31 Days: My New Desk Area

I am so excited to FINALLY have something completely crossed off my list of home projects I set for myself a while back. I will also be able to cross off the guest bathroom, I just have one small thing to finish in there, and then I will have TWO things done. Whew. I love lists. ha. The whole crossing off thing is so awesome. ANWAY…. without further adieu, today I am thankful for my new desk area.

As a recap, here it was when we first bought the house:

And here’s what it looked like after we painted:

And now once more:

Ok, I love it!! Here’s what did to change it. First, we hung the vintage file holder I found at the antique store, lined the table top with burlap, and got a glass top cut for it. That really helped the cleanup in this area and gave it some color.

I also added a lovely desk calendar from Much Ado About You. I love this calendar!!

I found a gorgeous vintage kleenex holder at a little store here in town, slipcovered my wires {I know I’m addicted to slipcovering, sorry can’t help it. The cords were just so ugly to look at and we didn’t want to have to go to the trouble of moving the plugs and drilling holes in the counter}, and I quickly brushed a light coat of this paint on my boring Target phone stand/electrical outlet holder.

I also added these job charts and color coordinated our marble jars. We LOVE these job charts. They do make the corner look a bit busy, but they really help keep us on track. The kids can tell exactly what their jobs are every morning and afternoon and after they complete them, they get marbles in their jar towards their choice prize. The It Is Well With My Soul print is from here.

I have got to say the star of the whole show is the chair skirt from that my mom in law designed and sewed for me. She is AMAZING. Seriously. I ordered the fabric from here. I have ordered a lot of fabric from this shop and have loved everything.

This skirt easily detaches from the back for washing.

This chair was an old chair I had laying around the house. I bought a set of four from a little antique shop in Petaluma years ago and one by one they either fell apart or the seats broke their way through. I wish I had saved them all…this one was the last one I had and the seat was completely busted through…

but it was a simple fix for my father in law. He cut out a wood seat…

I covered it with batting and muslin fabric…

and he screwed the new seat onto the chair.

I added a little extra cushion on top after that…and wahlah. It is SO comfortable and the perfect height for typing.

Oh, and I can’t forget the little backpack and school filing station I have going on by the garage door.

It helps SO MUCH. The kids know to hang their backpacks up after school, and I go through them there, taking out what I need and putting it in the filing system if I need to work on something or return it back to school. It keeps us so organized. I found the filing system at Marshalls and the knobs at OSH.

Well…that’s it! I am so very thankful for this area….tickled pink with it! Every morning I sit down to work on my computer and I thank God I have a nice area to work at that is in the house and close to the kids. So great.

Big hugs friends! xoxo

Oh, and the challenges I was adding at the end of the posts? Well, I’ve kinda run out of challenges. haha. You’re big girls {and boys} I’m sure you can find something to challenge yourself with over the next couple of weeks. :) xoxo

* * * * * * *

In case you are wondering what’s going on here, I am joining up with The Nester and her 31 Day Challenge. I am challenging myself to write about Thankfulness for 31 days…every day be thankful for something, even if it’s little. A way to force me to look at the positive so to speak…if you want to see all the 31 day posts I do, click HERE.

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