Some New Sale Items…

Can you believe Fall is right around the corner?!? We are hoping to have our fall line ready to debut around the end of July, first of August. I’m super excited about fall. This year you will see lots of rich colors: olive, eggplant, army, greys, soft pinks. I think you will love it. Also, we are going to attempt to incorporate some faux fur into the mix. Yes, you’ll want to make sure to check out Evy’s Tree this fall.
But in the meantime, we have a couple fun, bright and funky pieces to debut before Fall. Call it “Resort” if you will, but a handful of items that will be limited quantity, but fun, fun, fun!
So that means cleaning out the Evy’s Tree closet a bit more. The following items are slated to be discontinued and will be going on sale at 11 AM PST.
Black Polka Dot Brilla both adult and mini
The Giraffe Brilla both adult and mini
The Marbles, Mens, boys and womens
*The womens hoodie will be $49.95
All the hoodies will be $59.95 adults and $39.95 minis, unless otherwise noted.
See you at 11 AM! :)

DIY {Do It Yourself} Friday: Father’s Day Gift

**WARNING: If your name is Brandon Miraflor, please do not read this post. And if you know Brandon Miraflor, please do not talk to him about it. :)
I am so excited to introduce to you a new series here on Evy’s Tree: DIY {Do It Yourself} Fridays. And I have a confession to go with it: I’m not really a “do it yourself-er”. Sad, but true. I know that kinda contradicts my profession, but the reality of the situation is that I don’t require much. None of this family really does- embarrassingly enough. We’re what you would call a minimalist family. If we don’t have it, we probably don’t need it, therefore I more than likely won’t take the time to make it {or “do it myself”, ha}. But every now and then I feel the need to be creative and will bust a cool project out, {Remember this one?} and I hope to share those rare moments with you.
The rest of the series will be run by Sarah, our Evy’s Tree assistant, who is ULTRA creative {I’m hoping she will share with you her birthday invitations *hint hint Sarah*} and is going to be highlighting some cool things she finds out and about, does at home or we do here in the factory. We already have a pretty decent list of things to share with you, and on top of that, we are planning on having some guest posts from some great friends we have. In fact, we have so many ideas that you might see DIYF post several times on Fridays. Might, key word here. :)
Anyway, today Jake and I did a cool project that I wanted to share with you. If you follow Evy’s Tree on facebook, you might have heard me say once or twice that Jake has been asking me for a “guitar hoodie”. Begging for one is more like it. In fact, he looked at me super exasperated the other night and said, “Mommy, WHEN are you going to make me that guitar hoodie you promised me?!” Right. So you can imagine how excited he was when I told him I was going to make him and Daddy matching ones for Daddy’s father’s day gift.
We created this particular hoodie with felt, glue, small grosgrain ribbon {I think 3/4″} and my sewing machine. We LOVE felt for boy hoodies over here at Evy’s Tree. It just looks so cool and has the best texture ever. Plus after you wash it several times, the felt gets really old and vintage-y looking. We started out this project by telling Jake to pick out his colors of felt he wanted to use from the felt bin {yes we have a felt bin, we run a hoodie factory for crying out loud :)}.
*Sidenote: Here is where I insert a disclaimer. I work in very comfortable clothes, my hair pulled straight back and my face completely clean. So please excuse how horrible I look. And the settings on the camera didn’t help any either. Sarah kept telling me they looked blurry…should have listened to you, sorry Sarah! Ugh.
And asked him to lay it out next to the hoodie.
Start with your base of the guitar and sketch out the shape of it. Jake wanted this one to look like a traditional guitar.
Cut it out. I folded the felt in half and cut that way.
Once you have it cut out, you are going to want to glue the felt down LIGHTLY with fabric glue. If you are using a zip up style hoodie, you need to cut a line where the zipper is. It will naturally separate.
Jake gluing.
After the glue and zipper cut, you start to sew. Using a straight stitch, start at the zipper section and secure the two sides, then sew around the edges. If you  don’t sew, you can still do this project. The fabric glue should keep the felt secured on the hoodie just fine…even survive some washings I would think.
Add your extra pieces. Although this was a traditional guitar, Jake wanted to add the suspend lever. ha.
Sew all the pieces in place. After this, take some grosgrain ribbon and lay it out, leaving some excess at the top. I pinned mine in place, although you don’t necessarily need to. Don’t worry about gluing if you are sewing. The stitching will keep it in place.
Using a wide and tight zig zag stitch, sew the ribbon onto the hoodie, making sure securing attach the edges near the zipper. Then snip the ribbon back from the zipper.
After you zig zag the ribbon in place. Tie the excess ribbon in loose knots at the top and sew them down using a straight stitch.
And…don’t expect your seams to be straight and sewing perfect, especially if you have this happening constantly. Ha.
This is what we do to keep the kids occupied during the day: “How many stickers can you find Jake?!?” oh boy.
And here’s the finish product. Unfortunately the finish product pictures didn’t turn out great…this was the best one and the looks on our faces are PATHETIC. ha. Anyway, I’ll get some more professional looking ones of the hoodie on Brandon after he opens it on Sunday.
Hope you like it. It really is a cute hoodie, thinking about doing a couple up and offering them in the shop. :) Have you made any cute clothing items using felt? I’d love for you to share! Link up to this blog post and comment with your blog link!
Happy Friday to you all!

This Morning…

… I told the kiddos to go wait in the garage while I got their things to put in the car. When I got out there, I found them like this:
Apparently Jake had gotten them in the car and they were ready to go. ha. Their babysitter is taking them swimming today, so they were pretty excited. But a few minutes later this happened:

I told them to get in the back so I could buckle them in and somehow {seriously, those kids are ninjas} they each got one end of the bungee cord that Brandon uses to tie down things in the back and they starting pulling it quietly without me knowing. When I picked up Evy to get in the seat, apparently she had a good grip on one end and it snapped back and hit Jake in the eye!!! You can’t tell too much from the picture, but it’s nice an swollen. :( Thank God it hit below the eye and not the eye itself!! UGH. Bungee cord is finding a new home obviously. 
So that’s our exciting morning…Driving Miss Daisy and black eyes. Ha. So how’s your morning treating you?!?

Independence Brilla COMING TONIGHT

Are you ready for fireworks yet??

I had to smile when I found the above picture. I grew up spending every summer in North Lake Tahoe and my family, along with many neighbors and friends, would cuddle up on the pier and watch the fireworks. Sometimes my dad would even take us out on the boat, leave the engine off and let us float under the magical “stars” that would pop up over and over. Such a wonderful time.

I love the above picture. For our first fourth of July together, Brandon and I went down to the Santa Rosa Fairgrounds and watched the fireworks. When we arrived, it was still daylight and warm, but as the night wore on, the got colder and colder. I was prepared, since I knew about Santa Rosa’s cool nights, but poor Brandon had only a short sleeve tee shirt on. We brought a towel to sit on, but we ended bundling up in that instead of sitting on it. ha. With teeth chattering we watched the colors explode above us. Despite the freezing cold, it was {semi} romantic, and this picture reminds me of that year.

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

And now…well, we get to watch the magic through our kids eyes. So funny how life comes full circle, yes? I love seeing the excitement and remember how I felt as a kid when I watch Jake and Evy. I KNOW they will love the 4th this year!

And I sure wish I had one of these during those cool summer nights!

This year…Evy and I will be prepared. :) We both have one ready to wear! Yay. And so can you…
Tonight, Monday, June 13 at 6 PM PST, one full size run of both adult and mini Independence Brillas will be available for purchase, right here on the blog via paypal link.
I might have a couple more later throughout the week. I am having my seamstress use up all the material we have, so everything will be sold and shipped this week. The price: $69.95 adult, $49.95 minis. 

See you tonight!

Summer Clearance Sale NOW IN PROGRESS

Hello everyone! Just a quick not to remind you all that the Summer Clearance Sale is now in progress! I have many things marked down and ready to exit our shop permanently, so if there is something you see that you love, I’d grab it as if it is on sale, that means it more than likely won’t come back! :)
Click HERE to see all the sale items. They will remain listed indefinitely, until everything is sold out.
Just a couple of things:
1. All sales are a final sale.
2. Please make sure your size is available upon ordering. If your size is not listed, that means it is not available. Thanks for understanding.
3. Etsy has been allowing some coupon codes to come through for some reason. Unfortunately I cannot accept any coupon codes along with the sale. :( I would be paying you to take the hoodie. So if a coupon code does go through, I will send you an invoice for the remaining amount or you have the option of canceling the sale. Thanks for your understanding regarding that as well. :)
4. If you were unable to combine orders and made several, Jen will send you a shipping refund by Thursday morning. Sorry about that, wish Etsy was a little more helpful with that. :(
5. And lastly, this hoodie…
is already sold out. I had no idea how big of a hit it would be. Because of this, I did put up the listing with all sizes available…however, it will not be at the sale price, but still a bit cheaper than the regular $69.95 price…they are currently $64.95. There will be a 2-3 week turnaround time, but at least you will be able to get this hoodie if you have your heart set on it. This listing will only be up for TODAY ONLY. After today, we have new plans for the material. :) Click HERE if you are interested in this option.
I think that covers it. Thanks everyone for shopping and I hope you all get something you love!! :)

Independence Winner

Is this you??
Because according to the random generator….
I try to contact you by email, so please respond within 48 hours to let me know which you would like, a mini or an adult, and the size you prefer.
Thanks to all for entering!! Don’t forget that I will have a full size run of mini and adult Independence Brillas to list on Monday night at 6PM PST.
Happy Friday to you all!

Summer Clearance Sale

Well, its that time of the year…out with the old and on with the new! Lots of Spring items will be marked down and discontinued starting Monday, June 13. New items will start popping up over the next several weeks to take the place of the old ones.
**Please note: while many of the Spring items will be discontinued, we do still have some material for those items. Starting with the sale, we will have a CUSTOM listing up in the shop. If there is an older item you would like to purchase, please shoot us an email, and if we give the go ahead, purchase the custom listing and we can make the older item for you at a higher price.
The sale prices are:
All adult items: $54.95
All mini items: $39.95
*Except where noted*

Here’s what will be discontinued and on sale….Blue Polka Dot Brilla

Grey Cut off Brilla

Blue Zig Zag Brilla, both adult and mini

Candy Corn Brilla, both adult and minis
The Love, adult and mini
*The adult will be $39.95, the mini $29.95
*This item is $45.95
*This item is $49.95
**Only the small has 3/4 length sleeves on all other sizes are long.
 EVERYTHING that I have in stock for the above hoodies is already noted in the listing. Just click on the name of the item to see what that is. I will not be getting any more sizes of the above in stock. If the listing does not have the size noted that you would like, that means its gone. :( Sorry!!
However, for the week of June 13 ONLY, I will keep the custom order price at $69.95 for adults and $49.95 for minis, so if you want to special order one of the Spring clearance items that is being discontinued, next week would be a good time do it. Starting June 20, the cost for custom goes up to $74.95 for adults and $54.95 for minis. Please send us an email before you order. We want to make sure we have the material needed to make the item you want. :)
The above items will be marked down indefinitely until they are all sold out. Happy Sale shopping to you all!

First Day of Summer School…and other nonsense.

Today is the first day of Summer School for my kiddos. Yes, today, not last Tuesday like I thought {and actually took the kids to school that day}. ugh. Well, actually, the REAL first day was last Thursday, but we were out of town, so the first day for us was today. 
ANYWAY, this morning was crazy. It took me literally one hour and forty five minutes {that’s 1:45 for those of you who thought you heard me wrong} to get the kids ready. Normally I can get fed and ready in 20 mins, 30 mins max. But wow, adding Evy to the mix really pushes things into a whole new category. And I’m sure the following didn’t help either:
1. 7:30AM- Jake locks himself in the bathroom and attempts to flood it by putting the stopper down in the sink, filling it Dora Explorer bubbling soap and watching it fill to overflowing. Thankfully I was able to break through the door before that happened.
2. 7:45 AM- Evy dressed, but can’t find shoes. ANYWHERE.
3. 8 AM- Jake dressed, but in three shirts, no underwear and shorts 3 sizes too small. Must redress and in the process of attempting to get his clothes off, we lost the last pair of undies somewhere in the pile of clothes in his room. Jake running naked through the house.
4. 8:15 AM- I remember I am supposed to send baggies with extra clothes for both kids. Running around trying to find clothes. Jake’s was sent w/o undies, as the last clean pair was on him.
5. 8:20 AM- Lock Evy into the carseat. I jump in shower.
6. 8:30 AM Tell Jake to put his shoes on. He comes back with his vans from fall- TOO SMALL. Insists he wear them {he got them out of the too small bin we keep in the guest room} and throws a huge fit while in shower.
7. 8:45 AM I am out of shower, dressed, but arguing with Jake regarding shoes. I am afraid to say I lose my patience BIG time as we are now going to be majorly late.
8:55 AM pull out of driveway. School starts at 9, 15 mins away. FAB.
Regardless of the fiasco, we did get there. And here’s those precious hoodlums, er babies! :) I promise I did Evy’s hair, she royally messed it up in the car. ugh.
These next two are with Miss Elizabeth, Evy’s teacher. Jake’s face here pretty much tells you exactly how I was feeling about this time. oh boy. 

Oh, btw, Evy is wearing the Little Blue Boo zip up. I still have a couple left. :) 
So, I learned some things this morning. Want to hear them? Good.
1. Have all clothes laid out the night before. Getting a boy dressed quickly is one thing, a girl…well, completely another.
2. Make sure you read all newsletters the night before.
3. Take shower first even if the kids kill each other. I can have a much better outlook on life when clean.
4. Remain calm. The end.
So, there you have it. My first day of school with two kiddos. Wow. What a ride. And I don’t think I was  a success to be honest. I really blew my top several times. I was that mom you see yelling at their kids in the parking lot. Yes, that was me today. So embarrassing and so not Christlike. When I drove off I asked the Lord to forgive me and help me in the patience department as apparently I’m severely struggling there. :(
And because I forgot to post them, here is the last day of Jake’s first pre-k year. The first picture is of Jake with Miss Becky, his teacher, and the last two are Jake with Miss Kris, Miss Becky’s assistant. Oh and he dressed himself that morning. Just an FYI. I personally would never have picked that for him-especially since the beanie and heavy hoodie were absolutely overkill for a nice 75 degree weather. sheesh.

Oh, and a couple other things: Jake got some new golf clubs…

AND…remember those See’s suckers I only let them have for 2 minutes? Well, this is what happens when you let them have the entire thing to keep them preoccupied while you work. Right. We’re going back to the 2min rule. ha. 

And lastly, remember how I mentioned that I THOUGHT school was last Tuesday? Well, the above picture of Evy was that day, and immediately after the above mentioned, the kiddos decided to run through the sprinklers. You might remember me commenting on facebook/twitter they did so in undies and rain boots only? Well, this was before the rain boots. 
Oh.. and looky what we have here! Undies on backwards. Yes, apparently he had them like that all day under his clothes. I’m telling you, we have an undies problem over here. :( ugh.

And that’s it my friends. Oh boy. ha. 

The Hoot Postponed, The Independence and a GIVEAWAY!

Yes, two posts in one day. Wowsers. Crazy yes?!? :)
Just a couple things I quickly want to cover before I jump into the kitchen to make dinner {we’re having THIS tonight, what are you having?}…
SOO…blogger was having issues around 5 pm and I couldn’t finish the post! ha. :) So carrying on:
First, unfortunately the Hoot will be postponed until tomorrow night at 7 PM PST. I still am not sure how many I have exactly, so I don’t want to offer an entire size run when I’m not sure I will even have that. So stay tuned, tomorrow I will post the exact amount on our facebook page and through twitter.
The hoot will be posted HERE
Can you believe the 4th of July is right around the corner?!? YIKES! How would you like one of these to keep you warm while watching the fireworks?
Well, you can have one! Next Monday I will be listing an entire size run {or maybe two, we’ll see how much material I have left} of adult Independence Hoodies, as well as one or two size runs of the minis. Monday night, June 13 at 7 PM PST. More info about that this week.
BUT, in the meantime, how would you like to win one of these hoodies?? You can choose the adult or the mini if you win, and I promise, you will love it! So what to do to win?
1. Become a follower of this blog and state that you are through Google reader {or state that you already are one}. If you are a follower, your picture will show up over to the right. – 1 point.
2. Follow Evy’s Tree on twitter and state that you are in here in the blog comment section- 1 point
3. Follow Evy’s Tree on facebook and state that you are here in the blog comment section- 1 point.
Giveaway ends Thursday, June 9 at 11:59 PM. The random generator will pick a winner and I will announce it on Friday sometime. Sound good?? Have fun!!
***Giveaway closed***

California Style: Amy’s View

Being born and raised in and around San Francisco, California, I have heard a lot of ideas from visiting people about what they thought California would be like. Usually it resembles something like this:

Sad to say, I have had many out of state visitors be completely shocked when they arrive here and the common words that come out of their mouth are, “where are the palm tress?” Sorry to say, as crazy as it might sound, California is not all beaches, palm trees, bleached blonde hair and Beverly Hills shopping. In fact, despite the fact that beaches are within a 4 hour drive of most of California, there are many Californians who have never even seen the beach, or palm trees {unless it’s in n out} or hang out daily in their bikinis for that matter. 
That’s the beautiful thing about California…its very diverse. It is never typical, always changing and beautiful. Everywhere. California is definitely a state that cannot be put in a box landscape wise. We have everything, mountains, beaches, deserts, valleys. California has it all. 
And as it is for its landscape, so is it for its style. Diverse. 
If I have heard it once from people who live outside of California, I’ve heard it a thousand times … “rock your California style, girl”. Hmmm. What does that mean?!? Can you identify a state by the way a person dresses? I think maybe so. My grandparents were from England and after landing in California, decided it was too hot for them and moved to Oregon. We visited them often and I was able to become familiar with Oregon’s style. I’m not sure I could ever pinpoint exactly what that style is, but wouldn’t you know that I can usually spot someone from Oregon a mile away!? I’m sure many states in America are the same, you know a person is from a state by the way they dress. 
But I wonder if California is that easy? Can you tell I’m from California by the way I dress? I would say more than likely not. Why? Well, I the explanation requires a quick geography lesson.

Source: via Amy on Pinterest
California is made up of six very diverse regions. And each region has a completely different landscape, climate and atmosphere. Additionally, California is described by two different names: Northern California and Southern California. Interestingly enough, the North and the South are like two completely separate states. Surprising I know. You are either from “NorCal” or “SoCal”, and usually you have quite a bit of pride to go along with your region of choice. While SoCal tends to be the place that most people identify California with {thanks Hollywood}- warm, beaches, trendy, cutting edge; NorCal is quite the opposite, cooler climates, simpler lifestyle, slower pace. Most people, upon arriving to Northern California for the first time, are shocked that its not like what they see on T.V.
And that’s ok with me. 
I am ashamed to say that I’m not the most stylish person on the planet. I wish I had more time to really worry or care about my style, but come on, who are we kidding? I’m a mom and I work. End of story. But even if I had time to care at this point in my life, I’m not so sure I really would. I’m a minimalist and caring over and beyond necessity is overkill for me. Don’t get me wrong, you still need to put effort into your looks, but you see, being raised in the Northern California region is different than being raised outside of L.A. Life is slower. Nature is important.  Heathly lifestyle is even more important. Organic is in. Everywhere. {Don’t get me wrong, I think its important in Southern California too, but it’s SUPER big here in NorCal}
THIS is my California.

Source: via Amy on Pinterest
Source: via Amy on Pinterest
Source: via Amy on Pinterest

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

In my California we wear Uggs, North Face jackets, HOODIES {ahem! :)}, beanies,  and scarves. Don’t get me wrong, all of California does this. It’s just that we do it a lot more than most of the rest of the state. Dressing up is less flamboyant and more out of necessity. Less tank tops, heels and skinny jeans and more skinny jeans, a button down dress shirt, flats and a cardigan.

So referencing back up to the “rock your California style girl!”. Well, not really sure you will want me too! ha! My style isn’t perhaps what you think California style is. But it is style non the less. It is functional. Comfortable. And cute…I think?!? :)
But more importantly, its me.
What I’m wearing right now… a LOT. Evy’s Tree, of course. :)
And if you aren’t from California, I hope this clears some things up for you. If you are from California…what region do you live in and what’s your view on the style here? Would love to know your thoughts- join in!

PS. This is my first blog using Polyvore or Pinterest. Wow, those are both fun places to play! :)