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LOVE THIS….A friend of mine put this on my facebook wall and I just had to share with you all. I cannot AMEN and AMEN this enough. Yes, shopping from small business might be a bit more expensive, take a little more time, and narrow your choices down just a bit…but in the end you will have a product you love AND help a family who might desperately need it.

Thank you friends, for shopping at Evy’s Tree. My family is sincerely grateful. We survive because you buy. {hey, that should be a slogan, ha! :)}

Much love! xoxo

Bits and Bobs

Yes, I am completely aware that this is MY THIRD post for the day. Sheesh. But if it is any consolation, the last two were scheduled, so I didn’t actually write them today. Yes, I am guilty of doing that from time to time. Hope I didn’t just crush your thoughts of me sitting at the computer all day today feverishly typing away all these posts. ha

To be honest, this has been some week, and I just REALLY need a venting session. Do you mind if I vent? No? Thanks…even though I probably would anyway, its nice to know you don’t mind ha. {side note, do you know that my “confession” posts are most read and most commented on posts?? So crazy to me! Thank you so much for allowing me to be me!! } Anyway, this week has been killer. It went like this:

Monday: Evy threw up once and had a slight fever. Brandon left for Because of the Times. Since I was supposed to join him on Wednesday, I stayed up until 2 AM completing orders and getting my shipping pick up ready for the next day.

Tuesday: I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off dropping Jake off at school, picking up laundry, business meetings, finalizing packages, making sure all Jake’s school work for the week was organized, folding laundry, laying out outfits for my mom {she likes the kids outfits laid out because she say she can’t dress them as cute as me. ha. Have you seen my mom’s clothes? I keep telling her she’s crazy.}, getting our open house invites out, blah blah. My dear friend Heidi came over and finished my invites and helped me get packed. Our kids ran around the house like maniacs. Right after she left Jake complained of a stomache and started throwing up, I mean REALLY throwing up and didn’t stop until around 5 the next morning.

Wednesday: Jake’s birthday. I was supposed to take cupcakes to his class then hop on the airporter and meet Brandon in Louisiana. My flight left at 2:40, which at that time Jake was still curled up lifeless and in a fetal position. The mom in me couldn’t leave.

Thursday: Jake woke up much better. I woke up with pink eye. In both eyes. Right.

Friday: Evy woke up at 5 AM throwing up. She threw up all morning. My pink eye, despite the antibiotics, is still raging.

Me and Ev. And my very, very pink eyes. oh boy.

So tonight I basically threw everyone in bed at, get this, SEVEN THIRTY. Wow. I was that done. I don’t think I have had a week like this in a long, long time. Where I literally felt so spent and defeated. Just done. I had been thrown up on countless times by both kids. In fact, I went through every pair of clean PJ’s that I just finished washing on Monday. Yes I did. And my eyes are wow, so annoying. I think I have had total maybe 12 hours of sleep all week. And I felt so frustrated that I didn’t get to go meet up with Brandon as I knew it was important to him.

You know, it was just one of those weeks.

But you want the truth? Here it is: I knew this week was coming. Why? I can’t explain it to you, but I KNEW I wasn’t supposed to go to Louisiana. I think that is probably one of the craziest statements I have made in a long time, but when Brandon booked our tickets and I found out the dates, and I saw I was going to be gone during Jake’s birthday, I felt right then and there a check about going. Brandon was REALLY, REALLY bummed, but he kindly understood. He jokingly tells me that people think he has a fake wife since I never go anywhere with him. That always gets a HUGE laugh out of me because all they have to do is read this blog and they will know there is no fakeness about me. But I understand what he means.

If you read this post then you heard me say I don’t like conferences. I am sure many of you are shaking your head in shame, but please hear me out. I am introvert and large crowds TOTALLY overwhelm me. I was telling Heidi this and her response was, “Amy, you are the most social person when you want to be.” And she’s right. My mom taught me back in grade school when we first moved to Santa Rosa and I was starting a new school that, “To have friends, one must show themselves to be friendly.” So I learned right then and there that even if I didn’t feel like it, being friendly meant you make friends. So I am amazing at socializing- when I want to be. But large church conferences are still slightly stressful for me.

But that isn’t why I felt not to go to this conference. I just felt deep down inside that I was meant to stay home. Normally, when I am scheduled to go to a conference, I can get over the stress of the whole thing and center myself…telling myself that I am going to love it and get something great from the conference {because I always do}, but this time around I couldn’t find that in me.

So weird.  But now, after this crazy sickness week, I see why I felt that way.

I don’t know if God preordains sickness or not, but regardless, this was definetly NOT the week for me to be gone. I was going to leave the kids with my mom, who is awesome, but she is well past the mommy years and two sick kids would have been miserable for her. Add in my dad who has Parkinsons and several other health issues and she would have been toast! Also, the one day I would have been at BOTT would have the day I woke up with pink eye. NOT FUN. I can see myself now, walking around, refusing to shake hands because I have this highly contagious goopy red eye issue.


I learned a valuable lesson this week. TRUST MYSELF. I am not stupid. I talk with God. I listen for His voice. And if I am feeling strongly about something, I really need to follow that, even if it is hard on someone you love {like my precious husband-thankfully, after all that happened, he agreed with me wholeheartedly about staying home.}

I want to say this. I sincerely wish I was at the conference. I do feel like for some reason God has put his hand on my head and made me “stay put” so to speak for a quite a while now. I feel like I never get out or go anywhere. Maybe some of you do think I am fake. ha. And that bothers me some, to be honest. I want to meet all of you kind souls who have reached out to me. When I started this blog I had no idea that it would be read as much as it is. I had no idea that so many of you would be so kind to me and connect with me. And I had no idea that honest posts about life, parenting, business would be so welcomed by so many of you.

When Brandon is away, it never fails that when he calls me each night, he says, “I met so and so and they follow Evy’s Tree!” I am so, so, so humbled by that. And a bit scared by it too. I often tell Brandon that maybe God makes me stay put so people wouldn’t find out who I REALLY am {joking, of course, ha}. But I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I do feel that way. I hope the blog Amy that so many of you are so kind to is the same real Amy you meet in person.

So there you have my venting. Thank you for listening. It makes a person feel so good to vent. As I write this, it is pouring down rain outside and a little frog is chirping, or burping? Sheesh what do frogs do? I’m too tired to google it…anyway, he’s making noise outside our window. I.AM.SO.BLESSED. For some reason those noises: the rain and the frog, remind me that God is still here, and that His power is still surrounding me. I love that.

Many blessings to you all. I am signing off for the night and going to spend some time reading my Word. Thanks again for listening. xoxo

Oh PS, I have a whole inbox full of emails. I just couldn’t get much work done today with Evy hanging on me. I will get back to you all this weekend. Thanks! xoxo

Food Friday: Sick Foods

In case you are new around here, we do a little something called Food Friday on The Adventures of The Miraflor Family…and Evy’s Tree. Basically I highlight a favorite recipe, or sometimes it’s a favorite food or restaurant. It’s a lot of fun to share these things with you all, but even more importantly, its a way for me to chronical them for my kids in case my recipe box gets lost along the life’s road. :)

Well, unfortunately the stomach flu visited our house this week. Evy had a touch of it on Monday, but poor Jake got the brunt of it on Tuesday night, the eve before his 5th birthday. Bless his heart he spent his entire birthday laying on the couch sipping ice cubes and nibbling on crackers. I felt so sorry for him.

Yesterday he was feeling MUCH better but he hadn’t eaten any real solid foods so I kept him home from school to get him feeling a bit more up to par. My mom came over for lunch and as I was fixing him up some chicken soup, we started talking about what foods to eat when you are sick. My mom and I got a big kick out of Jake saying, “Mumsy, my mom came up with the best foods for me to eat when I’m sick. Have you tried it?”

We both realized that what I was feeding Jake was exactly what she feed me when I was sick with the stomach flu. In fact, I’m not even sure the packaging has even changed much! ha.

So what do we eat when sick?

Whenever the stomach flu would hit our home my mom would nurse me back to health with jello, Lipton Chicken Noodle Soup, Saltine Crackers and Sprite. Since I don’t let my kids drink soda, I substituted Gatorade for him, which he LOVES.

What does your house eat when your sick? Happy Friday friends! xoxo

K-LOVE’s 30 Day Challenge: Why I Listen To Christian Music

If you follow me on any social network I am sure you have heard me say before that I listen to K-LOVE radio. I have for over 20 years now. I was lucky enough to attend high school with the daughters of the then K-LOVE President {hi Tawnya and Sarah! :)} and I spent many hours helping with Share-a-thons, attending concerts, hanging out with artists. It was loads of fun! But it also deeply connected me to the radio station, which I love.

Right now K-LOVE is doing their 30 day challenge…which encourages their listeners to listen to Christian Music ONLY for 30 days straight. I love this challenge. I thought maybe this might be a good time to share why I choose to listen to Christian music.

Although my mom was raised to believe in God, she was not brought up in on overly religious home. Once she and her family arrived in America from England, they didn’t attend church regularly and besides short prayers here and there, faith wasn’t talked much of in her home. As a young girl, as early as 12 or 13, my mom started connecting with the popular music culture of the 50′s and 60′s and spent many hours listening to the  ”it” singers and bands with her friends. She would swoon over the all the “handsome” crooners out there and to this day has a giant crush on Johnny Mathis {sorry mom for spilling the beans, ha}.

My mom will tell you that she feels music made a huge impact on her choices as a teenager and young adult, which many of them she is not proud of. She became a Christian just before she married my dad and her life was automatically changed. She made sure that her little family, as it grew, would be involved in a Christian environment, and even though we didn’t find our home church until I was nearly 16 years old, she made sure we attended a church every Sunday. As kids we listened to Psalty, Agapeland and other Christian children music, which we LOVED. When it came time for me to listen to something other than children’s songs, she took me straight to the Christian bookstore and let me choose.

I will never forget that day. I was probably close to 7. My mom asked for advice from the clerk at the store and they told my mom about a young singer named Amy Grant. I immediately told my mom, YES! She has my name!! ha. I went home with the album My Father’s Eyes

I was hooked. My Christian music addiction began then, and I’m so thankful for my mom who never introduced me to anything else. Throughout my preteen, then teen, then young adult years, I rarely listened to anything other than Christian music. Why? Well, as I got into Jr High, I noticed what happened to many kids who listened to music that glorified a life style that wasn’t Christ centered. I noticed that some of my friends who listened to such music often became addicted to drugs and alcohol, partying, unpure relationships, etc. I don’t know how my eyes were opened to all that, but I definitely knew that I DID NOT want that in my life. I saw the hurt and shame many of them felt and I was determined to avoid that. I had a happy life, I wasn’t willing to give it up.

So I made a decision that I would not let anything that encouraged a lifestyle other than what I wanted enter my life. Often that included non Christian music.

As I got older, there would be times in my life that I would choose music that wasn’t Christ centered. Often it was nothing centered, just music about life, not bad, not good. Just neutral. When I started dated Brandon, he too loved music as much as I did and also felt convicted to listen to Christian music. But he, being more musically inclined than me, also enjoyed non-Christian bands and their musical style. We listened to many bands together that we loved, we especially had a taste for the more alternative style of music. Every now and then we would listen to alternative radio station in the car when we couldn’t tune into something else. We were in our mid 20′s and we noticed that music didn’t seem to have the same pull on our lives as it did as teenagers. But it still affected us.

When Brandon became the Assistant Youth Pastor at CLC, we started evaluating everything we did through the eyes of a teenager. We quickly realized that teens take everything literally. Everything. If we said we wanted to have a Christ centered life, then we better do it, because they were watching. We started re-evaluating our musical choices once again and we realized that if we wanted impact teenagers for the better, we had to make a strict stand on things that we felt affected them. So we once again made a decision to listen to nothing else but Christian music. I am so glad we did.

As we eventually became the Lead Youth Pastors, we started to see how music REALLY affects kids. Trust me when I say this, music is POWERFUL. Very, very powerful. It can make you feel and see things that you would most likely never see. Don’t trust me? Put on a Christmas music album. How does it make you feel? Ready for Christmas, right? Or how about a love album? I bet that after listening to a couple love songs you start to feel loving thoughts towards that special someone. Put on some rage music and see how fast you start feeling like you want to take over the world. Or some Emo music…watch how fast you start feeling a bit blue.

Music is that powerful.

So Brandon and I have decided that for our family, since we are SO heavily involved with young people, and because we have small children, that we would take the “Christian Music Only” Stance. We feel our lives are more spiritually healthy like this. I keep K-LOVE on all the time, and I can’t tell you how many times I catch myself praying, or talking to God while a song blares over the radio about the unfailing love of Christ. I find myself happier and more peaceful on a daily basis, and I know that the music I choose to listen to has an impact on that.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t in any way, shape or form judge others who don’t listen to Christian music only, or even think everyone should make the decision we have. This is definitely a personal decision that is unique to you and your life. But I do think that taking a 30 day challenge like the one K-LOVE is encouraging is a great way to start out a year. I KNOW it will refresh you and create a good foundation for the rest of the year. Because, like I said, music is powerful. Give it a try…take the challenge, I bet you’ll agree after that!

Thanks for listening friends! Anyone else taking the 30 day challenge? xoxo

Oh PS, looking for some good Christian music bands/artists? Let me know, I can recommend a ton! Or perhaps you have a favorite Christian band you’d like to recommend, feel free to put their info in the comment section so others who are looking can check them out. Thanks!

I was in no form reimbursed for this post by K-LOVE Radio and I am not affiliated with said station. My opinions are mine alone and I was not asked to write on K-LOVE or anything they are supporting. 

Mommy, Daughter and Dollie Hoodies?

Yes, please!!

 I’ve had several requests for matching Brilla sets at the discounted price of $145 {normal price is $160}, so I decided to offer them in the shop. You can choose any in stock Brilla you would like for this set, as long as we have material to make it. Just put the name of the Brilla you want all three items to be in the notes to seller on paypal payment page. Please allow at least 3 weeks for your items to ship. Turnaround time is approximate.

I hope this is something all of you would enjoy! Click HERE to order.


WWWW {What We Wore Wednesday}

Ok friends, confession time again: I haven’t done a WWWW in weeks, if not MONTHS. Sorry. :( Let’s try this again, shall we?

First, I want to show a bunch of pictures of my friend Andrea. She is the sweetest lady, I have been honored to have met her in person. She is the lady who flew all the way from Texas to be part of a Sam Hassas Photo shoot with her beautiful daughter Bethany. They are so sweet, these ladies. Anyway, She sent me a bunch of great pictures a month or two ago and I have had them sitting in a WWWW file and not had one second to use them.

She is wearing here the Winter White Diana Wrap. I LOVE how she wears it so many ways. This is exactly what I do with my wraps. :)

And here she is wearing the Boom Town Brilla, which is sold out. I LOVE how she is wearing it over her uniform. Anyone else wear Evy’s Tree to work? Share it with us!

This little man belongs to Autumn, and Autumn…thank you so much for emailing me these pictures. You are so right I don’t get enough little boy WWWW’s so THANK YOU! And your boy…OMW, he is STUNNING!! Seriously. His face is just gorgeous.

And wearing the Chocolate Brown Ronnie:

I love this Photo of Julie’s little one. She is wearing a Pink Simple and I love how she wore it to the Christmas tree farm! I love your Christmas tree, by the way!! :)

I love this picture. First, this is Suzanne, and we went to Bible College together. Isn’t she beautiful? And second, she lives in Arizona, but still loves Evy’s Tree. I LOVE that. She is wearing the Chocolate Brown Jackie, which is since sold out, but I do have the Black Jackie still in the shop. 

Ok, my nieces are a crack up. They have been helping me pin and ruffle hoodies and during a work day they found these hockey trading pictures of my younger brother Brad, their Uncle. They DIED laughing at his mullet. We took a picture and sent it to him. It was a kick.

Brooke, my niece on the left, is wearing the women’s Marbles, which, in her opinion, is the perfect “tween” hoodie. :) It is currently on sale in the shop.

And last but not least…me. I am going to try to remember to add one of me in every week, however I hate to inform you that it will probably always be this one. I ADORE the lacey zip up. I wear it all the time. Here’s one of my signature outfits with that lacey, a black maxi skirt, grey tee, red toms and the Black Lacey Zip Up. PERFECT comfort in my opinion!

Do you have a picture you want to feature on WWWW? Just email me!

Thanks friends! Linking up with Lindsay:

pleated poppyxoxo

Happy Birthday Jake!

Today my boy is 5. I.CANNOT.BELIEVE.IT. You can read a little how I feel in a very rambling and typo filled post I did sometime in the middle of night HERE. ha. Anyway, if you read that post, you saw that Jake has the stomach flu. Holy Cow. I have never seen him so sick. Seriously, that was an adult size stomach flu. Boy, what a way to make mom feel helpless. He is feeling a bit better tonight, thank God. A little fever and isn’t really interested in food, but I can tell he feels a LOT better than he did last night. That was heartbreaking!

I felt so bad he had to miss his class party. He was so excited about the cupcakes. I doubt he’ll be able to go to school tomorrow, so we might have to bust open those cartons and try a couple….if he feels up to it that is. Maybe we’ll take them and pass them out to the neighbors.

I didn’t get to meet up with Brandon. My flight left at 2:40 and at that time Jake was still laying on the floor in a fetal position half dead. I just couldn’t do it. Call me a crazy mom, but I have to answer to God someday about how I did as a mother and I would never forgive myself if I didn’t follow my heart and what I felt was right for my family, you know? I was so sad, there are so many of you beautiful people out there who I have met online or through my husband’s ministry and I have been so excited to meet you in person. Wish I could have made it happen this time. Next time for sure!!

PS…I have been so stressed about trying to get to this trip and Jake being sick that last night I licked the entire jar clean of my Coca Almond butter from Trader Joes. Don’t worry, there wasn’t much in there, but seriously….when you get stressed you eat. Isn’t that in the parenting manual somewhere??! ugh.

So Jake…all year long he has been asking for an ice skating party, so last Friday he got one. He has not gotten over the ice skating we did with Acts29 in Stockton last Winter. {Which, if you Acts29ers remember, was when he broke down screaming and kicking when it was time to get off the ice, right..that one} Anyway, all year he has been saying he wants an ice skating party…and then more recently he started telling us he wanted a Barbie birthday party. This was after he attended his friends Ava and Alyana’s birthday and every gift they got was a Barbie. Must have left an impression on him. Well, you can imagine that we conveniently nixed the Barbie part…thankfully. ha.

 The ice area in Santa Rosa holds years and years of wonderful memories for me. My younger brother started playing hockey when he was 5 and I joined the figure skating team around that time too….we literally LIVED at the ice arena several days after school and every weekend. The Redwood Empire Ice Arena is a bit famous…it was built, owned and operated by Charles Schultz, who was the creator of Snoopy and Peanuts. In fact, “Sparky” as he was so lovingly called, was actually our neighbor….he lived several houses over from our first house we lived in when we moved to Santa Rosa. I have many memories of him sitting by the fireplace in the Warm Puppy Cafe and chatting with my parents and others while we skated. He was a very nice man. Today, they have created a little museum above the gift shop on the campus, where you can learn more about Mr. Schultz and his creations. It’s actually a great place to visit, if you are ever in my area.

Anyway, when I was in high school I stopped skating and really haven’t spent much time at the rink since then{although I still have my skates}, so it was a kick to go back. It looks almost exactly the same. Crazy how they have maintained it. They did a GREAT job hosting a party…the only bummer was we were only allowed 15 kids, so that was KILLER on Jake who wanted to invite the entire school and church practically, but in the end we settled for the boys at school and just three friends from church, and family of course.

He had a blast! I was mobbed by the group of little boys desperately trying to see all the gifts while Jake was opening them…and I’m sure it didn’t help that Jake kept screaming, “Let’s attack my mom guys!” over and over. I’m thinking I need some self defense courses. ha. Jake also got to go in the middle of the hokey pokey and ride the Zamboni at the end. It was fabulous and such a great way to ring in his 5th birthday….

The sign in the Warm Puppy Cafe….

Being sung to….

Being mobbed by all the cutie pre-Kers. 

My girl has her Daddy’s lack of fear. She is SO brave. She begged and begged to “skateboard” so I popped my knee high socks on her {that became instant tights on her} and got her some skates. I’m not kidding when I say she stood up like this ON HER OWN and started walking out to skate. Seriously. She is amazing. Please ignore the pizza on her face. ha. 

Evy and her cousin Lincoln are too peas in a pod. He did the exact same thing as Evy and was a pro. :)

My boy. I LOVE him. Love, Love, Love him. He is so cute.  

Jake and his two best buds from church, Joshua and Marion.

Evy was helped around the ice by her cousin Brookie. Oh boy I love these two.

Evy and her Auntie Bryony. This is Lincoln’s mom, Evy resembles her so much I think, especially in the mouth and nose.

Jake in the middle of the hokey pokey

Getting on the Zamboni. He was a little freaked out and it took some coaxing from Brandon.

But he was soooo excited once on and the rest of the group stood by the side and cheered him on. It was so cute!

I call this the paparazzi photo. I love these two. They’re pretty handsome, yes?

Brandon and Jake

So we had to recreate this picture…somewhere in my computer files is a darling picture of Brandon at his 5th birthday party. I wish I could find it but every time I try to access my external drive my internet goes haywire, so I’m not going to fool with it anymore, but when Brandon had his 5th bday party, his mom lined up all his gifts and had Brandon stand there in front of them, proud as can be. We tried to do that with Jake but all we got was either a dead pan stare or crazy off the wall laughter. So we went with the laughter. Oh boy.I love you Jake! You are so amazing. I thank God every day that I get to have you in my life. You are a shinning star in my world. Happy birthday!


I Had No Idea…

…that five years ago my life would change forever. No idea. Five years ago today, my baby boy came into my life. And I have never looked at things the same since.

You see, I never was a “kid” person. I didn’t baby sit {well, I did once, but the baby screamed the entire time and when they asked me back a second time, I forgot to show up. You can imagine they never asked me again. Right, definitely not baby sitter type material. ha}, and I never asked to hold people’s babies. Ever. I just wasn’t interested. In fact, I basically had to talk myself into starting a family…I was turning 30 and I knew if I wanted more than one, it was now or never. So, we got pregnant.

But I had no idea how much it would change my life. When the Dr handed me that screaming baby after a very traumatic labor and near C-section {I delivered him on the operating table…he had a cord wrap and I was being prepped for a C-section when his heart rate evened out and I miraculously dilated to from a 7 to a 10 in 15 mins} something happened to me. I had never, NEVER, EVER, felt that way before. Never. I fell madly in love with that baby. And I haven’t stopped loving him since.

I have always said, I wish there was some way to prep yourself for having a baby. Don’t get me wrong, you can read all the books, talk to all the right people, attend all the right classes, but nobody can ever explain that mother instinct that comes over you while you lay there after birth. There is just nothing like it. I remember on my second night at the hospital, someone set off the alarms by getting too close to a door with their baby’s ankle alarm on…and the sirens starting going off, “Code Blue in Maternity” was shouted over the loud speaker, and nurses frantically started counted babies. I laid there in my little hospital gown clutching Jake and thought, “Dear God if anyone tries to steal this baby I will drop kick them right here and now, with my buns hanging out of this hospital gown…yes I will.”

The materinal instict is that strong.

Well, tonight, on the eve of celebrating my dear baby boy’s 5th birthday, I feel that instinct again. I am sitting in my bed, while my precious boy lays on the floor wrapped in whatever clean blankets I can find. In between groans and “This is absolutely terrible, Mommy!”…I rub his back as his throws up in the nearby pot, and put a cool wash cloth on his face when he is done. What a way to ring in a birthday. And what a way to remind you how much your love your babies.

Tomorrow was supposed to go a little differently…We ordered cupcakes and had a date at 8:30 with his class for a little class party. After we celebrated, I was to hop on the airporter that would take me SFO so I could join Brandon at Because of the Times, a conference for ministers and their wives in Louisiana. At this point, me joining Brandon looks a bit unlikely. I am feeling horrible about this.

See, God was so good and gave us tickets to get there, a place to stay for free, and a cheap rental car. When Brandon told me about this, I excitedly said, “Book the trip!” If you read this post, then you know what a miracle that is for me to say that… I absolutely do not like Conferences. Sorry, but its true. But we had never been to this one and always wanted to go. Brandon was SO excited to say the least. I literally NEVER travel with him, so for me to go to this was big for him. He booked the trip and casually glanced at the calendar. I had no idea it would fall on Jake’s birthday. None. My heart sank.

I made a promise a while back, after missing Evy’s 2nd birthday do to a trade show, that I would never do that ever again. Especially once the kids got in school and they knew it was their birthday. Neither us really realized the dates conicied, unfortunately. So Brandon changed my ticket for me to be able to take cupcakes to Jake’s class, and then I could join him. But it looks like I won’t be going at all now. ugh.

Yes, I had no idea. None, whatsoever. But I’m glad I didn’t. Because it wouldn’t matter. I wouldn’t trade one second of a minute of it, its that special. I would give whatever I could to my babies. They are that amazing.

And now, I really see, Christ’s love for us. A Father’s love for His children. I see it. I get it. It’s simply unbelievable.

I love you baby boy. Thank you for changing my lift 5 years ago. Get better. And happy birthday!

I Have Been Wearing….

…the same thing for three days in a row. Yes. 

Before you judge me let me explain…I work in my sweats. Why? Well, you can’t imagine the large amount of fabric bits, glue and thread end up on me by the end of the day. My clothes are getting few and far between, since I don’t shop much, so I try to keep things nice and wear them only when going out…and stick to sweats that don’t matter during the day. But if I leave the house I HAVE to try to look decent. Because if not, I will sincerely wonder where I have gone.

Anyway, Brandon takes Jake to school most days he is in town, and picks him up as well, so sometimes I don’t leave the house much. But the last three days I have had to run little errands here and there, totaling an hour or two a day and I realized yesterday, when I was getting dressed, that I have grabbed the same outfit every day. Without even noticing. Oh boy. What has become of me?!?

I will not be wearing this today, for any of you who are wondering.

And lastly, I only got half way through THIS pile of laundry last night

So this morning Jake had to wear mis-matching socks.

To say he was a little irritated about it was an understatement. He was appalled. {He is so his father’s son! shh, don’t tell Brandon, ha} So I kept asking him if he’d noticed his teenage cousins lately?!? They are ALL wearing mis matched socks! Am I the only person who’s noticed this? I’m going to snap a picture of my nieces next time they are here, but their socks never match. Now, not sure if this is a new trend or if this is just because of the same problem we had over here this morning…but if it is a trend, I have to say, they have figured out what I’ve known all along…mis matched socks are COOL. Even though I never did my mis matching on purpose…still it’s cool, right?!?

Anyway, that is all for today. We are having Jake’s 5th birthday party {his birthday is next week} at the ice arena tonight. He is SO EXCITED. He has wanted to go to the ice arena for his party all year. I, on the other hand, am stressed to the max because first of all, they don’t allow chairs at this session, so am I going to have a bunch of crying 4 or 5 year olds slipping and sliding all over the ice, to be scarred for life and never want to go ice skating again? And furthermore, the party room only fits 15 kids. Do you know how hard it is tell Mr. Social he can only invite 15 kids?? Right, I’ll be glad when this is over. ugh.

Oh and have you checked out today’s Food Friday?!? It’s a good one.

Much love friends. xoxo

Food Friday: Amy’s Pot Roast

Well, it’s back. And I’m going to do my best to be faithful to it. Since I really hope my kids keep this blog as means of family history, I hope to keep record of my favorite recipes and places to eat. Some weeks Food Friday might be a recipe, other weeks it might be a simple picture of a great restaurant, but either way it will be a food post. And I would love for you to join in. Perhaps I will even do one of those linky things someday, we’ll see. Would you share your favorite recipes with me? I love to try new things…I’m sure I’m not the only one who starts feeling like they are making the same thing over and over, right? It’s always nice to get a new recipe or hear of a great new place to eat.

{Oh, side note here, but speaking of linky’s check out my friend Heather’s HERE}

Anyway, my pot roast. There are a few recipes we eat OVER and OVER around here and this is one of them. I did put this recipe out on my blog a couple years ago, but not with pictures, so I thought I would do that now. I have no idea where I got this one. I made it up somewhere along the line, probably in the first year of our marriage. I am famous for “Oh look, this is all we have in the pantry so let’s dump it in a pot and see what it does!”. Right.

So somehow I came up with this and we love it. This is a crock pot recipe and during the winter I would say we eat it two to three times a month, maybe even weekly. Here’s what you need…oh and I use TriTip cut. You could probably use a round roast, but I can’t promise it will turn out the same.

{1} TriTip, mine are usually around 2-3lbs

Salt and Pepper

{1} packet of onion soup mix

1 1/2 C. Dry white wine or cooking wine

1 1/2 C. Chicken Broth

1 1/2 C. Water

{1} yellow onion, quartered

Start by rubbing the tritip down with salt and pepper, and placing in the crock pot

Then add the onion soup mix

Then add the equal part chicken broth, wine and water

Then your quartered onion

And cook for as long as you can. I usually try to do 10 hours, but 8 is fine too. Anything less than that and its not as tender

I serve with mashed potatoes and carrots, sprinkled with Italian parsley. I promise, it melts in your mouth.

Well, that’s it for me. Any of you have a good pot roast recipe? Happy Friday all!