Bringing Up Boys, Texas and Shipping

Think I can fit anything more in that title? ha. oh boy.

So we are home from Texas. Got in late last night. Despite the fact that we had an AMAZING room during our stay in Texas, it was SO GOOD to see my bed last night. There is just something great about your own bed, you know?

The other thing I was so excited about seeing this morning was my french press! Boy I love this thing! I tried to get some french pressed coffee in Texas and it was a bit of an embarrassing disaster {right Ginger? ha!}, so it was so nice to have a strong cup this morning.

But the absolute BEST thing about coming home was these two.

OMW, I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to hug them and squeeze them tight. They smell SO GOOD. You know, your babies have that certain smell? Seriously, I adore these kids.

{Sorry if you follow me on instagram and these are repeat pictures. ha. Want a first hand view of my life? Follow me on Instagram {evystree}, since I just use all those pictures for posts, you’ll see it before everyone else. haha}

Despite missing the above things, we had SO MUCH FUN in Texas. Really, it was awesome. Darren and Ginger Gilbert and Pastor and Mrs Gilbert were such incredible hosts. We sincerely did not lack for one thing. They fed us top notch food, put us up in such a nice room, drove us around, made sure we had everything we needed…they were so awesome. We are so blessed to call Darren and Ginger friends…we met them two years ago at The Community Meeting and hit it off right away.They are the kindest people ever, ones we will consider life long friends. We had SUCH a blast with them and their precious two babies.

Darren’s parents were just as sweet. They pastor The Truth Church in Dension, which is where we were and they are so so wonderful. Here is Pastor Gilbert, Brandon, Darren and the church’s youth pastor Jared.

I was also so excited to see my friend Amber. Amber lived in Stockton for five years and we became good friends. She was at church on Sunday and hung out with us. Amber, I love you!! You are a HOOT!!!

Ignore how tired old and wrinkly I look in this picture..haha..

Oh, one more thing about Texas…see this lady?

She is the sweetest thing ever. On Sunday morning she stopped me after service and said she was going to bring us some of her famous pecan cookies. Well, after the evening service she presented us with this bag of the most incredible tasting cookies EVER. They were AMAZING. We told her that we would take them home to the kiddos, but confession here: they never made it. We ate them all in the airplane on the way home. Seriously, they are that good. I predict these will be on market shelves everywhere someday. Really, really amazing!

So on the way there and back I re-read the book Bringing Up Boys by Dr. James Dobson. Have you read it?

If you have a boy, I suggest you run, not walk, to the store and buy this. I’m not kidding. It’s AMAZING. I read it once when Jake was a newborn, but reading it now had so much more impact on me since he is in some of these stages they speak of. I found myself crying at some points during the book, feeling a huge sense of relief that some of the things Jake does is COMPLETELY NORMAL. Seriously, this book is awesome, especially if you are raising a boy in a Christian home. Dr. Dobson covers some very controversial issues regarding raising boys and whether you agree with everything or not, his practical advice on boys will definitely help in some aspect of your mothering experience. Great, great book in my opinion.

In closing I want to address shipping: We are starting to ship today the clearance items. Please remember that it will be 7- 10 business days from order date before most of the clearance items ship. We hope to have them all out by the end of next week. We have over 400 clearance items alone that need to go out, that does not include the remaining preorder items that are waiting to ship, so please be patient with us. Regarding preorder items: it will be a solid 4 weeks from your order date before they ship. If your item is going to be longer than the 4 week turnaround time, we will email you with an approximate shipping date. We are doing our best to make sure everyone gets their items in a timely manner so please, if you have a question, do not hesitate to contact us! {}

Oh one more thing…if you ordered a raw item, please be aware that it will not come with any Evy’s Tree packaging or tags, just the item in a cello bag as it comes from AA.

THANK  YOU FRIENDS. I love you all!! Big hugs to you!! xoxo

One thought on “Bringing Up Boys, Texas and Shipping

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    Amber Dodd says:

    I love this post. Not because I’m in it, but because I’m still so happy that I got to see you guys while you were here. Miss you too too much already!!
    Now, regarding the picture…. Tired, old and wrinkly!? Seriously!?!?? You are insane, my dear. You are gorgeous! Now, others may want to ignore my tired, old mug. Hahaha. ;)
    Love you bunches! :)

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