White Skin Brown Skin…and other babble

So we had a killer rain storm this weekend. I mean killer. Here in Northern California, San Francisco Bay area, we don’t get tornadoes, snow storms, hurricanes…we get earthquakes and rainstorms. Lots and lots of rain {if we’re lucky- otherwise we’re on water rationing}. Well, apparently we were super lucky this weekend and it poured down over 7 inches of rain over Friday-Sunday. My parents lost electricity for several days and we lost…..master bathroom ceiling flood

Our master bathroom. ugh.

master bathroom ceiling flood

Yes, you are seeing that right. That is the ceiling of our master bathroom, completely blown through by a leak in our roof. We knew it was leaking, but it was raining so very hard, and our roof is so very slippery, that everyone agreed that it would not be safe for Brandon to climb up on the roof and cover it until the rain stopped. Well, it stopped. But we were too late. :( Oh well. Brandon has been up on the roof all day yesterday and he and my dad have been working on finding the problem. We think we’ve got it, but we need another rain storm to happen to make sure, so hopefully today after it rains we will know if we got the leak and then we can re-sheetrock the bathroom and get on with our life. Right now I can’t handle even using the toilet with that black hole hanging over my head. ha.

In other news…. when I picked Jake up from school yesterday, I could tell he was having a rough day. Crying and all the fun emotional stuff that goes hand in hand with an ADHDer. Note to self {and any other ADHD mom out there}: MAKE SURE YOUR KID GETS PLENTY OF SLEEP!! Since we had such a crazy weekend and my parents had to come spend the night with us Sunday night, Jake got to bed at 9 PM. Not super late to some, but waaaaayyyy past his 7/7:30 bedtime. ADHDers need sleep {and structure, but that’s a whole ‘nother story} to survive. I learned this the hard way and I paid for it yesterday.

ANYWAY….when I picked up Jake from school, in his delirious state, he was explaining to me how he told people Brandon and I are his parents. His words:

“My mom and dad look different. My mom has white skin and my dad has brown skin…my mom is American and my dad is Filipino, but they are still my parents”.

Huh?!? Oh boy. Last time I checked Brandon had a US passport?!? The thing that really shocked me about this comment is that he even brought it up…we’re a pretty colorblind family…we NEVER talk about race in a derogatory way and we pride ourselves on the fact that our circle of friends is pretty ethnically diverse. But after I thought I about it for a second, the last part he said really warmed my heart, “but they are still my parents”. I realized that he DOES get the whole skin difference thing: there are lots of various color skin out there, but they are still our friends, our family, our loved ones…our brothers and sisters. I had a proud mom moment, thanking God he gets it.

Whew… ha.

So if you follow me on Instagram, you might have noticed that we broke down and got Elf on the shelf. ugh. I had been holding out, only because 1. I’m afraid I’ll forget about it and leave him in the same spot,  2. I have so much on my plate, do I really want to add that to it? 3. I refused to pay the money.

Well, yesterday my mom came over with $40 and said she wanted me to buy the elf. Her doctor was telling her about it and she thinks it’s the cutest idea ever. So basically I would not have been invited to Christmas dinner if I didn’t do it. {Not really, that but that’s how she made it sound, ha}.

So meet our Elf and his first hiding spot….

The kids were pretty excited this morning….

Currently Jake has named him Mr. Elfie. We’ll see if that sticks. Oh and speaking of skin, I about died when I called Barnes and Noble to see if they could hold an Elf for me at the front desk so I could run in and get it.

“Sure, do you want a white or brown skinned one? A boy or a girl?”

Huh?!? What is it with all this skin stuff today? Sheesh! I was tempted to get a brown little girl because it was oh-so-cute, but in the end I got the white boy since that’s what several of Jake’s friends have and I didn’t vary too much from that since Crew and Joshua’s elves are pretty much all he can talk about. {thanks moms, ha}. Next year though..I might trade mine in. ;)

Ok, I have to tell you guys about an amazing shop I found…Have you ever heard of Felt Food Kids?

felt food

Amy, the shop owner has been a follower of Evy’s Tree and we’ve corresponded a couple times. On Black Friday she was running a sale and I took advantage of it. Because Amy is so sweet, she tossed in a few freebies. OH.MY.WORD. These things are AMAZING! The craftsmanship is unbelievable and I am so happy with everything I was sent. I tossing all the fake food we’ve inherited over the years and using this only in Evy’s kitchen. It’s that good. GO BUY SOME!! Click HERE to shop.

AND… {sorry, this is turning into a huge catch up post, yikes}…I have to tell you the shop really quickly…first, we are participating in a giveaway with 40Toes on Thursday. The winner will get $50 shop credit. On Thursday, December 6, during the giveaway, the shop will have a preview up of what will be available for purchase on FRIDAY, DECEMBER 7. We will be having a HUGE end of the year sale, and the shop will stay open until December 13, or whenever we run out of items…whichever comes first. We will be closed until the end of December, beginning of January, so I suggest you head on over there on Friday, and snag something! ;) We will ship everything out December 14, and if the post office is on time, it will get to you by Christmas. Just an FYI, we can not guarantee a Christmas delivery for International orders unless you pay the shipping upgrade to priority.

Please remember: When we open back up in the new year, items will be regular price, some even higher {$70-$80 range} so please keep this in mind. If you are looking for a deal now is the time.

Oh and all but a handful of the Black Friday/Cyber Monday items have shipped.


Many of the Black Friday/Cyber Monday items were ready to go on Friday eve.

If you DO NOT receive a shipping notification by tonight, please email me: amy@evystree.com so we can address your order. Thank you!

Well, I guess that’s it. I have Christmas decorations still sitting in boxes all over the house. I really need to get myself together. Maybe today I can get everything up. Prayers, please. Ha.

Love you friends. xoxo