Back to Reality…

Opps there goes gravity…
Ha, sorry couldn’t resist.
Anyway, I’m back.
I have been “unplugged”, so to speak, for over a week. We have been to the mountains with our young people, completely immersed with our precious teens and all the fun and {ahem}frustrations that goes with them. I have been sewing machine free, internet free, and cell phone free. Over this past week or so, I have learned some things…
1. I. LOVE. TEENS.  We had someone ask us this week, “How do you connect with these kids? They are so hard to reach!” We connect because we are called. It comes naturally. Therefore, we love spending time with them and are so thankful for every minute with them.

2. My son thinks he is a teenager. He is willing to dance on the stage to keep the teens laughing, beatbox in the mic to get the crowd rolling, and laugh hysterically to get attention. He loves the “children” as he calls them and fits right in. I’m not sure if this is a good thing or not?

3.  Youth ministry is super rewarding, but can be so heartbreaking. Yes, that is an oxymoron. We had several of those moments this week, when you wonder, “Why am I doing this again?” Sometimes you can just get so frustrated at the life that some of these kids are handed…and frustrated at the behavior and way these teens deal with it. It can be a very obnoxious cycle.

4. You get no sleep at youth camp. NONE. Brandon sat up in the high school dorm until 4:30 AM one night {and was up at 7AM}, thanks to their insistance on doing pranks on the jr highers.

5. When you return to the “real world”, you are in culture shock. Life returns to normal and you are so not willing to return with it. It’s the pits and makes you almost willing to stay on the mountain forever, despite how uncomfortable the beds are and how nasty the showers can be.

6. The blog world goes on. No one seems to notice your absence much and everyone has blogged despite you being gone. I felt overwhelmed and little sad by the amount of posts from friends I have missed. If this blog wasn’t dedicated for my kids and keeping a history for them, I just might have given up all together.

7. Potty training STINKS. Literally and figuratively. So far today- Day #1- Jake has not gone once on the potty but has somehow managed to hit the DVD holder and all the DVD’s, the carpet, and the front entryway. I have made him drink and eat constantly but he has only gone pee THREE times today and I’ve already told you where. How in the world does he hold all the pee in? Either way, I have to admit I am about to give up, because at this point I have no idea how he will get this in the next 5 days I have set aside.

8. I have lost all the “cute factor” for my hoodies and tees. I have worn them so much over the last couple weeks that I wonder if they are even cute anymore. Furthermore, since I have been out of the loop for the last couple weeks with my little shop, I feel very nervous to open again. I asked the Lord many times this last week, “Are you sure this is what you want, Lord?” When I look around at all the other little designers and entrepreneurs out there, I feel very small and insignificant. So, I must keep my eyes on HIM. This is His shop and He has given me the talent. I have to remember that.

9. Lastly, the chorus: “Let your fire fall, let the winds blow, let your glory come down. Come down, come down, come down, let your glory come down” has literally become our camp anthem. BEAUTIFUL SONG. Especially when sung by Cortt Chavis, our camp speaker, and the actstwenty9 band backing him up. I will forever sing that song and think of Youth Camp 2010. Precious, precious memories.

An evening altar call. Students praying for students. Powerful moments.

Large bugs {or giant moths?}…I felt this epitomized youth camp! :)

My beautiful baby girl Evy being loved on by students.
My “teenager” Jake, wearing daddy’s glasses on the way up to camp.

Youth camp, 2010


9 thoughts on “Back to Reality…

  1. 1
    Jenni says:

    Well, bloggy blog friend, just so you know ~ you were very missed! In fact, even talked about in my comments section either two or three posts ago, a lot! HA! Go look, I swear! I missed you tons and am so happy that you are back to reality (now that song is stuck in my head lady! That is ok, I like it)!

    I love teenagers and I definitely think you have to have the knack for connecting with them. You either have it or you don't! When I tell people that I teach 8th grade they scrunch up their faces at me and make some sort of comment about how that was the worst age for them! Tell me about it! But, because of that I LOVE THEM! Something about being able to mold their character is very special!

    And yes, you need to reopen your little shop! What you have going on is wonderful! I LOVE those t-shirts the most! In fact, anything that I buy at the store (Anne Taylor Loft to be exact), has ruffles and I always think about you!

    And potty training…think I have said this before – he will go when he is ready! Hard to believe, but true! Rennie, my children's caretaker (WE LOVE HER) told me with Kyan, not to push, he isn't going to be 25 still using a diaper. At that point, I let it happen naturally. But, one big seller for Kyan was what we like to call a "cowboy toilet"! It is like a potty chair for boys, aka, a urinal (is that even how you spell it? I dunno?) anyway, he LOVED to stand up and pee and would do it any chance that he got! I have seen them sold at Costco before and I bet you could go to Babies R Us to get it too?! I will check around and try to find out more for you and send you the link, off to cook dinner!

    Probs should sent in an email! Oh well!

    MISSED YOU TONS LADY! Glad you are back! I have another box for Evy that is going out to you this week! It is a good one, just a little clue: I found another pair of Mia Joie shoes that I am sending!

  2. 2
  3. 3
    Mande says:

    Yes Amy, you were greatly missed. I miss your comments so much at my blog too. You always have the sweetest words to say and I missed & love your "keep it real" posts on here. We talked about you in one of Jenni's comments under a blog post just a few days ago- saying how much you are missed. You are a huge part of why I am on here you know. :)

    I agree with you & jenni. It takes very special people to work with teens and have that bond. You both have what it takes to make the connections with teens. That is so cool.

    So welcome back girlfriend!!! Cannot wait to see the goodies you will be posting in your shop soon. xoxoxo

  4. 4
    Mande says:

    Oh & as for potty training- the book "It hurts when I poop" worked wonders for us. It is a book that explains the process- and the importance of pooping. Not joking- it really did impact Harrison- he would hold it in and then it would hurt, this book, written by a physician just works. That and a LOT of patience and persistence. You can do it girl!! xoxoxo

  5. 5
    Alisha says:

    Well, I definitely missed you last week and I am glad you are home :)

    I will be praying for your sanity with Jake this week.

    You know I think your items are cute just take a look in closet or all the missing money from my bank account {hehe} ;)

    Love you tons… and thanks for stopping by earlier it was so much fun to see Jake and Evy.

  6. 6
    leah says:

    Welcome back to reality!

    I have missed your blog and your facebook updates!

    Love you,

  7. 7
    SoShawna says:

    I am SO GLAD I didn't have such a hard time potty training Samuel. But Jake seems to be a lot like my nephew, Michael, who wasn't potty trained until he was over 4 years old despite my sister's HARD work! These are boys who are very stubborn and smart. They know what they want (to stay in diapers because it's easy for them) and how to irritate mommy (by refusing to learn to use the potty). It's a power struggle, I think. The good thing about boys like this is that they are persistent about things in life and when they set their mind to something they are not easily swayed by peer pressure, etc. So if you can just learn to channel this type of child then it can be a very positive thing. Good luck :) My sister is still learning to effectively channel Michael's personality in a good way but so far it's going pretty good; he's 10 and his Bible Quiz team is going to Nationals!

  8. 8
    Amy says:

    I thought I had commented back to everyone last night, but I just realized it didn't go through! :(

    Anyway, THANK YOU everyone for being so sweet. I missed you guys too!! You guys are the best ever!

    And thanks for the hoodie/tee encouragement! I really appreciate it. Sometimes I just wonder, you know? Anyway, we're good now! :)

    Jenni…that potty is AWESOME!! We seem to be doing really good today with only one accident so far and it was outside, thank God. I think he is getting the hang of it. HOpefully by this weekend we'll have made some great progress. I will have to try to find that potty. I think Jake would love it. And Mande…thanks for the book suggestion! I'm going to look that up to. Anything to help at this point would be GREAT!

    And Jenni..I want to come to AZ!! SEriously! I have you and a couple other friends there, Janelle included, that I would LOVE to see!! And your backyard is just too tempting! haha

  9. 9
    Jenni says:

    Yay for potty progress! Kyan used to prefer to pee outside "like the doggies" he would say! He would even go out the doggy door! Heehee!

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