A Few of My Favorite Things….

Well, I’ve been sewing away the last 48 hrs and I’m in desperate need of a little break. I must say, the Rubix patch=torture. Seriously. I’m REALLY wanting to keep making that hoodie/tee for boys and men, but I have to be honest and say its extrememly time extensive. If you like the Rubix it would REALLY do so me some good if you gave it a little shout out. Seriously. Or you may never see it again. Ha.
This picture is of us at Jake’s baby dedication. He was 11 weeks old. Look at those skinny legs! Are they not darling? And we look so happy. Funny, but I remember being thrilled with my boy…but not so thrilled with life with a newborn. I think the best word to describe my feelings would be: OVERWHELMED… and maybe scared. :)
So yesterday I had a old friend stop by {Hi A.R.! :)} She is currently pregnant with her first baby and she is having a girl. We chatted a bit about pregnancy, life with kids, etc and since I LOVE talking about all my fave baby things…the conversation settled on that topic for a while.
While talking to her, I remembered how I felt as a young, newly pregnant mom. You are in the nesting mode and wanting to prepare for your new baby arriving. But when you step into the baby stores, you feel so bogged down with all the choices…you have no idea what is really a NEED and not just a WANT and you feel like you must win the lottery to provide for you little bambino.
The strollers…wow. That stressed me out beyond belief. No joke. Ask Brandon how many “stroller testings” we went on.
Now, the second child…bless their hearts…not so much stress. Let’s just say Evy is wearing A LOT of Jake’s clothes, hand-me-downs {Jenni you rock!}, and sale items. You start to realize you don’t NEED as much as you WANT.
Anyway, I thought I would highlight some of my fave items….I should really get paid for this, ha!! :)
Strollers…as I said this was a big stresser. We originally got one of the more popular inexpensive strollers but after pushing it around the block once or twice, I was ready to push it off a cliff as well. So we sold it and everything else we could think of to buy the UppaBaby:
Worth every penny!! Trust me…it also grows with your child which is great. We have the seat attachment for Jake. We also loved the Snug rider, although there is no need to get that now with the uppa since it has the attachment as well. And we could not live without a Maclaren. Its a great little umbrella stroller that is sturdy and full sized and great to ship the kids off to my parents or sister for the weekend {did I say “ship”? ha}.
My bouncer. Its  by Carters and you can’t find it anywhere. :( But I am a firm believer in these puppies. If you don’t have one…GET ONE! I’m serious, both my kids slept in them during the day for weeks when they were newborns and Evy actually slept in it at night for the first 2 months. I recommend that you get one that bounces, reclines to 2 or 3 positions, vibrates and plays music. Trust me, that is HARD to find in a bouncer. But they are out there. Here’s Evy in ours on Valentine’ Day:
Did any of my friends get a Diaper Genie? If so, please stand up for it now, cause I have nothing positive to say about it. Instead we use these:
Scented trash bags. This is my fave brand as it cheaper than the baby brand and its big, so it can hold a whole days worth of stinkies. :) I would just toss them all in there and at the end of the day, walk them right out to the trash can outside.
My fave breastpump:
And I LOVED Lansinoh storage bags, although I have heard the Target brand is just as good.
Books I COULD NOT live without:
Babywise {Please don’t leave hate mail if you disagree, hehe}
What To Expect Series {They are all ”Mommy Bibles”} 
My fave dipaers are Pampers, especially Swaddlers because the smell and feel soo nice
Some fun baby items that I COULD NOT live without :)
Vans and Converse for boys {although Evy wears them too :)}
Mia Joie Shoes for girls
*Follow her blog if you want to get a pair. They sell out IMMEDIATELY. No joke.
Diapees and Wipes used to be my fave, but now that I have 2 kids in diapers still {let’s hope for only a few more weeks} and my Evy Bags…well, let’s just say they are GREAT!! :) And I am making several new ones for spring.
Earth Best’s Meals. Not the single fruits and veggies as I kinda feel they are a rip off, but the meals are sooo tasty {at least my kids seem to think, ha} and are organic too. Makes Mommy feel GREAT! :)
My monitor {thanks Alisha for recommending it!}
And lastly, some very fun etsy shops for your baby:
Evelynfields  *great snack bags…or buy the pattern and make them yourself
Whew…there you have it! Hope that helps some of you!
What is some of your fave baby items that you have found? Please do share!!
PS…I would really LOVE for you participate in the size poll if you haven’t already. I need to get a better handle on sizes needed for my hoodies. What size do you wear? Thanks! :)

13 thoughts on “A Few of My Favorite Things….

  1. 1
    Jenni says:

    hmmmmmm – do you have baby fever? thinkin' about baby #3 already! ha!

    this was a nice post! wish someone woulda done that one before i had kids for me!

    ps – i love the rubix!

  2. 2
    Amy says:

    ACK!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO WAY! I definitely DON"T have baby fever. haha. Oh boy. We've always said we wanted 3, but seriously…I'm pooped :(

  3. 3
    Emily says:

    We have that same video monitor and love it as well!! So great to be able to not only hear but see her.

    Bouncing seats ARE a must. It's Syd's favorite place to be. She often cries when we take her out :)

    The bag you gave me has been so perfect for the little items I keep in the diaper bag. It's the perfect size and is so cute. Anyone who doesn't have one – buy one of Amy's drawstring bags!

    Three of my favorites not mentioned:

    1. Jogging Stroller…we have a Jeep brand jogging stroller as well as a Combi daily use stroller. Although the jogging stroller is big and bulky, it is definitely a MUST for long walks and of course runs. It has a meter so you can see how far you are going as well as an ipod hookup. You barely even feel bumps – it's amazingly smooth.

    2. Sound Machine: Thank you Amy for suggesting this!! Baby still sleeps with it on at night and for her daytime naps. It calmed her down immediately when she was having a hard time sleeping, especially for the first 2 months.

    3. Sacks for sleeping: These were the only outfits we had her wear for the first 2 months at nighttime. It's way to difficult to try to deal with confusing snaps when you're trying to change a diaper in the middle of the night. The best ones are the ones with drawstrings at the bottom, but they are hard to find.

  4. 4
    Emily says:

    Oh…and I really like the Rubix too…forgot to mention that. I've been thinking of it for my 3 year old nephew. But if you decide to discontinue it, I won't count it against you :)

  5. 5
    Amy says:

    Emily…I knew I was missing something! the sound machine! I meant to put it up there, but I got interrupted by Jake and then just forgot.

    And thanks for the rubix and the evy bag encouragement. :)

    I'm not a jogger with baby…but I know if you are, I am sure that is a huge must!! xoxo

  6. 6
    Us Four & No More says:

    This is so informative…

    Wow, its been a while since my kids were babies, but…

    Sound machine – DEFINATELY!
    Paci keeper – we chased those blasted pacis all over the place till we discovered this little gem.
    Avent Bottle Sterilizer – this worked well on sanitizing all those wayward pacis.
    Lansinoh Lanolin – I used this stuff for lip balm(don't tell my hubby), nursing, diaper rashes, boo-boo's ect. Still have some of it around here somewhere…

  7. 7
    Jenni says:

    I still sleep with a "sound machine"! It goes with me on vacation too!

    I didn't have one for my kids though until recently I had to put it in Lola's room because the jets freaked her out when they flew at night! She adores it and I can't imagine her sleeping without it now!

    I love petunia pickle bottom diaper bags! It was a must have when I had Lola!

  8. 8
    Mande says:

    The snack trap is a life saver, and a carpet saver…hehe.
    Loved this post. Totally agree, a bouncer is the only way to go for the 1st few months. Lane loved her safari swing (sideways swinging rocked) too- it was a true lifesaver and with her reflux, the only way she slept for the first 4 months.
    Yes, please keep the rubix. It is so original and unique.

  9. 9
    Dear Lillie says:

    What a great post! I could have used that about a year ago! Haha! I am so jealous that everyone else's baby's loved their bouncers. Lillie liked her for about an hour the first day we got it and that was it. She then pretty much HATED it! Haha – she only wanted to be held for the first 3 or 4 months. I shouldn't complain, though, because now she HATES it when we hold her and just wants to be running around everywhere and I so miss snuggling with her! Sorry I still haven't sent you a convo back on Etsy! I haven't forgotten and it is on my list! Oh, and thanks for mentioning us in your post!

  10. 10
    Lollipopprincess says:

    Amy…we love the rubix!! : )

    I sent you an email, too long for a comment. I'll have to pass your well thought out list to Davina for their "on the way" baby.

    Thanks for mentioning us on etsy, you're such a sweetheart.

    My kids never loved their bouncy, I wonder why??!!

    Sound machine….a NEED!!

  11. 11
    Amy says:

    Thanks everyone for inserting some of their faves. I'm so shocked I didn't list the sound machine! And I forgot to list my very fave prego thing…how could I forget {I prob just want to forget, haha}

    Someone told me about a great proactive way to prevent stretch marks…it works I promise! No stretch marks from preg! Here's the trick:

    shea butter
    jojoba oil

    You rub them together to make a paste like concoction and lather it all over your body. It's super gross, but it works!! :)

    And Mel- got your email. I'm going to try to call you a little later. The kids are going nuts.

  12. 12
    Amy says:

    Jenni{Dear Lillie} I just realized you posted…NO WORRIES about the email….treally!! I got a bella hoodie a couple days ago! yay! Thanks for the suggestion, because they have xxl! :) xoxo

  13. 13
    April says:

    Love that snack trap. Smart invention. I'll have to get one of those!!!

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