Anybody Interested?

I have an x-small Rainbow hoodie available if anybody is interested.
It was my first attempt at working with a fleece rainbow instead of the originial felt, so it has some imperfections in the bottom stiching, but still looks very nice.
This is the ONLY Rainbow I will be offering at this time. The hoodie pictured is the one for sale.
The hoodie is discounted to $40. For non-locals shipping will be an extra $6. If you are interested, please email me or leave a comment. I will set up a custom etsy listing for you ASAP.
The discounted price will be good until tomorrow {Friday, Feb 12}. Please feel free to pass this post on to friends who you think might be interested.

One thought on “Anybody Interested?

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    melissa.harris says:

    I love it… too bad we're broke right now :(

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