Being A Sold Out Mom

The past several months, I have been thinking a lot about my parents and how they raised me. I think it has something to do with us living in Santa Rosa, which is where I grew up. It’s funny raising your kids in the same place where you were a kid. I have never thought about it much before, since up until now I have not had the privilege of living here in Santa Rosa. But now that I am back, my mind is constantly doing little flash backs to my childhood….And making me really think about how my parents raised me.

I was a lucky kid. Very, very lucky. My Dad worked very hard and made sure we had everything we needed. We lived in beautiful homes, impeccably furnished by my mom. My mom has amazing style {everyone who knows can attest to this!}, and we always looked like a million bucks, even if at the time I thought we looked ridiculous {my mom was famous for dressing us in matching clothing}. My mom is a gourmet cook, and would read cookbooks for fun…our meals were always ultra delicious. She read Tiffany’s Table Manners to us as kids and made sure we knew how use the fanciest of tableware, kept our elbows off the table, and cut our various meats and poultry properly. When it came time to have birthday parties, she threw them with class and flare…we had the best parties ever! But most importantly, she taught me how to love Jesus. With my whole heart. And not be ashamed of it. She made God’s word a priority in our lives and taught us to love it as much as she did.

Quite simply, my mom made sure, to the best of her ability, that we lived a wonderful life. She poured herself into us and gave us all she had. She was a sold out mother. And because of her love and devotion, I felt secure. Loved. And confident.

I have thought a lot about this over the the last couple months. Am I giving all I have to my kids?

My favorite picture of all time, taken on my 33rd birthday. Evy was 6 days old, Jake 2 1/2.

You know, I may never have as much resources to give as my mom had, but I will definitely do my best to give everything I have to my kiddos. I live the life I do because of them. I was recently asked by a business person what I wanted from my little business and I how envisioned it in the years to come. My answer was simply, “My kids come first. Whatever happens with this business must be able to mold itself around my children and come second. I never want this business to become so time consuming that I forget them. They are my first priority.” I was nervous to say it, but I was shocked, and happily surprised, when they smiled in response and nodded their head in agreement.

My mom with Jake on his first birthday and with Evy when she was a couple months old.

Kids, I vow to give you everything I have. You are my first priority. My world must stop when you need me. It must. Because I know, thanks to my mom, that being a loving, giving, and sacrificial mother is being the most powerful individual I could possibly be. When I give you my all, I simultaneously hand you confidence, security, and love. But most importantly, I hope I hand you faith. I hope I show you that when you put Jesus first in all that you do and combine that with the powerful motherly love I offer, you can do ANYTHING.

Never forget that.

Thank you Lord for making me a mother. I adore this job. These kids are amazing. Simply, 100% amazing. And it blows my mind that You have gave them to me to watch and guide through this life. Thank you.

My babies Christmas 2009. Were they really that small once??

And lastly, thank you Mom {and Dad} for raising me as you did. You gave me the best of everything and my kids will benefit from it. Thank you for moving to Santa Rosa so we could have a better life, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Thank you for staying here, so that God could bring me back here as well and allow my children to have a similar upbringing. They are blessed. I love you Mom {and Dad, too}. Happy Mother’s day!!


Happy Mother’s Day dear friends!!


Today I turned 36.

And I am so happy about it. Because see what 36 years has brought me?

Two precious babies waiting to give me a gift this morning. 

Today was Moms and Muffins day at school. If you read this post you know how much I wanted to go. Such a miracle that everyone woke up fever free and happy this morning. Thank the Lord, it was a miracle. I adored every minute. It was awesome.

What we equally awesome was the mini Meyer Lemon bush that Brandon gave me.

I had to leave mine in Stockton as we planted it and couldn’t dig it up obviously. :) I was so happy I cried.

So how does it feel to be in my “late” thirties. It feels just fine. In fact it feels great. I couldn’t be happier. There is something so great about loving life and enjoying every minute. Especially about being ok with your age. It’s funny, but I’ve never cared much about my age, so I guess why should I worry now, right?

So, thank you to my close friends for being there for me. Thank you to my beautiful family for loving me with all you have. And thank you Lord for all that You have blessed me with. All that You have done for me. For the miracles You have provided with me in the last year. And for continuing to walk with me day by day, telling me that you are always here with me. Those moments when I know YOU are by my side mean more to me than anything.

Big hugs everyone!


Food Friday: Coconut Cake

Did you see Evy’s birthday post {HERE}? If you did, then you saw her coconut cake. We LOVE this cake. This is the perfect birthday cake for a little girl, or even great for a wedding or baby shower. It doesn’t just look great but it tastes AMAZING!!

Unfortunately, I cannot take credit for this cake. My sister in law found the recipe in the June 1994 Bon Appetite Magazine and kept it on her cookbook shelf. She has made it every year for my niece’s birthday and when Evy had her first birthday, I decided I would carry on the tradition. It’s just such a feminine and yummy cake.

Years ago, I copied the recipe out of the magazine and kept it on hand. I started getting requests for the recipe, so I scanned it and loaded it on my computer. I searched and searched the internet this week to see if Bon Appetite had it on their website so I could link up to it, but I literally could not find it ANYWHERE. I have no idea if any of this is legal, but I created a download for you. Yikes. Hopefully I don’t get arrested. ha.

Here is the first page of the magazine, just click on it and you can download the two pages.

I don’t have step by step instructions for this, sorry. But I can tell you, don’t over beat the cake and make sure you don’t squash the egg whites when folding in. Oh, and make sure you shake the can of coconut milk REALLY WELL, before you open it.

I hope you enjoy this cake as much as we do.

Have a good recipe? Then let leave the link to it in the comment section so we can all check it out! Or do your own Food Friday on your blog.


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Excuse Me While I Be A Brat For A Second….

Don’t you love my title? I entitled it this because I’m going to complain for a second and I absolutely HATE complaining. I mean HATE it. Ask my poor husband. If he for one second starts complaining about something I give him the stink eye and very bad vibes can fill the room. ha. Don’t get me wrong, not that I don’t complain, because God knows I can, but for some reason when I hear complaining it’s like nails on a chalkboard to me and drives me INSANE.

So with that introduction here comes some complaining. Sorry everyone. Please forgive me in advance.

So tomorrow is my birthday. Yes it is. More info on that later but let’s just get this out up front, I’m not the least bit depressed about my birthday or growing older. Very comfortable and happy with my age, so don’t get ahead of yourself and think I’m depressed over my birthday. ha.

What I am depressed over is this

This is my baby girl. Last night just as we were walking out for church she started complaining that her tummy hurt…took her temp and sure enough 102! ugh. So we bundled up and she fell asleep pretty early, only to wake up at midnight throwing up. She slept restlessly the rest of the night {in our bed} with every hour adding in a little vomit. Fun right?

Poor baby. I love her so much, it breaks my heart when she is so sick.

Because of her being sick, I had to cancel a very important Evy’s Tree business meeting in Oakland that was scheduled for today. And on top of it all I have a very nasty cold, or allergy or SOMETHING and it’s very annoying and my head is foggy.

We spent the entire morning with Evy groaning on the couch, rubbing her back, snuggling, etc. Finally, after I dosed her up with ibuprofen, she fell asleep and woke up feeling much better, thank God.

But just before dinner, the fever came back and even a little vomiting on top of it. :( And then just before I put the kids down for bed, I noticed Jake looked a bit peaked and I took his temp…99. ugh. Hopefully its just him being hot from running around and not really a fever.

So why does all this matter…. WELL….

First, tomorrow is Muffins for Moms. Ever since I got the save the date back in January, I have been so excited that I get to go to Jake’s class and eat muffins on my birthday. It made me really, really happy. What a great gift! When I told Jake that if he still had a fever in the morning we could go, he started crying. Apparently he’s excited too. I’m not going to lie and say that tears didn’t build up in my eyes too. Major bummer, you know.

And then, my business meeting I had to cancel today? Well, I had to reschedule it for tomorrow after the muffin time. Kinda bummed about that. And the evening out Brandon had planned for me? Well, he is in the middle of deadline for something he is working on and we might have to do our evening out on Saturday.

Really none of this is a big deal, I know. But remember this? I’m beginning to wonder what in the world the Lord is trying to tell me. Probably to not plan my days and to be thankful with what I have. Or to love life regardless of what comes my way. Or to just ACCEPT that He knows what’s best for me.

But really…the selfish side of me just wants life to go a bit more smoothly, you know?

OH…and this baby boy. Well, tonight, as I was cuddling him to sleep, he looked me straight in the face and said:

“Mom, HOW does the baby get inside of the mommy’s tummy and HOW does it get out?!?”

Um. My answer? “That’s kind of a long subject and I’m really tired, can we talk about this tomorrow?”. Right.

So prayers for tomorrow would be appreciated. ha. And prayers for my attitude especially. Because I am smart enough to know that whatever happens will turn out being right in the end. And it doesn’t really matter what I think should happen, it matters how I deal with it, right?

Big hugs friends. Thanks for listening to me complain. I try to keep complaining to a minimum from here on out. ha


WWWW {What We Wore Wednesday} and Summer Items!!

Happy Wednesday everyone!!

Our WWWW is going to be short today. I wanted to show you something that you may have already seen if you follow me on twitter {@evystree}, but I wanted to showcase it again.

This past week, my sister in law Brittony, who goes by the nickname of “Brilla”, posted a wonderful little picture that looks like this:

If you have followed me since the beginning, you may recognize this hoodie…this is the original “Brilla” and you can read the whole story about it here and see what happened after that here. I’m pretty impressed that this hoodie is still alive and looks just as good as it did in the beginning. Brittony, when you are done with this one, I think we need to frame it and put it in the Evy’s Tree hall of fame! ha! :)

Have a picture of you wearing Evy’s Tree? Email it to me, so I can use it for WWW!


Summer items…well, there are going to be a bunch. Right now I am working on a great one that I think you will love, especially if you like bright colors and if you loved the Grace wrap.

That’s the only hint I’m going to give you at the moment. ha. They should be available late next week. :)

But this week, I listed a BUNCH of these tees HERE.

And I also listed a couple White Simples

and white lacey zip ups

I know it’s getting pretty hot where many of you are, so we also added the 3/4 length sleeve option so you can shorten any of your hoodies to look like this

I hope that helps some of you!

And lastly, if you don’t follow us on Facebook, you should! We had an amazing flash oops sale today that was so much fun and went great! I emptied out my entire oops bin! AWESOME!! Thank you to everyone who participated!

Big hugs to you all! xoxo

HUGE May Giveaway!!

Hi Friends!

We’ve decided to start something new around here….we are prone to doing quite a bit of Evy’s Tree giveaways. The main purpose is two fold; to thank our readers/customers for being so loyal and to find some new ones to join into our fun. But here’s the deal about giveaways: they are a LOT of work. And oftentimes not very many people enter or really join in.

So I got to thinking, what if every month I joined up with some new shops that many of you may or may not have heard of? We would combine our products into one big prize and all of our customers/readers could join in the fun. How does that sound?

So we’re going to give it a whirl…we’ll try one big giveaway this month, and if it is successful, we will do it every month. An opportunity for one winner to  score a giant prize from a bunch of shops that I love and adore.

So here are the winnings for the month of May:

1. Black Polka Dot Brilla from Evy’s Tree  2. Vintage Bow Tie Clutch from Rags to Stitches  3. $50 worth of hair tye product from The Tye 4. Hoop Art Piece from Knitty Bitties 5. Two month of large ad space from Sew Caroline 6. $30 gift certificate from Camera Coats 6. $25 gift certificate from Glitter and Gloss

This totals nearly $300 worth of winnings!!! 

So how do you enter? Use the rafflecopter and make sure to follow each shop on twitter and like each shop on facebook. Don’t have twitter or facebook? No problem, just leave a blog comment! :) Just remember…if you leave a blog comment make sure to tell rafflecopter you did as blog comments alone will not be counted! Also, you can tweet about the giveaway daily, so make sure to come back.

Have fun friends…and thanks for entering!!

Giveaway ends May 31, 2012.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Monday Ramblings

Happy Monday everyone!! I hope you all had a great weekend. Evy turned THREE!! OMW, I sincerely have no idea how I feel about this. She is a little girl now! How does that happen?

Be sure to come back on Food Friday this week, I’ll tell you how to make her cake. :)

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I also added some of these very popular adult hoodies in the shop. They have been sold out for several months, so get them while you can.

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I am also going to list some white lacey Zip Ups and a some white Simple hoodies this week, as well as a couple more more tees in several colors. The hoodies will have a 3/4 length sleeve option.

Lastly, come back tomorrow morning. We are having a HUGE giveaway valued at $300!! I think you will be pretty excited about this one.

Much love to you all and here’s to a wonderful and joyful week!


Happy Birthday Evelyn!!

My baby girl is three. I cannot believe it! Yesterday, May 5 {Cinco De Mayo} my girl had a birthday. Where did all the time go? It seems like just yesterday she was a baby and somehow, over night, she grew up on me! Where did this little girl come from?

We had Brandon’s parents, my mom and our good friends the Kings over for a little impromptu birthday party on Friday night. Brandon’s grandma was in town for the week, so we were so happy to have her join us! It was such a nice and relaxing little get together. Beware…picture overload, but I just can’t help it. My little girl is too darling for words. :)

She was so excited about her cake…with Chicago Peace roses on top from our garden. My Evelyn rose hasn’t bloomed yet. :(

And the cake is Coconut Cake from the Bon Appettit magazine almost 20 years ago. Don’t worry, I will give out the recipe this Food Friday, so come back. :) It is seriously the best cake ever. No joke. If you follow me on Instagram {evystree} you know how much I struggled with NOT eating this cake. ha.

Evy was so happy to have her friends over. We love the King kids! Jake was having a rough afternoon {no nap day, ugh}. Apparently dressing up like Captain American makes it somewhat better

Getting some ninja tips from Uncle Chad

Grandpa showed up just before the cake and Evy was so excited. She adores her “PeePaw” as she calls him. :)

Being sung to….

Blowing out the candles. She was pretty good and got them all!

How did I get such a beautiful girl? I mean just look at her! GORGEOUS!

The Kings gave her a dress up princess outfit which was such a hoot to see her put on. She sincerely thought she was the queen.

and kept making everyone kiss her ring! ha

Brandon, Jake and I gave Evy a bike. She is always so upset when she see Jake riding his, so we thought we’d get her one to start practicing on. We found an adorable Barbie one pretty close to her size at Target, along with a helmet and all the protective gear. Brandon took Evy to the other room and dressed her up in all the gear and then told her to wait with her hands open and her eyes shut. It was so darling to see her excitedly do this!

Grandpa wheeled in the bike. Her look was one of shock, excitement and awe! She loved it!!

Brandon wanted to get a 4 generation photo, but Evy was not cooperating. ha. The is the best we got!

On Saturday, my parents came by for dinner and brought Evy her gift, the refrigerator that goes with her toy kitchen set!

Happy birthday beautiful girl! I love and adore you so much and I’m so very glad you are mine! Here’s to another wonderful year together!


Evy’s first birthday HERE, her second birthday HERE.

oh PS….to celebrate our birthdays, we’re having a little sale and party favor fun! The first 30 purchases will receive a package of these darling hair ties from The Tye. We LOVE these!!

Also, everyone will get free shipping in the shop all week long!

Food Friday: Feta, Tomato and Red Onion Pizza

Years ago, a new fad hit the market called Boboli Pizza. Do you remember it? I was probably in late elementary school, or maybe even Jr. High. My mom stumbled upon it in the grocery store in Tahoe one summer. I think we spent that whole summer eating pizza on the beach and experimenting with different toppings. We loved it!

I’ll never forget one night, while still in Tahoe, we went to dinner at our friends Roger and Suzanne’s house. Suzanne also loved Boboli and created a delicious new topping: Feta, Tomato and Red Onion. I LOVED it!! I think that was my favorite topping made all summer.

A couple weeks ago, my mom and I were in Costco and I saw a box of mini Boboli’s! I about died and got so excited. I bought the box and the kids loved it! It was literally gone in one week. NO kidding! Brandon, Jake and Evy had so much fun with those pizzas!

Brandon and Jake making their favorite, Pepperoni.

So here’s what you need for my fave:

1 Boboli pizza shell, or other pizza crust

Olive oil

Fetta Cheese

Tomato, thinly sliced

Red onion, thinly sliced

Italian Parsley

 salt and pepper

Parmesan cheese

Drizzle Olive Oil on pizza shell

Sprinkle Feta cheese

Add sliced tomatoes

then red onions

Top with chopped Italian Parsley, salt and pepper, and parmesan cheese

Bake as instructed on Boboli package

and wahlah!

Give it a whirl…I know you’ll love it!

Have a good recipe you want to share with us? Leave the link to the recipe {or your post} in the comment section and we’ll come try it out. Don’t forget to pin this one! Happy Food Friday everyone! xoxo

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