Boys and Men, Part II

I introduced you to The Italian last time, so now here’s “Marbles”
This is my brother in law, David, who is DASO photo and took all these pictures. He is joined with his son, Lincoln. Aren’t they adorable together?!?
Anyway, the Marbles is a fun little hoodie with the whole preschool feel to it. Round little edgy circles sewn onto a 100% cotton black American Apparel hoodie with silver paint splattered across the front. Finished with blue drawstrings.
The sizes available for the Mini Marbles are 3-6 mths -12 and adult Small- XXL.
The adult Marbles….
And then a little more of The Italian. The hood of the mini is lined in red. The men’s hoodie is navy blue.
Pocket has the light grey triangle on both the mini and the adult, which the chunky red zigzag.
They will both be listed tomorrow.

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