31 Days: 31 Days

Well, it’s over. This whole 31 days of Thankfulness. What did you think? I LOVED doing it. I loved having a reason to blog everyday and I loved making myself see the positive in all the craziness that surrounds me on a daily basis.

Today I am thankful for 31 Days of Thankfulness. ┬áBecause besides the whole looking at life in a positive way thing, this 31 days has reminded me how important blogging is. How much I love it. How I should be on here every day saying SOMETHING….it doesn’t need to be elaborate, but it needs to be something. This 31 days has renewed my love for blogging, definitely.

Thank you for following along. I’m not sure how many of you enjoyed my little blurbs every day, but I want to thank you anyway. Because you rock. You listen to me, you laugh, and you cry with me. It’s so awesome to have you with me here. Really, I mean that.

And if you missed all the posts? Well, no worries, you can catch up HERE. My favorites were here, here, here, and here.

Lastly, thank you to The Nester for starting this off. I enjoyed it so much. Many blessings to you! And if you guys haven’t read her post today, you need to. She has a wonderful download available to us for FREE. Go get it, its AWESOME!

Big hugs friends! Come back tomorrow {or actually later today, ha, I’m starting WWWW up again! :)}. I’ll be here. :) xoxo

One thought on “31 Days: 31 Days

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    Susan says:

    Amy – thank you – thank you – thank you!!!
    I love reading your blogs – it’s a highlight of my day. I love how you are so transparent and how you share yourself, your life and your family with me. Even when it wasn’t the 31 days of thankfulness, you always help me be thankful!

    Love you SO much!

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