Bad Words

Hello dear friends.
Warning…random thoughts ahead!
How to describe life the last week or so?
Ugh, there are no words…
except bad ones, so I will keep those words to myself.
First of all, its been HOT HOT HOT.
I know, I know, I don’t live in Arizona where its 107 at 8PM {as one of my friends reminded me!}, but I am a born and bred San Francisco baby area girl. Hot is 85 degrees!! And if it ever did hit the high 90′s it was only for a couple hours in the middle of day then the cool coastal fog would roll in and stay there until 10 am the next morn.
Hence my love for hoodies, because it could quickly turn from a scorcher to a cool breezy evening in two seconds flat. So we always wore layers and had a hoodie in the trunk of the car.
Anyway, I digress…
So its been hot, but on top of that, I’ve been avoiding something that I needed to do for a while now. It’s one of those things that you have to do, but don’t want to. And my Dad keeps calling and reminding me to do it, {bless his heart}…you know that sort of thing. I won’t bore you with the details of it or even tell you what it is, but the “pressure”, so to speak, of getting this “thing” done was probably worse than the actual “thing”.
I know, speaking in code here, but basically what I am trying to say is, this “thing” has been making me go crazy {at this point you probably think I AM crazy for all this code talking haha}, and it all hit the fan yesterday.
Lots of tears, frustraion, woe is me…
you know, all the emotions we girls are so good at.
And the emotions my husband doesn’t understand AT ALL.
Yup those.
And not to mention it was ungodly hot yesterday….
Anyway, today I finally bit the bullet and sat down and did my “thing”.
And I feel so much better.
Dear Lord, if I didn’t have any emotions, I probably would have done my “thing” a long time ago and saved myself a lot of heartache, angry words with my spouse, crying children because they wondered where their mom went, etc., etc.
Have you ever been there? Am I the only mom who finds herself wondering where in the world she went? What happened to the rational, independent person who HAS A BRAIN?!?
Ok, so carrying on here…
A bad word I WILL share with you all, one that I have been working on lately…
EWWWW…Did you all just shutter like I did?
Yes, schedule is a very bad word in my vocabulary and when someone mentions it, I get all prickly and snap back, “I don’t have one!” {Sorry, Mom and Dad, since you guys are always asking me for mine!}
Anyway, I think I hate the word so much because when I was in college I was always on a class schedule and then when I started teaching you are on a rigid schedule and well, when I quit teaching, I just ADORED not being on a schedule! I could pee when I wanted to, eat when I wanted to, sleep however long I wanted to. It was FAB.
But I have a dilemma.
I have started a home business and that means that if anything gets done, its by my own schedule not someone else’s, which means, I HAVE TO MAKE ONE!!
So girls {and men, if you read this}…
I did it. I made a schedule for myself. And I feel so much better and the word isn’t so bad anymore.
My friend SoShawna asked me if it stressed me out more to have time guidelines and my answer is NO. Because my schedule is FLUID. When I was teaching I learned to do my daily schedule in pencil so I could erase and change as I needed, even 5 mins before something came up. So my schedule now is just like that. If I need to move things around, I do. After all, I work for myself for crying out loud.
But at least now I KNOW what do, instead of  WONDERING what do. You get me?
So here’s how my schedule works. Brandon and I have both gotten Google calendars and sync’d them with our phones. Both our schedules pop up on our calendar and every night I double check them, print out the schedule and pop it in the front page of my business binder. I then make notes either in a notebook I have or directly on the paper as to “to do” things that come up and I need to remind myself of.
My binder looks like this:

Since the calendar is also sync’d with my phone, reminders go off all the time of what I am supposed to be doing and if I am online, reminders pop up.
GREAT GREAT system…so far at least.
I have also made a promise to myself that I WILL NOT go to bed without the kitchen and my little factory cleaned up and “somewhat” {key word here} organized, as I cannot tell you how discouraging a messy kitchen and factory is to wake up to.
So here’s my little factory in the process of being cleaned up at night…

Everything gets put into bins and tucked away nicely. Jake seems to think he’s quite the help!

And a very bad, dark picture of the table, but one of the few where its not horribly cluttered!! whoohoo! And the new Bordeaux Brilla is in the process of being made….

Oh yes, since my computer is in my bedroom, Brandon and I have a deal that whoever is out of bed last will make the bed, since the bed takes literally 5 mins to make but it’s the LAST thing I want to do during the day?!?
My friends, I am very curious as to how you keep yourself organized? Please share some tips…I would love to know how to help myself from going crazy and avoiding “things” {here I go again, in code!}.
And at risk of making this post longer than it should be…I leave you a video that I watch over and over. During emotional times when I feel like such a failure, I have to remember that I don’t get my identity from life, or how people think of me, I get my identity from Christ. This song reminds me of how much He loves me NO MATTER WHAT.

4 thoughts on “Bad Words

  1. 1
    Jenni says:

    ok, whatever that "thing" is that you needed to get done and did get done today, so happy. i have no clue what it is, but so happy that it is a weight that has been lifted off of your shoulders!

    scheduling, hmmmm….i am not a scheduler on purpose, but i guess i run a pretty tight ship somehow?! i really don't know how it happens, it just kinda does! having a picked up house always helps! notice that i didn't say clean, that is next to impossible for me and i have learned to live with that, but i do like picked up! clean is for hosting parties. i have decided that when it comes to having a spotless house with 2 kiddos and 2 working parents, it just isn't going to happen unless i don't want to sleep! i envy women that can keep a spotless house, i wish for it in me! but picked up will have to do!

    I laughed at your HOT comment! You are funny! Guess you AREN'T going to be my neighbor anytime soon?! Bummer…I think you would melt here! Love you all the same!

  2. 2
    Mande says:

    The dreaded schedule. Mike & I have been trying to make one for the bills for some time. It just never seems to be the right time. Way to go Amy!! So glad you could make it happen.
    Cannot wait to see the newest hoodie releases. Yes, it is hot now, but fall will be here before we know it. Shhhh….don't want to wish the sunshine away just yet.
    Love the song and what an uplifting one it is. Thanks so much Amy for sharing it. :) xo

  3. 3
    SoShawna says:

    Just reading about your scheduling attempts raises my blood pressure. But it looks like you guys are getting organized; hope it works for ya!

  4. 4
    SoShawna says:

    I forgot to talk about my schedule. I think I'm more like Cheyenne and what she calls having a "flow" to each day.

    MONDAY – always laundry day and picking up the house from the weekend. Since Samuel's out of school I have him to puzzles or other 'schoolwork' that I have for him like tracing letters, flashcards, etc.

    TUESDAY – Serious housecleaning and more schoolwork unless he's actually in school; in that case Olivia and I run errands. Elton and I have instituted a Tuesday night routine (he got the idea from Pastor) where we rotate Tues nights. When it's your turn you get to leave the house in the evening for a couple of hours and do ANYTHING you want, kid-free! On my nights I go to the library or bookstore, Starbucks, my fav Vietnamese restaurant, whatever. This doesn't work out every week but we keep it going as much as possible. It's amazing how refreshed you feel and how much you look forward to 'your' Tuesday night! If it's his night I stay home and just do something with the kids.

    WEDNESDAY – schoolwork for Samuel if he's home and I do my best to get some sewing done. I work on having dinner ready early so we can eat before we go to church.

    THURSDAY – Pick up the house and catch up with a small load of laundry. Make sure everything is ready for whatever we have planned for the weekend. Elton usually has music practice on Thurs nights so I plan something with the kids, usually making cookies. Vacuum the living room and pick up toys.

    FRIDAY – if it's payday, it's shopping day! We try to get it all done in one day; Wal-Mart, Target, grocery store, Costco. We also try to have a family date night and go someplace where the kids eat free (IHOP) and have a special treat like ice cream afterwards.

    SATURDAY – if there is no church activity we relax around the house and do something fun; go to the beach, the mall close to our house where they always have neat things for kids, putt-putt golf, hiking, whatever. Lots of times there are church events or parties with friends/families.

    SUNDAY – church. No other explanation of how much that entails.

    I make all the doctor's appointments for the whole family, and tell Elton if I made one for him. So I guess I have the master calendar with appointments, school things, church activities, etc. We get together once a week to compare his work calendar and other family things he wants to do with my calendar.

    So I guess we do have a schedule but it's not rigidly set by hour; it's more a matter of what we want to get done each day. Spare time is filled with reading, sewing, videos for the kids, Elton practicing music or wrestling with the kids, etc. I think we have a pretty good 'flow'!

    Sorry so long but you DID ask….lol!

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