Branding, Blitzing….

Just a little update…
All boys and mens hoodies are listed in the shop. They are pretty cute, if I do say so myself, ha! :)
So I haven’t said much about it lately, but I am being rebranded. I love my little logo, but my husband put it together for me really quickly and we both felt that it didn’t quite capture the universal feel that I was trying to accomplish. I really wanted something a little low key and able to blend in with my clothes or in a boutique. Something a little streamlined.
I googled graphic design artists for days looking for someone who I felt could do what I was looking for. I found MANY talented people out there, but most of them were a little too busy for what I was looking to do. Through a bunch of random googlings {is that even a word?!?} I came across Brooke from RightLeft Studios.
Her website opening page was clean and just breathed “welcome” and I enjoyed looking at all of her work.  She has that minimalist, Anthropologie feel that I was looking for, so I wrote her an email, asking for pricing.
Let me stop here and say, I love having an online business! I am a GREAT written communicator, in fact, I am probably better at writing out my thoughts than saying them, so emailing is great for me…BUT I really like to chat verbally every now and then, especially when I am trying to explain something that I don’t really know what I’m trying to explain…which is how I felt about my logo! ha.
So anyway, I wrote Brooke an email and she emailed me back asking if we could chat over the phone about my vision. That pretty much sealed the deal for me as all the other graphic designers had just sent me a generic email with pricing etc. I felt like Evy’s Tree would be safe with Brooke.
So we took off… and several phone calls and revisions later, Brooke came up with my new logo. I LOVE IT. I love that it looks very similar to my logo now, but cleaner, in my opinion.  Here is my business card, taken through a screen shot, so its not the best quality, sorry Brooke! ha!
oh yes, it doesn’t show up very good here, but the background is the pale blue like my others.
Isn’t it darling?
And for those of you who might be like me and miss the tree, well its still there, and I’d love for you to see it, so here’s where the “blitzing” part of this blog comes in.
Brooke is helping me create a whole bunch of stuff for Evy’s Tree: business cards, hang tags, brochures, an etsy banner and the thing I’m super excited about right now is…
That’s right, Brooke has helped me create a great template to send out to customers, potential customers and boutiques an email blitz once or twice a month. Little tidbits of what’s going on over here at Evy’s Tree, special sales for subscribers only, offers to share trunk shows in your home, info about me and when I might be in your area doing a trunk show, etc.
Would you like to be on the email list?
Here’s the thing, I cannot just add anybody on the list. You have to give me permission by signing up. So if you would like to receive the first ever Evy’s Tree email blitz, which is basically just a welcome to Evy’s Tree and a little about us, then you need to comment on this blog, or on my facebook page with your email address and your first and last name. And when you get that blitz, you’ll see that tree I was talking about! :)
But do it quick, because the first one is going out late tonight! So hurry and comment here in the blog comments or visit facebook and comment there, OR you can send me an email at with all your info if you don’t want it out there in cyberworld. :)
And lastly, if you sign up, will you do me a favor? Will you forward the email to all your friends, and use it to welcome them to Evy’s Tree? I would really appreciate that! Thank you friends!

3 thoughts on “Branding, Blitzing….

  1. 1
    Jenni says:

    LOVE the new look! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!

    Jenni Roseland

    Proud of you friend!

  2. 2
    - Lindsy Weidner - says:

    LOVE it!

  3. 3
    Ka Heyn says:

    Would you be concerned with exchanging links?

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