Fall Preview and Giveaway Week 3: Cardigans, The Grace and The Lizzy

Hello everyone! I hope you all are enjoying the Fall previews! We’re having fun over here watching them all unfold. If you missed them you can view week one HERE and week two HERE.

This week’s preview will be short and sweet…not that we planned it that way, but this week was supposed to highlight most of our made from scratch hoodies, but when I went to pick them up from our seamstress, we realized the patterns were a bit too big and the sizing was off. Boo. So back to the drawing board. Such is life when making your own patterns!

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DIY {Do It Yourself} Friday: Rope covered “S”

Hello again! :) Can I get a happy dance because it’s Friday anyone? Ha! {over here doing one of my own} Today I’m going to show you a little project I did for under $3.00 :) Awesome right!?! All you need is…

1. Any size wooden or plastic letter {I got mine in the Target dollar section for $2.50 + tax}

2. Thin rope/thick twine {Had laying around-I think it’s “jute rope”}

3. Hot glue gun and LOTS of glue sticks! :)

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WWWW {What We Wore Wednesday}

Good morning  :)  Hope today is a wonderful one for you! I know it will be for us over here at Evy’s Tree. We are getting ready to debut our Fall Line. We are so stoked to show you all the hoodies, ruffles, trims, buttons and all around goodness we have been working so hard on! You are NOT going to want to miss this one folks! Ha! Have you missed any of the Sneak Peeks? Click HERE for the GORGEOUS Diana Wraps  ADORABLE new Brillas. {Ha! We wouldn’t want anyone to feel left out, am I right?} Make sure you enter for this week’s giveaway, you could be walking around in a brand new Brilla that hasn’t even been on the market! How awesome is that?!?

Ok, back to WWWW business…

Here is such a cute lady named Joia who wore her Independence Brilla {on sale now for only $29.95!} to Seattle’s annual “Seafair” event! The Blue Angels had a special something planned and everything! How FUN!

And here we have Chrystyna who is wearing her Grey Simple! How cute is she?!? One good thing about having a cold office… Wearing Evy’s Tree! Yay!

Well my Evy’s Tree friends, thats what we got for today! :) Hope to see you back here next week! Don’t forget to send me YOUR pictures in Evy’s Tree wear to sarah@evystree.com

Until next week,


Fall Preview and Giveaway Week Two: Brillas

Welcome back everyone to the Fall Previews! If you missed last weeks, click HERE to see the amazing Diana wraps that will be listed in on the BRAND NEW website coming this fall.

Reminder: All items previewed this month will be available on our new website {www.evystree.com} which debuts SEPTEMBER 2. 

So the Brillas…could you believe that Sarah and I had to actually PUT SOME ASIDE?!? We have so many Brilla’s that we felt it would overwhelm you all! So the good news is, there will be a Weekly Design of a new Brilla for the weeks to come after our September 2 launch. :) In fact, there is a good possiblity that some of these Brilla’s won’t make the cut for the website launch, we will see. So if you want a particular one, be sure to comment and let me know.

Oh and one more thing…for several of these we have limited material. Just a FYI. Oh and I haven’t chosen names yet for these babies. So any suggestions would be awesome. :) oh yeah, LAST THING…so I photoed all these this morning and I sincerely was in such a rush that I NEVER NOTICED THAT THE MINI DRESS FORM WAS TILTED!!!! ugh. I’m sorry everyone, that looks so unprofessional. Just chalk it up under the fact that I am stress city over here {seriously, if you could see my lovely 1992 complexion, you’d see what I mean}. ha. thanks all for your understanding. :)

Introducing the Brillas…..

So would you like to win one of the items above? Well, here’s what you do:

1. Become a follow of this blog through email subscribing or google connect and state that you did. Already a follower? Then just say you are. 1 point.
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And the winner for last week’s Diana Wrap?
Congrats Danielle!! You have 48 hours to contact me and then I will have to choose a new winner!
Big hugs friends!

Food Friday {on Saturday}: Meatloaf

Good morning to you all! I am here at my parents…came to get some reinforcement help with the kiddos, although since we have been here the kids have been waking up at, get this: SIX THIRTY AM. Right. 6:30. HAHAHA. I have no idea why I think this is funny other than I’m so exhausted all I can do is laugh! :) In fact, I saw this photo op this morning around 7:15ish and I thought it was so apropos:
Ah, those poor bears are all tuckered out, I just want to give them a hug! ha!! Oh boy, I can so relate. :) In fact, I’m thinking I might leave the kids here with my mom for a couple days….am I a horrible mom or what? I have sooo much to finish up before the Evy’s Tree Fall Photo shoot happening next week and Brandon doesn’t get home until Tuesday, that when my mom suggested taking them I actually considered it! I’m thinking three days by myself finishing up all the loose ends that have been hanging over my head might really help me focus a bit better on life in general if you know what I mean. Please tell me I’m not horrible for that, and if you think I am, don’t comment! ha. 
So Food Friday…well, as usual I have been such a slacker where that is concerned. My last one was EONS ago! Ha. And then I get a quick idea to share with you and I completely miss Friday! ha. So the story of my life!! :) In my defense, when I got to my parents late Thursday night, I could NOT get my mom’s computer to log onto the internet to save my life. All day yesterday I tried and no go. So today, I have luck! yay! They live in the middle of nowhere, I would SOO no be able to survive with their internet issues. haha. But I could totally survive with this:
That’s the view out their kitchen window right now {that poor farmhouse gets photoed and featured on this blog all the time! ha}. Isn’t the view gorgeous?!?! I seriously love this about Santa Rosa…no matter how hot it gets during the day, you can usually count on the coastal fog cooling you off during the night and the morning. 
Ok, so I’m getting completely sidetracked! Food Friday:
If you follow Evy’s Tree on Facebook, you might remember me saying last week that I had 1lb of ground beef in the fridge and what should I do with it?!? I had gobs of ideas, thank you so much for helping! There were several suggestions to make meatloaf…I was so excited about that as I have been wanting to make a meatloaf for a long time, but have no recipe for one, so several of you left recipes. They all sounded so yummy! Unfortunately I didn’t have many of the ingredients, so I improvised and this is what I came up with:
1lb ground beef
1 egg
1/2 C oatmeal
1 large shallot, minced
1 teas kosher salt
1/4 tea pepper
Mix together and put in the oven for 30 mins at 375. Last 10 mins spread on a mixture of the following:
Brown sugar
I actually cooked mine for 40 mins total, but it was too much, I think, so I guess just keep checking as my oven runs a bit hot.
Anyway, it was DELISH! Seriously, it had the best taste. I think it was the shallots, I love shallots! It would have been perfect with some potatoes, but I didn’t have any, so next time. Do you have a good meatloaf recipe? I’d totally love to hear it!

Ok, better run, the kids are running around in the garage and I hear my dad yelling at them to not touch the cars! ha.


oh PS: So this week I had a diagnostic test done on Jake for PreK… Here’s a couple funnies:

Teacher: So if a stranger drives up to you and asks you to get in his car, what do you do?
J: I’d get in and tell him a story! {DEAR GOD!! We had a LONG talk about that one afterwards}

Teacher: Do you have any brothers and sisters?
J: Yes, I have four brothers and their names are: Gil, Josh, Jacob and Stinky-Pants {FAB}

Teacher: Can you tell me something that blows?
J: A big, huge, angry, noisy star that says “Dooo DOooooo Doooo” {I think the correct answer was a trumpet}

Happy Saturday to you all!

Confessions, Weddings, and Other Tidbits…

Confession #1: I miss blogging. A LOT. I also feel a very large amount of confusion over where to blog: HERE or HERE. I really hate that. Kinda makes me wish I had combined the two in the first place and moved on with it. Yes, we’re back to that. Oh boy.
Confession #2: I miss my husband. A LOT. I don’t think I realized how good I had it every night when he would get the kids bathed and I would clean the kitchen and then once the kids were in bed, we could relax a little. Now, I bathe the kids, clean the kitchen and then mentally prep for all the other things that my husband normally does that I will have to fill in on while he is away. ugh. 
Confession #3: I am tired. Very. Tired. Evy’s Tree Fall line is killing me. In a good way, I guess…er…well, I have no idea what I mean when I say “killing”…does that mean I hate the line? Hate the time spent in the line? That I like the line {cause you know we use the opposite adjective to describe something}…anyway, I don’t know, I’m tired. Obviously.
Confession #4: I am frustrated. Yes, I am. I am thinking right now about a good friend who is hurting AGAIN, and I don’t know why she still has to suffer with this. I am thinking about a relative that seems to never be able to get out of the same hole and I wonder why. Why God?!? Because it doesn’t seem fair you know?
Confession #5: I am CERTAIN. So basically, I have to, despite the fact that my friends and family are suffering, I am exhausted because I am working my tail off, and because my husband gave up a very good job for a very unstable and inflexible one and it seems like everyone and their mother is looking at us cross-eyed and asking why?….I still feel certain. 
I still feel that God is God. That He is sovereign, that He knows what He is doing. And that He called us to do what WE are doing. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt. 
So when I look at life and what it has handed us, I trust. And I get excited. Because I know that through the ups and down God has a way of showing himself. And I love that. SO VERY MUCH. 
So forgive me for being absent everyone. I am dealing with the frustration, exhaustion, etc with pinterest…. {Wait, did I say that?!? Ha! Yes! I did! I pin when I am feeling I need a little break. And I am helplessly addicted, in a good way, I have gotten so very organized with my ideas! ha}…
…Anyway what I was trying to say was that I am dealing with lots of “me moments” and PRAYER. No kidding, that 6 AM prayer is a lifesaver. Seriously. Try it. Get up an hour or two before your kids and spend some time reading your Word and worshiping your Savior. You will definitely notice a difference in your life.
And with that being said, Brandon was home for a whole 5 days this past weekend, and one of them was spent at a lovely wedding of our dear friend, Sherrie. She had asked Jake and Evy to be in her wedding with her son, and our good friends Emma Love and twins Isabella and Sophie. This was Jake’s 2nd wedding and Evy’s 1st. Everyone looked sooo cute and it was so much fun, a little backyard wedding celebrating the marriage of two people we love dearly. Hope you enjoy the pictures!
 At the rehearsal… Dawson, Ev and Jake
Trying to keep it together before walking down the aisle. oh boy.


Ev and the Twinsies. They are 3 months older than Evy. Destined to be friends.

Love this face

 Emma and Jake…these two are crazy together.

Minus the twins

Classic, yes? I think she seriously did this in every professional photo of the bridal party. ugh.

Also classic, Daddy in the back with the fussy flower girl giving the ringbearer up in the front a thumbs up. ha. 

Jake was the last kid standing….

And we wore heals to this wedding WHY?!? Heidi, Kate Ashley and me.

Big Hugs to you all!

WWWW {What We Wore Wednesday}

Good morning to all our faithful Evy’s Tree followers and Happy Wednesday to you. Sorry for the sudden blogging hiatus! But… I promise we are back on-track now! We have been CRAZY BUSY at the “Hoodie Factory” {have you seen the sneak preview of the fall line yet? Hint-hint} It is all coming together rather nicely {if I do say so myself}. Make sure you check back on the blog each Monday to see the next Sneak Preview.

Meanwhile, back on the ranch… Back to the reason you are reading this post… :)

Here we have a couple lovely pictures from Amber in Stockton, CA. She sure knows how to give Evy’s Tree a shout-out! :) She is wearing a hoodie very similar to one of my personal favs the Black Polka Brilla which happens to be on sale right now in the shop.

I’m lovin’ the serious model look :) 

Well, if you have any pictures of you or a friend dressed in Evy’s Tree gear make sure you shoot me an e-mail at sarah@evystree.com I would LOVE to see all your beautiful faces. Also, it’s so fun to see all the different ways you can mix and match your Evy’s Tree pieces. Tried anything creative or out-there lately? Sent it to me-I love to get new fashion ideas! 

Hope to see you back next week!

Until next time, 


Fall Preview and GIVEAWAY Week 1: Diana Wraps


Oh boy, what a day! Have you ever had one of those days when things just don’t go as planned? Well, today is that day for me. ugh.

ANYWAY…welcome Fall! Yay! In case you are wondering what’s going on over here at Evy’s Tree, we have some very exciting things coming up. First, our fall preview is starting, RIGHT NOW. Second, we are getting ready to launch a brand new website with a shopping cart on it, which means once the website launches, you can shop directly from me, instead of Etsy. No accounts needing to be created {other than paypal} and now fighting for items thinking they are in stock when they aren’t as the site will list exactly what we have. Pretty cool, yes?

All this will happen on September 2.

So to prepare for this exciting launch, we are going to show you every Monday for the next four weeks, what will be part of the Fall line and website launch. Each week we will debut several new items and then at the end of each debut, we will offer a giveaway on one of the items previewed. You will be asked to share the picture and/or comment on the blog to get entered. If you were around when the Spring line launched, you’ll remember this drill.

So what’s going to be previewed today? Diana Wraps, lots of them!

I have to tell you a little secret…besides the Lacey Zip Up, this wrap is my favorite Evy’s Tree item right now. I L.O.V.E. it. It is so cozy, goes with everything and I always get gobs of compliments on it. It just looks simply amazing on. This fall, I was able to get several colors to share with you. I have about two, maybe three size runs to offer of each color.

So here are the colors:

Baby Blue




Winter White

Pale Pink

Charcoal Black

I am sure, out of all these colors, you will find one that you love and one that will match all of your Fall items. My favorite? Well, I have that Charcoal black color. I wear it all the time. I’ve even slept in it. Embarrassing, I know. ha.

All of the wraps will be available on September 2 with the website launch at evystree.com.

So would you like to win one of the items above? Well, here’s what you do:

1. Become a follow of this blog through email subscribing or google connect and state that you did. Already a follower? Then just say you are. 1 point.
2. Share this blog post link on your facebook and come back and comment that you did {can be done daily, once a day} 1 point per comment
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4. Follow Evy’s Tree on Facebook {HERE} and come back and comment that you do. 1 point
5. Follow Evy’s Tree on Twitter {HERE} and come back and comment that you do. 1 point.
So that’s that! I hope you love the Diana Wraps! Next week we will be previewing the Brillas, so make sure to come back next Monday!
Oh, and yes, we’ve been complete loser on keeping up with our scheduled blogs. In our defense, we have been trying really hard to get Sarah logged into our new wordpress, but we’ve run into one problem after another. We do have a great DIY Friday as well as WWWW for this week, so hang tight. :)
Thanks everyone!