Team Ashley: Tee Shirt Update and Some More LBB Hoodies!

Well, it’s almost here….the anticipated auction to raise money for Ashley of Lil Blue Boo is only one week away. Are you ready??

The online auction is taking place February 27-29, 2012 at 8pm PST/11 pm EST

For more information please read the FAQ HERE.

Just a couple things that need to be addressed:

First, please remember that unfortunately we are no longer accepting donations for the auction. We have been swamped with donations and although we would LOVE to include everyone, it just isn’t feaseable for our small team. Still want to do something for Ashley? Please remember the donate button on the sidebar. Anything you can give would be awesome!! OR, show up for the online auction and purchase something. There will many beautiful items available. Thank you so much for your interest and support. Please plan on coming back to this blog this Thursday for a sneak peek of a few items listed. I really think you will love everything!!

Second, a tee shirt update. The Donut tees are slowly shipping this week and next. PLEASE be patient with us. Between the two tees Stephanie released we have hundreds of tees to ship {it’s nearing the thousand number} and only two working moms are packaging them and shipping them all out. They are working daily on them and into the wee hours of the morning. Currently they are shipping the donut tees only. The Fear Will Not Rule tees will start shipping in several weeks, more info to come regarding that. Again, your patience would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your donation to Ashley with these tees… EVERY PENNY COUNTS!

Lastly, my seamstress, during our material clean up last week, found little more LBB material. This one is from their spring line that I collaborated with Ashley on and made some matching hoodies specifically for that line. I only have a few, but the designated proceeds will go directly to Ashley’s donation fund.

Mini Holland Days Zip Up HERE

Mini Swiss Miss Zip Up HERE

Thank you friends for all you do! See you Thursday! xoxo

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{DIY} w/ Evy’s Tree: Crackle Paint

I have always wanted to try Crackle Paint. Brandon and I gave it a whirl once upon a time on an old dresser we attempted to paint pink {which is now white and in Jake’s room} but for some reason it never took properly. But I just love the look of crackle. Old and flaky is my idea of perfection, as most of you probably know if you have followed me for a while…Rachel Ashwell Shabby chic is so me! ;)

Several months ago I bought at Homegoods a new corkboard for my kitchen. The only color they had was a green color, which I really liked, but when I brought it home I realized it really clashed with the rest of the green in the kitchen.

And yes that is WWD being used as a protector. Ignore the “partied out” caption. I didn’t even look at what I taped on until I saw these pictures, ha. 

At first I thought we needed to just white wash it, but after playing with it, I realized that wouldn’t work. So crackle paint to the rescue!

I bought mine at Lowes and just followed the directions on the back. It was super easy and pretty fool proof {not sure how I messed up before??}. Anyway, the directions are pretty clear and straightforward, you can read them HERE. I just wiped down the corkboard frame with a rag and then put a single coat of the crackle on. I made sure to follow the directions and go in one directions. I did make it a bit thick in one place, which you don’t want as when you put the paint on it, it won’t crackle properly.

I let the frame dry for an hour and took a flat latex paint in white and brushed one coat over. It started crackling immediately. The key is to keep brushing in one direction and don’t go back over a section otherwise it gets really clumpy.

When I was done I added this clear coat protectant over it. It was suggested by the sales guys at Lowes. I have mixed feelings about it. First of all, it does help with keeping the flaking down and will keep the frame looking nice for years to come. Also, its not as messy. On the down side, the flakiness isn’t there like those old pieces. It is also rather glossy, which I didn’t seem to mind on the frame, but I did add it to my little vintage stool in the kitchen and although it helped it from being flaky, it did give it a sheen which I wasn’t crazy about. Either way, I think overall it’s probably a wise choice.

So again, here is the end result on my pantry wall. I love it. Check out the whole kitchen if you’d like HERE.

Have you ever crackled anything? Love to see your crackle jobs :) xoxo

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House Tour: Kitchen Before and After

So I have a confession for you….I’ve always been a bit leary of doing a house tour. It just seems kinda egotistical. I’ve never felt that way by reading other people’s house tour posts, which is weird. I love all the house tours I see out there and don’t feel strange about theirs at all, but doing my OWN house tour…I don’t know. Can’t really say I was hip on the idea.

UNTIL…we gave our kitchen a face lift. Ha. Let me tell you, I saw instantly why people were so excited to share what they have done. You put all this hard work into a room and realize that it doesn’t get viewed very often. Not to mention that we found a bunch of easy ways to make our kitchen look great for very little money. So, with these thoughts in mind, I decided to do a little house tour with you. Over the next couple months I’ll show you the rooms in our house and what we did to make them look like they do. I’d love to see some of your house tours as well! If you have done one recently, or do one in the future, would you share it? It’s always so much fun to see people’s houses.

So our kitchen. I have a weird thing about kitchens. They really are the most important room in the house to me. The kitchen and the family room. Those two rooms matter. I guess it’s because I spend so much time there. Want in on a little secret? I clean the kitchen and family room EVERY NIGHT. The rest of the house I pick up only when I’m up to it. Shhhhh….don’t tell anyone. :)

Anyway, when we bought our house there were two things I absolutely hated about it. Only two things, everything else was livable.

1. the interior paint color

2. the dated kitchen

Honestly, there was really nothing horribly wrong with either of those two things, but I knew that they would drive me nuts in the years to come if I didn’t change it slightly. So therefore, the most money in the house has been spent on paint and kitchen appliances, namely the refrigerator and range. ha. You would be amazed at what a couple nice coats of paint can do.

So I guess for you to get my point, you have to see the before. Here it is:

Not bad right? But very dated. Stained oak cabinets and trim, formica countertops, ceramic tile flooring….

It had a couple things about it that was amazing. First the layout was nice. Also, it had this beautiful brick work in it.

And a lovely breakfast nook, which I was SO excited about….

and a nice desk area with additional cabinets

But overall, it just wasn’t ME. Thankfully, there wasn’t too much we couldn’t do ourselves, except for the painting as we needed to move in pretty quickly and if we decided to paint the entire house {everything was this color} we would be at it for MONTHS. Even my contractor brother who says you can everything yourself said there was no way we could do that job. So we had to hire a team of painters {which took them almost 3 weeks to do the job!!}. Otherwise, most everything we were able to do on our own time and on the side.

Side note here: My wonderful General Contractor father in law would come every other weekend and work on this kitchen with Brandon. They did almost everything themselves. I adore those two and feel so grateful for them.

You can see my Pinterest home board here to see what I was thinking design wise. I loved the brick and really wanted to go with an old bakery feel. I knew with painted cabinets we would lean more that way anyway. So, after the painters left, we started the tedious job of tearing out what we didn’t want, which included countertops, stove top, oven and this small countertop area next to the pantry. We did save all these cabinets though…keep your eye out for them in a second. :)

And yes, we did this all AFTER the kitchen was painted. It was a major pain, but again, we needed to move in and since we were doing the “face lift” in our spare time, we knew it would take a while. Notice also in the picture a trash compactor to the bottom right?? Well, more on that one later too. :)

So now that you know what it looked like before, here’s the after picture:

From this angle you can see that we tore out the stove top and added a range where the refrigerator was supposed to be. We put a built in fridge where that section of cabinets came out of. We also added marble countertops {thanks to a GREAT deal from my dad’s countertop lady}, subway tile backsplash, a farmhouse sink and glass in the cabinet next to the sink. Oh and hardwood floors. I am proud to say that my husband and his dad did those with some help from Johnny Watkins, a young man from our new church. :)

Here’s the breakfast nook. Again, Brandon and his dad built the window seat.

A couple special things about this room… the table is a repurposed table that Brandon put together for me. We found the base {Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic base} on Craigslist and then found the table top at Goodwill {it was a table before Brandon cut it off}. He refinished the top himself. I have a DIY post for that coming up soon.

The chairs are from Target and were a wedding gift from Brandon’s parents. They are a bit small for the table now but I love them, they are so easy to clean. While we were on our honeymoon I saw that Bon Appetit sign in the Disney World France pavillion. Brandon bought it for me and gave it to me for our first Christmas. The green pillows were finds from Homegoods and Ross and the white pilliows were oldies from my mom’s stash. They are at least 30 years old. :)

The seat cushions are the most expensive things in the room. I bought them from here and I made slipcovers for them using an ebook from this blog and material from here. The chandelier is from here and the round piece above the chandelier {someone please help me, I can’t remember what it’s called????} is from a vintage store down the street from our house. It was $4! I made the cord cover…have a DIY for that one too. :)

So I knew I wanted a farm house sink, but WOW…have you ever priced those suckers? Uhhh, no we couldn’t afford one. I finally found this one {ps, I think they raised the price, we paid a $100 less}, for more than half the price of a regular farmhouse sink. Still more than what I wanted to pay, but trust me when I say, its gorgeous!! It looks just like the expensive ones.

Our faucet is from the same site, here, and we chose to attach the dishwasher to the garbage disposal, so we only had 3 holes. I thought it looked more vintage that way. To fit the sink in, my father in law had to cut a space out and then fill it in. He cut down the cabinet doors, we didn’t buy anything new for that area. He did a great job!

The subway tile was from home depot, and it cost no more than $75 to do the entire wall. Brandon’s dad put it in and Brandon grouted it. The dishwasher was a craigslist find.

We wanted a professional range {who doesn’t??} But couldn’t afford the Viking or Wolf. We chose the American Range and it was MUCH cheaper than the others and just as good quality. Since we had a such a high powered range, we needed a good hood, which I admit, has been our biggest struggle in the kitchen. We didn’t want to tear out the cabinet as then we would have to repaint the ceiling and the wall, so we needed something that didn’t cost an arm and a leg that would fit in the cabinet. Luckily for us, our local appliance shop had a Viking insert that was being clearanced out that fit perfectly in the cabinet. If you are familiar with Viking, you know you have buy everything separately so it didn’t come with a fan. My father in law took the fan from the stove top we tore out and connected it. Genius, and free! :)

Once we had the insert in though, we didn’t know if needed a skirt. We went back and forth about it for about a month and finally one day I saw a magazine picture of a plain hood, so Brandon put up some trim and it looks AMAZING. I really, really love it and was only $25 compared to the $300 or $400 a stainless steal skirt would have cost. Thank God for that one!

Remember the trash compactor? Well, it HAD to go. Can’t stand those things. But Brandon loves it so it is currently being used in the garage. :) Anyway, I needed more cabinet space, so my father in law got a $59 oak cabinet section from Lowe’s and put the door and the drawer in the place of the compactor. Brandon built some shelves inside. I also needed more drawer space, so my dad in law took out the long blank that was there and added two drawers we had from the cabinets that was pulled out of the fridge area. It’s all a bit off and mis matched, but what bakery kitchen isn’t?!?

And last but not least the area where the fridge went. We didn’t plan it this way, but we had to get a built in fridge for this area. I am not proud of the fact that this item is the most expensive thing in the house. Oh boy. But it is pretty amazing and does make the kitchen I think. Notice the drawers to the left??

Well, that is the cabinet that was in the fridge spot. My father in law is amazing, that is all I can say. He cut the cabinet down and made it fit in the area where the old oven was. So now I have PLENTY of drawer space!!

The microwave is the very last thing that needs to be tackled. Because its such an odd space, we need to purchase a special microwave and to be honest, we just can’t bring ourselves to do it right now. Hopefully soon we can make the jump. We’ll keep you posted on that one.

The wooden stool was a craigslist $40 find and the apron hanger holding my collection is from Anthro.

Well, that’s it! I hope you enjoyed the kitchen tour! It’s been so much fun to do, and to be honest, not as expensive as we had planned. You CAN make your kitchen work for you, just be creative. You don’t always have to knock it all out and start over. :)

Again, I’d love to see your kitchen if you’ve done a post on it, just leave your link in the comments! Thanks for reading…xoxo

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Food Friday: A Well Stocked Pantry

Happy Friday to you all! I hope you had a wonderful week and are ready for the weekend! We have a 4 day weekend over here, Jake has no school today and Monday. I was supposed to head down to San Diego for a wedding of some dear friends, Abraham and Vanessa, but true to my kid’s M.O. lately, Evy came down with a 103 temp yesterday so Brandon had to go without me. Not really sure why that has happened to me over and over the last several events I have planned to go to…but God knows. Although I get extremely frustrated about it, I just have to trust that He knows what’s best for me. :(

Vanessa and Abraham, WE LOVE YOU. We are so proud of you and I know God will bless your marriage and life together. Thank you for including Brandon in the ceremony. He is so proud of you Abe. We love you both.

So this wedding talk is a perfect intro to today’s Food Friday, as this is essentially a young couple post, hopefully you all don’t mind!

Several years ago a very good friend of ours got married. We had the couple over for dinner a few weeks before the wedding and she was telling me that she didn’t know how to cook, had no good recipes to try and was a little worried about it. She asked me to help her learn. After they left, I had an idea for her wedding gift…. a recipe binder filled with all my favorite cookbook recipes.

I wish I had pictures of it, but it turned out darling! I copied all my favorite recipes from the cook books I loved {which I’m pretty sure is illegal now that I think of it?? ha oops} and then hand wrote on little cards my favorite personal recipes. I also included several pages of what I considered a “well stocked pantry”. Tucked inside the binder was a gift card to my favorite grocery store for them to get started on some of these recipes.

I think it was the most effort I have EVER put into a wedding gift. I was so worried they wouldn’t like it, but the day after the wedding, I recieved a phone call from the bride. I remember feeling super awkward that she called me the day after their wedding! ha. Anyway, they didn’t leave for their honeymoon until two days later, so they spent the day after the wedding opening gifts. She said our gift was their favorite one and they just had to call to thank us….they loved it that much. She kept telling me, “We haven’t called anyone, but we just HAD to tell you how much we loved it.”

Oh boy that made me happy! ha. :)

I thought that today I would share with you what I consider to be a well stocked pantry. My list has changed over the years, especially since I have had kids. I think that this is probably a very personal list and will vary from household to household. Regardless, I believe it’s very important for YOU to know what your well stocked pantry looks like so when you go to the grocery store you don’t have to constantly write list after list, you know exactly what you need and get it. As a creature of habit, this is super helpful for me. Even more importantly, you will find that most of the recipes you are drawn to will use ingredients that you most likely already buy, which helps make cooking easier.

So here we go….


yes, I’m so kind, I included snap shots of mine, I know you’ll love it. ha. And by the way, I need to go shopping, so not everything I include on the list is here. :)

And here’s what I have in my fridge:

Brown organic large/jumbo eggs, Organic 2% milk, *String Cheese-Individual packages, *Cheddar Cheese- slices, *Cheese –shredded Mexican blend, Parmesan Cheese – both grated and block (You can purchase cheap @ Trader Joes), Goat Cheese, Organic Half & Half, Organic Heavy Whipping Cream, Sour Cream, Organic unsalted Butter, yogurt, spreadable butter, buttermilk, Mayo-Kraft Brand, Regular yellow mustard, Dijon Mustard – any brand, Whole Grain Mustard- any brand, ketchup, Organic Peanut butter, Organic low sugar jam, A1 sauce, Salsa, Maple Syrup- Grade A , Cherry Tomatoes, Fresh Basil (especially during the summer), Shallots, Garlic, Red Onion, Yellow Onion, Celery, Carrots, Potatoes- variety of red, russet and yellow, Lemons, Limes, Yellow and green squash, sliced turkey, apples, oranges, grapes

*I Purchase @ Costco


Kinda stressing as in the picture the frost on the freezer looks like dirt?!? yikes, sorry its just frost. ha

{Most items can be left in your freezer for 6 months}

Cut Spinach, *Whole Chicken Breasts {cut in half for cutlets}, *Beef- Ground, *Beef- Tri Tip cut, *Beef- Filet Migon, Croutons, Bread – Sourdough sliced and Whole Wheat, Bags of fruit – raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, Peas – petite and regular, Pearl Onions, Artichoke hearts, frozen pizza, breaded chicken strips

*I purchase @ Costco in bulk and then split into dated Ziploc bags by small servings.


All Purpose Flour, Sugar – white, brown and powdered, Sugar in the Raw, Crisco, Softsilk Cake Flour, Polenta, Honey Maid Graham Crackers, Baking Soda, Baking Powder, Chocolate Chips – Semi sweet & white, Hershey’s syrup in can, Olive Oil, Vegetable Oil, Champagne Vinegar, Balsamic Vinegar, *Red Wine – Usually Merlot, *White Wine – usually Chardonnay, **Nuts – variety (almonds, walnuts, pine, etc), Chicken Broth- low sodium, Pasta- {bow tie, penne, egg noodles, lasagna, spaghetti, fettuccine, elbow}, Canned Marinara sauce , Canned Tuna & Chicken, Canned beans – {refried, Cannelloni, garbanzo, kidney}, Pimentos, Crushed Tomatoes in juice, Tomato paste, Pureed Tomatoes, Artichoke hearts, Canned Salsa, Jello – variety (for last min desserts J), Brownie Mix, Instant Espresso- I get Medaglia D’Oro brand, Chips & Crackers-Corn, pita, whole wheat, Oatmeal – both instant and regular, Boxed cereal, Lipton chicken soup mix, Cooking spray, Mac and cheese, variety of teas, variety of cereal bars

*I buy the cheapest brand @ Trader Joes

**If you are not a big nut person, buy these as you need and then freeze the leftovers.


Thyme, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Cream of Tarter, Oregano, Basil, Vanilla extract*, Coconut extract, lemon extract, whole peppercorns, Kosher Salt*, Blue Star All Purpose Seasoning*, Lipton Onion Soup Mix*, garlic powder, onion powder, Italian Seasoning, Crushed Peppers, Dill Weed*, Bay leaves*, Anise seed, Paprika, Chicken and beef broth powder, ground black pepper*, table salt*

*MUST HAVES – World Market carries hard to find spices

* * * *

Well, that’s what I have in my pantry! See, once I have a well stocked pantry, I can make almost anything my family eats. Every week I just restock what’s out. I wish I could say I have been good at menu planning over the years, but I just can’t get in the groove. I don’t like to be tied down to anything, but with a well stocked pantry I don’t have to be. At a moment’s notice I could make any of my family’s favorite meals like this one, this one, this one or this one. No need to run to the store, it’s already there! :)

So tell me…what’s your go to items for your pantry?? xoxo

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WWWW {What We Wore Wednesday} and Shop Update

Well, frustrating times over here at the Evy’s Tree studio. I tried for FOUR hours last night to upload this weeks pictures into the post. My blog just didn’t like me! :( I resized and renamed them a million times and still no luck. Been trying all morning as well, and JUST NOW got the pictures to upload. UGH. So sorry. We some cute ones this week too……

Beautiful Leighton the Giraffe Brilla from our fall line. DARLING.And Robyn, I LOVE this picture of her in the Polka Dance Brilla. Such a beautiful picture! {had to resize it for my blog to load it, wish it was bigger for you all, sorry! :(}

And lastly, this is Tracy and her two littles. Funny story, she sent this picture over and said “the hoodies are perfect for our Florida winters”…and I immediately knew they were at Disneyword thanks to the doors!! ha! Yes, we have been there once or twice. :) Love it.

The girls are wearing an early version of the Pink Polka Brilla. Sorry, had to resize this one too :( boo.

And on to the shop…I just listed a size run of this popular one. HERE

and my seamstress made an entire size run of the black simple, but I think several of them sold, so catch them while you can. They are ready to ship and will be sent out with Tuesday’s shipment. Click HERE.

And we have it for little ones too!! Sizes 2-10 for your little Evy’s Tree wearer! Click HERE

Well, that’s it! Happy Wednesday…er Thursday! :)

pleated poppy


Happy Valentine’s Day… and the Love available for a limited time only!

Happy Valentine’s Day friends! I am so thankful for the following this “love” day:

1. My husband…the first man to love me enough to make me want to spend the rest of my life with him. He’s pretty amazing. He loves me more than I deserve. And I love him for it.

2. My kids…NEVER have I felt a love like I did when I stared into their tiny faces on the day they were born. They changed my life FOREVER.

3. My Lord and Savior…He loved me UNCONDITIONALLY. Died for me so that I might have life. What better kind of love could we ask for?

What things are you thankful for on this love day??

Jake’s Valentine’s, downloaded from this blog. DARLING

Making sugar cookies for Jake’s school party tomorrow.


Today only, an unlimited amount of Love Hodies are available HERE.

I will take the listing down at 11 PM PST. And don’t forget the discount code: VALENTINE12 to get $10 off. Spend $175 and I’ll refund your shipping.

Happy love day everyone!!


Our Open House and Valentine’s Day Sale

This past Saturday was our family’s open house, where we invited close friends and family to stop by and see our new home. It was so nice to do…we have so many wonderful people who have supported us as a family throughout the years and we wanted to them to see our new little life here in Santa Rosa. Also, we have met many new people at our new church in Santa Rosa who we have yet to have over so it worked out perfectly.

Also, like I said in this post, Brandon and I work best with deadlines, and we had many things in the house we wanted to fix or remodel, so having an open house was a great way for us to get ourselves in motion to finish those things. :)

We had SUCH a wonderful time…so many people came to be with us. It was wonderful. Some people we hadn’t seen for such a long time. It just warmed our hearts that so many people came from towns several hours away to be here with us. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. We hope that you enjoyed your time with us and PLEASE know that you are welcome back any time. Our house is your house.

I meant ask my brother in law to be the official photographer, but I was so stressed out the day before that I forgot. And wouldn’t you know it, he didn’t take ONE picture. ha. Oh well. Brandon did snap a few in the beginning so these are the ones he took. I think they give a little glimpse of the day at least…

Brandon’s dad and his youngest sister, Rachel. Auntie Rachel drove all the way to Stockton for just a couple hours as she had a banquet that she needed to be back to in Stockton later that night. She was AMAZING. She jumped right in and helped me finish cutting up fruit salad. I couldn’t have done it without her. love her so much.

I was so excited to find a beautiful Paper White in full bloom at the local nursery for just $12. I didn’t plan on buying any flowers for the event but I am SUCKER for Paper Whites. They smell heavenly. They sat by the food. And yes, I served this pasta. How could I not? It’s always a favorite and so easy to make. :) I decided to go really simple as far as drinks were concerned. I served water, coffee and Pellegrino with lime. Super easy!
Remember I painted Nannie’s side table? Well, here’s how it looks all together with her tea set and beautiful clock. I love it so much. The side table also housed the coffee, in carafes due to the french press. :) The dessert table. Again, super easy. Chocolate chip cookies with this recipe, Costco apple pie and chocolate cake and some treats from Michelle Maries that my mom picked up that morning. Perfection in my mind. :)

One of our first guests after Auntie Rachel was Jake’s preschool teacher, Mrs. B. I cannot explain to you how excited Jake was to see her. I have to honestly say, I haven’t seen him that excited about people coming over EVER. He screamed, jumped and danced all around the room. Mrs. B was so touched by it that she cried. It was really probably the most precious moment of the day. She brought a little birthday present for Jake and he was just thrilled to receive something from her. Hopefully you can feel the emotion in this group of pictures….

Some of our good friends who came were Glenn and Tim. Tim and his wife Adaria came all the way from Turlock to be with us. We were very honored. Both Glenn and Tim have been friends with Brandon since grade school.Glenn’s gift. Apparently this hung in his dorm room. I’m sure this will be very useful to our family. ha. Glenn promptly hung it over our fireplace. How nice of him.

It was such a beautiful day. The kids ran around like crazy outside and had so much fun. Thankful for such wonderful, crisp weather on our special day.Another special guest…little Chloe. You might remember her from here. Isn’t she GORGEOUS??? Seriously the cutest thing. Chloe’s dad, Thaddeus, another of our dear friends, poses for a picture.We had several people stay until late at night chatting. It was so much fun. We lit a fire and drank coffee and just connected. So nice. Here’s my mom chatting with my sister in law Bryony.
You know, I have to confess something. The week leading up to the open house I sincerely wondered why I was doing such a thing. While my mom and I were pushing a VERY full cart through the Costco aisles I asked her if it was silly to do an open house. She gave me an emphatic NO!! We started talking about how first century Christians were so hospitable. They would put anyone up in their homes without any notice. But Christians today, well, we tend to be more private. Not as willing to have people over. Too busy to connect with others and break bread together. It got me thinking….and during the open house my heart was full. All different types of people from all walks of life were able to connect at our open house. I felt the Lord smiling. THIS is what Christianity is all about…people loving people. In fact, I loved it so much that I’m thinking we should do one yearly, just to give people the chance to connect. So awesome. Never thrown an open house? I encourage you to do it. You will feel the blessing on your home while you connect with those who you love. And remember we have all that we have because of His grace and mercy. I desire more than anything for our home to be used for His glory. I hope you feel the same. Open it up for others…you will love it!!

And in closing, don’t forget the Valentine’s Day sale going on right now:

Click HERE to shop.

Big hugs everyone. xoxo

Food Friday: Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Nannie’s Side Table, and Slip Covers

Hi everyone. My name is Amy and I am sleep deprived. And it’s my own fault. Remember I have that “I can do everything and it won’t kill me” disease I have? Yeah, it’s killing me. Yup.

I went to be at 2:30 AM last night. Yesterday I did the following:

Made slipcovers {something I have NEVER done before, check that puppy off the list ha} for the window seat pillows and helped Brandon bring in the new table {that we piece together, more on that later}

Painted Nannie’s side table. I used this paint. I will give you a run down on how I feel about it another time, but let me just say, it looks awesome!

I know that doesn’t sound like a lot but I also did my shipping and trained a new seamstress somewhere in there. Wow. I’m so tired.

Brandon and I always joke that if we never had people over our house would never look good and it’s sooo true. Am I the only person who notices this about themselves? We intentionally set this Open House to push us to finish doing everything that needed to be done, but wow, it’s so like us to leave it until the last week {or last minute}. Gotta love our horrible procrastination skills. But thank God for company. ha.

So Food Friday. I have this great Food Friday that I told you all about last week but it requires a TON of writing and I just haven’t had a second to do it. So here’s my Food Friday for this week, my breakfast:

Right, I’m not really proud of this. I rarely eat cereal especially sugary ones…I’m a cream of wheat, oatmeal or whole grain toast with fruit kinda girl- but I’m out of all that, unfortunately. Did you know Cinnamon Toast Crunch is made of whole grains and has less sugar than Raisin Bran? Yes, its true! Crazy!

And oh yes, I had coffee in the BIGGEST mug I have. I need it today. Big time.

So I’m off to Costco to get the food for the open house. I’m hoping God multiplies the little I buy to feed the thousands who come tomorrow. ha. Joking…sort of. :)


Don’t forget the Valentine Discount! Enter VALENTINE12 at checkout to receive $10 off your order {sale and discount hoodies don’t apply}, spend over $175 and I’ll refund your shipping!

Team Ashley: More Tees and an Update

Good morning everyone…a little pop quiz here…10 points for anyone who can shout out really fast when the auction is?


February 27-29 8PM PST- 11PM EST

Side note: the auction will be held on a hyena cart site, which we will unveil as we get a bit closer. 

Just wanted to keep you updated on a couple things:

The auction is no longer accepting donations. We have over 200!! So excited about that!! Thank you to everyone who has been so willing to help Ashley!

Please remember the donate button on the right side bar!! If you are anything like me, you will have great intentions to participate in the auction and then the evening of the auction your kids will throw a fit or your house will blow up or something and you will completely forget. No worries. Please feel free to donate at any time with the donate button. The funds go straight to Ashley.

The Donut tees are slated to begin shipping on the 17th….but please have patience with us!! We are doing our best to get everything packaged and out as fast as we can.

Missed the tee?? No worries, have you seen Stephanie’s amazing new tee?!?!? Click HERE to get to her post about it.

I already ordered mine. LOVE IT.

Big hugs everyone…please keep Ashley in your prayers. Thanks for all you do. xoxo

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WWWW {What We Wore Wednesday} And A Chat

Hi everyone…I’m sitting in my studio tonight. Thinking. Here’s me, I’m not wearing Evy’s Tree but I am wearing my favorite American Apparel hoodie I received as a sample a while back. It’s a unisex hoodie and it’s SO COMFY. Anyway, I’m not in the habit of taking random pictures of myself, but I thought would tonight since I don’t have one of me for WWWW…. So anyway…here I am! :)

Jake was home sick today, which is always hard as a working mom. I did get a lot done this morning, but it’s so frustrating to feel yourself start to reach the boiling point when skateboards are constantly being thrust under your feet and your neat piles of organization are ripped to shreds. Especially when I begin to hear myself shout, “don’t touch that” all the time. At that point, I decided to quit work early to focus on him and then finally put him down for a nap {THANK YOU Benadryl for helping him breathe!!}. When Brandon got home from his Wednesday Bible study that he is teaching my mom and I jumped in the car and ran some errands…it was so nice to be with my mom, just her and I. We went to Petaluma and ate a lovely little cafe. I had Chinese Chicken salad and it was amazing, she had creamy polenta and grilled veggies and it was DIVINE.

We went to Petaluma to pick up this chalk paint. Have you ever used it? It sounds soooo cool. Nannie’s table and side table are getting painted tomorrow. Dear Nannie. I hope she doesn’t hate me when this is all over. Especially since I plan on painting her piano next week. Oh boy. {PS. My Nannie died 14 years ago, so she can’t really say much at this point…I think. :)}

Moving on….

I just read two blogs that made me think quite a bit. The first one is from my friend Jessica over at Allora handmade. If you are contemplating starting your own handmade business, I would suggest reading it. It really made ME think, and I’ve been doing this for two years now. The bottom line is this business has to make money, period. Such a great reminder. Read the blog, I think you’ll find it helpful.

The second blog I read was my friend Ashley’s. Most of you know about her, but if you don’t, please read here. Anyway, my heart breaks for her. So very much. Sometimes life just doesn’t seem fair, you know? I have been sitting here praying for her, and several other friends I know who are battling cancer. Despite what I think, I KNOW God is good and His ways are perfect {Deuteronomy 32:4} That gives me hope.

My family is having a open house on Saturday. We are a bit stressed out trying to finish up the entire house and make it look good. Brandon has been working on refinishing the new kitchen table for 4 days straight {it looks AMAZING, btw}. We are exhausted and if you want to know the truth, easily frustrated with each other. {Side note…someday I hope to talk a little about marriage. I have had so many friends silently struggle in their marital relationship and are always so surprised to hear that from time to time Brandon and I have been there too. Marriage problems happen and I wish more Christian women would be more open about them. Carrying on….. } 

Anyway, there have been lots of tense moments over NOTHING…like last night I practically came unglued when I realized that Brandon had PL’d the chandelier cap to the ceiling without putting on my cord cover. Wow, really Amy?!? Get a grip, right? So I have spent a lot of time this week, taking deep breaths, praying  A LOT and asking God to calm my soul so I don’t feel so overwhelmed. It’s just a open house, not a visit from the president for crying out loud. ha.

So yeah…prayers for our sanity would be appreciated. :)

So onto to WWWW….do you wear Evy’s Tree a lot? I’d love to see a picture of you in it. Today I was thinking about how cool it will be to someday see Evy’s Tree walking down the street. Although it has happened to so many of my friends {especially at Disneyland, which is kinda random, ha}, it has yet to happen to me. Someday.

Here’s Jenny’s little girl wearing the Navy Blue Simple. I love how she is posing with her Barbies!

Michelle had emailed me a while back with the proofs from her family’s photo session. I can’t remember the name of the photographer {Michelle, maybe you could offer it?} but I LOVED this picture. She just sent me a picture of it and I wanted to share. Michelle and her girls are wearing the Black Polka Dot Brilla, which I have a few left of in the Discount Hoodie section.

This is my dear friend Amanda. Amanda and her husband Cortt are good friends of ours…both Cortt and Brandon are in the ministry and have a lot in common. And Amanda is GORGEOUS in her winter white Diana Wrap, yes? I have a couple left HERE.

And last but not least, I didn’t get one of me {although today I wore THIS…and I only have 3 left in the shop, yikes!} but I had to share my baby girl. My mom took her to ballet this morning and she had on the pink lacey zip up, our favorite at the moment. I love her. Isn’t she precious?!? And does she not have her Daddy’s face??

I hope you are all well friends. I’m probably just in a sappy mood, but I want you all to know that I pray for you…all my readers and my customers. I know its crazy, but it’s true…when you buy from me, you aren’t just supporting me, you are supporting my entire family. So thank you. We all thank you.

This is from my friend Susan…not sure where she found it.

Much love. xoxo


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