Happy 4th of July!!

From our family to yours.

We are at my parents tonight for dinner and enjoying the pool. My parents are so cute, they always BBQ on the fourth and very patriotic. I love my Dad in his shirt.

Evy has had a high fever for the last two days. She was great this morning, but woke up from her nap with a fever again, so we’re making it a short night. She hasn’t eaten much except popsicles, poor thing. She up most of the night last night, which was killer on me {can’t you tell by my puffy face?!? ugh}. Here she is eating her popsicle on the porch outside the dining room while rest of us eat. Precious girl. I love her.

In closing, I just have to say I am so thankful for our freedom. It is something I NEVER take lightly. I always joke that if there was ever a persecution movement against Christianity, this blog alone would make me one of the first to go! ha. But seriously, I am SO VERY THANKFUL for our freedom of religion, of speech, and our ability to live life as we wish. Thank you, thank you to all of you who give to make our freedom a reality. We love you!!

Happy 4th everyone! xoxo

Meet Pug and Blankie…and a Dining Room Sneak Peek

I thought I should properly introduce the 5th and 6th members of our family, since you all have probably seen them around in photos and in person.

Meet Pug….

And Blankie…

They are two very important pieces to our happiness over here. Do your kids have lovies or items they hold onto ALL DAY LONG. Well, mine do.

Blankie came into our life when Evy was one month old. Our good friend Monica made it for Evy and she literally took to it above all other blankets right away. I have never seen anything like it…a tiny baby preferring a blanket. But that’s exactly what happened. She would cry unless that blanket was wrapped around her, and it has gone everywhere with her ever since. Now, it is pretty tattered and one side of it is opened up. I keep saying I’m going to sew it closed again, but she prefers it open, she shoves her arm in there and makes the corner of the blankie like a glove, rubbing her face and whatever else needs comfort. It’s pretty cute. :)

And Pug…

Pug came into our lives when Jake was about 15 or 18 months. It was a gift from my dad’s cousin Shelby and his wife Jo. They had stopped by Stockton one day on their way to my parents {they live in Southern California} and had brought this little dog with them as a gift for Jake. He loved that little guy. Since then it has been slept with, carried around, thrown up on and washed a dozen and a half times {ahem, throw up. ha}. Jake lovingly calls Pug, “Puggie” and has a hard time sleeping without him. Oftentimes Pug becomes a pillow and his expensive down pillow gets tossed to the ground.

Both Puggie and Blankie are not allowed outside the house unless we are on long trips. We have had a couple of scares where they almost disappeared so the kids understand that they must stay home if they want them to stick around for much longer. Sometimes we have a fight over it, but usually they are understanding and will give in to our rule. I’m terrified of these two items disappearing…we’d have some LONG nights, that’s for sure!

So I’m curious, do your kids have a special lovey? A blanket or stuffed animal? How do your kids deal with taking them places??


I wanted to show you guys a quick sneak peek of the dining room redecorating. Remember my house goals? Well, I am well on my way to finishing two of them, YAY!! Just have a couple more things to finish and then I’ll show you some pictures. Here in the dining room, I need to finish slipcovering the other parson’s chair and order a seat cushion for the pink bench by the windows. I also have two more chairs that need to be painted.

Remember the room before??

Well, we have had some improvement, that’s for sure!

This room is really, really hard to photograph, and I took these this morning really quickly while kids were screaming all around me, so these aren’t the best, but I think it gives you some idea. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE {can I make that any clearer?} the white. LOVE IT!!!

I also love my roses from the garden.

My crop hasn’t been great this year. They need to planted so desperately, so in August we plan on doing that when Brandon has a couple days in a row home. Hopefully that will help them for next year.

Well, friends, that’s it for now! Big hugs to you all!


Save Evy’s Tree: FIVE Days Left

Well, it’s getting down to the wire. We’re not moving as fast as I would like, but God knows. Currently, here’s where we stand:

{Confused as to what is going on around here? Read here and here}


Please remember this is just an average that needs to be sold still. Tee shirts and scrap boxes are not included in this total, so when those are sold it changes the average for the better :) 

I’m trying not to worry. Yesterday at church I had a good talk with the Lord about this week. Yesterday’s service was one of those where I felt the minister was speaking DIRECTLY TO ME. Ever been there? At our church we have two of the exact same service one right after the other since we can’t fit our whole church in the building. Brandon and I, when we are in town, usually attend both to help our Pastor and lay minister team out. When a message touches me in the first service, usually during the second I am more focused on everyone else. But this message touched me BOTH SERVICES, which I can’t say has ever happened to me before. So my point? God knows exactly where I am at. He sees my needs and He is walking with me. That’s the best part.

“Abide in Me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself unless it abides in the vine, so neither can you unless you abide in Me.” John 15:4

Thank you Rev Jim Kilgore for the amazing message. THANK YOU.
So onto today….Please, if you are waiting to buy something, today is your day! {Want to shop? Click HERE} Anything helps. ANYTHING. Tee shirt, scrap box, kids hoodies, adult hoodies..anything. Here’s the plan:
Preorders will cease on closing day, which is Friday July 6 at 11PM PST. On Saturday morning Maddie and I will be sorting through orders and inventory and figuring out what we have left. We do have a couple hundred raw and finished items sitting on our shelves that I MUST get rid of, whether we manufacture or not. Soo…
Saturday evening, July 7, the shop will reopen for five days and we will sell at near cost prices our raw and whatever finished items we have left.  What are “raw” hoodies you ask? They are hoodies bought from American Apparel that we did not embellish. I actually have a BUNCH of pink and chocolate brown kids hoodies in all sizes that are no longer available at American Apparel, as well as some adult hoodies. I will sell these at nearly the price I paid for them with my wholesale account number. I just need to get rid of them. As far as the finished hoodies, I will take everything in the limited section that did not sell {as well as a couple preorder items that didn’t sell} and mark them near my cost, just to get them off my shelves. I guess you can say we are having a clearance sale. Clearing out the studio, whether it means forever or not. If we stay open, I need the shelves for manufactured goods, if we close, I need my garage back. :) I will also be selling most of my jersey knit via scrap boxes starting Saturday. There will be two sizes of boxes you can choose from and it will be a mixed assortment
Remember: If you want a preordered item, you MUST purchase by Friday, July 6.
Whew…exhausted yet?!? ha. Want to see something cute? The last couple days I have had Philippians 4:6 and 7 on my mind. It’s been of great comfort to me.
I have this little photo printable sitting on my shelves to remind me of it. Well, this past year in Jake’s class, his music teacher taught them all a little song. Jake LOVED it and would sing it at home all the time. Apparently the rest of the kids in the school liked it too, because at the spring concert, the pre-k – 3rd graders sang it for the parents.
NOTE: Jake is the kid on the far left who is rocking out and not paying any attention whatsoever. Right. 

Whelp friends. That’s it for today. Thank you for reading this blog. I have been such a horrible blogger lately, talking only about #saveevystree {don’t forget to use that hashtag on twitter and instagram!!}. So sorry about that!

OH!!! I have something SO VERY EXCITING to share with you on Thursday regarding my husband. I am so proud of him and want you to know what he’s been up to. Come back and see on Thursday!! :) 
Big hugs everyone!! xoxo