31 Days: Soccer, Pumpkin Carving and Field Trip

So I’ve missed THREE days! ha. wowsers. I came down with a little stomach bug accompanied by a horrible, horrible headache and every time I sat down to blog my head would start pounding, so I had to throw in the towel for the weekend. Then yesterday I worked on a blog off and on for over two hours but somehow {this has NEVER happened to me} the entire, very LONG post got deleted. So I took it as a sign I wasn’t supposed to say anything the last couple of days. ha. So bear with me while I attempt to catch myself up a little…looonnngg post here :)

So let’s talk about sports for a second…..and at risk of sounding so un-San Franciscan, I should probably start with this:


For those of you who know me, you may have just fallen out of your chair with that comment, so sorry to panic you! ha. The truth is, I just may be the most un athletic soul on the planet…really. I have no idea what team names belong to what sport most of the time, and if you start talking about sports in my presence, my eyes will begin to glaze over and I just may begin to snooze a little on you. So sorry, but there it is. ha. I was just not wired with the sports gene, unfortunately. Athletics mean absolutely nothing to me. *sigh*

So when Brandon informed me that he was enrolling Jake into soccer, I about cried. All I could think was: Well, there goes my Saturdays! But I knew better than complain {ok, I may have complained once or twice, yikes!}…I understand I am raising a boy and it would be better if he knew about sports instead of despised them. And not to mention, Brandon played soccer for years and years, so I knew it was important to Brandon. Oh and it was SOMETHING other than martial arts, which the Miraflors are known for {remember this?}.

Ok confession here, I HATED the first couple weeks of soccer. First it was HOT and you had to sit out on the open field {and even sometimes participate} in practices as well as cheer your kiddo on during games {which mind you I knew NOTHING about}. But after several weeks into it I realized that Jake was actually getting better and he was loving it! So  that shut me up real quick. :)

Well, Saturday was Jake’s last game and we are kinda sad to see it go. We enrolled in basketball for the winter, so we’ll see if he likes that as much as soccer…because he LOVED playing! He is the white #4 in these pictures and he even made a goal!

Jake and his friend Joshua.

They played on opposite teams once this year and played each other once. They were so cute, Jake even passed the ball to Josh, who then made a goal for his team! ha. They assisted each other :)

Gramps stopped by the last game…and I love this picture of him and Evy. This is how I will remember my dad forever, with that big cheesy grin on his face. So glad he is able to spend some time with my kiddos.

After the game we head out to Round Table Pizza for the party and trophy time. Jake was SO EXCITED to get his very first trophy! I need to start pinning some trophy case ideas on pinterest, anyone have any?? Share with me! This is going to be a long 13 years if he gets trophies for every single sport starting now! ha.

So don’t pass out…here it goes: I am thankful for soccer. Because I see how much it did for my baby boy. {and MAYBE or me :) }

* * * * * * * *

Ok pumpkin carving. Well, we got these great pumpkins at the pumpkin patch that have been waiting for Brandon to get home so we could carve them. Jake drew all over them with a sharpie. So awesome. Brandon was not pleased when I told him he needed to carve them like Jake drew. Definitely not gonna happen. ha.

Anyway, I guess I never really thought much about how gross pumpkin carving is, but I have to tell you, it was a RIOT watching Jake {who was so excited to carve those pumpkins in the first place}…he was SO DISGUSTED. Seriously. Brandon kept trying to make him dig his hands in there, but Jake just kept gagging and nearly vomiting, so I guess pumpkin carving is an out for him. ha.

And the braver of my two kids. She loved it after this first initial dig in. ha.

We didn’t get to actually carve out the pumpkins, we are going to attempt this tonight. Pray for us. ha. I am thankful for Pumpkin Carving. Because watching those kiddos last night gave us the best laugh ever.

* * * * * * * *

Today I had the privilege of attending Jake’s field trip to Spring Hill Farms. It was SO MUCH FUN! The kids loved it and Jake did soo, sooo good compared to our last field trip fiasco. He is still pretty much the most boisterous one and bit rowdy, but I think the kids are getting used to him and the parents are so kind. Thank you parents for putting up with Jake!!!

He got to milk a cow….

And pet baby calves with his friend Preston.

And dig for potatoes…have you ever dug for potoates? It’s so fun! It’s like looking for little treasures in the dirt!

And ride on a hay ride. Oh boy. I love this kid.

And eat pumpkin ice cream with Emma Love.

And play King of the Mountain, of course. The best part of the pumpkin patch.

The last thing I am thankful for today is the pumpkin patch field trip. Because it wasn’t a disaster and with great relief I realized Jake’s going to be ok with all this ADHD stuff. And so will I. :)

Big hugs friends! xoxo

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* * * * * * * * * * * *

In case you are wondering what’s going on here, I am joining up with The Nester and her 31 Day Challenge. I am challenging myself to write about Thankfulness for 31 days…every day be thankful for something, even if it’s little. A way to force me to look at the positive so to speak…if you want to see all the 31 day posts I do, click HERE.

3 thoughts on “31 Days: Soccer, Pumpkin Carving and Field Trip

  1. 1
    SoShawna Gray says:

    You gave me contractions with your shout out to the Giants!!! But to make me keep laughing answer me this (without asking anyone or looking it up): how many games did they play of the World Series to achieve this win and who did they defeat for their title?

    LOL please humor me!!!!!

    Anyway, hurray for the sports talk. You just have to realize that although you don’t have the sports gene many of your fans do. Hey I lack the shopping gene that you obviously possess so we have to balance each other right?

    So when you FINALLY want to do sports-themes or colors for your hoodies PLEASE let me know! I can help you figure out what may be your best sellers during different times of the year!!!

    XOXOXO love you Ms. Soccer Mom ;-)

    • 1.1
      evystree says:

      Well, miss smarty pants who thinks I know absolutely NOTHING about sports {ok, well, I don’t, but I DO know the answer to this one :) }….They played the tigers and they had a “sweep” …they played 3 games.

      yay for me! :) ha love you

      • SoShawna Gray says:

        Hahahaha well close enough. Yes it was the Tigers but they played & won 4 games; to win you have to win the most of 7 games. Yay for Amy!! Lol!

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