the Handmade Business Series that I started so long ago. If you have questions, feel free to comment with them. Or, if you want to keep them anonymous, feel free to email me: amy@evystree.com.

And if you have any questions about me, my home, or Evy’s Tree in general, feel free to include those. We might knock those out too. :)

Big hugs…. xoxo


I’ve had a few disappointments lately. I thought, since I haven’t really had a “heart post” lately, I’d tell you about them. Or not really ABOUT them, per se, since they are very personal, but about how I am feeling about them, I guess.

You know, I am normally very open and honest on this blog. Very transparent. No, I don’t tell you everything, but I don’t hide from much either. And sure there are times when I probably make things sound like they are ok, but they really aren’t…because who really wants to hear a person’s junk all the time? Lately I’ve been questioning the point of really telling you how I feel. For many reasons, I guess. Recently, twice in the same week I had people on social media criticize me for “complaining”. One even said, “I can think of worse things”. Hmm. So could I. But those worse things aren’t happening to me. THIS is. And this is hard. It hurts. And yes, I’m not stupid. I understand there could be A LOT worse things. A gazillion worse things. But let’s be honest…disappointment is disappointment. No matter what the magnitude. And it hurts, big or little.

So I’m leery of sharing.

Since I haven’t been sharing too much about feelings, I’ve filled the gap with food, shop and house posts. BUT….the last couple days the Lord has dealt with me about this.  Because this blog isn’t really about my house, or my business, or my food…it’s about LIFE. And life stinks sometimes. It does. It really, really stinks. Life is good the majority of the time. And we’re all VERY good about telling about the good, right? We show off our new homes, our new cars, our new clothes. We brag about our beautiful kids {oh my word, I adore my kids, I could go on and on}. We tell about all our blessings…and we SHOULD. Because blessings are fun, and exciting and a testimony of God’s love. But the stinky part of life…well, it’s hard to talk about.

One thing I have noticed is this…when you are going through a hard time, it is SO HARD to rejoice with them who rejoice. Sometimes, instead of clapping your hands, smiling and congratulating, you want to turn your nose up in disgust and walk away because your blessing is no where to be found. Let’s talk about this…it’s truth, am I right?

And sometimes, it’s really easy to look at someone else who seemingly has an “easy” problem, shake your head at them, roll your eyes, and say, “it could be worse”. I know. Because I’ve done it. Many times in fact. To people I love. I get it.

So what’s my point….

Well, I’ve had some disappointments the last couple weeks. I’m not going to tell you too much about them, because I try not to dwell on things that I know God can change…but there have been some big things that I have sat down and said, “WHY GOD?!? I thought you promised me this?” And there has been a lot of questioning…of me, my family, my purpose. Everything. Questioning where I am, what I’m doing. Questioning.

Like Job.

And then it hit me. We are going to question. We are going to wonder why. We are going to  feel moments of disappointment. On both big and small scales. But I want you and the whole world to hear me shout:


I’m putting on my boxing gloves and I’m going to do this. Because disappointment doesn’t have to be crippling. It can be empowering. It can fuel the fight. So even though I look back and wish I hadn’t done this, or I had done that…it doesn’t matter. Because I’m HERE and I’m not backing down. I’ve got God on my side and I will finish this race. Family problems, money problems, job issues, kid issues, health issues, LIFE issues….it doesn’t matter. Disappointment in all those areas may come, but I’ve got my gloves on. And I’m fighting. I hope you are too.

And just a little 411…you may hear me “complain” on this blog. But let me make this perfectly clear and set the record straight… VENTING is not always COMPLAINING. Complaining is laying down and thinking there is no way up. Venting is getting your frustration off your chest and then rising to the occasion. So I’m not sure where you place yourself here, but I place myself in the venting category. Because, I personally feel, we all need to do it, perhaps not publicly like I am doing…but this blog is a place where I feel God has opened a door for me to reach out to those of you who are feeling frustrated too. With that said, I also feel God has called me to share HOPE. And that’s what I will keep doing. I will keep sharing my venting {minimally of course} and most of all…sharing HOPE. Because we have it. Yes we do. In the words of Toby Mac

“We lose our way,
We get back up again
It’s never too late to get back up again,
One day you will shine again,
You may be knocked down,
But not out forever,
Lose our way,
We get back up again,
So get up, get up,
You gonna shine again,
Never too late to get back up again,
You may be knocked down,
But not out forever”


Love you friends. I’m praying for you. Psalm 102 has been what I am meditating on. Amazing and powerful. Take time to read if you are feeling some disappointments. “You will arise and have compassion….” {vs 13}. POWERFUL.


Oh PS. Did you see this?

Visit With Old Ice Skating Friends

Hi everyone, I’m so sorry…I realize I’m kinda bombarding you with posts this week. I actually sat down and scheduled a bunch of house posts {HERE} and wasn’t planning on having any other posts in there to make this a heavy post week, but I had something happen tonight that I HAD to document.

 I’ve mentioned this before, but my younger brother and I were ice skaters. My brother Brad started playing hockey when he was five years old and we lived in Lake Tahoe. When we moved to Santa Rosa, they have a great, somewhat famous, ice skating rink, so my parents got him signed up for hockey and I, naturally, took figure skating lessons. We loved it and it was pretty safe to say that the ice arena was our second home. You can read more about my thoughts regarding the ice rink HERE.

Anyway, we met some great friends through hockey and one of the families we were particularly close to was the Gerbec family. I wish had taken time to dig through my mom’s old photo albums, but we have tons of photos together. Ricky played hockey with Brad and his twin sister Leigh-Ann skated with me. We were pretty inseparable for years during hockey season…but as Ricky and Brad grew up and went on to college {Brad continued to play for fun when he lived on the East Coast and attended Dartmouth}, our families drifted away and we didn’t see each other much.

A couple years back Leigh Ann found me on facebook and we reconnected {thank God for facebook, yes friends?}. She, her mom and sister became loyal Evy’s Tree fans and  I’ve seen Leigh Ann and Susan {her mom} a couple times since we moved here. Susan and my mom decided that we MUST have a family dinner together sans kids so we could catch up, so tonight we had a lovely dinner over at my parent’s house.

Leigh-Ann, her sister Cory and me. 

We were missing Ricky and their older sister Tracy, they both live out of town….

My Mom and Susan

My Dad and Dick…the Dads

This one makes me cry. These dads spent years cheering on their boys in hockey…hundreds of hours driving their kids to tournaments, traveling to other country for all star teams {both boys were very good}, not to mention thousands of dollars on skating gear. Tonight they sat down and relived some of the moments while watching old VHS’s of their boys playing… so sweet.

We ate a delicious dinner together and laughed and laughed about old times. Susan made these AMAZING cookies and my dad’s favorite jello salad. He was so excited and hogged it all to himself. My dad loves food. We had a good laugh over him monopolizing the cookies

I am so very happy we got to all get together. We are so blessed to still have our families in tact. Please pray for Dick, as he has been fighting cancer in his body for the last year and a half and looks amazing!! He was only given a few months to live and has fought like a champ…he’s still here!

We love you Gerbecs! Thank you for coming over…what a treat!!! OH…and maybe one of the biggest treats of the night was the fact that Brandon and I were KIDLESS! Whoohoo! I even curled my hair for the occasion. ha.


A Few Of My Favorite Things and A Discount Code

Happy holiday weekend friends! I hope your weekend has been filled with lots of love, fun and excitement….or maybe it’s just filled with rest, and sometimes that even better than anything else, right? :)

I’m not going to lie {and yes Mr/Ms Anonymous, so sorry, I’m going to complain for a second, so you might want to skip over this part ;)}, the last couple weeks have been rather tough for me. I have NEVER had a problem sleeping but my sleep has been hiding from me lately. Over the last two weeks, I think I slept about 4 hours every night…somewhere right around 2:30 or 3 AM I would wake up and not be able to get back to sleep. I know it’s probably stress…I had a spring photo shoot to worry about {although it turned about amazing, see HERE}, Spring items to get finished and launched {which is huge in and of itself} and then the kicker was we had some issues with Jake at school and we had to take a better look at his IAP {Individualized Accommodation Plan}. I have to be honest, although putting together a spring photo shoot and a spring line is huge, anything that has to do with our kids is huger, right? And then we had some other little family bumps in the road and WAH-LAH! No sleep! Ha!

All that to say, this four day weekend came at a time that I needed it most. Friday morning the kids had no school thanks to a teacher in service day, so Brandon let me sleep in while he took care of the kiddos. It was the first time I have slept that long in a really, really long time. And then yesterday we took the kids to the city {San Francisco, for you non locals}. The day was gorgeous, the weather warm, the sites rejuvinating. Just what we all needed. Yesterday after a wonderful church service, we came home and rested some more, and then had a family movie night complete with popcorn and a fire in the fireplace. It’s been HEAVENLY. Needless to say, I’m thinking come Tuesday morning I’ll be ready to conquer the world, how about you? :)

THANK YOU LORD. You knew exactly what I needed this weekend. You are our very present help in time of trouble and you are always right on time. 

We are headed out for another day of fun this morning, but really quickly I wanted tell you about a few of my favorite items from the Spring line. I didn’t get a chance to do a blog post regarding my faves yet, so I figured today was as good as time as any since…

the 15% off discount code is STILL active! Enter EMAILLOVE at checkout. It’s good through today and into the night. ;)

So some of my favorites:

The Carisa Brilla

I’m not going to lie, if I was to purchase a Brilla this season, this one would be it. I am in SUCH a huge grey and orange phase right now. And to be honest, it looked SO ADORABLE on Carisa {who it’s named after}. She came over a little later with flipflops on and had the hoodie unzipped, it still looked cute. Want one? Click HERE to buy.

The Lauren Brilla

This one is a no brainer. Who doesn’t wear navy and red during the spring and summer?? It’s the perfect outdoor activity hoodie. And Lauren, our little model, is precious isn’t she?
Oh and bonus! Dog hoodie available in this one as well. What could be cuter?
Adult hoodie HERE, Kids hoodie HERE, Dog hoodie HERE
The Black Diana Wrap
This one is an essential, in my opinion. And thankfully, I have quite a bit of the fabric {knock on wood} so we should have this around for a little bit, at least. Don’t have a Diana Wrap….um, I’m not kidding, do yourself a favor and buy one. They are by far one of my favorite items right now. Can be casual or dressy {I wore my navy one to church yesterday with a navy skirt, scarf and heels}…they are so versatile.
All Diana Wraps HERE, Black Diana Wrap HERE
The Grace Wrap
The Grace wrap is so so popular over here. One of the things that makes this one so loved is the juxtapose between causal and dressy. Its made out of repurposed men’s hoodie, but the high end ribbon and ruffles make it look like a runway item. It’s so very fun to wear.
Purchase the Grace Wrap HERE, The Mrs Darcy Brooch HERE
The Simple Hoodie
I think one of our most popular items is The Simple hoodie. I have people tell me all the time how its the hoodie they love the most because it’s plain, but yet not plain, if that makes any sense. :) And this hoodie is one of the first 4 styles to be included in our manufactured items. Although this is coming in our manufactured goods, it will not come in Navy this year {although we hope to produce it in a rainbow of colors in the years to come}…So I have to say one of my favorite items this spring is the navy simple. And I LOVE how sweet Cheyenne styles it…can you tell she is pregnant? Another reason to love Evy’s Tree the are perfect for you pregnant people. :)
Navy Simple HERE
Mrs Darcy Exclusively for Evy’s Tree
I am so very excited about this one. Mrs Darcy has LONG been an essential part of Evy’s Tree. If you have one of our simples or grace wraps from way back in the beginning, then you probably have one of Mrs Darcy’s brooches. I have to tell you a little bit about Mrs Darcy….shown here with her two darling boys.
Mrs Darcy is a lovely woman who adores all things ruffly and girly, but yet is stuck in a boys world {I’m sure there are other moms out there that can relate :) }. She started making brooches and headbands as a side hobby many years ago and her items are like little pieces of art, she hand makes each one and puts lots of love and care into them. She has an etsy store that she started a couple years ago, but this past year and a half has been difficult for her. Her beloved sister in law was diagnosed with cancer and if you know Mrs Darcy, you know that she loves with all her heart. This was probably one of the most difficult things for her to go through.
Shown above with her sister in law Kelly, taken last week. Kelly recently had surgery again in hopes of finally knocking out this cancer that is in her body. Through it all, Mrs Darcy has had to slow down on her creative side to help her family through this time. But she is back now and is hoping to gradually ease into the swing of creating once again.
To help her out, I offered to give her a spot in our store, as long as she made exclusive items for Evy’s Tree. And of course, she did! Have you seen what’s there? Some favorite pieces and some new pieces, I think you will love them!
All of them go wonderfully with our simples, grace wraps or the Army green Jackie Brilla.
To shop Mrs Darcy’s exclusive collection go HERE.
* * * * * * * * ** * * * * * *
Whelp, that’s it! Remember, use code EMAILLOVE to get 15% off the entire store until tonight! Yes, that’s even sale items! have fun shopping!
As for us, we are considering going to Ikea today. It’s been at least 12 years since I’ve been and Brandon has never gone. Do you think we should go?? We just want to know what all the hype is about, fill us in, what are we missing. :)
Happy President’s Day everyone! xoxo
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Christmas 2012 Recap

Yes, you read that correctly. Christmas recap. Right. I am fully aware that it’s been nearly two months since Christmas, but a couple nights ago as I was cleaning off my SD camera card, I found all our Christmas pictures and realized I never posted them. So because this is a place where I record our lives for future reference, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to backtrack a bit. ha.

I’m not going to give you a whole lot of info, since most of the pictures speak for themselves. We spent Christmas Eve at my parents house and can you believe that I forgot my camera at home and didn’t get one picture? boo. My sister got a bunch, but I have forgotten to get them from her. Oh well. So the pictures you see here are from Christmas Day. The last couple years we have been doing Christmas Day as a little family, in our PJ’s.   We LOVE that. And then in the afternoon family comes over to our house, we lounge around watching Christmas movies and eat a simple dinner. This year it was this salmon, with brussel sprouts, carrots, a salad and scalloped potatoes. So yummy! In fact, it was so good I forgot a photo of it. ha. Anyway, Christmas Day was wonderful…and here’s a few snapshots of the day….

Our holiday dining room. I adore this room during the holidays. So much fun.

Our gingerbread house that the kids made with their cousins and their Uncle Brad. Not bad, right?

Very blurry picture of our stockings after Santa came.

Most decent picture we could get of jake when he saw the stockings. He wouldn’t stop moving. ha.

Reading the Christmas story.

Singing Happy Birthday to Jesus

Opening their presents from Santa…Jake wanted heelys and Evy wanted dollys

My gift from my husband…this beautiful card. For years now we don’t exchange gifts…just cards. They tend to be a bit more meaningful.

The kids LOVE this mug I got while in Disneyland. They have the best time finding things. Jake studying it while I made pancakes.Nannie’s pancakes. Someday I will do a new Food Friday on these with better pictures, but for now you can find the recipe HERE. They are best ever, trust me on this. :) In the afternoon my parents came over, along with my nieces and nephew. Can you see the Wollmer resemblance between my dad and my nephew Brandon??My niece made this mug for me in her pottery class. She is such a sweetie. Didn’t she do a good job?Oh and the last picture is from the Christmas program at church. Jake’s such a kick. ha.

Well, that’s it! Merry Christmas everyone! {ha!}


Surprise Visit

Today we had a surprise visit from Brandon’s 88 year old Grandma and his four aunties.

Please excuse the blurry pictures, I had my settings all off…beef stew on the stove made me in a big hurry and not focused! ugh.

Anyway, we had heard through the grapvine {Brandon’s dad} that Grandma wanted to come up and see us as she had never seen our house, so Brandon sent a text to his Auntie who was with his grandma and told her that we’d love to have them come up. Well, as luck would have it, all the Aunts were together and were looking for something to do with Grandma today, so their response was: “We’ll be there in two hours!” ha!

We ran around and cleaned up the house and luckily I had beef stew planned for tonight {come back on Friday, I’m sharing the recipe}, so when I headed for the store I just got a couple other things I needed and we had SUCH a yummy meal!! This salad and homemade beef stew…YUMMO!

My parents came over and ate with us also. We had fun sitting around and talking…my parents have never met a couple of the Aunties so it was fun to connect with them.

We also had this amazing Apple Crisp.

Please, do yourself a favor and run over here and try this recipe. I promise, you will thank me.

With Grandma.

Thank you for coming Grandma and Aunties!! we loved having you and was SO HAPPY you were able to come. The kids had SUCH a blast playing with you all. I wish I had thought to get a video of you all playing with the kids. It was SO CUTE!!! Thank you for the gifts. We love you all! xoxo

Celebrating Jacob’s 6th Birthday…Western Style

I know, I know, today is supposed to be Food Friday. Whelp, I have a recipe all photoed, and waiting to be edited, but to be honest, thanks to my late night of loading the sale items in the shop, I’m just too tired to do it. So I guess we’ll have to plan on next week. Come back, I think you’ll love the recipe! But I DO have all of the pictures editted from Jake’s 6th birthday party…so would you like to see those today? You would? Well, great! :)

*Warning: Heavy photo post!

When Jacob told me that he wanted to have a Western style birthday, I freaked out a little. I shy away from ANYTHING western…it’s just not me and I feel so out of my element with cowboy boots and country music, ha.  But Jake was insistent upon it, so a Western theme it was, and I actually had a great time planning this party! Brandon and I first hopped on pinterest to see what other people have done for a “Western” theme. We found a LOT of cowboy stuff, which was cute, but Jake was clear he wanted not a COWBOY party but a WESTERN one {I guess he thought it opened up the costume department a bit more for his friends? who knows….ha}. Anyway, we got really inspired when Brooke sent over Jake’s invites. Isn’t Brooke amazing?

Something about this invite got me super excited and I saw immediately what I needed to do. Call me crazy, but I knew I needed Pompoms. Yes, for a boy party. Throw your darts if you must, but he loved them {and I ADORED them}. :)

I really, really MUST learn to be a little better organized. The party started at 5 and at 4:30 I was still running around like a chicken with my head cut off finishing things up. For the record, I spent a LOT of money on Jake’s ice skating party last year, and we just didn’t have that kind of money this year, so I figured for a 1/3 of the cost, I could do the party at home…if I cooked all the food, made the cakes, etc. WELL…I did. I did it ALL. I mean EVERYTHING. Yup. Call me crazy. And that’s why I was running around like a lunatic at 4:30. ha.

ANYWAY, when a couple of the moms got there, I threw the camera at my friend Jenny and told her to start take pictures. She, and later Sara, did an amazing job of capturing the party. Seriously AMAZING. The only thing is I never told them I wanted a full shot of the room with the hanging the pompoms and didn’t realize that until I had nearly cleaned up the room Saturday morning. So here’s a somewhat idea of what the full room looked like. ha.

The pompoms were so much fun, I just loved doing them. I followed THIS tutorial if anyone wants to make them. They were super easy. I used pipe cleaners instead of the flower wire stuff they suggested and I got a huge pack of them from the dollar store. I figured the each pompom cost me $1. Not bad! :)

One more picture of the pompoms, this one from the night of the party. I love this picture. You can see the pompoms, you can feel the happy spirit in the place, and my boy is too cute in his costume. I think I may frame this picture. I am SO GLAD that his special night turned out exactly how he wanted it. And it felt so good as a mom to host all his friends and have everyone have a good time. Special memories for sure!

Ok, pictures…I’ll tell you details of the party at the end. :) Here’s the Desert table..

Hot Chocolate Station…the kids LOVED this!!!

S’mores Station…so much fun! I think the adults liked this more than the kids. :)

We served dinner for everyone….

Waiting outside to greet his guests… He kept running around shooting everyone. Ugh. What a warm welcome, yes?


Ev. :)

When we moved into our house we had this dug out hole that we could not figure out what it was for. We even asked the neighbors, but no one knew. We finally decided it was a fire pit {still not sure if it was, ha}, so we used it for the first time to roast s’mores on. We LOVE it!! Will definitely use it again. Such a great way to spend a chilly evening with friends. 

Jake, Gramps and Jake’s new Hike America Stick from our good friend Roy. Never heard of Hike America? Well, you’ve probably seen them, if you’ve been to any national park. Hike America sources the walking sticks for most National Parks and hiking areas. Roy is the brain behind it and one of my dad’s dearest friends. Jake was so excited to get his own “kid size” version of it. Thank you Roy!!

Making him refuel. He was obviously thrilled about it, can’t you tell? ha. 

Probably his favorite card of the night. It sings the Chipmunk song. We can’t figure out who it’s from as it’s not signed?? ha. But he loved it whoever gave it to him. Thank you! :) 

Mumsy and Gramps gave him a basketball hoop. He was thrilled.

Yes, I made the cake. Scroll down for more info. :)

Favors. Super easy, cost about a $1 each. Brooke made the bifold toppers for me, I bought a pack of 30 small bags from Target, went to the dollar store and found the water guns, harmonicas and sheriffs badges were from Party City and the gold chocolate coins were from the dollar section at Target. Win win for everyone!

Whelp…that’s it! It was a successful party for sure! We had friends stay until nearly 11 that night and we loved being with everyone. Thank you to all who came and made the night so special for Jake. We were honored you joined us. We love you!

And no, I didn’t clean the kitchen up that night, for all you who were wondering if I followed my own rule after a big party. I actually allowed myself to go to bed and wake up to this:

It was worth it. :) Big hugs everyone. xoxo

Chocolate Cake: Barefoot Contessa HERE {and yes, I used the coffee buttercream, it’s amazing.}

Chocolate and Peanut Butter Cupcakes: Barefoot Contessa HERE

Coconut Cupcakes: Barefoot Contessa HERE

Chili: Jamie Dean HERE {It was unbelievably good, and I don’t even like chili!}

Cornbread: Trader Joes

Salad: HERE {which I never served, ha, oops!}

Hot Dogs: Costco, cooked by Brandon :)

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