Today I have officially celebrated 35 of these:
Me on my 6th birthday

That’s right. Today I am 35. And despite what you may think, I am not the least bit stressed out about my age, or freaking out that I’m inching towards 40, or that my kids about passed out when I told them how old I was this morning {true story}. In fact, when I told Jake that I was 35 earlier {and he exclaimed, “wow!!!”} it hit me how YOUNG that sounds. I’m a mom and I’m THIRTY FIVE?!? It sounds like a baby age to me, I mean, we’re just getting this party started…there is still so much to be done! 
1. Wear my hair down more. That’s my number one commitment for this year. ha.
2. Explore the world {bugs and all :)} with my babies.
3. Love my husband even more {because he is seriously the most amazing man on the planet}.
4. Love others like Christ loved.
On our way back from San Diego on Monday, Brandon and I stopped off for dinner at Panera Bread somewhere just before the grapevine. As we were looking for a place to sit, I saw a young couple, the girl looked to be no more than her late 20s. The man she was with was carrying a cane and was bald. It was obvious he was fighting cancer of some type. We found our seat and I was moved to tears…who was I to not be thankful for 35 years of amazing life?!? Who was I to complain that I don’t like things that come up here and there, that sometimes I feel stressed out beyond control, or that I get frustrated when my skin breaks out. Or that I am old?!?
I need to be thankful for life. For every year that comes. Be thankful that I am surrounded by friends….
…like I am here at my Chuckee Cheese party circa 1982.
Cheese kinda scary, yes? And let’s not mention the waiter! yikes!

And that I am blessed beyond measure with my amazing family…. Brandon, Jacob and Evelyn. The Wollmers. The Miraflors.
 My brother Jeff, my sister Pammy and me.
 My brother Bradley and my beloved Nannie and Gramps.

And that I have ALWAYS had more than enough and all my needs met in abundance.
My doll house that I got on my 6th birthday. I was so excited. My parents wallpapered it and got all the furniture. I still have it all and will repaint and decorate the dollhouse for Evy’s birthday in the next couple years. 

I am blessed. Beyond measure. Despite whatever life likes to make me feel, EVERYTHING is a good gift and comes from the Father above. I am so thankful for every good and bad thing that comes my way.
This year, my 35th, I look forward to the amazing things that God has planned for me. I am excited. So many possibilities and paths that God has prepared for me in the years to come, and I will gladly walk through them all with confidence that HE is by my side.  Isn’t that the best feeling ever?!?
One of my favorite verses:
“Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.” Philippians 1:6

Many blessings my friends!!

Evelyn is TWO!

On Thursday, May 5, my baby girl turned two. Where did time go? She was born very quickly {2 hours!} at 1:15 in the morning on Cinco de Mayo {yes, I am completely aware that as a blonde baby she does not fit the part} and has been a joyous part of our lives ever since.
Since Brandon and I were leaving for The Queen Bee Market late Thursday evening, we decided to have her birthday on Tuesday. Our intent was to have a little family get together, but somehow it ended up being a little more than that with several good friends stopping in to wish the birthday girl a special day. 
My mom and dad came all the way from Santa Rosa
And my very very close friends Joy and Elisha came with their kiddos, as well as Josh Rivas and cousin Sarah….

Evy’s babysitter Alexis stopped by…and Auntie Brittony, Auntie Alisha, Auntie Bryony and Lincoln were also there.

Precious Jude Rivas…

The kids ran around the backyard like maniacs…

and tried their best to sit very still during presents.
Evy was so excited to open presents

…this one was a darling wooden candy set from Auntie Sarah and Uncle Brian. She kept trying to eat it! :)

She went NUTSO over the the Baby Alive from Auntie Charity, Uncle Bryson, Angel and Bryden.

And kept hugging her outdoor chair set from Grandma, Grandpa and the Sowers.

Brandon, my parents and I went in and got the Pottery Barn Kitchen set. Except we paid half the price by buying it off craigslist. We got a great deal, the set was in perfect condition and it came with all the dishes and food. 

She was so excited!

Little stinker!

And then, of course, we had cake…the same coconut cake we had last year. It will be a tradition, I’m sure!

This next picture looks A LOT worse than it really was…but Evy’s favorite thing in the whole wide world is for Brandon to toss her in the air. She BEGS him too. She is a true thrill seeker and will be my child who rides the roller coasters while I sit at the picnic tables eating carnival food. :) Anyway, Brian caught this picture so perfectly while she was in mid- air. So cool!

Of course….you spend all this money on a great gift and look what she wants to do.

Evy, we love you so much. I feel so honored that God would bless me with you for two whole years. I pray that I get a million more wonderful years with you so I can hear your laugh and see your contagious smile. I hope and pray that you will put Jesus first in all that you do. If you follow Him, you footsteps will be sure. I’m so proud of you pretty girl!
Love you!

Happy Mother’s Day and a FREE Gift!

Evy’s Tree would like to say thank you to all the mothers out there by offering a you a very special gift…
Every purchase made on Sunday, May 8, will receive a stunning Mrs. Darcy brooch absolutely free!
So happy Mother’s Day to you moms out there! We love and appreciate all of you and pray your day is extra special!
And oh yes…happy Mother’s Day to my mom (shown here with her Black Simple that she wears constantly). I love you mom!

Color and material for brooches will vary. Do not have to be a mom to receive one. :)

PS…the winner of the Queen Bee Help Giveaway will be announced on Tuesday when I return home from Southern CA.

The Queen Bee Market Giveaway

Hello friends. I hope you are all well and safe in light of all the crazy weather much of the U.S. has been having! Here in California, we have escaped much of the natural disasters, but we did have unbelievably hot weather this afternoon, which is so not to my liking! I wish it would stay cold forever…of course you probably figured that about me due to my line of work.  ha. :)
I wanted to quickly share with you about something very exciting that we have been working really hard for the last couple weeks:
Brandon and I are going to be driving down to San Diego/Del Mar area this weekend and spending it at this lovely market {click HERE for info}. I have never sold at this venue before, but have heard great things about it. The pictures alone are stunning! I will be honored to be selling alongside all these amazing vendors and the “Queen Bee’s” aka Mique and Jessica, are darling and their blogs pretty awesome to follow. I really look forward to meeting them all and hopefully seeing some you there as well!!
We will have one size run only available there of most things I make and design at discounted prices {plus no shipping, yay!}. So if you know you want something in particular and are planning on going, I suggest you come first thing on Friday, as since I am not collecting any money {they have a centralized checkout}, I won’t be able to take any orders.
We’ve been working super hard on creating a booth
And trying to figure out how to fit everything in the car {Kelsey wearing Evy’s Tree of course!}
And we’re getting really close to being done here in the next day or two, but we NEED your help! Can you help us?!?
Here’s what we need: the word spread about the Market. I know many {or maybe most} of you do not live near San Diego, so therefore won’t be able to make it, BUT, I’m sure MANY of you know someone who lives within driving distance of where this market will be. We are asking that YOU will contact THEM and MAKE THEM {ok, kindly ask, ha} go to the market! Can you do this?!?
And for your time….
You could win this AMAZING completely limited edition Diana Wrap! I have one bolt of this lovely blue grey material, which will make one size run only. I have not listed the wrap yet, so the winner of this little giveaway will get first size pick of their choice! Sound fair?!?
So how do you go about doing this? Here’s the rules:
1. Facebook about the market attaching a link to this blog post and/or THIS flyer {click on this to download}
2. Tweet about the market linking back to the Queen Bee Site 
3. Blog about the market, linking to the site, including the flyer. You are welcome to mention this giveaway as well, linking back to this blog post.
4. Send out a mass email.
You can do each one of the above 4 things as many times as you like throughout the next several days. Each time you do one of the above throughout the day, come back and comment below with a link back to your post/tweet/fb, etc. That means if you tweet it four times, fb it twice, blog once and send out a mass email in one day you get EIGHT entries, so be sure to comment EIGHT times to get your credit!!
 Giveaway will end on Thursday, May 5th, at 11:59 PM PST.
So get to it…blow up facebook, twitter, the blogging world with info about the Queen Bee Market!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for all your help! I hope to see many of you there and if you go, please come up and introduce yourselves, as you know me and I don’t know you! :( I would like to change that! :)
Happy word spreading and hopefully shopping my friends!

Delta Fun

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but since Brandon is a youth pastor and Sunday is his Monday, Friday is his Saturday. :) So on Fridays, if Brandon isn’t speaking out, we do our best to spend the day as a family and relax. *try* is the key word here as usually we spend a lot of Fridays doing things around the house, but we do our best. 
Anyway, yesterday evening, after a dinner at Panda Express, Brandon took Jake down to the Delta to see “Pirate ships” {he’s REALLY into Pirates obviously, ha!} and shoot rocks into the water. Brandon captured a couple pictures…I love my boy!

And don’t forget…I’ll be down in Del Mar/San Diego next week for the Queen Bee Market. Will you come see me? I’ll have lots of hoodies with me at discounted prices! yay! :)