Simple Sale and FREE Mrs Darcy Brooches

There is a HUGE event going on over in the shop.

Ever since the beginning of Evy’s Tree, the Simple and Mrs Darcy Brooches have been good friends. A couple of views of them together over the years:

Mrs Darcy’s brooches are so fun, whimsical and unique and they go so well with our Simples. We felt it was a perfect item to kick the spring season off with. I hope you take advantage of our sale this week…everyone needs a Simple Hoodie {and a Mrs Darcy brooch!!}.

The sale will last while supplies last, but no later than April 1. Don’t want a Simple, but have your eye on something else in the shop? Free shipping with code SIMPLESALE. To shop click HERE


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Important Stuff….

Oh boy, there is LOTS going on over here. Thought I would try to put it all in one place so you guys didn’t get overwhelmed on facebook, twitter or email.

Which, by the way, I’m still trying to figure out. I’ve been posting once an hour over on Facebook because I’m still uncertain that things are actually being seen. It seems to be working as my stats have gone up a ton, but not sure about how annoying it is to you all. Feel free to comment on that one if you’d like. ha.

Anyway, like I said, a lot going on over here…

First, have you seen the giveaway going on for this DARLING Waldorf Doll? I’ve teamed up with some super talented Waldorf ladies…I’m thinking you’ll love it. Please head over and enter HERE. You could win this amazing prize that is worth nearly $200!!

We have a couple doll hoodies left in the shop that I could ship out today and you could have {hopefully, if the USPS is on time} by Easter. Click HERE to purchase. Oh, you can also purchase the doll hoodie with a mini hoodie and save $11, although those won’t be ready by Easter. Click HERE to purchase those.

We’re opening the studio up for walk ins tomorrow, Tuesday, March 26 from 10AM -2PM. If you would like to come and get some discounted prices on hoodies, please email me with your full name and where you are from {}, and we’ll get you info. Please note that most items will be preorder, but if you are willing to come back and pick them up, you won’t have to pay shipping.

We are still DESPERATELY trying to get rid of our sale items. I realize we are mainly down to small sizes, but I want to emphasis what great baby shower gifts these make. The nice thing about the size 2 is it is very versatile, I’ve seen under one year olds wear them with their sleeves rolled up and the plus side about it is that they will last a long time!! All our sale items are 25% off with code GOTTOGO {that comes to a little over $27 for all the kids hoodies. WOW}. Click HERE to shop…this item is up for grabs as well, as captured so well by Leigh Ann Wheeler Photography. I love this one.

This week we are going to have a HUGE Simple Hoodie event. Please stay tuned for more info posted later today. I don’t think you are going to want to miss this. It involves Mrs Darcy Brooches too. Yippee! :)

And last but not least…about a year ago I started a Handmade Business with Evy’s Tree series. I have a couple more posts I’d like to add to it in the next couple months, but I was wondering if anyone has any questions regarding handmade {or even now manufactured} business, how to work from home, balancing home and work, etc. Not that I do any of that well, but I do know what it is like to look at other home businesses and wonder how they operate, so I’m more than willing to tell you if you’re interested. Feel free to either email me your question if you want it anonymous or comment with one. Hope that helps you out. If you want to read the two posts I currently have in the series, click HERE.

Ok, I think that’s it for now. Thanks for reading. See you later today with more info about the Simple Hoodie event!! xoxo

Breaking All The Rules…and a Q and A

I never thought we’d be at that point, but we are: My kids can dress themselves. Now mind you, their choices have proven to be very interesting, but they can dress themselves none-the-less. Yesterday was one of those days where we told them to pick some clothes out to play in the back yard. Here’s what they came up with:

There are a couple problems with these outfits. First {and my biggest problem here} is that I have a HUGE pet peeve with navy blue and black. I know, I know, call me crazy, but I can’t blend them. EVER. I guess Jake didn’t get that memo. And Evy, well, I supposed no one told her that you don’t blend multicolored stripes, EVER. Yikes. And of course we won’t touch on the tat sleeve {from the dollar store, FYI}, googely eyes, and no socks on Jake. Oh boy. I sure do love these kids. Aren’t they awesome? And yes, we did go out like this. To the park and to dinner. yup.

So today, we were running out the door to hear my neice and nephew perform their duo at their speech tournament. While I was throwing clothes on in my room, I was shouting “get dressed” so much I thought my throat would burst. Thankfully, today’s outfit choices were a bit more normal looking:

Yes, there are still rules broken {ahem, Evy’s color combos}, but here’s the reality of it all… if I have learned anything about fashion over the last couple years, it’s this: it doesn’t matter. You go right ahead and wear what you want, because you know what? YOU are the only YOU we’ll ever see…so feel free to express yourself. What really matters is confidence. Do you have it?? If you have it, then you’re good. Confidence is WAY more important than anything outward.

Whelp, there’s my pep talk for the morning. ha

ANYWAY….I’m planning out my blog posts for this week {we’ll see how well I do with getting them done, yikes}, and I’m wondering if there is anyone out there with any questions regarding handmade business, working at home, manufacturing, etc…I’m thinking about doing another edition of the Handmade Business Series that I started so long ago. If you have questions, feel free to comment with them. Or, if you want to keep them anonymous, feel free to email me:

And if you have any questions about me, my home, or Evy’s Tree in general, feel free to include those. We might knock those out too. :)

Big hugs…. xoxo

Giveaway: Puddlefoot Waldorf Doll

UPDATE:  Congrats to our winner…Thank you everyone who entered, and I’m so glad you guys are excited about Puddlefoot Dolls and Maizy Moo Knits like I am. I adore these ladies’ shops…and I hope if you didn’t win that someday you purchase something from them!

Congrats Mandy!! Enjoy Josie, she is SO CUTE!

Oh you guys. I can’t tell you how excited I am about this giveaway. First, I have to tell you a little story. So about a year ago, I found out about Waldorf dolls. I can’t really tell you how I found out about them, but when I discovered them, it’s pretty safe to say I was hooked. The are so darling…and so opposite of mainstream, which I love.  Something about the softness, the uniqueness {they are one of a kind}, the non-plasticy commercial look…it’s just so great. I have to confess that if you ask me what kind of pages I like on facebook, pretty sure you’ll find out that the majority of them are doll pages {embarassing, but there it is :)}.

I traded some hoodies for a darling doll for Evy, and then I bought her another one last year and gave it to her for Christmas. She likes them, but unfortunately she isn’t really into dolls just yet, so although I want to buy every cute one I see, I try to refrain as they are pricey and should be considered special. So…. I’m waiting until I feel she absolutely NEEDS another one. Jake however, is in love his boy doll that he has and would love to have a whole clan. He thinks they are so cool! ha. I love it. He is always asking me to make “cool clothes” for his doll.

I am sure that if you have seen these dolls around, you have coveted one too. And I am equally sure that you have noticed that they are not cheap. Most waldorf dolls run around $100-$300 depending on the size, with the average size being around 12″-15″ inches. I know it’s hard to swallow that price tag.

That is why I thought you would love the chance to win one! What do you think??

So back to my story…. in my effort to scout out some cute waldorf dolls, I ran across Puddlefoot Dolls. Suzi, their creator, partners with her sister Karyn and they come up these darling little guys. Suzi makes the dolls and Karyn, of Maizy Moo Knits, makes the special knitted clothes for them. Here is a few of their cuties:

I just can’t take their sweet faces!!!! And I promise, they are even cuter in person, so soft and cuddly!

So I started reading up on Puddlefoot and realized that Karyn, the one who makes the knitted items, lived in Northern California. After communicating with her for a little bit, you’re not going to believe what we found out…. she lives right down the street from me!!! Crazy, right? So we got together for coffee and then came up with this great idea to to do a giveaway for you guys to celebrate our new doll hoodies in the shop {have you seen them?!? Oh goodness, RUN to the shop and snag one HERE. They are so darling!!!}

So I’d like to introduce you to Josie:

Here is how Suzi describes her:

“Meet Josie!  She stands 12″ tall and can sit and stand. She has golden peach skin made from a high quality interlock cotton fabric and is stuffed with high quality and totally natural ECO-wool batting. She has dark brown eyes and rosy cheeks. Her hair is made from handspun/hand dyed wools and different mohair yarns in various shades of orange/copper.  It is long, super soft, and can be styled in many different ways. She is wearing a sweet strawberry print sun dress from lisaslittlelasses on Etsy and an adorable red shrug from Maizy Moo Knits. She will come with a pair of undies and two pairs of shoes: a pair of pink fleece boots and red mary janes with velcro closures.”

The total price tag for this doll runs around $200!! That’s a HUGE giveaway. I mean HUGE. I hope you guys love this. How do you enter? Just make sure you are a fan of Puddlefoot Dolls, Maizy Moo Knits and Evy’s Tree facebook pages. Super easy! Want more points? Share the giveaway on your facebook page {can do daily}, tweet about it {can do daily} or pin it. Just make sure you come back to rafflecopter and tell us you did!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Have fun guys! And just in case you missed it…did you see the darling new doll Brilla in the shop?

This is Karyn’s Bamboletta doll modeling our hoodie for us, and she’s doing such a good job! I have a handful available, and if you order by tomorrow {Saturday, March 23} I will be able to ship these out on Monday and they should arrive for Easter. Welcome to our shop, doll hoodies!! To buy one click HERE.

Big hugs everyone! xoxo

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You Choose Diana Wrap Winner

Thank you to everyone who entered in the Diana Wrap Giveaway! I’m so glad you are excited about them. I have to be honest and say this fabric is amazing and is so perfect for spring…or even those summer days at the beach! They are lightweight and just so flow-y.

ANYWAY… I’m pleased to announce our winner:

Thank you so much everyone for entering. I so appreciate you guys! I wish I could give more than one away, but to be honest, I don’t have that many to sell tonight to begin with. If you want one, I suggest you snag one tonight, especially the navy and grey. You can view the ones that will be for sale HERE and HERE. We already have the white and grey one for sale HERE, and there are only a couple left.

{PSSST… use discount code DIANASALE for 15% off everything in the shop, for today and tomorrow ONLY.} 

See you tonight at 6 PM PST {HERE}!! Big hugs everyone! xoxo

Never Give Up

Hello friends!

I’m not sure how many of you read this post, but I haven’t really been able to have an honest post since it….mainly because honesty is sometimes hard to process, if you know what I mean, so usually not something you want to blurt out all the time. And confessing disappointments, whether it be in life, in love or even in faith, is even harder. But lately, I’ve really been thinking about something… I’ve been thinking about the boxing gloves I put on, and how I’m fighting in this life, as I hope you all are. And as I make my way through the good and the bad moments of my week {because there is always good and bad}, I find myself mentally telling myself over and over…

Never Give Up.

I’m a huge pray throughout the day person. I whisper things while I’m working {I’m sure anyone who hears me thinks I’m nuts}, I pray while doing the dishes, I pray while in the shower, combing my hair, getting dressed…I really pray a lot. I feel it lifts my spirit and helps me make it through the day. But one place I pray probably the most is in my car. Usually because, {miraculously} my kids are somewhat quiet in there when I turn the music on…so I often blast worship music, which they love, thank God.

One of my favorites is this one…when it comes on the radio, I get instant tears. I’ll blast this puppy as loud as the kids will let me…and even if they start to get crazy and scream at each other I ignore it while I belt out the words at top volume.

I know, I’m insane, and I’m sure the passing cars think so too. ha. 

But you know, the other day when I was singing the words, I kept thinking about how God’s love NEVER FAILS. It NEVER GIVES UP. And I thought, WOW! If His love doesn’t give up, if He knows where I am at all times, and He BELIEVES in me…then why should I give up?!?

So I guess my point is this: Don’t give up. Because He doesn’t give up on you. Ever. If you are going through something in life right now that you feel has you down, keep your head up high. He loves you and that’s good enough to get you through life.

So don’t give up friends. Because He hasn’t. 


* * * * * ** *

FYI….25% off all sale items {HERE} with code GOTTOGO. xoxo

You Choose Diana Wrap Giveaway

How about a little fun this week? It’s Spring Break over here and I’m feeling it’s time for some freebies, how about you? :)



We have three new Diana Wraps, one is already in the store with just a couple left {HERE}, the other two are coming on Thursday night at 6 PM PST.

Navy and Grey Diana Wrap

Smoke Diana Wrap

Huge thank you to my talented Brother in Law, and my good friend Elisha, for these gorgeous pictures. You can read more about them HERE.

I have to say something about these wraps…this fabric is by far my absolute FAVORITE fabric that we have had for a Diana Wrap up until this point. It is lightweight and perfect for Spring days and those Summer beach nights. It’s super soft and flows so nicely. I think you will love it.

I don’t have a ton of the navy and grey fabric, unfortunately. That stripe is pretty hard to find it seems. Like the black and grey wrap, I am sure these will sell out rather quickly. So before all the craziness begins on Thursday, I’d like to offer one lucky winner a Diana Wrap…your choice of fabric. Not bad, right? :)

So how do you enter? Comment with the Diana Wrap you would like along with your size… BUT MAKE SURE YOU ALSO ENTER THROUGH THE RAFFLECOPTER WIDGET BELOW as we will be pulling the winners from THAT WIDGET, NOT THE COMMENTS

Want some extra points? There is a whole bunch of stuff you can do, but the one that has double extra points is sharing on facebook. Just share the photo on facebook and then tell us you did. Easy Peasy! :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Before I run off, I want to tell you that we still have quite a few sale items left in the shop and are still needing to get rid of them. I put the code GOTTOGO back up…use it to get 25% off everything in the sale section. 

OH, one more thing! Are you on our newsletter? I hope you are, because as I always do with new released items, there will be a discount code go out on Thursday for the Diana Wraps. I’m thinking you are going to want that! If you haven’t joined you can look over on the side bar


And find “Get the Evy’s Tree newsletter” and enter your info.

Big hugs xoxo

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Tell A Friend, Get a $100

How’d you like a $100 credit to our shop? Well, we’ve got an easy way…do you have friends? You do?? AWESOME!! Do you have friends who have never bought from Evy’s Tree? Even more awesome!! Here’s what you need to do…

Every day I’ll post a picture up on our facebook page/instagram page/twitter account to share with your friends. Here’s where you get credit:

ENCOURAGE THEM TO BUY SOMETHING…. and then tell them to write your name in the notes to seller when they buy. THEY MUST WRITE YOUR NAME OR YOU WILL NOT GET CREDIT.

So your picture sharing on facebook may sound like this:

“Have you liked Evy’s Tree yet? GO BUY SOMETHING and make sure to mention me in the notes to seller so I can win a $100 to their shop!”

or your Instagram picture sharing may sound like this:

“Have you purchased something from @evystree yet? GO BUY SOMETHING and be sure to mention my name in the notes to seller so I can win a $100 to their shop! #evystree” **Be sure to hashtag evystree on all instagram photos!

**So here’s the thing, you don’t really have to share the photo to win, you can tell your friends in person, or call your best friend in another state…either way, if a friend makes a purchase and puts your name down, it counts. Make sense?

We will keep a running list of all the names that come in and the name with the most referrals at the end of the month will get a $100 credit to the shop. Not bad for a little PR, huh? :) We’ll try this for the month of March and if it works and we generate enough interest, then we’ll keep it going every month.

So let’s get started, yes? Tonight the Sophie is going live in the shop {HERE}, so the photo I’m going to put up on the facebook wall and on Instagram is this one:

Can you share it? Thank you friends! Big hugs and good luck! xoxo

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Coming Tomorrow and a Discount Code

Hi everyone…did you see what’s coming tomorrow night {Thursday, March 14} at 6 PM PST?

The Sophie is one of our hoodies that is LOVED around here. While I was in LA, I was able to find some more fabric to get some for you. Want to know more about it? Click HERE. Want a discount code? Scroll along the right hand side bar


And enter your info in the “Get the newsletter” section, and we’ll send you one first thing tomorrow!

Also, today is the LAST DAY for the great sale going on in the shop!

Head on over HERE. xoxo

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House Tour: Evelyn’s Room

So I took a little break here from sharing the house stuff with you. Wasn’t really intentional, but I had a couple crazy days {what’s new, right?} and then I posted this post, and I couldn’t really get over how sweet you guys were. And then I listed this hoodie and life got crazy. Did you read about the manufacturing? Well, if you did, in that post I said I was going to have a blog up Monday showing off Evy’s room….

Ummmm… well, I edited all the pictures and was getting ready to put them into the post when photoshop when bonkers on me and I lost Yup. So awesome, right?!? Ha!!! All you gotta do is laugh at that point. Anyway, it’s taken me a day or so to get over and it be willing to move on {hehe}…

So Evy’s room…I adore this room. It’s not perfect. To be honest…it really needs more sprucing up and decorating, but I just don’t really do that sort of thing. Remember me telling you about how I felt about knick knacks? Well, that’s probably why this room is so plain. I just feel like extra things scattered around makes her room seem more of a museum and not a place she can play, so I leave the things that are out as toys only.

Oh, and on that note…we don’t have a play room, and none of the kids toys are anywhere other than their rooms. I just like to keep things where they belong and having toys not scattered around the house has really helped me stay focused, especially since I work from home. But with that said, both the kids rooms get VERY VERY messy, VERY fast. Which means we have to clean up every night. The way the room looks in these photos is NOT how this looks on a daily basis, ha. onto the room. Here’s what you see when you first walk in the door:

I love these soft colors, blues, pinks, greens…she had the same colors in her nursery. I adore the light shining through and how bright it is in here. What I CAN’T stand is the rug, but we won’t discuss that one…haha

Her bed…

It’s an Ikea bed we found off of craigslist. It can be either a toddler bed or a twin, and we made it a twin. It was cream, but Brandon spray painted it white, of course! ha. The bookcase next to her bed is from Target and the hope chest at the foot of her bed was my grandmother’s…it came all the way from Wales! It’s so special to me, chippy paint and all!

If you move from the right you can see the door to the hallway, and then nasty 1980′s bathroom {hehe}….I know bare walls, oh boy!

Behind the door is this amazing built in book shelf that is kinda cluttered with books right now. My parents and my sister came over after we moved with giant boxes full of books. Some were mine, and others were my sisters and her kids, but I’ve got them all now. ha. Being the book lover I am, I absolutely CANNOT give or toss any of them away. Curse of being a book lover, I guess. :(

If you go further to the right there is the closet and Evy’s dresser…which was my dresser 36 years ago. It’s failing apart and not in the best shape, but I guess I’m too sentimental to take it out. The ribbon board I made here, and I just plopped it there when we moved. I probably should mount it on the wall…someday. ha. The kitchen was another craigslist find…Pottery Barn Kids at half the price! Yay!

The framed picture is from here. I really want Evy to know that she is beautiful and handcrafted by the Lord….something I struggled/struggle with quite often as a young girl and as an adult.

A few more special detail shots…these owls are on her rocking chair. OH…a note about the rocking chair, I really want to take this out and put in a small table and chairs for her to have tea parties on, BUT…she STILL has to rocked to sleep. Yes, you heard me. She is so spoiled. She gets rocked for 5 mins every night, even if she doesn’t fall asleep, that makes her happy and if I don’t do it, its a big deal. Part of me hates it, the other part of me loves it. So special. ;)

So the owls are from her nursery and a reminder of why we called our business Evy’s Tree. :)

And of course, we have to have her original pillow. It was the only thing she would sleep on as a baby.

And in closing, I have to show you how the room looks with the bed not made. Honestly? We hardly ever make our beds around here. Rachel Ashwell said once that a bed should look just as pretty unmade as it does made. I agree one hundred percent, and I think this room is good proof of it. hah.

And that’s it! Hope you enjoyed our little tour!

Oh and PSSSTT….. HUGE sale going on in the shop!

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