DIY {Do It Yourself} Friday: Guest Post and Halloween Wreath

Hey Evy’s Tree!  Hope you enjoyed the crayon rolls from last weeks DIYF and fingers crossed I was able to encourage a few of you to try it on your own!  You can either go back a post or two on Evy’s Tree to find the full tutorial, just in case you missed it, or click here {where it will take you to the tutorial as well, just on my personal blog, The Roseland Family}.
But enough about crayons already!  I am here today to show you how to make this beauty, just in time for Halloween!
This one requires no sewing, so as long as you have a glue gun, you get to play too!
Here is everything you will need for the rosettes/wreath:
glue gun
glue for gun, a lot of it
coordinating fabric
tarantula looking feather {thingie}
grapevine wreath
And everything you will need to make the hanging letter:
{which I have to take you to my personal blog for, sorry, that is another tutorial in itself!  Just click the link when you get to that step}!
ribbon {mine happens to look like spider webs up close}
wood letter
mod podge
scrapbook paper
Alright, now that you have everything, let’s get started!
1.Cut your fabric into about inch and a half strips. Make them as long
or short as you want, but I recommend making different sizes.
2. Hot glue the strip together, so you have the fabric displayed on both sides, better for rolling.  If the fabric is pretty on both sides, you can skip this step!
3. Roll the strip about 1/4 of the way down and then start twisting and
turning the fabric around each other, gluing when needed to hold your
flower together, until the flower is finished!
4. Repeat as needed (think I made close to 50-60?)!
5. Hot glue flowers onto the wreath.  I did no sort of pattern, just kept gluing!
6. Add in tarantula looking feathers as needed (I found mine at JoAnn Fabric Store).

Unsure of where I should put the letter R, but knowing I wanted to include it, I decided to hang it down the middle, so that it looked like a spider was coming out of the web!   This is the part where I have to have you head over to my blog and this post, to show you how I make these letters.  .
The difference in what you will see from the letter below and the letter tutorial on The Roseland Family blog, is that I used craft paint instead of spray paint to
do the black around the R and I used paper instead of fabric (which I
think is easier).  Hope that made sense!  Bottom line, head over here to get what you need!
Ready for the Trick-or-Treaters!
The wreath should definitely come with a little warning, while she is very pretty, she takes a long time to make!  If you are hoping to get this up before Halloween, get started soon!  The rosettes did take me forever to roll, as there are just so many of them!  I suppose you wouldn’t have to make so many either and it would still be beautiful…it’s just my front door is really tall, so I needed BIG!  I wanted that wow factor!Thanks again Amy and Evy’s Tree for letting me stop by!


Praying for Our Bishop

As many of you know, our dear Bishop Kenneth Haney has bee diagnosed with a brain tumor and has been given just a few weeks to live. You can read updates HERE.
The most recent picture Brandon has of him and Bishop…as Sherrie’s wedding in July. 

Bishop and Sis. Joy Haney have been my husband’s pastors since birth. They dedicated him {we still have the silver cup they gave him} they prayed with him, they encouraged him….they loved him. When I came along, they loved me too, so much. They are amazing people. 
The Miraflor family has always been what Brandon and I lovingly dub “Haneynites” :). Brandon’s grandparents moved to Stockton while Clyde Haney was still alive and consider him their pastor. When Clyde passed and Kenneth took over, the Miraflors backed him 100% and would literally take a bullet for these people. They love them that much- their entire family is that important to them. And rightly so, as if you have ever been impacted by Kenneth or Joy, or any of the Haneys, you understand what we mean. 
Our family is joining in prayer with the rest of the world for our Bishop. We love you so much Bishop and Sis Joy!!
Brandon, Amy, Jacob and Evelyn

Jake’s First Day of School and Some More Evidence

Good morning everyone. I hope you are all well. Brandon and I are so very stressed out….we really covet your prayers if you can. We both are exhausted and starting to feel physically sick with the giant to do list that keeps growing daily. This morning Jen arrived and was checking in with me on her day and things that needed to be done and I actually started have a hot flash…if you can believe that!! ha. Jen and I got a good laugh out of it. Apparently stress makes you enter menopause early. :)
Anyway, I have hid away for a few minutes to try and get my mind off what needs to be done. I wanted to share with you Jake’s first day of school. I am very late on this one, but intentionally so, as we did something very risky with Jake and school…we enrolled him in school in Santa Rosa, even before we had the keys to the house. 
Before you panic {as I did when we did it, ha} I must clarify…remember how I said the bank gave us a quick close? Well, I need to give a disclaimer to those words: they tried to give us a quick close, but as it is with all foreclosures, there are many other entities that are involved and need to agree to this quick close. So even though the house was supposed to close on the 18th of August, these entities held the house up until the 7th of September. ugh. 
Anyway, when our offer on the house was accepted, I had to do some quick thinking. I had already enrolled Jake in the preschool here in town where he attended last year. He and we love that place!!! I quickly got on the phone and asked them if they would hold Jake’s spot for a while, in case the house fell through, and they were kind enough to agree. In the meantime, I contacted the school that I attended as a child in Santa Rosa to see if they had any spots for Jake in their preschool program…and they did {which is a miracle, they are a very popular school}!! So I enrolled him there as well, letting them know our situations. 
Ok, first of all…the same lady who worked in the office when I was a kid at the Santa Rosa school is STILL THERE!! YES!! I about died when she answered the phone and asked her how she is still young enough to be working there?!?!? We had a good laugh over that one. Seriously, Mrs. McCloud {Jake calls her “the cloud lady”} you look amazing, not a day older than when I was in school!!
So I digress…SR school had a spot so we enrolled him there too. While waiting for the house to close, which was due to close two days after school started, I bit my nails off hoping that I didn’t have pay for two school bills during the month of August. Finally, the day before the first day of school, my relator assured me the house would close, but it might take a while. So I went ahead and took Jake to his first day of school in Santa Rosa and un-enrolled him from our beloved Stockton school {oh boy that was hard!!}.
I was so nervous, but Jake wasn’t in the least bit as this is the same school that his best friends Joshua and Emma Love attend and he was so excited about that! Once I stepped foot I campus, I couldn’t believe it!! It was like a time warp…the same play equipment, the same classrooms…it was awesome! And Jake loved the classroom and his teachers Mrs B and Mrs C. 
Walking Jake to the classroom….

Signing Jake in…
Putting his backpack and lunch in his cubby….
Beautiful Santa Rosa view…

Chatting it up with Mrs. B….

Hugs for Daddy and Mommy….

Hugs for Mrs. McCloud, love that lady…..

My dear friend Heidi. So excited that our kids are at the same school and that we can escape for coffee after dropping them off….
And in closing, remember how I told you that Brandon and I sat down and created our dream home on paper {HERE}? Well, I thought I would show you something…below is a picture of a gorgeous home here in Stockton that we drool over every time we pass it. We have always called it “our dream home”, its down the street from some good friends of ours and for a while it was for sale so every time we would  pass it we’d say, “Oh look our house is just waiting for us to buy it!” ha. Anyway, I wanted to show you how awesome God is…we wrote down what we wanted for our dream house, modeled after this style…..
And here’s what we got…the same style, just in a size a bit more suited for us. hehe….
Thank you Jesus for being so amazing. You blow my mind. Always. 
Much love friends.

Food Friday {on Monday}: Freezing Amy’s Pasta

Well, better late than never, right? :) Life has been pretty hectic around here, but what’s new right? 
I’ll fill you all in on our very crazy {and somewhat heartbreaking} week in a day or so, but in the meantime, I wanted to tell you about something very exciting…
Perhaps many of you have tried my very first ever Food Friday which featured one of my family’s favorite dinners….something we lovingly call “Amy’s Pasta”. If you haven’t tried it yet, you have find the recipe HERE
Anyway, we make this A LOT, and usually there is plenty of it, with enough to last us for a day 
or two. But last week, after making a brainlessly making a giant bowl of the pasta, I remembered that we were leaving the next day to Santa Rosa to work on the house and on top of it, the kids ate a late lunch and weren’t the least bit hungry. ugh. What to do?

So I decided to try freezing it. I put the leftovers in a large freezer safe bag, squeezed all the air out of it and popped it into the freezer.  Notice the bag of chicken soup I also tried to freeze underneath it {more on that in a second}.

 I then posted on facebook that I tried to freeze pasta and I had several helpful suggestions. Someone pointed out that you need to make sure the pasta is cooked al dente {or a TAD undercooked} or else when you defrost, the pasta will get all mushy. Well, shoot. I know for sure I didn’t cook al dente as Brandon doesn’t like his pasta “chewy”.  So, a couple days later when I decided I wanted a quick dinner, I pulled the pasta out a couple hours before dinner and then popped it into this oven safe bowl.

And then I put it in the oven at the below temp for about 30 mins. I sprinkled a bunch of parmesan on top too, just for a little extra touch. If I had some olive oil, I would have drizzled just a little on top as well.

My theory was that when you cook in the oven, usually pasta gets a bit dried out, so if, when I defrosted the pasta, it was going to be mushy, I figured if I baked it, the moisture would be drawn out, if that makes sense….

And it worked!! WOW…it was sooo yummy, just as good as the day cooked. YAY! I will definitely do this again!

Oh and what was the deal with the chicken soup you ask? ugh. Well, I usually make a big bowl of that as well and reheat it for a day or so. We reheated that one twice {lunch and dinner the next day} so everything was cooked nice and throuogh. So when I unfroze it, everything was extra mushy. So I would recommend freezing it right after you cook the first time, and stick to the undercooked rule with that one. ha.

Do you freeze food? I’d love to know some of your tips!!

DIY {Do It Yourself} Friday: Guest Post and a Crayon Roll

I am so excited for today’s DIY Friday! Almost two years ago I started following one my first blogs ever, Joyfolie, which was formerly called Mia Joie. I had just had Evy and was looking on Etsy for some cute girlie stuff and came across Jessica of Joyfolie {who has become a very close friend}. I fell in love with her shoes as well as the community of women who would crazily stalk her blog for a chance to buy a pair of her shoes for their little ones. One of the ladies I met there was Jenni…I did some blog hopping, one thing led to another and eventually I found a new blog friend!

Jenni and her family are so sweet. She is ultra creative and does photography on the side as well as teach 8th grade. Her kids are the cutest things ever and Jenni and her husband make such a cute couple. I admit that her blog is one of the few I am completely faithful to read. I love her family!

I have been sooo overwhelmed with our move that I just can’t get myself together for a DIY Friday, so Jenni is filling in for me today and next week. I hope you love what she shares and love her too…she’s pretty amazing! xoxo

What I Will Miss…

…about Stockton:
My Target
In n Out {Santa Rosa In n Out, you are so not ready for the Miraflors}
The Miraflors/Sowers
The Rivas’
Our church family
Newday Preschool
My Trader Joe’s
Elisha and girls
Knowing everyone, everywhere I go
Tim’s Christmas Tree Lot
My house
My post office
Del Osso Farms
West Lane CLC Campus
My Joanns
The Ramirez girls
Martha, Brandon and Jake’s hair lady
Dr. Waters our Pediatrician 
Stride Rite {they are the only place near us that carries Saltwaters}
What I will not miss:
The Heat. The end.
We had clean up duty at the new house in Santa Rosa this past weekend…

It was HOT and very dirty…but the bonus…our new house has gobs and gobs of lavender bushes that were very thirsty, which means lots of dried lavender. Be prepared to see Evy’s Tree spin on some lavender pillows!! :)

What We Wore Wednesday {WWWW}

Oh boy, the saying, “Better late than never” TOTALLY applies to today. So sorry this post is so late. I would scrap it altogether today but I have some of the cutest pictures to share with you, so I told myself no can do. :)

Here’s Katie and Caroline from Van Buren, Arkansas. Are they not the cutest things? Seriously, I totally love these pictures. They are wearing the Pumpkin Spice Mommy and Me hoodies {HERE and HERE} which we are almost completely sold out of. They are perfect for that pumpkin patch trip you are planning making soon. :)

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Evy’s Tree Has Moved….

Not sure if all you blog readers have figured it out or not, but the Evy’s Tree blog has moved from blogspot to wordpress and our new blog is HERE
I’ve been meaning to tell you all forever, sorry! Hopefully you figured it out! :) We’d love to have you join us over there, you might have resubscribe to get the new posts in your feed.
Big hugs xoxo

Food Friday: Nannie’s Pancakes

Good morning everyone! Thank you so much for all your kind comments regarding our move. You all have been so sweet and supportive and I can’t tell you how great that makes us feel. We are blessed to have friends like you. Even Brandon went through and read all the comments left on this blog or on FB…he had a big smile on his face afterwards! :)
Evy and I are getting ready to run out the door to Santa Rosa to help with house clean up duty this weekend. Brandon, my dad, my father in law and Jake will be working extra hard this weekend on getting the yard whipped in shape. It’s been a bit neglected over the last year, so this should be fun! I hope that next weekend we can transfer our roses…so excited about that! {But then that means we’ll have to plant something else in their place for our renters… oh boy. ha.}
ANYWAY, last weekend we vegged around the house and it was so nice. I cooked all weekend and got several weeks worth of food fridays, lucky you! ha 
I know I have mentioned my Nannie before in this blog, but in case you have forgotten, my Nannie is my dad’s mom and was 100% German. I loved her so much. They lived in Burlingame, right outside of San Francisco and when we moved to Santa Rosa, we would go to their house at least two weekends out of the month. Every Saturday morning she would make these pancakes for us. She used to call them “Dollar Pancakes” because she would make them small, like a silver dollar. Whenever we have a slow morning around here I try to make these…everyone LOVES them! I have been known to send Brandon out hunting for buttermilk in the wee hours of the morning. ha. 
 {Disclaimer: I swear I have blogged about them before but looked and looked and can’t find them, so here it is again! sheesh…}
Nannie Wollmer’s Pancakes
2 eggs
3/4 C. flour
1 Tea baking powder
3/4 teas baking soda
buttermilk {I use about a 3/4 c or a little less}
pinch of salt
I would recommend doubling this recipe for more than 2-3 adults. This will feed my small family with maybe one or two pancakes leftover if we are lucky!

Separate your eggs and put the egg whites in a metallic bowl preferably to help the whites froth better. If you don’t have a metallic bowl {I couldn’t find mine either, ha} then any bowl will do. 

In the bowl of an electric mixture {or single bowl if using a hand mixer} beat the egg yokes using the whisk attachment then add the dry ingredients. The mixture will look a bit funny. 
With the mixer going, slowly add the buttermilk. I just pour straight from the carton. You want the consistency to be like a thick soup.

Using a hand mixer, beat the egg white to medium stiff peaks, like so…

Here is an example of what the buttermilk mixture will look like {on left} and the egg white mixture {on right}

Gently drop your egg whites into the buttermilk and then fold in. Folding does not mean mixing. It means FOLD…take your spatula and twist the egg whites into the mixture. The key is to keep the egg whites as fuffy as you can while getting them completely mixed in.

Here is the end result:

Using a large spoon, drop the batter into a greased pan over medium/med high heat. I don’t crowd mine, I only do three pancakes at a time in this pan.
You let cook until the sides look like this and the insides are cooked through. Our end result…we LOVE cantaloupe with a little syrup on it. :) 

And apparently we eat these sans fork…the cup is a better place for the fork it looks like and hands are a better tool. I guess it gets in faster. ha :)

Happy, happy camper!

Do you have a good pancake recipe? I’d love to know yours!

10K Dash- Are You Our Friend On Facebook?

Are you a fan of Evy’s Tree on Facebook? If not, you should be..we have lots and lots of fun over there, but we’re about to have more fun!

We are going to do our best to have our facebook page reach 10,000 fans by the beginning of the year! I know that is a HUGE lofty goal, yet I feel its doable… BUT I need your help. Can you help us? There is something in it for you, I promise!

It will be called the 10K Dash…every day I am going to post on our facebook wall a new Evy’s Tree picture like this one:

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