Buying Appliances Off Craigslist

So, I am very pleased to tell you, I have had about 4 or 5 very successful purchases off Craigslist since moving to Santa Rosa. There have been several things we needed and craigslist has come to our rescue. My favorite two purchases so far have been Evy’s Ikea bed that we bought for $60 and then repainted, and a GORGEOUS Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic table base that we are going to add a top too….more on that soon.
Anyway, despite some really successful transactions {buying and selling}, I have to say I learned my lesson when it comes to buying appliances off Craigslist. :( Boo. I thought I would blog about it so that none of you make the same mistake. How’s that for friendship?!? ha. 
So here’s the low down…as I mentioned before, our home was a foreclosed home. The bank had come and done some very interesting improvements to it. Namely, paint {HORRIBLE}, new carpet {livable}, and appliances {black. need I say more?}
Here is what our kitchen looked like before we moved in:
Right. Not bad, but not great. The house was built in 1985, can you tell? :) The bank added all black appliances. Here’s a very bad picture of the dishwasher:

It was a bottom of the line GE, although a decent bottom of the line. When we painted everything white, the poor kitchen lookd so sad with the black appliances. Since the painter took almost every cent we owned {literally} we needed to do an upgrade to the kitchen on a dime. We had $200 to put towards the dishwasher, and obviously that wouldn’t buy us much. So we listed the above dishwasher on craigslist for $200 and got a buyer pretty quickly. Now we had about $400 to put towards a new one.
We started searching craiglist. I knew I wanted to go stainless steel, so that’s what we put in the search bar. I found an add for a stainless steel GE dishwasher for $550 about an hour an a half away from us. It was listed as “new” and in a “model home” and had a picture of a generic dishwasher. It did list the model number so I googled it and found out it was selling for $799, so the $550 was a good deal, but not what I could afford. I emailed him and asked if he would take $400. He said no. Oh well.
About a week later he emailed me back and said he would take the $400. Here’s where I should have stopped and thought about it all. I wish I had googled the model number again, but I didn’t. I did ask for actual pictures though and here’s what I got:

And the original picture he sent me, from some website.

They look decent, I guess. The fact that they weren’t in a house should have kinda concerned me, but oh well. Anyway, we agreed we would go. We didn’t think about the gas it would cost us to get there, which was a result of the fact that he emailed me the week we moved to Santa Rosa, and we were a bit brain dead. That it would cost us at least $45 in gas never crossed my mind. 
We followed the address and ended up at a storage center around 6:30 PM. It was dark. The man let us in the storage unit and there were tons of appliances. We felt a little silly as we really had no idea what to look for as we had never shopped appliances before. There was a piece slightly cracked in back, which ended up being the drain pump, but it looked like it would work, so we didn’t make a big deal about it. The man said in the emails that he had the owners manual {even put it in the pictures} but when we got there, there was no owners manual. He must have staged that one well. We did take the dishwasher, and when we paid him, he didn’t even count the money. 
The whole thing was sketchy. 
When we got home, we had to order a new $50 part for the cracked pump, new $45 hoses {since it didn’t come with any} and it still didn’t work, we had to call the GE reapairman to come out and look at it. $99 later, our dishwasher worked, but according to the repairman, it was not new…it had food in the filter. 
 And here’s the kicker…why did the guy come back and say he’d take $400? GE just came out with a new dishwasher that week and marked that model down to $550. By the time we finished paying for all the “extras” we could have bought the exact one NEW from Home Depot.
So here’s my foolproof buying appliances from Craigslist steps:
1. Always ask for model numbers AND serial numbers. I would suggest asking for a picture of it. I didn’t realize this, but you can call GE {or any brand} and ask for info on the exact product. They will tell you when it was produced and possibly even sold. They can also tell you if there are any recalls on the item that might cause it not to work properly. Here’s what you are looking for:
2. Google the model and serial number and make sure the prices you find online are current before you buy. If the same item is going for what you are about to pay for it, it probably isn’t worth it. 
3. If you can’t plug the appliance in to see if it works, then don’t buy it. That is unless you know the person and feel comfortable with the transaction and/or its worth the amount of money you might lose if it doesn’t work.
4. Ask for the owners manual. If they don’t have it, think twice about buying it, or at least ask for a discount.
5. If anything is cracked or broken. Ask for at least $50 off. Most parts for appliances will run pretty close to that. 
6. Remember that if you have to call the repairman, in most cases its $99 right off the bat. Keep that in mind when purchasing.
7. Make sure you see the appliance during the daylight. Trying to look at an appliance at night will really cause you to over look small details.
8. Buy local. Or add in the cost of gas to the price and make sure it’s worth it.
And don’t forget to clean your appliance. You’ll want to factor that into your cost. For the dishwasher, its pretty cheap. I found this when we moved from Stockton and its AWESOME! Makes everything feel so clean. You can purchase it HERE or at Target, like me. :) It’s around $5.00.

Anyway, I am by no means an expert on this, but this is just my experience. Would love any other suggestions you all might have. Have any of you purchased appliances off Craigslist? Or maybe have some great Craigslist suggestions in general? Feel free to hop in on the convo.

Much Love!

I Wanna Samba….

My kids are crazy. They LOVE this song and it cracks me up how into it they get. Taken by our dear friends Brian and Sarah Regnart the week we moved into the Santa Rosa house. They came and stayed a couple nights to help us get settled. Love them.

So Blessed

Happy Week After Thanksgiving everyone!!!
I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Anything exciting happen? We spent the day with the Miraflors in Stockton. I have to admit it was ULTRA weird packing in Santa Rosa for Stockton. For so many years its been the other way around. Regardless, we drove the two hours and spent the night with my in laws and Thanksgiving with the Stockton Miraflor clan.
Seriously, it was so much fun.  We haven’t spent Thanksgiving with my in laws in several years, so it was a treat to be with them. The kids had the time of their life running around like maniacs. 
Lincoln and Evy, two little twinsies. Pretty sure its all in the hair. ha. 

Jake and Scout.  They have so much fun together.

Love this group.

My younger brother Brad was in town for three days this past week and on Friday we all went over to my parents to have dinner with him. My sister and her family also came and my parents had a big surprise for her. My dad bought a new car so they decided to give his little Mini Cooper to my sister. She was SO SHOCKED and excited!! It was so cute and sweet to see her face. The bummer is she broke her foot over a week ago and can’t drive it. :( But she’s excited needless to say!

We had a great time with Uncle Brad. Good thing he’s pretty buffed. ha.

Brandon had made plans for us to go to Petaluma {about 15 mins outside of Santa Rosa} and check out the Pirates Exhibit at the old library. Jake was sooo excited! He dressed up in his Jack Sparrow costume and about freaked out when he saw Jack greeting us in the front of the library, and so did Daddy.

Getting read too at the museum.

And my beautiful girl…we had coffee at a great little coffee shop called Acres. Evy got a cookie and milk. I LOVE her!! 

 I have just been thinking about my life and all of our blessings. After Brandon being gone nearly the entire month of November, I am happy to say his schedule is more light and local the month of December. I cannot express how wonderful it is to be together as a family. And more importantly, a family who is completely in God’s will. There is nothing better than knowing you are right where God wants you. It gives you SUCH peace. This Thanksgiving I gave thanks for what God has done in our lives and where is taking us. I can’t remember the last time I have felt this peaceful. Thank you Lord for taking care of us and for being our provider. We are beyond thankful!

Many blessings friends. Oh and do you love Evy’s Tree? There’s a couple more hours on this:

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Even more exciting is the 2011 Holiday Line Release:

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Hope you all are having an amazing Black Friday…and HAD a wonderful Thanksgiving! I am counting my blessings today. I feel above and beyond blessed to have such an amazing life. Every detail, even the bad, has made me smile today. How about you?

Big hugs to you all…xoxo

Goodbye Bishop

Yesterday we laid to rest our dear Bishop Haney
Our hearts are broken that he is no longer with us. I spoke a little bit about our Bishop HERE…he was such an amazing man, but more importantly, he meant so much to my husband, and in turn to me. Sometime I hope to have Brandon share some stories of his memories of Bishop. Being that Bishop Haney was Brandon’s pastor since birth, he has some good ones that he cherishes, as I am sure many people do. But I believe the memories that Brandon cherishes the most are the recent ones…the ones made within the last couple years.
When Bishop and Sis Joy came back to Stockton from St. Louis, Brandon somehow became the Miraflor who carried on the tradition of helping the Haneys with any odd job they needed fixed around the house. Brandon also did other things for Bishop, such has help him with Twitter and other technical things, make phone calls for him, and drive him/pick him up to and from the airport when he traveled. 
I can assure you, those moments spent with Bishop were some of the most life changing moments Brandon has ever had. Bishop came back to Stockton during a very crucial time in our lives….a point where God was beginning to work on our hearts regarding our own ministry, and a point when Brandon needed to hear and see an elder in the faith who stepped out…and never looked back. Bishop’s little “mini sermons” in the car on the way to the airport or over the phone would energize Brandon….cause him to work harder for the Lord and continue on the path that God had set him on.
In June, after Brandon met with Pastor Haney regarding our ministry shift, the next person he met with was Bishop. After Brandon spoke with Pastor, he texted Sis Joy to see if he could come over and chat with Bishop. Sis Joy said she didn’t think he was available, but about two minutes later she texted Brandon back and said Bishop wanted him to come over to the house right then. He was just that kind of man, never one to turn someone away. Brandon drove over to their home and had a nice long chat with Bishop regarding his next step in ministry. Like Pastor, he was beyond supportive and encouraging, and they spoke for over an hour about Brandon’s future. Although they saw each other often after that, that conversation was the last long, face to face and intimate one Brandon had with Bishop Haney…one that Brandon will never forget.
Brandon’s birthday fell about a week and a half after Bishop was diagnosed with the brain tumor. Our family spent Brandon’s special day at the mall shopping just for him. While we were in the JCrew men’s section, Brandon phone rang and the caller ID said Joy Haney. Our hearts dropped. We both hoped that if he passed, it would not have been on Brandon’s birthday. Brandon answered nervously, and was greeted on the other end by Sis Joy and Bishop singing happy birthday to him. I will never forget Brandon’s face, as he stood there surrounded by fall cardigans and tables of corduroy pants, with his hand over his heart and tears flowing down his face. That was the last time he heard Bishop’s voice.  Brandon texted Sis Haney and asked her if they could call back and sing to his voicemail, so Brandon could keep it forever. They did…Brandon has listened to it many times since then. I can honestly say that was the best birthday present by far.
A couple days after Bishop passed, Brandon received a text asking him to be a pallbearer…. you can imagine the honor Brandon felt. And you can imagine the shock when Brandon found out he was actually carrying the casket…he thought for sure there would be so many pallbearers that he would just walk behind. That he was asked to carry his beloved Bishop to his resting place was one of the greatest gifts anyone could give him.
The processional carrying Bishop to his Valley Springs resting place. The skies were so gorgeous…such a beautiful evening.

Waiting to carry Bishop…and remembering him with smiles.

Carrying our Bishop…

Singing, praying….such a simple moment, but one he would have loved.

As Brandon and I were driving back down to Stockton, after we had laid Bishop to rest, we both remarked how surreal the day was. Did Bishop really pass? Was that all real? It was almost like we were attending a mock funeral as a practice “if” something happened. Bishop couldn’t really be gone. He was larger than life…he BREATHED life everywhere he went. He wasn’t supposed to die. But he did. And we missed him so. 
But amazingly…the funeral was so perfect. It was so Bishop. You could see him standing in Heaven raising his arm in agreement with the spirit that was felt in the 99 campus. More than 4,000 people…all people loved by Bishop, gathered to remember him. It was like a big party. Like Landmark. Like a fellowship time that Bishop would expect to be right in the middle of. His favorite songs were sang…and you could almost hear him singing along. It was so beautiful. So convicting. So what you would expect from Bishop Kenneth F. Haney.
So to our Bishop…we will see you again someday. Thank you for your example. Thank you for standing up for what you felt was right…and encouraging us to follow along. But most importantly, thank you{and ALL the Haneys} for loving the Brandon Miraflor family. We will forever be changed and be eternally grateful. We love you!
Brandon, Amy, Jacob and Evelyn

WWWW {What We Wore Wednesday}

Hello everyone! So, somehow I managed to miss last week’s WWWW. I am training a new assistant {more on that to come}, so it’s been a bit hectic over here. Before you know it, it’s super late at night, the kids and hubby are home and ready for dinner, and I haven’t finished half the things on my to do list. And to make matters worse….my iphone somehow deleted my continuous to do list, which made me almost burst into tears, as now I have to start all over and TRY to remember what I am supposed to be doing.


Anyway, you don’t want to hear about that…on to WWWW. I have been getting the cutest pictures lately. In fact, I have so many that I’m not sure I can fit them all in one post, so I might have to save some for next time… :) Which reminds me, please don’t EVER hesitate to post a picture of you or your loved one wearing Evy’s Tree on the FB wall or via twitter. I usually always try to retweet if you tag me on twitter….you guys are so cute and I think people really love seeing how you put together different outfits centered around Evy’s Tree. :)

I love these two of Andrea and her puppy Rory. You might remember Andrea and Rory from this post. Rory has actually modeled for Evy’s Tree once upon a time! Anyway, I love how she is wearing it casually and also dressed up with a blouse. I really LOVE how versital the Diana Wrap is. Want one, check them out HERE.I cannot get over how cute little Avery is here. Is she not darling? I especially love her bow! She is wearing The Mini Black Night. Oh and by the way…I relisted some adults and minis in the shop. They are PREORDER, which means please expect a 3-4 week turnaround time.

Here’s Cynthia wearing The Black Night Brilla for adults. LOVE this picture in front of the beautiful Golden Gate on an rare clear day! Again, there are a few listed in the shop as PREORDER.

Deana and her little man at his birthday party. He had a mickey mouse themed party, so her choice to wear the Red Zebra with Mrs Darcy brooch was PERFECT. Speaking of the Red Zebra….What is listed is all that we have left. When moving we unearthed enough material to make a couple more hoodies and I listed them yesterday. Yay!And Kenda, wear my absolute, hands down persona fave hoodie, called The Lacey Zip Up. Do you have this one? If not, you should. Seriously. It’s one of those that looks better after being washed. Kenda has the Navy one on.And precious Riley. I am so honored she is wearing a somewhat “vintage” {ha, from last year} Brilla when she received her money from the tooth fairy. Congrats on the lost tooth Riley!! :) And ok, I’m going to try to be better about putting a picture of myself. I am so leery of posting pictures of me, because to be quite honest, I don’t look so hot most days. I know that Lindsay over at The Pleated Poppy is doing WIWW to help solve that problem, but I just think you guys look so much cuter than me. hehe. So I guess, if you wanted to see more pictures of me, you are welcome to speak up, but for now, here’s one I’ll leave with you….

That’s me, Jake and Evy, and one of Jake’s classmates from this morning’s Operation Christmas Child Service at Jake’s school. Jake’s class did a little song and dance number and it was so cute. You can see a little more about our shoebox here.

Anyway, I have on the Black Lacey Zip up, a long black jersey maxi skirt, my red toms and my red pashmina, with my marmot jacket…ha. :) Like I said, I live in those Lacey zip ups!

Well, that’s it! I’d love to see some comments from you guys…I took off the cache thing…we were getting TONS of spam, so we tried a plug in to stop it, but I’d sincerely love to hear from you. I think we’re going to do a little giveaway here on the blog next week, so stay tuned. :) I hope you are all well and I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday! xoxo

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pleated poppy

Operation Christmas Child

Tomorrow Jake gives his Operation Christmas Child shoebox during a chapel service. We are all invited and apparently his class is signing a special song. He is SUPER excited. 
After school today, Brandon took Jake to the Dollar Tree and let him pick out a bunch of toys for his box. Here’s a little video of him packing his box. Seriously, this kid cracks me up. 

Jake and his box.

Praying for the box.
Have you ever given to OCC before? This is our first time, we have had so much fun putting together this Christmas box for a little boy we don’t even know. Praying many blessings for him and his family. 

Rest…And So On

Beware…lengthy post ahead. oh boy.

We have officially been moved in to our new home for four weeks. It’s coming along nicely over here, I guess. We finally got a refrigerator last weekend…. and it was a beast to bring into our house, but it did get settled securely in the space we created for it, thankfully.
We quickly realized somewhere in that first week of moving that our antiquated heater that came with house was about 30 years old and in desperate need of help. LOTS of help. Ugh. My dad’s heating guy literally spent every day at our house for the first week replacing part after part. Realizing that by the time we replaced every part needed we might of well have bought a new heater, our heater guy {his name is Gary, ha} found us a nice gently used heater that he said he would give us a great deal on if Brandon would do all the wiring in the attic. Three days full of work later, we got a new heater…
The second week brought our marble lady to our house to bring in the countertops and the sink. However, the first time she came with the slab, she realized that it was cut wrong, and had to take it back to fix it. Another week without a countertops, but I can proudly say that yesterday, we got our countertops and sink. So beautiful!!
Now all that’s needed in the kitchen is for the plumbing to be done, the backsplash to be added, the hood for the stove added and then range brought in. Oh and did I mention Brandon will have to repaint everything? oh boy.
We have also been spending a lot of time at the dump. I sincerely feel like we uproot more garbage by the day. Where does it all come from?
Oh wait, it comes from all these boxes we keep unpacking. Sheesh…here are all the books unpacked and waiting patiently to be put away in the bookshelves. Yes, we like to read. So shoot us. ha. 
So you can understand that in between all this unpacking, putting away, remodeling, settling in…oh and did I mention I am training a new assistant? Right. It’s been interesting over here.
To be honest, my emotions are a bit up and down. I feel like I have been on a scavenger hunt of sorts. Like we followed all the clues to end up where we are…and now we are looking for the next set of directions. Kinda like, “Ok God, we’re here…now what?” I can’t believe I am saying this about my own hometown, but I still don’t feel 100% at home yet. Not because I don’t want to be, but you would be surprised how almost 10 years away from where you grew up can nearly erase all memories of where things are. And then when you finally remember where something is, you get there and realized they moved, or went out of business or whatever. So all of this uncertainty has made me feel a bit unsettled. I have to admit, I don’t like change. AT ALL. I don’t like the fact that the Santa Rosa I remember as a teen and young adult isn’t the same as it is now. The truth is it’s better, but I am learning about this better, you know? 
And then there is the whole ministry bit. For as long as I can remember I have been involved in ministry in some capacity. But with Brandon’s ministry now being a traveling evangelist…and we can’t go with him that much, I find myself in a new place contemplating what God has for me to do in His Kingdom. Its unnerving a little, not knowing what God has for me. In fact, its a bit frustrating. I catch myself reminding the Lord, “We have completely halted our lives to do what you asked, please don’t forget us.”
When Brandon and I called all our close friends right after we stepped down from the youth ministry, one of the first things a good friend told me was, “Amy, God worked like crazy for 6 days, and then on the seventh day, He RESTED. ” He then said, “Don’t be afraid to take your time to rest.”
I have to be honest and say when he told me, it didn’t completely click. But last Sunday, during the first service at The Promise Center, I started to feel frustrated again. You know, the what am I supposed to do? Feeling. In between services I was outside in the tent chatting with people and desperately trying to remember everyone’s names and get the feeling of the community, when I started to feel a bit frustrated. I have spent the last 10 years knowing my community 100%. But now, I feel like the new kid on the block and don’t know hardly anyone. I feel a bit left out. A bit out of place. A bit useless.
Anyway, as I sat out there, trying to focus and connect, a dear friend of ours came up and asked me how I was I doing. I told him I felt “useless” and needed to figure out what ministry I was supposed to fit into. Here I was, by myself, while Brandon was away being used and preaching the Gospel…I was here. Doing nothing. I told him, “When do I start to feel like I am REALLY here. I mean, why am I here if I am just being useless?”  He said, “Amy, you are here for you. And you will be useful once the very last box is put away and the very last piece of your kitchen is finished. You will know your place will be at that point and be able to focus once God has allowed you to REST.” 
Crazily enough, my Bible reading the week before was in Joshua 1. And I had highlighted the following Scripture: The LORD your God will give you rest by giving you this land.” Joshua 1:14. Think God is trying to tell me something, yes?
So here I am. Resting. I am focusing on my kids being settled, and my husband feeling supported in his new ministry, and my house becoming a “home”. I am focusing on family first. On ourselves. On OUR.SELVES. Boy, that’s a hard one for me. I am usually so focused on everyone else. On helping people. On ministry. But right now I need to focus on me. And you know, its not that bad. :) 
So here’s what we’ve been doing in our “rest time”….
Cupcake Emma Love, Captain Jack Sparrow Jake, Princess Belle Evy, Monster Jude and Stormtrooper Joshua at Santa Rosa Christian Harvest Party.
Brandon and I celebrated our anniversary a couple days after our date. He took me to the city for dinner at the Cliff House, the same place were my grandparents got engaged in 1927 and where we got engaged 7 years ago with my Nannie’s ring….

After dinner, Brandon walked me down to the cave where he proposed. The one regret he has about his proposal was the candles he had his friends put in a heart and “attempt” to light on a SF windy night on the beach. Unfortunately, they never lit, so this time, Brandon had our good friend Josh Hernandez drive up to the city before us and put these battery operated lights in a heart for us. Yay, it worked this time! So sweet!! :)

And my girl. I don’t get it, but one her favorite things to play with are feminine products. Uh, yeah, I don’t think she’ll like these in about 10 years! ha. 

And Jake had an gymnastic show at school. They offer gymnastics once a week on Tues and they showed us all their moves. So cute!

And lastly, the view out our bedroom window…the sunset. Isn’t God amazing. I’ll say this is a wonderful way  to “rest”.
Thank you Lord for this much needed rest time. You always know our needs. 
Much love friends. 

Hoodie Pop Monday {on tuesday….}

Yes, we are running a bit behind…the heater went our in our studio this weekend, so we had to cut our work day short on Monday, due to some very frozen fingers. But we are up and running now, and the heat is seeming to hang in there with us today. We are getting a new system tomorrow, so we are EXCITED! :)

A while back we introduced Hoodie Pop Monday. It was initially supposed to be for us to show you pictures we have found of famous people wearing hoodies….although we have found a ton of pictures, we keep neglecting to post them, and let’s be honest, what does it really matter anyway?? ha. Seriously, I don’t care who wears what I love, as long as I love it, so we’ve come up with a new idea for Hoodie Pop Monday.

When we left our home in Stockton, I left a wonderful team behind. That was, bar none, up on my list as one of the hardest things to leave. Thankfully, my team of seamstresses still want to work for me, so we have to change our system up a bit. Due to the fact that we only do bi monthly drop off and pick ups, we no longer can offer preorders. The reason being the turnaround time would run into almost 4 weeks….I was just not comfortable with this. Our 2-3 week turnaround time was too long for me as it was, so I came up with a new idea.

Every Friday at 10 AM PDT, we will list as several styles and sizes of new available hoodies. These are the items that my seamstresses have dropped off. They have all been inspected by me and will will ship no later than within 3-5 business days. From now on, we will only ship what we have in our hands.

We hope this will help you gauge your shopping times accordingly, and make you excited about a quicker turnaround time. We have had mixed responses to the turnaround…some don’t mind waiting, other prefer it quicker…feel free to weigh in on your thoughts on that in the comment section! :)

So every Monday, I will highlight what we will be listing on Friday. Sometimes I will give you sizes but I will always give you styles. The styles coming will be marked “coming soon” in the shop so you know what is coming. So far this week we will have a mixture of sizes in the following:

Chocolate Ronnies for ADULT men, sizes S-XL

Marbles for Men and Kids, full size run for kids, med, large and XL for mens.

Mini Grey Ruffle Cardigans for kids sizes 2-6

Adult Ruffle Grey Cardigans, full size run

Eggplant and Navy Ruffle Cut Off, full size run.

Coffee Bean Brilla, Size small and medium, one each

Polka Dance Brilla, size small and medium

Black Jackie with Mrs Darcy Brooch, full size run, including one Unisex XXlarge, which fits sizes 20-22!

We’ll see you Friday, November 11 at 10 AM PDT in our shop {HERE}. xoxo

We’re Back…and WWWW {What We Wore Wednesday}

Hello everyone, we’re back!!

In case you missed it…Evy’s Tree has moved from Stockton, CA to Santa Rosa, CA, my hometown. You can read about the whole move HERE….anyway, here’s our current view from the studios, not too bad huh?

God is good, that is all I can say. I am beyond thankful for what He has done in our lives. And that of Evy’s Tree. It’s a great feeling to know that you life {and your business} is in His hands.

So…the shop is open! yay! We are operating a bit differently around here…we no longer take pre orders, everything that we sell will be in stock and ready to ship, for a couple reasons…the main reason being that our seamstresses are in Stockton and we are doing bi-monthly drop off and pick ups. We just can’t do pre orders in a timely manner anymore. Every week we should have a size run or two of a different style available, so hopefully that will make up for the fact that we can’t do pre orders or special orders. :)

We have a lot listed, so check out what we have HERE.

So on to WWWW…ok, seriously mom’s you are awesome!! Thank you so much for wearing Evy’s Tree out and about. I LOVED seeing so many of you at the Harvest parties or Trick or Treating. Thank you so much. You all are the best.

And without further adieu….

Here’s Rebecca with some friends on a cruise, celebrating the Cardinal’s win. LOVE this!!

They are wearing the Independence Brilla, The Black Night Brilla and the Zebra Brilla with the Mrs.Darcy Brooch.

And Rebecca again with her little darling Trick or Treating. She didn’t send me the picture, but she has two boys and girl and they were all spiderman. I LOVE how she made a “girl” Spiderman costume! Wearing the Black Night Brilla.

Tiffany and her girls at the Harvest Party….wearing the Candy Corn Brilla, which is discontinued.Amberly and her sister and kids. So darling in a Chocolate Brown Simple.And Miss Bonny, our faithful customer. So honored she wore our hoodie as part of her “Flower Lady” costume! She is The Polka Dance Brilla.And this is not a Halloween related one, but this is Lori wearing her Giraffe hoodie from last season on a flight out of town. So cute Lori!!

And last but not least, here’s me. Day one back to work from moving and wearing my uniform…and Evy’s Tree hoodie, a jean skirt, leggings and toms. Seriously, am I the only person who has a uniform??? ha.

Please excuse the sink shot….. :) I’m wearing the navy lacey, which I LOVE and wear at least once a week. ha.

Well, that’s it! Happy Wednesday everyone!! xoxo