I can’t believe I am typing those numbers. But I am. It is true. I am 37. Which means I am inching very, very closely, to the dreaded 4-0.

Why does this not bother me?!?!

I think because I feel I am so so young still. I look at myself in the mirror and I see 16 year old Amy staring back at me. Well, ok, maybe not 16. But definitely 26. You know what’s crazy? The only time I think, “Oh yeah, I’m 37!” is when I look at my hands. Hands tell all you know. And mine are definitely 37. ha.


I am ok with 37. I am so thankful for all the good and the bad that the Lord has given me over my lifetime. I am so blessed, and I am thankful for the life lessons that pop up and remind me of that.

I am also thankful for learning. Learning more about myself. About my husband. About my kids. About the Lord. Especially about the Lord. I am so thankful for knowing HE LOVES ME JUST AS I AM. That’s kinda amazing you know? That kind of love? My husband loves me like that. That’s why I married him. Not because he was perfect, or had the perfect job and made a lot of money, or was super good looking {oh wait, he is! ha}, but because he loves me. He really, really does. And you can’t pass that up.

But back to the Lord and His love…I am so thankful for the year 2010. Because in January of that year God allowed something to happen to me that made me really, really examine my life. And I realized how little I did in this life that could make Him love me. I realized, He loved me just the way I was. A failure. A mistake maker. A sinner.

He really, really loved me. Just like that.

And He kept showing me He did. Even though others around me said I wasn’t perfect. Or I made mistakes. I felt HIM…all around me. While I cleaned the kitchen during the day, or folded the laundry at night, I would feel Him. Everywhere. And it started me on a journey of understanding who He REALLY, REALLY was. I am so thankful for that journey.

Because here I stand, 37 years young….and I am teaching my children about His love. That you can’t work to get it. It’s just there because that’s who He is. God is love. And I hope I am leading them down a journey of understanding it. I still don’t really know exactly what that looks like, but I know it is my ultimate job to help them get it. To help them understand. So I will do it. I will teach them.

I know I super rambling but today as I looked back at the last 37 years, I see God holding my hand the whole time. And I see me, working, spinning, trying to make Him love me. But silly me….He already did.

So I hope to spend the next 37 years, if God wills, showing people HIS LOVE…and what that really means. Because I can tell you, it most certainly is not what I thought it meant. Nope. It’s very, very different. And I am so excited about tell everyone I know about it…but especially telling these little ones:

Above photo taken at Moms and Muffins at Evy’s school Friday morning… and below photo taken at Jake’s classroom spa day Friday afternoon.

I must tell them how much Jesus loves them. And how much they will love having Him in their life!

So happy birthday to me! ;) And thank you to all of you… who love me, and encourage me, and support me. I am especially thankful for so many of you who have poured into me over the years. I love you all so much. May you be blessed in all you do!

And Brandon, thank you, for loving me. You show Christ through your love. Love you Babe.


One thought on “37

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    Jessica says:

    I absolutely loved this blog entry. I needed it today as I was wasting time taking a ‘break’. It really, really spoke to me. “Gods love” – What an amazing thing to comprehend and then share. Beautifully written. Your’e an amazing person Amy! Love you!

    p.s. I love your blog. :)

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