Coffee with Friends, Tax Day Sale and Monday Ramblings

Last night we were blessed to meet with some friends for coffee.

Our friends the Enseys were in town for a youth convention last week and they ended up staying over in San Francisco for a couple days. Last night Brandon and I drove into the city and had coffee and dessert with them, then drove them around the city a little to show them some of the fun sites. We had so much fun. We took them up Twin Peaks to see the city. It was COLD and WINDY. Can you tell by the look on our faces?? ha.

I think the best part about this trip was that this was the first time I was able to actually meet Rebecca face to face. I have had the privilege to meet Michael a couple years ago, and Brandon has been with both of them many times over the last couple years. Rebecca and I have connected via social media and she is a loyal Evy’s Tree customer…but we have never met. So it was WONDERFUL to connect.

We took a couple pictures but none of them were very good, unfortunately. This one makes our eyes look very scary, but at least you can see our faces. ha. oh boy.

Anyway, Thank you Michael and Rebecca for spending time with us. It was SO good to be with you all. Big hugs to you!


Tomorrow we are having a HUGE sale in the shop to celebrate Tax Day being over! Here at Evy’s Tree we are always so happy to finish our taxes and even more happy to get a refund! Anyway, in celebration we thought we’d do a quick little sale.

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Many of you have been asking to see the Lacey Zip Up on a “normal” person so I thought you would enjoy this gorgeous photo by Forty Toes Photography.

Kori is wearing the black Lacey Zip Up and Precious SM is wearing the Black Simple. We love these two around here!!


Have you seen Jones Design Company’s new giveaway? Evy’s Tree is a part of it!! You could win this

Head on over HERE.


The Tell A Friend Tuesday is still active and will end tomorrow. I am going to try to do something new tomorrow, if I can figure out how to make it work. Basically, the giveaway will center around your city and state. So stay tuned and let’s hope I can get the details of it all together. ha. Click HERE to enter.

Whelp…that’s it for now. I am hoping to do Home Goal post either today or tomorrow. I’m going spill all the bins on our home. ha. oh boy.

Big hugs everyone!


Food Friday: Shepherd’s Pie

Happy Food Friday everyone!!

This past week my mom and I have been talking about the dishes you would make for dinners when we were kids. I was telling her I’m not so good about using a lot of ground beef. The only thing I really know what to do with it is make Tacos, and we’re on a health kick right now, so all the Taco spices are a bit processed for us.

ANNYYYWAY…. she reminded me of Shepherd’s Pie. Have you ever had it/made it? My mom used to make it ALL THE TIME. I couldn’t believe it, but I’ve never made it. Not once. So I asked her if she would come over last night and show me how. Thankfully she said yes. My parents arrived around 5ish…my Dad brought over the new movie Tin Tin to watch with the kids and my mom walked me through the prep for dinner. Here’s what you need:

Mumsy’s Shepherd’s Pie

1lb Ground Beef {we used organic low fat}

1 yellow onion, chopped

3 garlic cloves, minced

Olive Oil

Chicken Broth

Carrots, chopped

Peas, Petite {we used the frozen kind}

Mashed potatoes of your liking

Parmesan cheese

Parsley, chopped



Worcestershire Sauce

Start by prepping your potatoes to mash.

Someday I’ll do a post on my mashed potatoes, but I usually use red potatoes, leaving the skin on. Then mash using unsalted butter, salt, and buttermilk. AMAZING.

While potatoes are boiling, saute the onions, garlic and salt and pepper in the olive oil until translucent.

Then add your meat. Break up into pieces until cooked through.

While meat is cooking, boil your carrots and peas.

Once the meat is done, place at the bottom of a pie dish

Then drizzle with chicken broth. Not too much, maybe a 1/4 of a cup?

Then top with the veggies and sprinkle a liberal amount of salt and pepper…I didn’t salt the veggies while cooking.

Gently spread mashed potatoes on top. I didn’t have many potatoes, so it’s spread pretty thin. I would recommend having a lot so you can cake it on. Sprinkle with parmesan.

Pop into the oven. I did 425 as we were all hungry. ha. But you basically want to look for the juice to be bubbling and the top to be browned.

Scoop into bowls and serve with chopped parsley and Worcestershire Sauce.

I can’t tell you how good this. Really amazing. This will now be a staple in our house. It’s pretty easy too. My mom calls it “the perfect English dinner” {she’s British you know :)}. My Dad was happy.

Kids were ok with it. Jake has a major aversion to mashed potatoes {go figure?!?} so he was upset it was all over the food. ha. Oh boy.

Do you make Shepherd’s {or Cottage} Pie?? What do you include in it?

Happy Food Friday everyone!! Don’t forget to link up!! Hopefully it works this time. ugh.

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The Best Candle Company: Trapp Candle Discount Code

I am sure you have heard me mention over the years about how much I love Trapp Candles. In case you are new around these parts, let me tell you a little about what I consider the most perfect candle on the market.

First they are packaged pretty amazingly. They come in these lovely boxes {this is the holiday box, I’ve used up all my other ones :)} and make wonderful gifts. The presentation is always delightful.

The other thing I love about these candles is that they are all white or creamish wax. I have a little fetish about candles…they have to be white or cream. There is nothing worse than seeing an all white house with a purple candle {purple is my LEAST favorite color, FYI, ha}. Every scent is white or cream. PERFECT in my opinion.

But the #1 reason why I love these candles so much is the smell. There are no words for how wonderful these candles smell. You don’t even have to light them, just place them around your house and I promise you will still smell them. Light them…you will feel like you are living in a flower garden. Trust me, they are that good.

I first found these candles in a little garden shop on 5th street in Santa Rosa. I believe it was about 14 or 15 years ago. My sister in law Lia introduced me to them. I have been hooked ever since.

When I started dating Brandon and moved to Stockton, a flower shop in town carried them and that is where I purchased them most of the time. The lady who worked there called me “The Trapp Lady” since I never went into the florist for flowers…only candles. ha. They were always so sweet to me, giving me extra candles and special promotions. I loved them.

When I started working for Evy’s Tree, my time became very limited and I just couldn’t make it over to the florist like I was once able to. I started searching online for a company that I could purchase from that wouldn’t be too costly and could deliver them to my doorstep. That is when I found The Best Candle. I bought a couple candles from them and joined their mailing list. The candles arrived in perfect order…in a nice box with peanut shells so that the candles didn’t break. They come with the same packaging that the candles come with in the stores…it was wonderful! Also, since I joined their newsletter, I started receiving promotions from them and found that they always have special sales and such…oftentimes it ended up being cheaper for me to order through them than to buy the candle at the florist.

So I was hooked. :)

Last week I meant to share with you The Best Candle’s latest promotion, but time got away from me and when I was about to blog about the Trapp Candles, I realized that the promotion had expired. So I sent them an email asking when the next promotion would be so that I could share it with you all. I received a kind email back thanking me for my years as a customer and telling me they had set up a special coupon code just for you all!!! I was floored and honored!!!!

So head on over to The Best Candle and buy something {HERE}. Upon checkout enter the code Evy to receive 10% off your entire order for the month of April!! Isn’t that awesome?!? Please support this lovely small business, I hope they stay around for a long time, I just love purchasing from them!

Oh, and my favorite Trapp scents? Mediterranean Fig, Wild Currant, Bob’s Flower Shop, Guava Mango, Bamboo Sugar Cane and their newest scent Quince and Pomegranate. Oh my word, they are heavenly!!

THANK YOU to the owners of The Best Candle Company for being so kind to the Evy’s Tree family. Remember, enter Evy at checkout to get that 10%!  You’re still hanging around? What are you waiting for?? Click HERE.

WWWW {What We Wore Wednesday}

Welcome back! Have a picture of you wearing Evy’s Tree? Email it to me!

Have you gotten your little one a Lacey Zip Up yet? No?? You NEED to!! Here’s Cynthia’s little on in the Mini Black Lacey Zip Up.

And baby Aubree in one too!

And Evy…she’s wearing the Charcoal Lacey Zip Up. Love this one.

And Mary, sporting her Zebra Brilla from last year!

And Amber says she wears these Ruffle Cardigans ALL.THE.TIME. love it.

And I’m so excited, we’re getting in pictures of the new spring line! yay!

I love this one of Amie and her little man out on a date. She is wearing the new Brilla Mini Dress in Pink Polka.

And Amie again in the new Lola Brilla. There are just a couple left of this one!

And Kelsey in the Crossover in Grey and Black

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Tell A Friend Tuesday

Good morning everyone! We’re going to try something new today….Tell A Friend Tuesday didn’t generate a whole lot of Facebook likers, so I thought I would try something different, how about doing a Rafflecopter and letting it go the entire week?

So what do you do? You share this picture with your friends on Facebook:

How do you share? You click the “share” button right underneath the picture. That’s it! And then come back here to this blog and tell the Rafflecopter that you did! And your friends can do the same thing.

Want some extra points? Like us on Twitter and tweet a message. You can tweet a message and share the photo once a day, just come back and click on the Rafflecopter that you did.

Does this makes sense? Feel free to ask questions in the comment section. I’ll try to answer them quickly. :) Thanks for sharing Evy’s Tree friends!!

 Only entries done through Rafflecopter will be counted, NOT comments in the comment area below. Thanks!! :)


a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Happy {late} Easter

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter! I love Easter…such a beautiful day to remember all the freedom in Christ that we have been blessed with. What a Savior we have, yes? I am so thankful…will always be SO VERY THANKFUL.

Our Easter this year was so nice. We were priveledged to be part of The Promise Center’s Easter services. They finished their building remodel literally right in time for Easter, I dare say that people were still hammering in nails an hour before service started. They have expanded their building to seat double what they normally seat and have created a youth center and new Sunday School facilities. To say that this church is growing is an understatement. It is BOOMING. They are being God’s hands and feet to the community of Santa Rosa, it is so beautiful.

They had a goal of reaching 1200 Santa Rosians with the Easter message. At the end of the day they had reached 1159!! And they had fed them all too… a lovely hot pancake breakfast for the two first services and a turkey sandwich lunch for the third service. It was amazing. So amazing it brought tears to my eyes. To see people touched by the love of Christ is beyond exciting. And to see this church community do this so beautifully is breathtaking.

The Promise Center asked Brandon to be the speaker for the two youth services they had going simultaneously with the first two services. They also asked Brandon to help find a youth band that could lead worship, so Brandon was able to get some students from Stockton to come and help out. It was a spectacular service with many new students making commitments for the first time ever.

The main sanctuary was packed to the gills, they had to pull chairs out of storage to fit everyone. Unbelievable!

If you are looking for an amazing church in Santa Rosa, I would suggest The Promise Center!!

I am so bummed however, despite the great day, that we never got a family picture! Brandon had to meet the youth team at the church super early and he was busy all morning, by the time church was over my kids were so dirty from the jumpers that the church rented that a family picture was a no go. ugh. boo. I did try {unsuccessfully} to take some pictures of the kids in the morning. I asked them to smile nicely and this is what I got….

A second stab at it. oh boy.

Well this one is sweet, at least it looks like they love each other!

At least one child is cooperative!

After service we took a very long nap! ha. I had my pot roast going so I put together some carrots, green beans and potatoes, but before we ate, my parents arrived for the egg hunt! My mom had hid them while we were napping. :) We didn’t tell the kids, but Jake looked outside and started screaming, “THE EASTER BUNNY CAME TO OUR HOUSE!!” ha! He was so excited!! So out we went for the hunt, which they immediately started fighting over, of course. ugh.

My mom planted two golden eggs which they were so excited about.The closest thing to a family picture we got. Brandon’s taking the picture and my dad’s wandering around behind us. ha. Please excuse how horrible I looked…just rolled out of bed, a completely clean face and wow, look at how tired and swollen I look. Definitely need some more sleep! But my kiddos…aren’t they amazing? And my mom always looks great of course! :)

After dinner my mom surprised the kids with baskets. My mom’s famous saying is “Close your eyes!” when she’s giving a gift. I adore this one of Evy. ha. Speaking of Evy, she scored in her basket from us earlier this morning. Tinkerbell overload!And yes, we had waaayyyy too much sugar. Jake’s first experience with a Peep. yikes!

I hope and pray you all had a blessed Easter! He is Risen!!


Food Friday: Cinnamon Honey Butter in Easter Jars

Happy Food Friday to you all….even more importantly, happy GOOD FRIDAY everyone!! I love Easter weekend…it is such a wonderful time for us to reflect about the death, burial, and resurrection. A time for us to REJOICE that our Savior has risen and that because of that our lives can be new and we can have a FRESH START. So beautiful! I am so thankful for this, aren’t you?

I like to send little treats to our neighbors during the holidays. I kept thinking about what to do for Easter. I came up with a couple ideas but then I remembered my favorite butter recipe that I shared on this blog the first year I started blogging. You can find that blog HERE, and it shares where I found I recipe as this is not my own recipe. Trust me when I say, this butter is DIVINE. You can even eat it plain, it’s that good. It occurred to me it would the perfect Easter brunch addition as it would taste amazing on biscuits or butter rolls. I decided it would be the perfect Easter treat to pass out!

Cinnamon Honey Butter

2 Sticks Butter, at room temperature
1 Cup Powdered Sugar, sifted
1 Cup Honey
2 Teaspoons Ground Cinnamon

Whip butter. I used my Kitchen Aid mixer which is the ONE kitchen item I absolutely CANNOT live without…then add the honey, sugar and cinnamon, whip some more, scrapping sides to make sure you get all the honey. I let the mixer whip for a while until smooth. Once mixed well, scoop the mixture into a large Ziploc bag

and then snip off the edge like so

lay out your clean jars. I used 40z quilted jars. You will want to double the recipe to fill all 12 jars

And then pipe the mixture into the jars. I didn’t get a picture of this as our neighbor stopped by and I didn’t want them to see their gift so I chatted outside with them until dark. ha. Anyway, once you pipe the mixture into the jars, tap the jar on a hard surface like a cutting board to make the mixture settle evenly into the jars.

Now to decorate the jars….I bought some pastel Amy Butler fabric and used Jake’s Batman bowl to draw circles out.

Then, using pinking shears, cut out circles, and cut a long portion of ribbon to tie around jar.

Take the top circle off the jars, but leave on the canning lid. Add the fabric circle and tightly screw the top back on

pull the edge of the fabric to make it tight on top and then add your ribbon and label. I downloaded this GORGEOUS He is Risen set from this amazing blog. Thanks Emily!!

I will cherish this to years to come, so lovely. I used the little 3×5 cards as greeting cards with our name signed on the back and the little place cards for labels. Perfect!!

The kids and I will take these to our neighbors tonight. We hope they enjoy it and that they spread the good news of Easter! We will also passed these out to Jake’s teachers at school…they loved them!

Do you do something special for your neighbors on Easter? Or maybe your family and friends at church? I’d love to know, share with us! And Happy Easter to you all!! May the good news of Christ’s resurrection bring you peace and happiness all weekend long!

“For He is not here, He is risen, just as He said.” Matthew 28:6

Don’t forget to link up your Food Friday post! Here’s how you do it:

1. Grab a button and insert it into a Food Friday post or any past food post you would like to link up with.

2. I will be pinning all your recipes onto our Pinterest Food Friday board, so please include an image of the item, if possible.

3. Make sure to visit all the link ups too! It makes it fun for all of us and it’s so nice to meet all these new people.

Thank you everyone! xoxo

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House Tour: My Parent’s House

If you read my last house tour post, you would know I’m not super hip on blogging house tours. I actually love everyone else’s but feel so weird about doing my own. I know, crazy. However, anytime I hesitate about doing something here on this blog I analyze it against two points: 1. Do I feel it is uplifting  and 2. Will it help my kids know me better.

So after those two points have been thought about, I decided to show you some pictures of my parent’s house. In my opinion it is super uplifting as their house is beautiful and it will most definitely help my kids get to know me better. ha.

So my parent’s house…almost a year ago I told you about my dad and his “job“. In case you didn’t read it, he is a developer of sorts and has always developed beautiful pieces of property for us to live on for short periods of time, then would sell them. Most of his houses looked the same…Mediterranean style with snaked tile roofs, Spanish tile throughout, a pool. My dad has a definite “style”. He is also an amazing landscaper and will plan out his yards himself. They always look beautiful.

In respect to houses, my parents are the perfect team. My mom is an impeccable decorator. Her style leans more towards country French, but she is really flexible and knows what she likes and isn’t afraid to use it. She also is not afraid to use things year after year and still make it look good. Most of their items they have had their entire married life, she just makes it work into the new settings or will have it recovered, etc. She is really talented with design. Their houses are always breathtaking.

Their current house is nestled right on the outskirts of Santa Rosa, on a what used to be one of the oldest cattle farms in town. They are nestled amongst rolling hills and surrounded by Kendall Jackson Vineyards. It is especially beautiful in the morning when the rest of Santa Rosa is still covered with the ocean fog but their little hill has been hit by the sun and the fog burnt off…you can see the fog floating on Santa Rosa like a pillow. It’s so fun to see.

They have lived in this house the longest of any house I have known them to live in during my lifetime and their marriage, a total of 9 years I believe {I never lived here with them, unfortunately}. There are a couple reasons for them being there so long…the current economy has made real estate hard to move for a decent price and my dad’s health has made it more difficult for him to move properties like he once used to. Furthermore, I think they are tired of moving. I can’t believe they have gotten to that point, but I think they have. ha.

Anyway, I’ve been meaning to go over there and take some pictures of their house to share here….but the other day my dad came over with some professional pictures taken of the house several years ago. Perfect!! I wish I knew who took these pictures so I can credit them. Unfortunately, my parents can’t remember who it was either. If anyone knows who took these please let me know! :)

So their house…here is the entry way up to their front door. There is a lovely circle/roundabout around that surrounds an olive tree here in front, but you can’t see it. Also, as I said these pictures were taken several years ago…the ivy now covers all the gate pillars here.

When you walk through the gate, the pool and BBQ area is to your left. It’s a beautiful disappearing edge pool. If you have been around my blog much, you’ve already seen the view. It’s gorgeous.

Once you enter the front door, you walk into the Living Room area. Most of this furniture my mom has had since we were little. The couch we have had forever. She had it recovered maybe a decade ago, but otherwise it’s weather lots of storms {kids pooping, throwing up, etc. ha} and still looks great. My parent’s motto about life has really become mine as well: Buy quality pieces and have them for life. It’s so much more worth it in the end. I would much rather have one nice couch that lasts me 30 years than a dozen cheap couches that I have to replace all the time.

If you turn to your right from the Living Room, you will walk into the Library. It could actually be a bedroom as it has an attached bath w/shower. I always told my parents that if I had ever lived in this house, this would be my room. It has a lovely patio out the french doors and when it rains the view {and sound} is breathtaking.

These couches are also from when my parents first were married, as are the curtains and pillows. The couches have been recovered. The lovely French bookcase is not built in {although it looks like here}…they found it at a local antique store.

If you turn to the left from the Living Room you would walk into the Dining Room area. The Dining Room area is actually separated from the kitchen by a very small wall, they are very close to each other. This table is another example of buying nice pieces and having forever. They have had this table pretty much my entire life.

My dad is famous for doing beautiful beam work in ceilings. He loves to use old planks and pieces of wood he finds laying around. Some areas of the house are old planks from a barn that used to stand on the property.

The Kitchen area is where everyone usually hangs out. There is a movie theater in the house, but they never use it. They watch all their movies on a small screen in the family room area. These couches, again, are very old. I would say at least 25 years old. They have never been recovered, my mom purchased them at Pierre Duex in the city. She loved, loved, loved that store. I spent many hours there with her as a kid.

Anyway, the kitchen is beautiful as you can see. The bar stools we have had since I was a child. They used to spin around…and my brother and I would have competitions on who could spin the fastest. I remember one time eating a snowball {those coconut covered squishy treats??} and then spinning on these chairs and making myself SO SICK. ha. My dad had to cut them down to fit this bar area, so they don’t spin anymore. Not sure if that is a good or bad thing. ha.

The Master bedroom as a breathtaking view. The mirror that hangs over the table there was my Nannie’s. I always joke with my mom that I am going to sneak in some time and steal it. It is so beautiful and it makes you look like a toothpick. ha. It’s kinda distorted in your favor!! :)

 And the master bath. The ceiling is faux painted like a blue sky with white fluffy clouds.

Unfortunately, there are no pictures of the bottom story of this house, which houses two more bathrooms, two bedrooms, a workout room, the movie theater and the laundry room. Maybe someday I will run over and take pictures of it all. I’m not really sure how much longer my parents will stay at this house. They are beginning to bulid on other properties and will probably sell this one if the right buyer came along. That makes me just a tad sad, I guess. As I said before, they have stayed in this house the longest out of any house they have ever had, and it’s become a sort of home to all of us, I think. But on the flip side, the stairs leading down to the second story are very steep and slippery. I worry so much about them falling down the stairs. I know that’s crazy, but I fell down them once {long story, ha} and I was bruised for weeks. Crazy how you start worrying about your parents once you get older. :)

All in all, I want to say publicly to my parents how proud of them I am. They are so classy and do things right. They have always made me look good and trained me well. I am so thankful for them. Also, they taught me that you CAN raise kids in a nice environment. Our houses always looked like this and we survived. ‘Course my mom spent most of her life cleaning and my dad spent most of his life yelling, “Keep your hands off the walls!!” hah. Oh and we did get a good spray down at the backdoor with the garden hose before we were let inside the house. No kidding. My parents are awesome!! ha. I love you Mom and Dad. Thanks for letting me share your house with my friends.


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Monday Ramblings

Well, it looks like it’s that time of the week again…where I ramble on and on about life and so on. :)

First, how was your weekend? I hope you all had a wonderful one. What do you do on the weekends…run around like crazy or try to relax? I usually try to just relax, but Saturday was a busy day, plus we’re potty training Evy {she’s doing AMAZING…except for #2, more on that HERE} so it was a busy weekend for us. Thank you to everyone who offered potty training /#2 on the potty help, I will keep you posted on how that goes.  PLUS, Jake woke up with the runs and throwing up. FAB. Poor guy. I hate when he’s sick {and he hates it too}. Feel so sorry for him! So I’ve got one sickie and one potty trainer. FUN! :)

Here they are amidst a TON of luandry. Evy is wrapping her baby in the clean clothes! ha!!

I am ashamed to say that I completely forgot to post the winner of our lovely sponsored giveaway from Totes In Tow. We contacted the winner, but never told you all who it was!!! ACK!! So sorry about that!! The winner is the lovely Heather. Have you checked out her new look on her beautiful blog? You need to! She is such a doll and posts such great posts! Head on over and check her out.

Anyway, congrats to Heather! Out of all the giveaways I do, I am always so shocked and surprised when the random generator picks someone I know to win, especially since I rarely personally know the winners. So congrats Heather!

Didn’t win? Check out Julie’s shop…I promise you, you will love the bags! Evy is STILL playing with both of them and its been a couple weeks. She puts all her dolls in them and carries them around. :) Click HERE to see Totes in Tow’s shop and HERE for her facebook page.

We are having another sponsored giveaway TOMORROW, so tune back in then! :) 

I want to thank everyone who read and entered in the Food Friday Link Up!!

I am shocked that 3 people linked up!! ha. I sincerely didn’t think anyone would! Thank you, thank you! We’ll try it again this week, so make sure have your Food Friday post ready!

Have you seen the weekly deal for this week??

It’s the Mini Black Simple that I know your little one will LOVE! From now on, the coupon code for all the weekly deals is BARGAIN. The amount that will come off the price will vary, but will show once you enter the code at checkout. This week, you will walk away with this very basic and oh so essential hoodie for the low price of $29.95. NOT BAD. Click HERE to purchase. Enjoy!

If you followed the Spring Line Launch you’d know that the Blush Diana Wrap was a huge hit. In fact, I only have two size large left in the stock {HERE} and no more material to make them again.

When my seamstress was going through her material at the beginning of the launch, she noticed several that had a very, very faint small faded line that stretched across the width of the back of the wrap. It was so slight that when she brought it over to me, I couldn’t even see it. In fact, when I tried to photo the imperfection, it didn’t even show up on camera, its that slight. Anyway, regardless of how little the line is, it is an imperfection so therefore you benefit! The oops wraps are $25 off and are listed HERE.

Do you remember when we used to do Tell A Friend Tuesday on our Facebook page?? Well, we’re going to bring it back!! This week we are going to share this picture

This is the Chevron hoodie being modeled and I only have a handful left of this one. Tomorrow we will share this picture and then on Wednesday I will let pick a winner. You will receive this lovely cut off as a prize. So you think you can share??

Remember, every time you share the picture tomorrow, you must comment under the photo for each time you share it. All the comments will be tallied up and then put into a random generator which will pick a winner. 

Have you been following my sister’s progress on her trip across America? If you homeschool, you will want to follow her. She and her friend Shelly are driving 5 kids across America in a RV…they will be gone for 2 1/2 months. They are stopping at wonderful historical sites and they kids are getting an amazing living history class.

My sister is blogging about their adventure HERE. If you read her blog, make sure to mention that you came by way of her loving sister!! ha. :)

We have TONS of scraps in the shop and some nice long pieces {around a yard} in all the Diana Wrap fabric. I have put together 6 lb boxes of the fabric…we have all the colors of the Diana wraps mixed in there, the fabric is all prewashed and is gorgeous. The price includes shipping.

You can purchase them HERE.

And in closing {I know, you are probably thinking THANK GOD!! ha} if you ordered a Spring item on opening day this month, you should receive a shipping notification tonight or tomorrow morning, so be on the look out. If you ordered a Chevron, those will go out on Thursday. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.

Thank you friends! Happy Monday to you all!! xoxo

New Shoes and Potty Training

Happy Sunday everyone!

This is my little girl, in case you didn’t know, and she is a mess. I love her so much. She truly is the most determined child I have ever meant…a Wollmer trait she inherieted, poor thing. But this determination just makes you love her even more, she will move mountains someday.

She is wearing the new Charcoal Lacey Zip Up, by the way. :)

Anyway, see those Uggs she has on? Not sure about your family, but we are a big Ugg family over here. Well, everyone except Brandon, that is…but still, we love them. These Uggs she has on have lasted her for a year. The key is to buy them big and then they can grow into them…but I digress.

So anyway, see how her toe is pushing out of the front of the shoe? Right. Poor Evy literally has NO shoes that fit her. Every pair of shoes looks like that and the poor baby has started complaining her feet hurt, so my mom and I took her to Nordstroms to get her feet measured.

She measured a size NINE. She is currently squeezing in size 7.5!!  Oh boy. So we {Or I should say Mumsy} promptly bought her a bunch of shoes. Evy was so cute about it and had the best time being waited on, getting her foot measured and trying on tons of shoes. She loved it. A total shopping diva! ha. She must take after her Mumsy.

And this poor kid…we really wore him out! :)

So, I need your help. Let’s talk about this for a second…

On Friday morning we decided to start potty training Evy. We have needed to do it for a while, she is SO ready. But I finally woke up with the guts to do it. Jake was miserable. SO SO miserable {HERE}. But thankfully, Friday was a breeze. She went pee on the potty every time I asked and even told me once she needed to go. We even ran some errands and she went potty in a public restroom. SCOORE! We had a hard time yesterday, especially since we spent the afternoon shopping with her, but I didn’t worry much about it since I remember the second day with Jake being torture as well. But over all she is doing awesome.

Insert what I consider to be the key to potty training for my family: lots of fluids and trips to the potty every 20-30 minutes, whether they need to go or not. And treats. We do chocolate every time she goes, but a treat always helps. And don’t kill me, but we do wear pull ups at night. They are lifesavers, and I feel strongly that night training takes longer than day training.

But here’s where I need your help. So Jake went #2 on the potty before we even got to pee. But Evy is TERRIFIED of going #2 on the potty.  So much so that this morning I found her hiding in the room and doing her do in her undies. Ugh.

So I’m needing suggestions! I absolutely cannot change poopy undies. Poppy diapers is one thing…undies another. I am more prone to just toss them…but I can’t stomach how much that would cost. ha. Fill me in if you’ve had experience in the won’t-go-poop-on-potty department.

Big hugs friends!!