Boys Hoodies Sneak Peek Part I

Well, if you haven’t heard already, yesterday was my husband’s 30th birthday.
And I surprised him with a giant party. It was awesome…130+ people were there! We had an 80′s theme and I was so shocked when I arrived to find that people actually dressed up! It was so fun, and I will blog about it soon on my personal blog.
But why this bit of information is important is: THAT is why I shut my shop down for a week. :) Creating boys hoodies was just a good excuse. The frustrating part is, I hardly got any creating done!! I would run around like a maniac all day long getting ready for the party and then when Brandon got home I would *TRY* to create. I am sure he wondered what in the world I was doing all day while he was at work?!? ha.
 On Thursday, I finally broke down crying {this is not an abnormal thing for me. I cry A LOT, ha} and told him that I HAD to finish my hoodies as I had a photo shoot scheduled for Friday morning with my brother in law David…who happens to be an incredible photographer. {Check out his stuff HERE}.
SOOOO…. with a long night ahead of me, my husband had pity on me and helped me create. I can’t wait to show you all we came up with. And the best part is that we’re not done! I have two more hoodies that I did not get to completely finish, so they will be coming in a couple weeks.
Anyway, at 2 AM on Friday morning I just had to quit…but before I did, this is what I came up with:
Introducing The Italian. Why the Italian? Well, I couldn’t figure out a name for this one and my husband said, “It looks like a speedway jumpsuit!” and I just had this vision of Mario Andretti wearing the hoodie so “The Italian” it is! ha.
The concept for all my boys hoodies this season is very elementary. In fact, I kinda envisioned a preschooler cutting out large chunks of material and haphazardly sewing them on. The strips of colors are made out of jersey, which is a new thing for me and boys hoodies. The jersey is all handcut and left jagged, and sewn on with a large zigzag that is crooked off and on. It’s finished with a light grey triangle with chunky colored zigzag stitches. The hood is lined with jersey as well and the hoodie itself is a great American Apparel Flex Fleece which is really a nice thick polyester blend hoodie for the winter…my favorite hoodies from American Apparel, actually. My boys both have hoodies made from this American Apparel style and they wash so great and hold up perfectly.
The Italian for men comes in two colors, the cranberry as shown and a grey like the minis {however the zipper and drawstring on the grey is white}. The Mini comes in grey only. On the men’s cranberry, the hood is lined with navy jersey and has one navy stripe on the left. On the men’s grey, the hood is lined with red and has one red stripe on the left, as is the mini hoodie as well. Both hoodies have the small grey triangle on the pocket.
I hope you love these hoodies as much as I do! I will see you tomorrow for another sneak peek!
Oh PS, yes that is my handsome husband and my beautiful baby boy. Aren’t they the most amazing things? :)

5 thoughts on “Boys Hoodies Sneak Peek Part I

  1. 1
    Stephanie C. says:

    I love these! I definitely think my boys need matching hoodies for Christmas!

  2. 2
    Prencie says:

    SOooo cute AMy!!! Man! You've been ALL over the place and i haven't had a second to stop and breathe and comment on how much I LOVED your photo shoot!!! They were AWESOME!! Those pics are deff magazine worthy!! Awesome!! I soooo wish I could afford your wrap hoodie! It's gorgeous!! I miss you! Feels like i've been out of touch with everyone!!! Things are just gonna get busier I'm afraid!! I'm trying to talk my hubby into quitting his contracting and stay at home with me and help me with a new etsy shop I want to open….he's a little reluctant;) But he can sew and that's what I need, a sewer:) SHout out to our fab hubbys!!!! woo hooo!!!:)

  3. 3
    Emily says:

    These are awesome Amy!!!! My hubby might just need one :)

    …and I cry A LOT too…haha :) Nothin' wrong with that.

  4. 4
    Chacoy says:

    I hope you will be making them for bigger boys- tweens?
    My son would be very handsome in one of these…your boys are cuties;)

  5. 5
    Thomas Aries says:

    Would you be enthusiastic about exchanging links?

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