Team Ashley: SUCCESS!!!….and some Hyena Cart info

I struggle on how to begin this post…words just don’t come. We can excitedly confirm that an exponential amount of money has been donated. Even more than we could have ever imagined or hoped. Wow. Hopefully this will help the Hackshaws breathe a little easier in the months to come. This auction was definitely one for the record books!! You all are amazing!!!


Just a few things to address:

1. Hyena Cart seems to be having some issues. Shipping should NOT be paid by the winner, unless you are international, then you will pay the shipping difference. If you are receiving a shipping charge on your invoice, please hold off on paying it until tomorrow. We are working to fix that tonight. If you have already paid the shipping costs, please feel free to email Lisa at and she will refund the cost for you. So sorry about that- a little glitch in the system.

2. If you purchased anything that requires international shipping, you will receive an invoice from the donor with the difference. A prompt payment would be appreciated.

3. If you are a winner of an item, you should receive an invoice from Hyena Cart sometime tonight. Once you receive the invoice, please follow the prompts and pay within 24 hrs. If you do not receive an invoice, please log into Hyena Cart and click on your shopping cart. Your item should be there as well as directions on how to pay from there.

4. PLEASE REMEMBER: your item will be shipped to the address on your paypal account.

5. If you won a custom item, the donor will be in contact with you soon. Please give us a couple days at least to sort out donors/winners and make sure all the donors know who their winners are. Thanks for your patience there.

6. DON’T FORGET THE DONATE BUTTON!!! If you weren’t able to get what you wanted, would you consider donating the cash you were going to spend through the donate button? All the money goes directly to Ashley’s donation account, she gets 100% of it. Thank you in advance for that! Every little bit helps!

Again, thank you all so much. If you have any questions, please email me {}. Team Ashley is working very hard to respond quickly.

Big hugs to you all. xoxo

TEAM ASHLEY: Today Is The Last Day and a SURPRISE!!

Dear friends…WOW, WOW, WOW.

We here at Team Ashley have no words. We are shocked, humbled, grateful…there are really not enough words in our vocabulary to explain how we feel about the massive support we have felt for Ashley over the last 48 hours. It is safe to say that we raised an exceptional amount of money for the Lil Blue Boo family. There are sincerely no proper words to really say how we feel other then…


We love you all so very much. I know that sounds crazy to say to a bunch of people that we don’t know, but we do mean it. You have shown true love by giving like you have. Thank you again, so very much.


A little something to thank YOU! If you haven’t already heard, we have a little surprise for you. I’m pretty sure you will love it. Last night we listed our very last two items. They are HUGE. Are you ready?

YES!! You read that right… 1 person gets 30 entire minutes of early shopping with a Matilda Jane stylist at the famed 435 Event!! PLUS…you get 10 items of your choice for FREE.

Pretty amazing ….

There are two of these slots available HERE. The bids are pretty high at the moment, but if any generous soul wants to break the bank, I would say NOW is the time to do it!!

And there are also a bunch of great items that have not been bid up to an extremely high dollar amount yet, so if you are looking for a way to donate money but don’t want to donate cash, then we would love for you to bid on those items. Especially the golf items, some great mommy items, a wonderful full day wedding consulting, a private in house wine tasting and some AMAZING photography sessions.

And don’t forget the donate button. We completely understand that some of the listings have gone higher then many of you can afford, so if you wanted to spend some money and can’t find anything to bid on in your price range, donate button is your best friend! :) It is here on this blog and also on the Hyena Cart site. We will leave the donate button up a little after the auction, so if you didn’t get your item, you can donate your money at that time too. Hope that helps some of you.

Lastly, please remember that the auction end times are scattered throughout the listings so make sure you watch what you are wanting, but the entire auction will close TONIGHT at 11 PM EST {or two minutes after the last bid}.

And if you are new here and don’t know where to go to bid… click the darling little fashionista our own Stephanie Corfee designed

Big hugs to you all and again….THANK YOU!!! xoxo

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TEAM ASHLEY: Hyena Cart is LIVE!!

TODAY is the day!! The auction for Ashley starts TONIGHT at 5 PM PST/8 PM EST.

Are you ready? I hope you have already headed over and gotten a Hyena Cart username and password. If not, please click HERE and do so. You will not be able to participate in the auction without this.

HERE is the auction cart. IT.IS.AMAZING. We are in awe of all that people have done to help Ashley. I know she is too. Her family has been touched by this token of support so very much. I don’t think there are words to describe Team Ashley’s thankfulness to all these donors. To all of you who have donated, THANK YOU!

And to you who will bid…we can’t thank you enough.  Although you can’t start bidding until tonight, please take some time and preview the items, share them with friends and get ready to start bidding TONIGHT. Please, please, if you don’t participate in the auction, consider donating a couple dollars through the donate button on the sidebar. There is also a donate button located on the top and bottom of the page in the Hyena Cart as well. Remember, every penny helps…even just $5!!

Just a few reminders regarding the auction:

* Please remember to bid responsibly. Do not bid on something you have no intention to pay for. For questions regarding the auction, please visit the Auction Policies as well as the FAQ.

* Team Ashley is a group of working moms who have donated their time to help raise some money for Ashley. We are doing the BEST we possibly can, so if you are concerned about something, we ask that you be patient with us and keep “Choose Joy” as the motto of this auction. :) Thank you in advance for all your understanding and grace you extend to us during this week. 

*If you have any questions, please contact me: Although I will do the best I can to respond as quickly as possible, if your inquiry is not urgent, it may take me 24 hrs to return your email. We are being bombarded with emails already and the auction hasn’t even started!  Again, thanks for your patience. 

So pass the word along today please! Tell everyone you know to bid on something when the auction starts tonight….such great things. Thanks again to you all for your love and support for Ashley.


PS…PLEASE pin this!!! Thank you!

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This Weekend and New Sale Items!

This weekend I sold at Western District Ladies Conference in Sacramento and it was so nice to see so many of you. Thank you so much to you read this blog and follow along. I have to be honest and say I’m slightly embarrassed by the fact that you do. ha. Not sure why, but thank you all the same.

I ended up having to take Jake with me as Brandon was called out of town at the last minute, so unfortunately I didn’t get to attend the services. I did get to take Jake to the mall and get him some new shoes. My word, that kid doesn’t stop growing!! He has gone up a whole size and a half in the last 6 months! He now wears a boys ONE! Yikes. I always have him get one pair of vans and a pair of Nikes {since he is flat footed and they have the best support}…and here are the vans he chose.

Hideous, right?

Well, apparently not. When we got home last night, the new Crewcuts catalog {we’re big fans} was in the mail and look what was featured in it!

So apparently Jake has pretty good taste. Not surprising, have you seen his dad? Yeah, good taste there too. :) I would have chosen the classic grey and black vans, but that’s me. simple. Oh well. As long as it’s not skulls {why in the world are they considered suitable for kids?!?}, then I can’t really argue with him. Glad he’s happy AND in style.

We also got to run down to Stockton to see our dear, dear cousins Brooke, Jon and their girl Maddie. Brandon’s sister threw a surprise 30 birthday party for Brooke, so we were able to be there for an hour of it. SO good to see Brooke. She moved out of state over a year ago and we miss her so much.

And of course, Jake being himself with his cousin Maddie. He loves her!

We did have a great weekend and Jake had so much fun “living in a hotel and helping Mommy sell hoodies.” He’s such a cutie.

And how about a sale??? We’re doing spring cleaning and getting ready for our new Spring items {shooting for March 9}, so all the fall items are marked down and being discountinued….


Take 30% off ALL sale items!!!!!

Yup. Just enter SPRINGCLEANING at checkout and you will get 30% off the already marked down price. I know, pretty cool. Click HERE to shop the sale items.

Sale items only and can’t be combined with any other offer. Sale items are a final sale.

Also, I have moved all the Lacey Zip Ups and Simples to Discount Hoodies. They will now be $49.95 ALL THE TIME. But…I will only list what I have in stock and they are a final sale. I hope this helps some of you.

So please head on over and do some shopping! Big hugs to you all! xoxo

TEAM ASHLEY: Hyena Cart Info

Auction is ONE AND A HALF DAYS AWAY…Just a quick update…

Do you have a Hyena Cart account? If not, you need one in order to participate in the auction. We suggest you get one ASAP.

Click HERE to get one!

See you Monday with more info and the Hyena Cart reveal! xoxo

TEAM ASHLEY: Auction Sneak Peek and Info

The auction is just a couple days away…are you ready? How about a little preview of a couple items that will be available? Seriously, the items offered are AMAZING. As I have said previously, we have over 200 items up for grabs, we sincerely hope that you find something you love in the auction that you are willing to spend some big money on.

BUT…can’t keep up with auctions? Feel the prices get higher than you can afford? No worries…give whatever you can through the donate button on the sidebar! We’ll keep that button up for a while, so even after or during the auction is acceptable. Hope this helps some of you who want to give, but not through an auction.

Now, the auction….

First, I have to mention a very special touch you might find throughout the auction. Many of the talented designers have used this amazing fabric created by Stephanie Corfee {who is also AMAZING, more on her in a second}. It is an exclusive fabric so keep an eye out for it on auction pieces…

 Now on to some sneak peeks of items that will be up for grabs in the auction.

This stunning quilt from Jaybird Quilts.

The fabulous set from the oh so popular Chimi and Changa

Remember Stephanie Corfee?  She put together this gorgeous set, one of a kind of course! See? Amazing, right?

And last but not least…hold onto your seats doll lovers. A one of a kind Bamboletta doll made just for Team Ashley. WOW!

And that’s just a fraction of what will be up for grabs!! Oh, there will be some Evy’s Tree…BTW! :)

Again, don’t want to particpate in the auction, but still want to help? At risk of repeating myself, DONATE BUTTON. ha. :) But you can also purchase some Evy’s Tree hoodies {read HERE} as well as hop on over to Soren Lorensen…she is doing a little fundraiser for Ashley as well {click HERE}.

Need to catch up on all the auction info? click HERE

Again, every little bit helps! Big hugs to you all and be sure to come back on Monday for the auction shopping cart reveal and the auction! WHOOHOO! :)

PS…PLEASE pin this!! Click pin it below…pinterest is such a great way to help spread the word about Ashley. If you are feeling really gutsy, pin all the photos individually. Thanks friends! xoxo

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The Evy’s Tree Chevron

So today was another day of designing in the studio. All those ideas that have been swirling around in my head for a while are now coming together. It is fun to see things in your mind become reality.

I cannot, however, take credit for this one. My assistant {even though she lives in Stockton, she will always be an assistant to me, ha} Sarah, texted me the other day and said, “Why not do a hoodie based off the whole Chevron print craze?” I immediately texted her back… “I LOVE it!!”

Although I can’t say I have gone beserk over the pattern myself, I do admire it and find it very fun, whimsical, classic and funky, all wrapped up in one. I especially like the color element. For a person who decorates mainly in white, I find color intriguing and exciting, shocking I know. :)

So I needed some inspiration…Pinterest to the rescue!! You can see my inspiration board HERE. Overall, I really loved the prints where the colors bled into each other and weren’t perfectly symmetrical, but almost seemed to carry from one color to the next. I knew I didn’t want our Chevron to really LOOK like a Chevron. I wanted it curve and glide, but still prominent colors and shape. So here’s what I came up with….

A red brown pullover from AA called “Truffle” with its hood cut off. The colors are perfect Spring colors, bright and vibrant.

The stripes are a bit crooked and off…my way of “bleeding” the colors

And the edges tuck nicely under the armpit

And the cuffs along with two inches of the sleeves have been cut off and scrunchy pink fabric is added. The sleeves are supposed to look bunched up on your wrists. So much fun!

Huge surprise for me as this one is a little out of my character, but I had a blast making this one! I do plan on offering in other hoodie colors…any requests?

Oh…and ever wonder what my studio looks like after a day of “creating”?


Oh, and that metal thing isn’t a walker…its a chair Brandon brought me to replace the one that broke the other day. It’s not staying long, don’t worry. ha.

Big hugs everyone, and don’t forget to pin this one!! xoxo

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WWWW {What We Wore Wednesday} and a Weekly Followup

Well, we’re going to start with WWWW this morning since we only have one photo…and its mine! :) ha. No biggie, some weeks we have too many, some not enough…so if you want to get your picture on our blog of you wearing Evy’s Tree, send them my way! {}

Anyway, on Tuesday my little man went to school wearing our fave Evy’s Tree right now, The Marbles. We really, really love this one, so edgy and fun for a little guy. And perfect with Vans! I promise he will get TONS of wear out of it. This one has been washed no less than 40 times and it still looks great. You can buy one HERE.

Dear Lord I love that kid.

So just a little update on the week…how many of you are able to follow with ALL of my posts? Sheesh, I’m telling you, I go from barely posting to posting all the time. So sorry about that, but I guess that is what happens when I combine a family blog with the business blog. Lot’s going on. Hopefully you don’t mind and are able to stick around with me.

Just thought I would easily highlight this past week’s posts. I have to be honest and say, I am SO VERY proud of the second post. We worked so hard on our kitchen and did it mostly ourselves so I feel a huge sense of accomplishment and feel like I can now carry on with life knowing it’s done. Crazy, I know.

Anyway, please, if you haven’t already, head on over and check them all out!

Food Friday: A Well Stocked Pantry

House Tour: Kitchen Before and After Photos

DIY w/Evy’s Tree: Crackle Paint

Team Ashley: Tee Shirt Update and Some More LBB Hoodies!

Recommended Shops: Blog Sponsors

Cornbread and Discouragement

Also, don’t forget to pin links back to Evy’s Tree. It’s a super helpful way to help spread the word about Evy’s Tree. If there is something worthy of being posted in Pinterest, there will be a “pin it” button at the bottom of the post, you can click on it and it send a picture and description right to your pinterest. Easy Peasy!

Linking up with Lindsay today!

pleated poppy

Big hugs friends! xoxo

Cornbread and Discouragement

Today has been one of those days. I hesitate to even write about it because nobody likes a Debbie Downer {DD} and I’m pretty sure I’ve used up my DD passes already on this blog. So being at risk of sharing too much info I’ll just give you a quick run down:

1. Jake has been out of control for days. OUT.OF.CONTROL. He has pretty much given up his naps, but probably still needs them. He won’t listen, talks back, just plain old really, really testing us. I’m currently revamping our discipline routine. It’s exhausting.

2. Evy has entered the terrible twos with a flourish the last month. FAB.

3. Evy’s Tree is…well, it’s also testing me. In more ways than one. Growing pains are always difficult.

4. I think we have some sort of critter in our attic, I keep hearing something running around up there. Brandon has set traps. CREEPY.

5. Have I mentioned Jake is out of control??

6. After weighing myself for the first time in 4 months, I promptly logged onto weight watchers yesterday. wow.

Hmmm. So what did I do about all this discouragement? Oh, I ate cornbread for dinner. With butter. And honey. I have no idea how many points that is, but I had 9 left, so I figure I’m probably ok. {Not yours yet Kelley, I’m dying to make it but didn’t have the ingredients! This is just plain ole’ Trader Joe’s box mix}

So what do YOU do when you feel discouraged? Apparently I eat cornbread! ha. And pray. I do a lot of praying. I have no idea how in the world I’d make it without prayer. So thankful for my faith. How about you?

Oh, I also spend some time focusing on the good things God has given me. Like my family, or my home, or the food that we always have. Or my health. Have you been following about my dear friend Ashley? My word, how in the world do I feel like I have a license to complain??

Please keep praying for Ashley, as well as consider blessing her with a donation or joining in on the auction or buying a hoodie. Every penny counts for her.

In closing, I had a long talk with some friends on our facebook page regarding Evy’s Tree and what you all want/desire/need from us. I’d be interested in hearing your comments too, if you didn’t join in on FB already. Here’s what I asked:

“Hey guys help me out. I’m in the studio designing today…have the bug. :) What is your ideal hoodie? Something different than what I normally sell? And include COLOR preference. :) PS…I’m super excited about what I’m working on. Think you’ll LOVE it.”

And here’s what I was working on:

Please excuse the bad picture…I took it quickly before I left the studio to make dinner, so didn’t get a chance to steam it. The colors are black and grey and it’s left open with no zipper {buttons only}, but does have a hood. It’s super cute on. The sleeves get really bunchy by your wrist which is fun. It will come in navy and orange and maybe a few more colors. I’m toying with the idea of letting you choose your base hoodie color and adding whatever color ribbing you’d like from a couple options. Would love to hear your thoughts.

Oh and it doesn’t have a name. Feel free to contribute ideas. :)

Have a wonderful evening friends. Thanks for always listening {I know, I know, like you have a choice, ha} xoxo

“And we know all things God works together for good of those who love him, who have been called together for his purpose.” Romans 8:28

Oh, PS…please feel free to pin this new hoodie. All you have to do is click “Pin It” and it will go to your pinterest. Pinterest has been super helpful to help spread the word about Evy’s Tree. Thanks friends!

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Recommended Shops: Evy’s Tree Blog Sponsors

This past month Evy’s Tree has done something that we have never done before….we opened up our sidebar for blog sponsors. I have to be honest and say I just never thought anyone would want to advertise on our blog, but one morning as I was doing my devotional for the day, I felt impressed to pray about opening up my sidebar for advertising and giveaways. I spent some time praying and thinking about it and decided that I would go ahead and do it. Just after I had decided that, I opened up my inbox and there was an email from a shop asking if I would do a giveaway on my blog….So I felt that was a confirmation.

I sent out an email to a few friends and mentioned that I was open for advertising on my blog once. I haven’t formally announced that I am taking sponsors, so I guess this is my formal announcement. :) If you are interested in being a blog sponsor, feel free to contact me {}. If you don’t have a button, no worries! Brooke, my graphic designer, can make one for you for a small fee. Hope this helps some of you out. I am also offering monthly giveaway spots for an additional fee.

Every month I will highlight the new sponsors for that particular month. So I introduce this month’s new sponsors:

Doodle Design Shop

Meet Jenny

Here’s what Jenny has to say about her business:

I am a thirty something mama of two spunky kids (Brayden age 8 and Kennedy age 7,) wife to a loving minister husband and an overcommitted crafter.  The Doodle Design Shop studio is in our home so this business is truly a family affair.

 Doodle Design Shop started 6 years ago as a hand painted custom artwork company.  I  traveled to craft fairs and slowly starting branching out to all types of hand painted designs.  However, a few years ago I began making fabric flower pins (thanks to a crafty friend who knew my love for fabric flowers) and it grew from there.  Before I knew it, flower hats had taken over Doodle Design Shop.  Today, we produce several lines of fabric flower hats as well as hair accessories.  Our team consists of other mamas like me who work from home to make fabulous flower finds just for you! 

 I couldn’t do this business without the support of my entire family.  My mom and dad have done all kinds of tasks to make this business a success, especially a lot of kid-wrangling.  And of course, my ever supportive husband continually wades through piles of fabric and hats with a smile on his face.  I am truly blessed!

You can find Jenny’s shop HERE, facebook HERE, twitter HERE and blog HERE.

* * * * * * *

Like a Bubbling Brook Blog

Meet Jaime

Here’s what Jaime says about herself:

My name is Jaime, and I’m a very blessed homeschooling mama with a master’s degree.   After being accepted for doctoral work, God began to give me a greater vision for motherhood, and He graciously opened the doors for me to be a stay-at-home mother instead.  I did work outside the home briefly as a part-time adjunct professor, teaching communications at a private university. 

I’ve been married for over eleven years to the man that I adore.  He’s the pastor of a vibrant church body and loves God and his family with his whole heart.  We have two boys, both of whom God gifted to us by way of adoption. Children are such a blessing, and I am humbled and overjoyed that God saw fit to entrust these boys to us.  I thank Him everyday for them.  

We live a simple life compared to most, I think. We try very hard to be good stewards and glorify God with our health, finances, and time.  We believe that it is primarily our responsibility to train and disciple our children.  We began homeschooling our oldest son in 2009, and it brings me so much joy to witness those “aha!” moments in his life as he learns and grows. We try to eat wholesome, “real” foods.  Many of the foods you’ll find in our kitchen are all natural, and almost everything we eat at home is made from scratch.  I try to share a healthy, “real food” recipe at least twice per month.

 I love to cook, bakeread, tend to my tiny garden, consignment shop, and cozy up with my family. I enjoy a good cup of coffee, as I sit curled up on the couch, Bible in hand, in the early morning hours. As a stay-at-home mama with a graduate degree, I have an insatiable itch to study and research just about any worthy thought out there. I also enjoy the challenge ofliving well on less.

You can find Jaime’s inspirational blogging HERE, her facebook page HERE, and twitter HERE.

* * * * * * * *

Emily Camera//Mary Kay Consultant

Meet Emily  {You might remember her as a model from Evy’s Tree Photo shoots:)}

I am a mom and Mary Kay Consultant who believes is it important to take care of your skin and feel good about yourself. I may be wiping noses and changing diapers all day, but I’m going to feel good about myself while doing it! Mary Kay skin care and cosmetic products have done wonders in waking up my skin after years of trying a plethora of brands. I am now wanting to “pass it on” by being able to offer the products, as well as advice about skin care, to other busy women.

Need some Mary Kay? Be sure to send her an email {} or visit her site HERE.

* * * * *

I hope you all enjoy those sponsors! PLEASE head over and check out their shops/blogs. I know they would love and appreciate your business. Remember, when you support a small business you don’t just support at business, you support a young family, who is often doing their best to make it.

Thanks everyone for all your love and support. You all are the best! xoxo