Polka, Polka, Polka

So we’re cleaning out our material and getting ready for Fall and we found we have polka dot material coming out of our ears! :) We’ve divided it and set aside what we felt we would need for fall and with the rest we are offering you a big big special…
This Blue on Blue Polka Dot Brilla {available HERE} is one of the four Polka Dot Brillas that we will be bringing your way this weekend. All 4 of the hoodies will be $49.95.
That’s right. $49.95. That’s the lowest price you will EVER see around here at Evy’s Tree. To be honest, we aren’t making much at all, but we are focusing all our attention on fall and need to make room for the new material we have coming in. So why not pass a big savings along to all our customers? We do love you all so! :)
 I hope you take advantage of this special as it won’t last long. As soon as we reach the max amount of hoodies we can handle on preorder {or run out of material} we will pull the listings. All the items will be on a preorder basis, so please allow 2-3 weeks to receive it.
Stay tuned for the preview of the other three items which will take place by Friday at the latest.

What We Wore Wednesay

Hi Everybody! This is Sarah and I’m here for the What We Wore Wednesday Post!
(applause inserted here-wink wink)
Hope you all enjoyed last week’s post  as much as we did over here at Evy’s Tree.
Girlie Evy's Tree
This is another Polyvore that we have created. They are just so fun to create that we couldn’t resist! (Have you ever done one? If not, head over and start creating! Guaranteed hours of entertainment, haha)
ALSO, if you create a Polyvore using Evy’s Tree that is just too great to pass up, email it to me at sarah@evystree.com and we will feature it right here on What We Wore Wednesday!!

Here is the BEST part of What We Wore Wednesday…YOU!! The reason we have Evy’s Tree! We love you and are so excited to be showcasing all you beautiful people!
Don’t forget to send all your pictures of you or your loved ones wearing Evy’s Tree to sarah@evystree.com

Here we have Pam and Heather from Conway, Arkansas…
(how cute are they?)

And here we have Bonnie Smelser in Harrisburg, Arkansas…

Here is Evy’s Tree’s beautiful and talented owner… AMY! She is with her son at Dillon Beach. 
She is wearing the Lacey Zip Up and Jake is wearing the Marbles :)


Isn’t it fun to see all the places Evy’s Tree has been?!?!

If you want to see yourself right here on What We Wore Wednesday, don’t forget to e-mail me at
sarah@evystree.com and I’ll see what I can do!   ;)

Looking forward to seeing you all next week,


Pinterest, Chail Lattes, Family Reunions and Father’s Day

Yikes, its been forever since I’ve blogged!! Sheesh! Hopefully you follow me over at Evy’s Tree as I’ve been a busy blogger over that way, but my poor family blog has been ignored. I really hate that!
Anyway, since my title insinuates that I have GOBS to talk about I better dive right into it. First, are you into Pinterest? Good grief, I should never have gotten started. I know this whole organizing your ideas on a board concept has been around a long time, but it’s something I’ve been trying to avoid as I know if I get into it I will be propelled to do a bunch of things I have no time or money to do. Not good. Take for example my Home Board {click on the board to see all the pictures}
Oh wow, every time I look at this board I get this horrible overwhelming desire to remodel my house. I get the same feeling when I receive my Veranda magazine. In fact, this month the Veranda magazine and Pottery Barn catalogue came on the same day. So not cool. ugh. 
Sooo…instead of focusing on decorating, I think I’ll tell you about one of my favorite treats ever: Chai Lattes. Just a couple hours ago, my friend friend Heather from Angel Face Designs sent me an email asking if it was raining here. She lives about 45 mins from me and I got so excited when I read it as I knew the rain was most definitely coming my way! YAY! I LOVE the rain and getting rain here in the Central Valley during the summer is very, very rare. Its almost always miserably hot here during the summer, which, if you know me, I hate. And since the both the kids were napping, I put my sweats on, went outside and clipped some roses since they would get ruined from the rain, and then began to make myself a homemade chai.
If you are like me, I adore chai lattes. But seriously, who can afford $2.95 every day {if you can please don’t brag, ha}? So, a couple years ago I did a little research and found a way to make them myself. I have one every morning {4 points for you Weight Watchers people} and sometimes in the afternoon if I’m feeling up to it. Here’s what you need:
Milk {we use organic, fat free}, Tazo Chai Tea Concentrate {I buy organic when I can}, a mason jar, a mug and an aerolatte.
Pour your milk in your mason jar. I know exactly how much I need for my fave California mug, which is just below the neck of the jar. Pop in the microwave. I do 2 mins and 15 seconds.
Pour the Tazo chai in your mug. I fill mine somewhere between 2/3 and 1/2 full. Microwave for 1 min and 30 seconds.

Using a big spoon skim off the curdles from the top of the milk.

Then using your aerolatte, froth the milk.

Spoon the milk into the mug ….

and wahlah! Your own homemade chai. Trust me when I say it is YUMMO!

So while I’m sipping on the chai, enjoying the rain {and now watching Nemo since Evy woke up, ha}, I thought I’d fill you in on a couple things I’ve neglected to blog about. Like the Miraflor family reunion we attended a couple weeks ago.
Before you check out the pictures, a little history here. Brandon’s dad is 1/2 Filipino. His Grandpa, Bing was one of four Miraflor boys who was raised in Hawaii. Eventually Bing and his brothers all had children of their own and then migrated to California. Grandpa Bing had 8 children and his brother Moses had 6. Grandpa Bing passed away from cancer while Brandon’s mom was pregnant with Brandon. Unfortunately, Brandon never met his Grandpa Bing. Grandpa Bing’s brother, Uncle Moses, stepped in and became a surrogate Father/Grandpa to Grandpa Bing’s family. Brandon remembers spending a lot of time at Uncle Moses’s house. Well, this family reunion was for Uncle Moses’s children and grandchildren, but of course, the cousins {Brandon’s family} was invited. 
Brandon was soooo excited to go. The reunion was held at Dillion Beach, outside of Bodega Bay, and it was actually a memorial for Uncle Moses’s youngest daughter, Heidi, who died recently. Brandon hadn’t seen some of these people for over 20 years. He was thrilled beyond words to see them again. You will have to excuse our apperance. It was horribly windy and very, very cold there. Also, everyone was camping, so take that into consideration. We decided to just spend the night with my parents, since they aren’t far from there. :)

The three Moses Miraflor boys: Ronnie, Glen and Timmy

The Moses Miraflor children present at the reunion, the boys above and Ellen.

Brandon’s Uncle Abel, his dad’s brother.

Brandon and his Auntie Ellen

Brandon with Glen and his wife Debbie.

On our way home from the beach {a 3 hour drive from our house} we stopped at my parents to get the kids bathed and in their PJ’s. Here is the sunset we caught while there- the most beautiful I think I have seen in a long time. Isn’t it gorgeous?!?
And….lastly, did you see my post about our Father’s Day gift over on the Evy’s Tree blog? If not, click HERE. Well, it was a big hit. The kids were so excited to wake Brandon up SUPER early on Father’s Day to give it to him. I asked Brandon if I could share the pictures with you, but he says he looks WAY too out of it in the pictures {as it was perhaps earlier than 6 AM, ha}, but trust me when I say he LOVED the hoodie. Hopefully I can get a good picture of him in the hoodie soon. We didn’t take any other pictures for the rest of the day, but we had a great time with Brandon and his dad and family, ate at Chipotle after church and just got to spend some great time together. Loved that. :) So thankful for a wonderful husband who is an amazing dad to our kids.
Hope you all are doing fab. Big hugs to you all!!

Weekly Design 2: The Retro Hoot

Well, we’re on Hoot overload over here. We still have one mini hoot left to debut, but after this, WE ARE DONE. ha. Seriously, we’re not huge fans of the Hoot mainly because it takes A LOT of work to create.
Anyway, we’ve got one more adult one to share with you. Introducing the Retro Hoot….
A lovely asphalt colored hoodie with delicate heart face, bright colored accents and a deep fuchsia ruffle.
It will be available right here on the blog via paypal link tonight at 6PM PST. $72.95.
Hoodie will ship within one week of purchase


See you tonight!

Hoodie Pop: Jack Black and Ruffly skirts

{NO, Jack Black isn’t wearing the ruffly skirt, ha! sorry I couldn’t resist :)}
So here’s a couple hoodies that “popped” up over the weekend that we LOVE…I found this darling picture of Jack Black and his little boy.

Source: people.com via Amy on Pinterest
I ADORE how his boy is dressed, as this is how I dress Jake during the winter, lots of hoodies and puffy vests like I did here on our trip to Disneyland.
Jake is wearing the Italian hoodie here, which is on clearance and we have one size 6 left, which you can find HERE.
And then Sarah found this ultra cute pull over with a ruffly skirt {sorry its a bit blurry- and we don’t know where its from, so if you know, please fill us in! :)}
Source: None via Sarah on Pinterest
We LOVE to pair hoodies with fun skirts, as you can see what we did here with our Watermelon Brilla {which is also on sale by the way. :)}
However, I was thinking, if you want to be more true to the hoodie pop picture Sarah found, you should use this cut off, which of course is on sale and being discontinued! :)
Happy Monday to you all!

DIY {Do It Yourself} Friday: Ribbon Boards

Is it really 11PM and I’m just now putting together this post?!? Ugh. Yes. Wowsers, what a day its been. SO.TIRED. I just walked in the door from a long day of doing everything and anything you could imagine, so this is going to be quick. Thankfully I already had the pictures edited and ready to go. :)
If you follow my family blog, then perhaps you remember this post from so long ago. In that post, I talked about the many things I wanted to do make Evy’s room more little girl appropriate and not so baby-ish. I have accomplished several of them, even the little kitchen set, which she got for her birthday, but had not gotten a chance to make the ribbon board in the pictures I put up. In case you are super tired like me and just don’t feel like heading over to the family blog to see what I’m talking about, I’ll help you out. :) Here is are two of the pictures I put up saying I wanted a ribbon board like them to hold all Evy’s hair bows and clips. They are both from the Pottery Barn Kids website {who DOESN’T love PBK?!?} and you can purchase them HERE, if you don’t want to try to make one. :)
I really, really loved the colors of the one by the bed, but I liked the idea of a frame around it and thought instead of paying the $70-$100 for one from PBK I could get exactly what I wanted for much less price. I believe the total cost of this project went from $25-$30, although I did have some of the items hanging around that I didn’t need to buy, such as glue, etc. 
I started with a framed picture from the thrift store. I can’t say I loved this frame, but I went to the “expensive” thrift store on the good side of town and I wasn’t willing to pay the $15 for the prettier frames/pictures. The $8 I paid for this one was a stretch, in my opinion.

Start by taking the picture and glass out of the frame. If your frame has nails/staples in the sides, leave them they will help secure the ribbon board later.

Take the frame outside, lightly sand it and then paint color of choice. I did white, of course. :) The red frame I made a little something special which you’ll see about shortly. :)

Using the picture, lay it down on a piece of foam board and cut out using a xacto-knife and a straight edge. You could also turn the picture over and use that, if the picture is backed by hard enough cardboard and if you don’t want to use the ribbon board with push pins.

Lay your cut out foam board onto a layer of medium batting. Mine was thinner, so I doubled it up. Starting with one edge, spray a nice line of spray glue and tightly press one side down. Go to the other side and pull the batting tight so there are no bumps or creases and then glue that side. Make sure you look at the front and check for creases before you glue the last two sides. Pull the batting tight to get a nice smooth finish and then trim the edges nicely so the back is not too bulky.

Take a lightweight ironed piece of muslin and lay the foamboard covered with batting on top and repeat steps like you did with the batting.

You really want to double check for creases like I am doing here. It could ruin your finish product.

Lay out your ribbon…

And using straight pins, pin the cross sections in place to get the “pillow” look.

Then turn the foamboard over and start hot gluing the edges in place. Make sure you pay close attention that the ribbon is even. I messed up a little and got a bigger gap in the middle than what I would have liked.

Then using wire cutters, cut off the backs of the straight pins so you don’t get malled as you are hanging up your board! ha. 

Since I felt my back was kinda ugly, I covered it with contact paper, but you don’t have to do this. 

put you glued foamboard into the finished painted frame. I had to nail mine in as the staples there weren’t big enough to cover the foamboard.

Attach buttons. I laid them over the yellow push pins and glued right on with hot glue. If I was really crafty, I would have sewn them on, but who has that much time?!? sheesh.

Annnddd….wahla! My finish product. I distressed the frame a little with sandpaper before I hung it up. I think it looks pretty cute! Sorry, the lighting is HORRIBLE in this corner of Evy’s room and it was dark by the time I was able to get some pictures taken. :(

And with all her bows. Yay, they are finally neat and tidy!!!

My girl watching me organize before bed. I love her!!! Oh and that’s Evy’s Tree behind here, in case you were all wondering. :)
And because I love you all so much, I made a smaller one for you as a giveaway!! All you have to do is comment below and include YOUR EMAIL address so I can get in touch with you if you win. I will be choosing a winner next Thursday and will announce on next week’s DIYF. 

I think I even like this little one better than the big one, ha! :)
Oh, have you checked out Mique from 30 Handmade Day’s Pity Partys? They are pretty cool, I linked up!! :) Head on over and check them out!
Happy Friday all!
*Giveaway CLOSED*

Weekly Design: The Navy Hoot

This one has been requested over and over. It’s the closest I can get to the very first original Hoot that Evy’s Tree first produced a year and a half ago, shown here:
When I first started, I used Target hoodies and they had the above lovely moss green hoodies. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find such a nice color of green in any other hoodie since. American Apparel doesn’t carry anything close to it. So, keeping with the overall color scheme, here’s what we came up with.
This hoodie really is lovely. A navy hoodie with green accents. The ruffle is so floppy and fun and it is finished off with a matching green grosgrain ribbon.
And the mini is darling as well. So fun and cheerful. A lot of detail on these…
We only have one size run of each adult and mini and they will both be available here on the blog via paypal link Monday at 6 PM PST. The adult is $72.95, mini is $49.95.

Hoodie will ship within one week of purchase



Come back later today for DIY {Do It Yourself} Friday. I think you will love what we did…and there will be a little giveaway involved. :)

Introducing: What WE Wore Wednesday

And now to introduce the very last of the new blog series we are going to have around Evy’s Tree: What WE Wore Wednesday {WWWW….whew a lot of W’s, yes? ha}. Perhaps you follow Lindsey over at The Pleated Poppy and her What I Wore Wednesday, well it seems that EVERYONE does a WIWW post. The only problem is, I’m not super into showing you all what I look like on a daily basis, I guess you can say I’m not the biggest picture taker, especially when it comes to posing {hehe}. Even though that is probably the point of WIWW {making you get dressed and look cute}, Sarah and I started brainstorming and we came up with the idea that we should highlight not only us, but YOU as well. We get so many adorable pictures of you all in Evy’s Tree and we’d really love to share it with you all…so this series is dedicated to you, as the Evy’s Tree customer. Don’t get me wrong, Sarah is going to try to get me out of my shell and sneak some pictures in there of me as well, and of her. Like this one:
In case you haven’t met her, this is Sarah, and she helps Jen and I out around here at Evy’s Tree. And here she has on The Ruffle Cardigan in Grey. Doesn’t she look so darling?!?
And I really wanted to include a picture of me, but Sarah arrived to the door this morning I had a towel on my head from the shower since I ran out of time to dry my hair sooooo no picture for me today. ha. So instead I included a polyvore {sheesh, been having fun with that thing!}…Even though its super hot here, I do wear my Diana Wrap constantly. I do not like air conditioning, so I just keep that on over my fave Mossimo tank top and jean skirt with my fave J.Crew flip flops. I also added in this set a beautiful Drika B wristlet {been drooling over it} and a scarf {since I can’t go anywhere with out one} and a flower {since we all need a flower SOMEWHERE in our lives}. So you can imagine me wearing this at the moment. Ha.
 We are so excited to get this series started as we get on a weekly basis many cute photos of people out there wearing Evy’s Tree in their daily lives.And now to the fun part…here’s a couple pictures we got from some of you this week:

Raelene Herrera, California
Amber Gilliam, California
Alisha Kirkpatrick, Omaha, Nebraska
Well, that’s our first WWWW….what do you think? Do you have a picture you would like us to use? Or perhaps you have created a polyvore around Evy’s Tree and want to share it with us? Send it on over to sarah@evystree.com. We can’t guarantee we’ll use them all, but we’ll do our best to get you somewhere! Oh yes, please include your name, your city and state and give your permission to use the picture. :)
Happy Wednesday everyone!

Introducing: Hoodie Pop Mondays

I’m so excited to introduce another new series to you all. If you missed it, on Friday we introduced DIY{Do It Yourself} Friday, and on Wednesday we are going to introduce one more exciting series…so make sure you are following along. 
Today’s series is going to showcase any time we here at Evy’s Tree see a hoodie “pop” up, whether it be in magazines, on the internet, or even in real life. Sarah was telling me that while she was in the airport a couple months back she saw someone wearing Evy’s Tree and she had wished she had taken a picture…so beware, if you wear Evy’s Tree out and about, you might find one of the Evy’s Tree team members running up to you and asking you to pose for Hoodie Pop Monday! :)
The main reason I want to do a Hoodie Pop is because I often feel hoodies get such a bad wrap. Many times people think you only wear them when you feel lazy or ugly, but hoodies can be dressed up or down and I love seeing how people outside of Evy’s Tree put them together in their everyday world. And you’d be surprised how much people actually wear them if you really look around.
Our first Hoodie Pop comes to us courtesy of In Style Magazine , the March edition. I have actually have this ripped out of the magazine for a while {obviously due to the date, ha} and have been wanting to share it with you all. 
This is a very bad scan, but what I want to highlight is the crewneck sweatshirt up on the top. It is by Daftbird
Super cute fleece!! And I LOVE how InStyle pairs it with the little dress. Shows its not just sweat pant wearing material.
But what I love most about this fleece is the price…did anyone catch that this particular item of clothing is..ahem…NINETY TWO DOLLARS. That’s right, $92. While most of you probably think this is crazy and extremely overpriced, I almost stood and applauded Daftbird when I read it. It goes to show, good items of clothing are not only important, but they are well worth their price. A little extra money almost always equals lot more quality, and I love when I see people charging what their items are worth. I hope that makes you like Evy’s Tree a bit more, since our products are handmade, very unique and FUN FUN FUN…and most of them under $92! :) 
So there you have our first ever Hoodie Pop! I hope you loved it, and I hope you come back for more next Monday!

Independence Maggies, Charlie Brown’s Freedom and Independence Boys Hoodies

Whew…long enough title for you? ha :)
So we have a couple things that are coming TONIGHT for you at 6PM, PST. What are they you ask?
The Independence Maggie Tee
 Seriously the cutest thing ever and very limited. Never to be made again. Sarah has sewn up sizes S-2XL and they run small, I suggest ordering a size up. They will be $34.95.
The Charlie Brown Freedom Brilla
We think this one is so fun and actually a great holiday hoodie as you can really wear this year round. We have size S-XL and Unisex Large and Unisex X-Large.
Independence Boys and Mens Hoodie
Is this not the cutest thing?!? I totally adore these hoodies. Jake and Brandon seriously look so cute in them and they are so festive. Red felt stars on the chest splattered with white paint and finished with red tassels. SO.DARLING.
Men’s sizes available: Large, XL, 2XL {no small or medium}
Again, all of these will be available via a paypal  link right above the pictures RIGHT HERE on the blog at 6PM PST. If you have any questions, feel free to comment here on the blog. These items will all ship out Tuesday, Thursday at the latest.
And don’t forget, we do have some Independence Brillas still available HERE.