Bad Habits

Let’s see…

Tonight I didn’t brush Jake’s teeth, even after he ate two full plates of fries, a half a cheeseburger and an entire vanilla ice cream dish from Leatherby’s. See, he fell asleep in car after the wedding, so to be honest, I didn’t even wash his hands, even after he had been crawling around the floor at the wedding or after he had probably touched everyone and everything at the resturant.

Nope, we used a good ole’ fashioned wipee after dinner, put him in the car seat and drove home.

Ok, I did get a nice hot, soapy washcloth and try to rub his hands clean after we got home and had put him into bed.

But I did not brush his teeth.

In fact, on regular days, I only brush his teeth at night, if it could be considered that, after I wrestle him to the ground and try my hardest to get past his lock jaw to scrub the back teeth. I do try though. So if he comes down with cavities, please don’t blame me.

Furthermore, I did not feed my child any fruits or vegetables today. Pancakes and eggs for breakfast, cheese quesadilla for lunch and the above mentioned for dinner. And a few pieces of cake at the reception.

God forgive me. I hope my kids don’t turn out mental or deranged. Amen.

4 thoughts on “Bad Habits

  1. 1
    Jenni says:

    You are not the only one that manages to only get teeth brushed at night – this is how it is most days at my house, we might get a half-way brush in the morning, but really, we get our good brush time in at night, even Lola, she loves it!

    As for the not washing of the hands – regular at the Roseland house. Do you see my kids pictures? Someone is always dirty! HA! They are kids and that is what they do…very normal. I am definately NOT one of those moms who is constantly wiping up after my kids (more power to the mothers that are!) I just can't keep up!

    I don't think they are bad habits, I think you had a CrAzY weekend!

  2. 2 says:

    How funny! We do put a lot of pressure on ourselves to be perfect in raising the little ones, and you are right, we need to step back and realize they won't grow up to be deranged if we skip a step or two during a day!

  3. 3
    Kristin says:

    Been there. Done that. And boy did I feel guilty about it. Like his teeth were going to fall out or something. Ah ha ha

  4. 4
    SoShawna says:

    Every time I take Samuel to the dentist he raves about Samuel's great teeth, and I smile as I nod as if I'm the World's Best Toddler Teeth Brusher! But inside I'm thanking God for the miracle because yeah, he get them brushed at night and sadly, that's usually it. Baaaad Mommies!! And for the hand washing…well, I'm scared of Swine Flu and NASTY public bathrooms and have become paranoid about those little paws of his, especially since he got potty trained and wants to do it all himself. I poked a little fun at moms carrying hand sanitizer but now I've joined those ranks. He knows to hold out his hands for a squirt before touching his food. So clean hands but semi-clean teeth; doesn't it all balance out somehow?!?

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