Our First Loose Tooth

I am so exhausted, this has been SUCH A WEEK! Sheesh. Good news: our guest bathroom remodel is ALMOST done! Whew!! :) My in laws {Brandon’s parents, his sister Bryony and her husband David, along with their kiddos} came up this weekend to help complete it, since Brandon was out of town until late Saturday eve. David and my Dad in law did all the electrical, installed the toilet and the sink. My mom in law stayed a little longer and is doing some sewing for me. Have I mentioned I love my in laws? I seriously feel so blessed to have the Miraflor family in my life. I hope I can be half as good to them as they are to me!

Before I went to bed tonight I had to document a very exciting event that took place in the Miraflor family today: Jake lost his first tooth!!

I have no idea why, but when Jake told me he his tooth hurt a month or so ago, and we realized it was about to come out, I got all teary eyed and the reality that Jake was REALLY  growing up sunk in. Really, really sunk in. In fact, sending him off to Kinder didn’t even affect me like the loose tooth did. Am I crazy? Hopefully I’m not the only mom who felt that way when their kiddo lost their first tooth?

The day we realized his tooth was loose…


The tooth has been dangling by a thread for a couple days…

…And today after church Emma Love came home with us to spend some time with Jake and Scout, and on the way home she tried to explain to Jake how he should just pull it out. The conversation was quite comical, with Emma saying things like, “You just have to pull really hard!”

Ignore the leftover doghnut on his face, yikes!

Later in the afternoon while the kids were watching a movie and I was in the garage painting a piece of furniture, I heard Emma say, “Let me get a napkin!”. My first thought was, great, what kind of mess did they make? So I jumped up and checked on them…only to find Jake laid down on the ground with his head on a pillow and Emma leaning over him with the napkin in her hand, trying to pull out the tooth!! I didn’t quite believe they could do it, so I left them to it, only to hear about two minutes later, ”IT’S OUT!!” come from Emma. ha!!

She was so very proud that she extracted the tooth and Jake was in shock I think!!! It was awesome!!! haha. I’m still laughing over it!

Tonight we wrote a letter to the tooth fairy, taped the tooth and pinned it to Jake’s headboard {after I made him clean his room. I told him the tooth fairy does not visit dirty houses, so awesome of me, right? yikes. ha}

So I have made it to the next level, I officially have a toothless kid. Words cannot tell you how my heart has been hit today. My little precious baby boy, who I helped soothe through the process of teething, has now lost his first tooth. {insert huge sigh} Dear God give me strength to make it through the next 13 years! ha.


Food Friday: WHAT?? What’s Food?

So today is Friday and if I was a responsible blogger, I would be following my regular and normal routine {that I haven’t following in months mind you} and be blogging some great new recipe. Well, umm…life has been crazy in the food department lately and so to be honest I haven’t been cooking much. Everything I’ve been doing is VERY simple and GLUTEN FREE. In case you missed it, my doctor feels I might have a gluten allergy. I have been struggling with numbness in my arm for about 5 years and apparently gluten can have weird affects on your body like that… SO, I took the test last week and it takes 2 weeks to get a result.

I will keep you all posted.

In the meantime, I’ve been doing lots of baked poultry, rice, and steamed veggies. And gluten free hot dogs. And in n out protein style….

And lots and lots of these puppies.

Seriously, I am so addicted to these gluten free rice crispy treats! They are made with gluten free rice crispies, of course! :) I may or may not have eaten an entire batch tonight. yikes. ANYWAY…I have a new problem, are you ready for this?

I apparently have high cholesterol. So awesome, right? I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that I haven’t exercised in about 8 months. {yes that is a true number}. I am so embarrassed that I have just let myself go. I am still 8 lbs overweight and hating it. God help me. My friend Natalie is a body sculp instructor and I’m going to start taking classes from her soon. I’m not entirely sure what that entails but I have to do something and she looks AMAZING {think movie star status}, so I’m doing it.

Natalie, please don’t kill me! yikes.

Brandon is still gone and won’t be home until Monday. I am so very tired and feel like my eyes are crossing most of the time. You might remember me saying that I ALWAYS clean my kitchen before I go to bed…well, um, here I am relaxing in my family room {that is actually clean for once, ha} and ignoring the kitchen.

God forgive me.

Oh in closing, I randomly checked my blog subscribers tonight. I don’t ever do this, but I do know that when I checked several months ago there was a WHOLE BUNCH of subscribers. Umm, tonight?

WHAT? Where’d everyone go? Is anyone getting this in your blog feed? That might explain how no one is ever commenting?? ha. If you are there, please comment with “here”. It would really make me feel better. Otherwise, poor Brooke is going to be pulling her hair out trying to figure out what happened to my feed. ha. {however, this has happened once before and everyone reappeared. Weird.

Big hugs everyone. Hope you are well.

Oh PS, tomorrow we have a soccer game. Have I told you lately how I feel about soccer? No? I’ll have to fill you in soon. Right. xoxo

I’m Shocked…

… That my daughter still has all her limbs in tact. Broken Clavicle? check. Broken foot? Maybe.

Yup, she was jumping on her bed last night after I had laid her down to sleep {she is a ninja, I promise} and somehow injured her foot. When she was still favoring her foot this morning {and considering her recent track record}, I figured I better have her seen.

Thank God it is just bruised and not broken. Not sure I could handle much more. Dear Lord. After our dr visit we had to make a quick trip to Home Depot for some tile and in the second I turned around to grab something from a shelf she was up and dancing away to the music…back to her old antics.

Guess the broken foot scare didn’t bother her too much. Don’t be deceived by her sweet little smile..she is a brute and can definitely take care of herself, she will defend her own honor one day. ha. oh boy. I mean what do you expect from the sister of Jacob Miraflor? :)

I am also shocked that I still have this item in the shop:

I adore these little cardigans, Evy wears hers all the time…and we have quite a few left in the shop. I thought for sure they would have flown out of here by now, but no siree. :) Have a little one? Grab this puppy HERE! It’s DARLING!

**I feel this runs true to size. Evy wears a size 3 and the 2 still fits her nicely**

I’m also shocked that this one is still in the shop:

I couldn’t believe it when we were cleaning out the studio last week and I found several of these popular guys hiding in a box. This hoodie is one of our most loved and sold hoodie…it was modeled after the first Brilla I ever made and has been a staple around these parts for quite some time. Here in our first photo shoot ever…

I promise you will love this one, gives a pop of color and fun to any wardrobe. Click HERE to buy.

Have you been to the shop yet? Some cute stuff waiting to be taken home! :) Everything is ready to ship and will leave our studio in 5-7 business days. They make GREAT Christmas gifts {hint, hint :)} Oh and did you get caught up with our manufactured adventure? Click here to do that.

Lastly, I’ve had some questions regarding the 50% off coupon many of your received during the Save Evy’s Tree Campaign. Those are good for our manufacturing items due the beginning of the year, not on any other item in the currently in the shop. There will be specifics dates and guidelines for those, so stay tuned!

Big hugs everyone!


PS, is there anything you’d like to see in the shop? My seamstresses are reading so let them know what items you’d like to see!

Manufactured Goods Update: Love, Life and Disappointment

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve updated…Two weeks to be exact. Yikes! Anybody still out there? Where do I begin? I probably should start with saying that broken clavicles are no joke. Oh boy. Seriously. Although I will say they do heal pretty quickly as Evy was given the green light to be without her sling AND attend her gymnastic class this week, so we’re making improvements. :)

Want to know what else is no joke? MANUFACTURING. Right. It’s definitely not easy. I can see why so many small companies like me give up while trying to establish a relationship with a manufacturer. The details needed are enough to make your head spin, along with the checking, double checking and triple checking. And then checking some more. I’m not going to lie that I was near tears last week after spending nearly the entire day last Wednesday trying to iron out some particulars of our order. There have been many nights where I went to bed wondering what in the world am I doing?? And why in the world did God lead me down this path?? To be honest, I am still wondering this {hehe} but I am so thankful to the Lord for His “peace that passes all understanding”. It really is so comforting and a real thing during the moments in life that are super, super stressful.

So with that intro, let me tell you a little more about our manufacturing.

…Ready for some blah, blah?? :)…

 If you follow the fashion industry, you know that Fall items come out in early June/July and Spring items come out in January/February. Crazy how that works, but it’s how brick and mortar stores need for it to be so that they can plan on what their orders and inventory will be for the upcoming season. In fact, all the designers debut their spring items in SEPTEMBER at Fashion Week… crazy right?

{Google New York Fashion Week and you’ll get a sneak peek of all the Spring items. Kinda fun! :)}

If you remember, one of our goals for manufacturing was to give us the option of selling online and in brick and mortar stores, so, even though  as a company we are behind in the now, we need to eventually catch up until we are on schedule with the rest of the fashion world timeline. As we had planned it, our items would be here the end of November, enabling us to do a big push for Black Friday giving us plenty of time to ship the items out to arrive on your doorstep for Christmas. Originally I wasn’t concerned about being behind in the Fashion world’s timeline…I was just thinking about having a fall line to offer to my wonderful customers who worked so hard to help me reach our goal during the whole Save Evy’s Tree campaign…..

But then, thanks to a delay in several areas of my manufacturing process, the arrival time for the manufactured goods went from the end of November to the middle of December, and that’s IF everything flowed smoothly. And as everyone knows, with a first order, NOTHING flows smoothly.

With this news weighing heavily on me, I made an executive decision: nix the Fall line and go straight into Spring. So now, instead of our manufactured items coming in December, the manufactured items will be here February 2013.

I have been so worried about sharing this news with you all, as I am hoping with all my heart that I don’t lose any beloved customers. At first, I thought I would do a handmade fall line, but to be honest, this manufacturing has me so burdened down with things to do that I don’t even have the time to put one together.

BUT… I still need to have an income while I am working on getting these manufactured items into your hands. I needed to figure out a way to keep Evy’s Tree afloat while we all anxiously await our new goods.  While pondering how I would do this, I realized that I still have roughly 400 raw hoodies left {remember those?} and quite a bit of unused fabric. And with the manufactured goods coming I need them off my shelves and out of the way so I can make room for the thousands of hoodies that will be landing on my doorstep early next year. It seemed like a no brainer to use those hoodies now. So I called my seamstresses and had a little meeting of the minds…and we finally came up with the idea of packing them all up, getting them out of my studio and giving them to my seamstresses to keep at their places, putting together what they can to give us some product for the next couple months until everything arrives.

SO…{whew}…what does that mean? Twice a month I will have hoodies dropped off at my studio from my seamstresses…they are ready to ship and they will be an eclectic mix of sorts, they will not be planned, just made from what they have until everything runs out. Everything is limited, we will not be able to guarantee we’ll have more in the future. The hoodies will be sold at the discounted price of $54.95 for adults and $44.95 for kids. Please remember that regular prices are $69.95 for adults and $49.95 for kids. The manufactured goods will be a tad more pricer than the regular prices, this is the last time you will see such great prices! 

We have our first upload available NOW in the shop. Want to snag something? Click HERE.

And please, please remember that not everything is going to be available again, and everything we have will be listed! Want to know when items are listed? Make sure you are part of our email newsletter system {HERE}. We will not list items without letting you know through an email. If you are a previous customer, your email is already entered and you should be getting the emails already.

Oh, and I have to show you this picture of my mom in law. She is amazing.

I called her late Thursday and told her I needed someone to drive a Uhaul full of bins and fabric to my seamstresses, would she be willing? She not only was willing but Friday after her tutoring job, she hopped an Amtrak over to Santa Rosa, helped me load the Uhaul up and drove it back to my seamstresses late in the night. She is so amazing and seriously one of my biggest supporters. I love my in laws!!

WHEW….that was exhausting! Hopefully you all understand why I have to do, what I have to do. I’m so sorry I won’t have a huge fall line available this time around, but thanks in advance for being so kind and supportive. And I think I pretty much covered the life and disappointment category I had in the title so onto love…

Brandon is out of town for a total of 11 days. Dear God help me. That’s all I’m going to say about love at the moment ha.

Thank you friends for everything. Hopefully you all still be around to purchase some great handmade items between now and January…and hopefully you will be excited about the manufactured goods coming this new year. Own a brick and mortar shop? Email me! We need wholesale orders and would love to work with you! Just a regular customer? Don’t forget to shop! Click HERE to find something, we just listed a bunch of stuff. :)

Big hugs xoxo

Evy Breaks Her Clavicle

“Let’s Break Some Clavicles!”

Remember that line from Kicking and Screaming? Well, it used to be one of my favorite lines ever {seriously, such a funny part in the movie! ha} BUT now…

I’m not laughing. :(

Evy broke her clavicle on Saturday morning by simply falling off her ottoman in her room. Depressing how quick something like that can happen…just a simple little fall.

Thank God Brandon was home. He’s much better in situations like this. I knew pretty quickly it was broken. So he rushed her to the E.R.

They took x-rays and sure enough, broken

They put her in a sling and sent her home. She was excited at first and kept calling it her “purse” but she went back and forth between crying in pain and laughing about her sling.

The night before we had some special guests come visit us… our friends Alisha and her little boy Jude. We were so excited to see them and Jude and Evy were having so much fun playing before she got hurt. When she got home she tried to play still, and smiled a little bit here and there. It was really cute.

Evy finally got really tired and was able to take a good nap. When she woke up she was in a lot of pain. We could not get her out of her PJ’s that she had on that morning. I really thought I was going to have to cut them off her. ugh. We finally got her bathed and in some new clothes, but I’ll tell you it was not easy and had me in tears. I hated that. She was NOT happy.

Last night was a rough night, with lots of waking up and crying. She seems a bit better by this afternoon though, and we had a surprise visit from our friends the Hartles who were so sweet to bring her a little get well gift. Carston is in her class at school and Crew is in Jake’s class. Thanks for thinking of us Hartle family!

So it’s been interesting over here! Not really sure where to proceed at the moment with her..no school? I guess obviously for at least a little bit? Brandon is awesome in the ER, but not so good in paperwork {He has form-a-phobia so never really gets all the 411 ha} so he can’t remember what the dr said about how long to wear the sling, should she miss school, etc….so I guess I’m going to have to call her dr this week and find out. To be honest I’m a nervous wreck..I keep running around after her screaming “BE CAREFUL!”. She’s already fallen twice and come up crying. SO STRESSFUL. ugh.

Has your child ever broken their clavicle? Give me some info please! I’d love to know what you did!

* * * * * * * * *

I was hoping to have a sale tomorrow, but won’t be able to due to all the craziness over here, SO…stay tuned for a HUGE flash sale {think cheap} on Tuesday. Also, I restocked a couple of these brooches that sold out and our uniform hoodies will be gone on Tuesday morning, so get them while you can! :)