31 Days: ADHD Books

Thank you again to everyone who left such kind comments on my post about Jake and the fire station. This weekend I have been doing a lot of thinking about Jake. He is brilliant, have I told you that lately? He really is. He is so super smart. The kid is like a walking encyclopedia and doesn’t miss a beat. He can read, he can skip count, he can beat box {ha, how many 5 year olds do you know who can do THAT?} He is just super, super scattered. In the morning, our routine looks like this: get up, eat breakfast, get dressed, brushed teeth, pick up backpack from counter, get in car. He can barely get from the breakfast table to the get dressed part. Usually instead of getting dressed in his school clothes, he comes out dressed as Ironman, or a gladiator. If you think I’m joking, come spend a morning with us. You’ll learn real quick that I’m telling the truth.

Today I pulled out a bunch of books on learning disabilities I bought while I was teaching. I have long suspected that Jake has ADHD. Brandon has it, and it is hereditary, but also, having several kids in my classroom experiences over the years…I saw the signs very early on. Today, I am thankful for books on ADHD.

Because as I sat there reading them today, with tears running down my cheeks, I realized that Jake was going to be ok. Thankfully there is so much help out there, and I will vow to do everything in my power to make sure my son has everything he needs to succeed. You can mark my words.

And for those of you who think I am always full of positive and kind words, you might want to close your eyes and ears for a second while the momma bear comes out….

And to you naysayers who say my son is out of control, annoying, never going to amount to much {and to the panicked me that is hiding inside heart}: just you wait. My son will conquer the world. And he will do it while you are sitting there picking your nose and criticizing. So take THAT you negative neanderthals.

“Greater is he that in in me, than he that is in the world.” I John 4:4

Carry on, friends, carry on. xoxo

In case you are wondering what’s going on here, I am joining up with The Nester and her 31 Day Challenge. I am challenging myself to write about Thankfulness for 31 days…every day be thankful for something, even if it’s little. A way to force me to look at the positive so to speak…if you want to see all the 31 day posts I do, click HERE.

6 thoughts on “31 Days: ADHD Books

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    Nicole says:

    You will be okay! And more importantly, so will Jake! My son was diagnosed at 3&1/2! Even back then, the psychologist said… “He is going to succeed in life, because he won’t take no for an answer!” Back then, was over 10 years ago. I’m not saying its easy, your sweet flighty youngster will start becoming as frustrated as you, and then puberty hits! But with guidance, he will start figuring out what works for him. One word… ORGANIZE!!! My son even had a class in 6th grade (that was graded) and they had locker and binder checks!

  2. 2
    michelle says:

    My daughter is graduating this year and what an adventure its been. By the tine she was 2 I knew I had challenges ahead. She was diagnosed early with Adhd and bipolar. We tried lots of meds, I read lots of books and tried lots of options for every day living. Some worked and some did’t. I fed her need for constant learning and tried to direct her and support her the best I could. Today she ‘s an IB student, she’s founded her own non profit organization, is president of the church
    youth group and wants to write books on self
    esteem and American history. This all stems from life challenges and her childhood interest. At 17 she still ask Why Me sometimes and we cry together but we keep trekking on. It can be done…not everyone will agree, but I was always confident in my choices. Keep Calm and Carry On.

    and American history. This stems from life lessons and me feeding her interest

  3. 3
    Lysa says:

    Amy this is touching. I’m in the same boat with both my nephews. I have heard it all from the nay sayers but I have always said God is so much more powerful then any human and He is in control He raises up a man. Brandon is living proof. We have chosen to go the natural route with omega 3 and natural foods. We have a system before he goes to bed I have him lay his clothes out for the next morning. I wake him up an hour before we have to leave to school. I motivate him with a point system so if he stays focus and gets dressed and eats without messing around i will let him do something he likes before he goes to school. when he come home he plays for 30 min and then its homework . I give him breaks in between. After homework we have dinner, play, read books, pray and put the kids to bed at 8:00. The structure and consistency saves from getting into a power struggle because he knows the rule. So hope this helps.

  4. 4
    Eileen says:

    Patience is not my virtue so when I see it overflowing from someone else (you) I tend to become slightly awestruck. It is awesome that you are such an understanding momma! (even the momma-bear-you is still super positive and encouraging) and You’re the kind of mom I hope to be someday.

  5. 5
    Caroline says:

    Hi, Your Husband was just recently at the church I go to in Maryland and I told him that I stumbled upon your blog as I was on the internet looking up his book. I just want to let you know I really enjoy reading every blog. I did say not so much your buisness blogs but I realize you do that to help your buisness. My oldest daughter reminds me alot of your Jake. She is beautiful and smart but very wild and always has a ton of energy which makes other kids not want to hang out with her as much. Anyway Thank you for doing this blog because this is the only blog that I know of that somewhat has the word of God. Just Thank you !

  6. 6
    Bonny Smelser says:

    Amy my dear if there ever was a little boy that just stole my heart it was Jake! I loved his imagination, his personality and his style of posing and the fact he reminds me of Brandon who seems to be able to do anything! I see that in Jake! With you and Brandon and Jesus leading you this little boy will accomplish so very much in his life! Love you all and I for one love the pictures — you are so real!!!!
    Love that little precocious Evy– a beauty!

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