Together In The Kitchen: Simple Christmas Cookies

Welcome back to the second Together in the Kitchen!! Have you met our hosts?

Aimee making 7 Layer Bars {HERE}

Ashley making Oatmeal Craisin Cookies {HERE}

And today I’m going to remake a recipe I introduced here on the blog nearly two years ago {HERE}. It’s one of my favorite Christmas recipes ever…and I think it is so special to me because it is my Nannie’s favorite cookie recipe EVER. We absolutely HAD to have these at Christmas time or else Nannie got very upset. ha. And she liked hers loaded with frosting!! Anyway, as I said, I blogged about these before, but it’s a bit buried and not titled well, so I thought it would be good to start fresh. So without further adieu…

The actual name of these cookies is “Thelma Schuster’s Sugar Cookies”. Apparently Thelma is some distant cousin?!? Forgot to ask Nannie…so to be honest, the name means nothing to me. ha. So I’m going to change it to:

Simple Christmas Cookies
1 C. Unsalted butter – room temp
1 C. Sugar
Combine above together, beating well.
Simple Christmas Cookies
Then add:

1 egg
5 Tablespoons of milk
1 teas of vanilla
mix together in separate bowl.
Ok, may the kitchen chefs out there will have to forgive me…but I was too lazy to mix them separately, SO I just dumped them right in. Awesome right?!?
Then add {again, I dumped in the bowl, oops ha…
3 C. All purpose flour
1 teas baking soda
1/2 teas salt
mix together in separate bowl.
Blend all ingredients together until smooth. Here’s what it looks like:
Put ball of dough in saran wrap…
Then wrap tightly…
and place in refrigerator for several hours or overnight. Cut into shapes…I cut mine at about 1/4″ thick.
and cook at 350 for 6 mins until very lightly brown.
WATCH CAREFULLY. They burn easily.
This is the easiest part…the frosting. It’s so very good and so super easy. I know there are a bunch of other ways to get wonderful frosting done by boiling, egg whites, etc. But this is the no brainer solution. ha. My mom always did it this way and I guess I can’t change. Sorry it’s not more exciting, but it sure goes along with the whole “simple” theme. :)

Two boxes of powdered Sugar
Food Coloring
I put powdered sugar in little bowls…
And then use a very, very little amount of milk. I used the entire 4 tablespoons for all 4 bowls.
Add your food coloring and you will have to add more powdered sugar until you get the consistency you like. Here is my end result. And I was out of red dye, sorry! ha.
Carefully spread the frosting out on the cookies. It only takes a little bit.
And then add sprinkles. We love to pipe on frosting too. :)
Usually ours are FILLED with frosting {do you follow me on Instagram? You probably saw them there, ha} but I figured I’d make these pretty for you. So nice of me, yes? My cookie cutters are a nice shape and are perfect little cookies for the holiday season. Brandon holding one for me…
After I made them, Evy woke up from her nap and was SO VERY EXCITED to see them sitting on the counter. I love this little poopsie.
These cookies are also great for other holidays throughout the year. I’ve used them for Valentine’s Day and Easter. We usually make a bunch a head of time and then have the family or good friends over to help decorate. It usually ends up being quite comical and the cookies turn out…um, interesting to say the least. Ha. You can see some of our past ones HERE.

So what do you think?? I hope you use the recipe…would love to know what you use it for! Make sure to comment and tell me! Now it’s up to you to join in the fun….Here’s how:

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Jacob’s First TobyMac Concert

Ok, so I know you know how much Brandon and I love TobyMac right? Well, if not, let me remind you….

Brandon and I grew up listening to DC Talk. We LOVED them. I found them when I was 14 or 15 {maybe even 13?}, when their first album, DC Talk came out. {You know you’re a diehard/old school DcTalk fan when you can recite Heavenbound {HERE} by memory, yikes!} I adored Toby and swore I was going to marry him someday…obviously he never got the memo. ha. But that’s ok, Brandon’s hotter than him anyway, so it looks like I lucked out. ;) *wink*

ANYWAY, Brandon found them a bit later, when their Jesus Freak album came out. We both feel the same way about DC Talk… THANK GOD for them. While their first album may have been taken as a little comical {Hu-Hu-Heaven, Hu-Ha-Ha-Heaven….}, the albums following were cutting edge with in your face God lyrics that made you proud to be a Christian. Very proud. And when, as a teenager, you went to their concerts, you left energized and on fire to live out your Christian faith.

Thank you DC Talk!

So when Jake was a baby, we were so surprised, but so happy, that he naturally took to TobyMac’s music. When he was a infant, he would automatically stop crying and, get this, FALL ASLEEP when we would play TobyMac in the car. It was like magic music or something. When he got a little older, we would play Toby’s music in the house and Jake would rock out like nobody’s business…. remember this?

And today, TobyMac is still magic music for my kids. They know all his songs and when his latest album, Eye On It, came out, we preordered it on iTunes and had it playing the moment it was released. It was all Jake could talk about for days.

So you can imagine why, when we heard Toby was traveling with the Winter Jam, we knew we had to go see him when he stopped over in Sacramento. So two Saturdays ago, Brandon, Jake and I piled up in the car…and at the last minute picked up Emma and Josh to come with us…and headed towards Sacramento. It was a rainy night and we had a BUNCH of frustrating obstacles {my close friends know the whole story ;) }…and Emma got sick…

She never did throw up, thank God. Poor baby.

But once we got there, we were so excited. The kids each got to pick a “treat”, Emma picked a glow necklace, Josh root beer and popcorn and Jake that silly mohawk light up thing. They were ready to go!

There were no words to express how excited Jake was. SO SO excited! Jamie Grace was singing at one point and Toby came out made a little cameo appearance. Here’s Jake’s reaction:

Jumping up and down like a mexican jumping bean. :)

The only bummer was…Winter Jam is more like a series of concerts and is very, very long. And of course, TobyMac is the last artist to sing. The kids were trying to be so patient waiting for him…but it was tough, and they were very tired.

But finally, {at about 10 PM!!}, Toby hit the stage:

And it was AMAZING. Seriously, so good. The kids were so tired, but they managed to stand up and sing along for most of it. Jake about died with Truett {Toby’s son who has made little songs on Toby’s albums since he was a baby} was flashed up on the video screen and said a little something to the crowd. Jake LOVES Truett {and wants him to come to his birthday party, haha}…and Brandon and I are hoping he makes an album of his own someday, so Jake can grow up with a second generation of TobyMac.

In the end, the kids were tired, and could barely make it to the car…and promptly fell asleep,

But they have NOT stopped talking about the concert. They had such a good time and we can’t wait until Toby is back in our neighborhood so we can go again. THANK YOU TobyMac for being such a great musical example to us…and now to our kids. We love your work and feel so blessed that we have good music to pass on to our little babies. Thanks a million for all you do!

Any other DC Talk/Toby Mac fans out there?? ;) Big hugs friends xoxo

God Looks On The Heart

I think one of the easiest things to do is judge others and compare to yourself. I find I do this, sometimes, without even thinking. I find most Christians in general struggle with this. And why not, I guess? We are striving to live a Christlike life {which is sometimes mistakenly translated: Perfection}, and in our race to do what HE asks us to do, we sometimes fall into the pitfall of thinking “holier than thou” thoughts. I know, it’s hard to confess this, but there it is. I will speak for myself here, at least.

This past week I felt myself struggling with thoughts along these lines. I went back and forth between, “I’m not good enough, I’ve made too many mistakes, I have no idea what I’m doing in life” to “Thank God I’m not like HER. She’s a nightmare.”

Confession. It’s good for the soul, right?

I have felt the Lord deal with me about these things recently. Sometimes He is showing me how HUMAN I am. How I can’t do things on my own. How when I try live this life without Him I make a big mess of it. And how He is full of grace and mercy and will pick up the pieces when I have made a mess of things. Like my dad. You know how Dad’s do that? Well, that’s what HE’S like. It’s powerful.

He also shows us how important it is to look at the heart. Because if you were to look at my life during these times when I’ve tried to do things on my own, you’d think I’m a DISASTER. You’d think {or judge} that I’m a huge failure and you’d probably witness some of these mistakes that I make first hand. Pretty sure you’d not want to be my friend if you looked on the outside during these times.

And then sometimes…when life is going good…you might look at me and think, “oh wow, look at her life. She is so lucky. She has this and that {you fill in the blank}. Her business is booming, her kids are all put together, and her husband is blowing up.”

I can say this because these are the things when I look at YOU. Pretty sure that’s how many of you think when you look at some of those around you. I know this isn’t the first time we have talked about this subject here, but in this highly visually stimulating world, I feel it bears repeating. Looks can be deceiving. The OUTWARD can be deceiving. Because remember…God looks on the heart.

I was given a very good reminder of this last week. I had something happen with another mom’s reaction to Jake’s enthusiasm {craziness ha}that made me sooo frustrated. The protective mom in me was ready to let her know how I really felt about the situation {and her, ha}. But after I had a long text chat with another friend close to the situation {thanks friend, you know who you are}, I was reminded, “we all have our struggles” and I have no idea what that particular mom was going through that may have caused her to react that way. I really have NO IDEA what her heart is like. I only saw the outward…which is deceiving.

Today I sat down and read about Samuel anointing David to be king, and the following passages when David slays Goliath. So crazy as the last couple months I have been so addicted to the Old Testament, where for years and years growing up, I had such a hard time reading and connecting to the Old Testament. But lately, oh boy, it totally speaks right to me!

And you know what hit me…how HUMAN David was. I know, this is not new news. But I love the whole way Samuel questions God. Like, “Really, God? THIS KID?!”. And I love how David blows everyone’s minds by killing Goliath. He’s so you and me {ok, well, ME at least, you might be perfect, ha ;) }….he’s easily angry, misunderstood, impulsive {“I’ll kill that giant!”} and confident. And then as he becomes king and matures, he is still misunderstood …people think he’s perfect, look at his successes and are surprised at his failures.

Oh boy I love that David.

Because here’s the deal: I feel like him so much. So misunderstood some times. And other times I feel like I can conquer the world. And then sometimes I feel like looking at people and feeling sorry for myself…thinking they have succeeded and I haven’t. That I’m a huge fauilre as a mom, as a business woman, I’m not as pretty as them, or I as creative as someone else. My house doesn’t look like hers or my blog is poop compared to theirs. My business should be booming like that one, or how come her kids are more well behaved? Yes, I struggle too.

And David is SUCH a good reminder that you should never, EVER, look on the outward. You should always look at the heart. Because things are never, EVER how they seem. Until you walk in someone else’s shoes {right text chat friend?? :) }….

“But the Lord said to Samuel, ‘Do not consider his appearance or his height…. The Lord does not look at the things mans looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” I Samuel 17:7-8

Big hugs friends. xoxo


I think I may have just ordered the most NORMAL Christmas card ever from Tiny Prints. It hurt my heart to do it, to be honest. I always get prints made and include it in a manger scene card, handwrite our names in the card and send it out. For the entire year following we see our print in frames in many of our good friend’s homes…the print is like a little gift to them from us.

But we send out nearly 250 cards. Yes, you heard that right. Two hundred and fifty. My poor little hand can’t take it. So although it was much more expensive to go the tiny print route…it will keep me sane. And the picture we chose to use is NORMAL…I mean, no blacked out silhouettes {like two years ago}, no hiding in the barn {like last year} and no sitting in the back of a truck laughing {like three years ago}. Nope, it’s a normal pose. Hope you all like it.

So to counteract the normality, I wanted to show you some of the most amazing pictures ever by my very talent brother in law{HERE}. He took these in our backyard, the day after Thanksgiving about 30 minutes before it went pitch black outside. He is that good. We literally threw some clothes on and ran outside to catch this amazing light. I’m only going to show you a couple as the blog is being redesigned in a few weeks and you’ll see many of my favorites then. So make sure to come back and check it out {for you google reader people}….

May I introduce….US

The Miraflor Family by DASO Photo

The Miraflor Family by DASO Photo

The Miraflor Family by DASO Photo

David Sowers, you are amazing. We are so glad we’re related. :)


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Looking For a Particular Hoodie?

So I know, shopping at Evy’s Tree is a bit frustrating at the moment. So sorry about that. Let me reiterate what’s going on around here:

Our manufactured goods are coming January/February 2013. Although I cannot guarantee an exact time, I can tell you I have paid for the goods and they are in the process of being made. This is my first time mass producing so I do expect delays. 

So what to do in the meantime…

Well, you may remember that I mentioned waaayyy back during the Save Evy’s Tree campaign that we had some left over raw hoodies and material. My seamstresses have been sewing up what they can to produce some inventory for the shop to get us through Christmas. But apparently, it’s not enough.

We have completely run out of most raw adult hoodies. Which means we don’t have much left to make. The question has been asked: why don’t you just place an additional order with American Apparel? Well, because right now, we just can’t afford it. To make it financially feasible for us, we have to order things in BULK…like 200- 300 hoodies at a time. That’s a lot of hoodies…and we don’t really have the space at the moment to house that, especially since we have rearranged our studio to house our manufactured goods.

But I know, it’s frustrating…many of you want to partake of the cyber monday great prices, but just can’t find anything in your size. I get it. So here’s what we can do…

Please leave a comment on this blog {or email me at} with the STYLE and SIZE of hoodie you would like, as well as your PAYPAL EMAIL ADDRESS. If we have the material for the hoodie you want, but not the raw hoodie, we will email you and give you the option to buy the item for the price of $54.95 +shipping cots…it is more expensive than the $39.95 cyber Monday price, but discounted from the $69.95 cost. Please do not comment with a style and a size if you are not willing to pay the extra amount. If we have the fabric to make your hoodie, we will send you an invoice. You must pay for the invoice within 12 hours, and then we will order the raw hoodie and make the item for you. Your items will ship the weekend of December 14.

This option is only available through tomorrow, Tuesday November 27. I will stop taking orders at 10 PM PST. 

I hope this helps some. Thank you, dear friends, for being such loyal supporters of Evy’s Tree. You guys are AWESOME!! I appreciate your love during this transition.

Cyber Monday

The shop will close for a week or so tonight…grab your things while you can… PLUS, spend $150+ and get a free tee shirt {I have lacey tees and screen printed tees ready to go for you all!}

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Our Guest Bathroom Remodel

The year is coming to a close and it’s time for me to sit down and check what has been completed off my house goals list {HERE}. I have started most of the items on the list, but have only completed one of them, my desk area {HERE}. I am so excited to take one more “to do” off my list….our guest bathroom.

You may remember, but in case you’ve forgotten, here’s our bathroom before we tore it up.

It was the strangest bathroom, to be honest. It’s located right next to a bedroom, all the way across the house from the rest of the rooms and bathrooms. It had this huge vanity, but what in the world to you use a vanity for if you don’t have a shower? It was very interesting.

Anyway, we knew when we bought the house that we would need to remodel this bathroom and include a shower, which, as I mentioned before, is located right off our kitchen and just before our guest bathroom {the second door on the right}…

And just because I have never shown you, here is our guest bedroom. We think it may have been used as an office, which may explain the odd bathroom with no shower connected to it. This bedroom will be on 2013′s house goals list as needing to decorate. For now we just added a craigslist ikea sofa with world market pillows, a Target rug and the rest of the odds and ends that we had leftover from our move. And ignore how washed out these pictures are…I took them really quickly and my exposure was off. :)

ANYWAY…our bathroom. Ok, so you saw the before, here’s a couple during..

We really gutted it all the way down to the floor. And it was truly a family job…Brandon and his Dad, along with our brother in law David did the bulk of the work. We had to hire someone to pour the “pan” of the shower with hot tar and then a good friend helped us tile the entire job, which was so sweet of him.

Anyway, without further adieu, the new bathroom:

This was obviously a very small space before, but now it’s pretty tight…but we were able to build in a shower with a marble curb, a pedestal sink, and reuse our previous toilet.

We knew we would have zero storage in this new bathroom, especially since we were installing a pedestal sink, so you can imagine how excited I was to find this little vintage bookshelf at my favorite antique store in Petaluma for..get this…$50!! We also added hooks along the wall to give our guests hanging space.

Another view of the bookcase. When I found it, the wallpaper was peeling off and the glorious paint was peeling as well. WHAT A FIND! I knew I would have to seal it if I wanted to preserve it in the bathroom, so I added several coats of a water based polyurethane. I keep towels, bath mats and toilet paper.

Another glimpse of the wallpaper. Seriously, I could have cried I was so excited about this thing. And not to mention it fits perfectly in the space.

Something else I wanted to point out in the above picture. We could not figure out what to tile the curb there. At first we were going to try to use the small mosaic tiles, but it was a nightmare to cut and we realized really quickly that wouldn’t work. Then we thought about the white subway tile, but we thought it would make the curb stand out a bit much. So our tile friend suggested getting a Carrera marble piece cut for the top {$125}, then purchasing a box of 12″x12″ Carrera tile squares from Home Depot {$20??}. Wahlah…perfect!!The lovely mirror is from the same antique store in Petaluma. I found it the same day I found the bookcase. It is gloriously old and chippy. Exactly what I wanted for this bathroom. I about died when the price tag said $75. It was cheaper than the plain etched glass mirror I bought at Home Depot and had originally planned for this spot, so I promptly bought the green mirror and returned the Home Depot one. Smart, right? :) 

The chandelier is from Lowes. It was $100. I so wanted an old chandelier, but they were all at least $250, and we were already over budget on this bathroom, so I settled for this one. It’s very pretty and in the end, probably perfect for this bathroom. I added a cord cover and we were all set.

And again, another shot of the full bathroom, without the chandelier…

I cannot tell you how much I love this bathroom. It turned out perfect, and exactly how I had planned. I had been pinning bathrooms for months to help me get the vision for this room, and I think I caught it! ha. {You can see my pin board HERE}.

Also, this was our first bathroom redmodel EVER, so we learned a lot, two of which was give yourself time and make sure you budget for all the “hidden costs”{pouring the pan and floating the floor, never heard of those things, which cost us $500 extra}. We set aside three weeks to finish this bathroom, but in reality it took us much longer, since we had several delays. Oh boy. I also wish I had known there are cheap faucets and nice faucets. If I had known I would have bought one from here like I did for my kitchen. They have quality things.

In case you were wondering the details on the bathroom:

Mosaic tile: Lowe’s online

Subway tile: Home Depot

Baseboard and threshold: Lowes

Pedestal Sink: Kohler from Home Depot

Faucet and shower head and shower rod: Home Depot

Shower curtain: Urban Outfitters {I had to buy two to make it long enough} and Bed Bath and Beyond for the shower liner

Paint: Simply White by Benjamin More for walls, Cotton Balls for trim

Mirror, bookshelf: Summer Cottage Antiques, in Petaluma CA {HERE}

Prints on the walls: Mine from before I was married :)

Chandelier: Lowes {HERE}

Big hugs friends!! xoxo

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Food Friday: Anna’s Cornbread Stuffing

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! You can see our little recap {HERE}. If you read the recap, you might remember that this was our first Thanksgiving in our home and from what I can recall, the first Thanksgiving that we have hosted ever. It seems it was a year of firsts for us, as it was also my first year to cook the turkey. Yikes. A little nervous. ha.

Well, since I was in charge of cooking the turkey, that also meant that I was in charge of the stuffing. My mom has always used a box kind, and it’s ok, but I wanted to try a something new, since this was year of new things for me after all. hehe. Last week my dear friend SoShawna posted her moms recipe for Cornbread stuffing. Since I adore anything cornbread I decided instantly I would make it. Whohoo for easy choices. haha.

So a couple of notes here before I give the directions:

1. I sent my mom to the store to buy cornbread. She came back with bags of dried cornbread, NOT the jiffy boxes. ha. So we used that.

2. We did not have dried sage, so we used fresh sage.

3. Anna {SoShawna’s mom} said she would not put her name on this stuffing if I changed it much more, sooo….Anna, I promise next time we will follow the directions perfectly. ha.

4. We were so hungry after everything was cooked that I completely forgot to take pictures of the finished product. Whoops. Sorry. It looked amazing.

Anna’s Cornbread Stuffing

4 boxes Jiffy corn muffin mix

1 long loaf of plain white bread

2 boxes of chicken broth (approx. 64 oz.)

Chopped celery (approx. 2 cups)

Chopped onion (approx. 2 cups)

2 teaspoons salt

2 teaspoons pepper

4 teaspoons sage

1 ½ stick butter

Here are Anna’s instructions…I’ll add my commentary in italics along the way and insert pictures when necessary. :)

Prepare Jiffy corn muffin mix as directed. After cooling, break into pieces (not too small). Place pieces into a large container, carefully measuring the amount as you go (do not pack it into the measuring cup). Note the final amount (usually about 15 cups) because that is the amount to match with regular bread. Break the plain white bread into small pieces, measuring out the same amount as the cornbread, then place onto large cookie sheets. Spread out and allow to dry for a few hours. You must allow the drying time or dressing will come out too “gummy”. In our family we usually do this the night before; cover loosely with hand towels or if ‘bugs’ are a problem in your climate, place the drying bread in the turned off oven over night.

Amy’s notes: We just bought dried white bread cubes and dried cornbread and used that. Our bread measured 12 cups each.

Finely dice onion and celery (using all the leaves also). Mix all dry ingredients (including the celery) together (except onions and butter) in a very large container.

Set aside about 1 cup of the white bread cubes. These will be added to the sautéed onions to help absorb the butter. Sautee onions in the butter until golden brown, add bread cubes after onions are browned and removed from the heat. Add to the dry mixture.

Add broth and mix just until everything is equally moistened, but do not over-mix or dressing will be too “solid”, instead of “fluffy”. Carefully check to make sure liquid is equally absorbed. Taste to check for good salt/pepper/sage flavor.

Bake @ 350 for 35 – 40 min. (or until it has browned on top).

Amy’s notes: We stuffed some into my “beautiful” turkey {the turkey turned out amazing, BTW! :)} I had to show you pictures of this, as Bryony and I were gagging while touching the raw bird, but we succeeded! Yay for preservence! ha. 

All in all, this was an amazing stuffing and something I will use next year for sure! I think next year I will try it just like Anna makes it, as I feel horrible I altered it a little ha. Thanks Anna, for letting us borrow your recipe! Big hugs to you!


Oh PS, join us for Together in the Kitchen next Friday..get your recipes ready!! YAY! To see last week’s click HERE.

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Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday

Happy Thanksgiving dear friends!

{Dear God, I look like I have eaten too much turkey, but don’t my babies look adorable?}

I hope you all are doing well! I miss blogging! I have fallen off the band wagon the last week, because something exciting happened this weekend….my brother Brad flew in from London for Thanksgiving!! We were so excited, it was a last minute thing and we couldn’t have been happier about it. He was able to attend Jake’s Thanksgiving party at school, which was too cute:

And hang out with Evy and model her necklace that she made in her school Thanksgiving party:

My poor baby girl…she is sick, of course. I say of course because the last couple holidays she has been sick. SO NOT FUN. She really rarely gets sick, so crazy how that happens.

I wanted to show you my holiday table. I am SO excited about it. My dining room is coming along, I just have a couple more things I need to paint/recover and then I will be done with that room. Remember my house goals? Well, I’m slowly but surely working my way through it. *Whew* ha.

Anyway…here’s the room yesterday waiting for everyone to get here.

And then today before we ate

My little hot drink corner. I’m a freak, I know, love hot drinks! :)

Thank you Costco, for the beautiful roses. 

I had so much fun setting this table. This was my first Thanksgiving in our home, and it was the first time I had ever really hosted Thanksgiving. I loved it. Bryony and David and their little ones came up late last night and the kids were so excited to see them in the morning. When I woke up, this was what I saw:

Oh boy, it warmed my heart. I love these people.

these were having the best time ever. I am so thankful for these babies.

The large Miraflor family{as in cousins, aunts, uncles, etc.} always spends a couple hours every Thanksgiving going around the room and telling things they are thankful for. It’s a beautiful time which normally ends in lots of tears and hugs. Well, we decided we had to carry that tradition on here in the Santa Rosa Miraflor family. Oh boy…I’m such cryer….it’s pretty safe to say I balled my eyes out. Especially as I looked around the table and saw my brother all the way from London with us, and my dad, who isn’t in great health, eating at the table with us. I especially started tearing up when my dad talked about “the gift of life”…yikes. HUGE tears. I am so thankful for every day I get to spend with my parents. And I am so thankful for my babies, my husband and my family.

I am blessed. 

I am sure you all know the feeling…. In closing, don’t forget the Evy’s Tree Black Friday Sale:

A little note about the sale…Please remember that I have very little stock left and WILL NOT be restocking my shelves with new hoodies from American Apparel until the new year. We are still on target for our manufactured goods to arrive in Jan/Feb of next year…as for our handmade items, there will more coming, but the styles you see in the are on a first come, first serve basis, using up what hoodies and material we have left in the studio. Once they are gone, they are gone…at this point we have NO black hoodies left, very few other colors left, especially in adult sizes. I hope this makes sense. Also, please make note: the cost of the hoodies in the new year will run around $70-$80 range, so these Black Friday prices are a steal! {and make perfect Christmas gifts! :) }

Big hugs everyone! I am so thankful for all of you. I hope you are having an amazing Thanksgiving! We will return to regular blogging program next week…can’t wait to show you our remodeled bathroom that I took pictures of! :)


Evy’s Tree and Joyfolie Giveaway WINNER!

You guys…you are awesome!!! I love you guys! I am so happy to announce:


Last night when I went to bed I saw this:

This morning we are almost to 10,100!! WHOHOO! :)

Thank you to everyone who helped spread the word about Evy’s Tree. I hope you enjoyed the giveaway. We will do something like it again…so stay tuned!

And now to announce the winner! picked:

And number 19 was:

Sherry, you have 48 hours to respond to the email that was sent to you this morning…and claim your prize!

And agin, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! Big hugs to you all xoxo