My Dad

I have been writing and re-writing this post in my brain for almost a year now. For some reason, I can never really find the proper way to word my thoughts. I also worry a lot about sharing some of this as its not really my life I’m about to tell you about, and despite the fact that I am extremely open about my own world, I realize that not everyone feels that way, so I am very careful to honor that when writing in this blog. 
Such is the case with my dad. I’m not sure how he is going to feel about this post. He is a very private person and doesn’t really like to be put center stage. I did mention to him I was going to write about him and thankfully he didn’t seem to upset about it. :) To be honest, I really want to just freeze frame this time in my life. Help my kids remember. But most importantly, to express my love for my dad. I don’t do that very often…

My dad, above, taking me to my first day of school, either kinder or first grade.

Us, Father/Daughter weekend at Mt. Hermon, cir 1985

Growing up, my dad worked a lot. As a child, I couldn’t understand it, now as an adult and a mom, I see things more clearly and I realize he was just taking care of his family. To him, that was the most important and honorable thing any father could do. And he did it well.

Us at Rustlers Rooste, in Scottsdale, AZ, probably 1987ish

When I was younger, people used to ask me what my dad did. I never really knew what he did. I would kinda bumble around and say things like, “he flies airplanes”, “he builds houses”, “he owns restaurants”, as he did all those things, but I never really had a title for him like my other friends had for their dads. My friend’s dads had simpler titles: “Car Dealer” “Mortgage Broker” “Lawyer”, etc. and I always felt so silly I didn’t have a name for him. Finally, when I entered Jr. High, my mom told me he was a “Developer”. Can’t really say that helped me much either, to be honest, as I had no idea what that meant. She explained to me that he bought things and developed them. That helped, I guess. It wasn’t until I was older that I realized what he really was:
An Entrepreneur. 

My parents with my Nannie and Gramps, at my Gramp’s 90th birthday, I believe. 1990.

My dad is an only child. My Nannie and Gramps were both 100% Germans and the hardest working people you could ever meet. They were self employed and ran their business on their own. I’m sure that’s where my Dad got his work ethic from. He was not a good student. In fact, he was horrible. I still remember my Nannie saying how frustrated she felt with him in grade school when he would come home with C’s, D’s and an occasional F. I remember her saying he was such a poor reader and had a hard time with spelling.  She also expressed her frustration that he seemed to care more about his cars than he did school, which was so very true. :) He LOVED hot rods. His era was the 30′s…. 1930 Fords, especially the 1932 3 window coupe {which he never could afford as a kid, but found one about 15 years back and restored it} was his vice. He would chop them up, hot rod them up and race them down main drag in front of his high school.

 Two of my dad’s cars he had when I was younger and below, riding in my brother’s go cart…

My dad giving me and my friends a ride in his car, this was probably my 9th birthday party.

 Below, our neighbor Stephanie and I in front of the red roadster he had while I was young…

In his 1932 that he drove across the country in The Great Race, at least 4 times. I did it twice with him. 

He tried college for a semester {maybe two}, which he hated and never continued. He ended up in the Navy, where he learned to fly. After the Service, he became a pilot for what finally became Northwest Airlines. Somewhere along the way he became interested in building and a friend of his taught him how to “swing a hammer”. He built an apartment complex, which was almost a flop, and then opened a chain of pizza parlors throughout the San Francisco Bay Area…which is still there, but I won’t name them because he doesn’t want all that info out there on him! ha. Eventually he quit flying full time and bought a small Cessna, which he used to travel from project to project. In his mid 30′s, he bought several mobile home parks speckled throughout California.

My parents in front of his plane. My grandmother must have taken this, she always cut everyone out of the pictures. :)

In the mid 1970′s he bought a beautiful lake front piece of property on the North Shore of Tahoe and built a stunning home with his own hands. It took him about 3 years. He found people to help him who later became very good friends…he would pay them in pizza and a six pack {true story}…but these people became his friends for life and were/are a wonderful support system to him. Around this time or perhaps a little later, he also started buying land and building estate homes on them. Gorgeous homes that mirrored a Mediterranean style. He usually oversaw the entire project, from start to finish.

My dad on the roof of our Tahoe house while it was being built. My mom has this framed really big and it sits in their bedroom. It’s her favorite picture of my dad, as this the same time she met him.

In the 1980′s, he bought a piece of beautiful country property in Santa Rosa, and moved us to a mobile home on the property while he built a small one bedroom cottage, then a two bedroom pool house, then the main house. We lived in each place for a year, and when he was done he sold it. I was in 3rd grade when we moved there. It was then that I realized that my dad didn’t have a “normal” job, as I didn’t know any other families who lived like we did with their dad building a house in their backyard. I often felt very different, wishing my dad had an office job, you know, 9-5 where we lived in a nice home in the suburbs all our life and my dad left the house for the day and came home for dinner. HA! So silly, we had everything we could ever want and/or imagine!

The first house in Santa Rosa, this is the final home that was built on that property, and as you can see here, it wasn’t done during this picture. This must have been my brother’s birthday or something, as its all boys in the pool :)

My dad playing with my brother’s hockey game one Christmas and fishing with us on the Delta, below.

My sister and me with my dad.

Below, being silly after my 8th grade graduation…

The Buchart Gardens, below.

Christmas dinner at The Peninsula Golf and Country Club, my grandparents club. 1992.

I often criticized my dad for not being around much. I feel horrible about it now. He was being the best dad he knew how to be, working so hard and supporting us, even if I didn’t get to see him much. I wish I would have tried to be closer to him growing up. Thankfully, over the last 10 years, my relationship with my dad has really changed. I’ve come to understand that what you have between your parents is really what you make of it, so I would say today we are very close. I talk to him almost daily, checking up on him, chatting, telling him about Evy’s Tree. He is very interested in Evy’s Tree, and he’s the reason why it really even exists, to be honest. He has encouraged me, brainstormed with me, patted me on the back when I have succeeded and gave me pep talks when I failed. Furthermore, I am shocked to realize that through some sort of simple osmosis of growing up around him, I have inherited some of his business sense.  I am honored to have it.

My dad helping me organize my first Evy’s Tree American Apparel order in my garage. 

Teaching Jake how to pull weeds in his vineyard, above, and below, trying his first taste of cotton candy at Disneyland, 2008.

2010, picking out our Christmas tree

Meeting Evy for the first time, May 5, 2009

My dad also has a great sense of humor, once you get him going. He tends to be very serious, but get him started and in a funny situation and he’ll really ham it up.

The last several years have been difficult for my dad. About three years ago, he mentioned that his hand shook. We brushed it off as my Nannie had bad arthritis and her hand shook for over 15 years. After a year of it happening, it bothered him so much that he had it looked into. The prognosis was not good, eventually my dad shared with all of us that he has Parkinson’s Disease.

If you are familiar with the disease, you know that it affects the central nervous system and causes your body to lose some function. Basically, you move slower, you are more tired and you always feel like you have weights on your feet. You can’t bend over as well, your speech can become slurred, and worse, you have a hard time sleeping, even if you are exhausted. At least that’s how my dad describes it. 
The bad news is, this disease hits my dad where he has always been strongest: physically. The good news is, the disease is usually slow progressing. You can be in the first stage for years, maybe even 20 years. Which means, this isn’t exactly terminal. His parents, my Nannie and Gramps, both lived to be 94 and were as healthy as a horse. My dad will be 76 this summer, and although there is a good possibility he will live long enough to match is parents, it probably won’t be in excellent health. This is hard for him, for all of us really, as we understand how much health means to him. And how much his health means to us.

Above, putting together Jake’s crib while I was pregnant, and working with Brandon’s dad making our backyard look beautiful.

I have been thinking a lot about this disease and my dad. You see, I think I always thought of my dad as Superman. He really could do anything. The harder the task the better for him. But the last year or so, especially this winter when he tore his Achilles tendon and had a boot on his foot, he hasn’t been able to do much. The weekend I went to Santa Rosa and got him the ipad was the first weekend that I realized that my dad is slowly slipping away from us. Not that it is happening immediately, but unless God heals him, he will slowly stop being able to do the things that I have always known him to be able to do. 
That weekend I took my dad to Lens Crafters to pick up some glasses for him. While we were there he got confused on the prescriptions. He sat in the patient chair discussing the prescriptions with the Dr and his hand was shaking. I know he was frustrated. And my heart broke.
How does this happen, your parents suddenly become more needy than you? When do the tables turn where they need you more than you need them? Not that we are there yet with my dad, in fact I still think I need him way more than he needs me, and he most definitely isn’t to the point where he needs full time care{or really care at all}, but that weekend, sitting in Lens Crafters, I saw it coming. Whether it be in five, ten or fifteen years, I saw our roles would slowly reverse. And at that moment I remembered how my parents were so eager to help their parents….how frustrated both my grandparents became when they realized they needed help. And how heartbroken I saw my parents while they watched their mom and dad slowly deteriorate.

Walking me down the aisle, November 6, 2004

I guess I’m being a bit emotional about all this. I mean, seriously, things are not that bad yet. And, although my dad and I somewhat differ in our beliefs of divine healing, I do believe that God could touch his body and slow down the progression of the disease, or heal him all together. Furthermore, thanks to some very famous people with Parkinson’s {Billy Graham, Michael J Fox, Muhammad Ali, Janet Reno}, the disease has gotten a lot of interest as well as research, so there are many new drugs to help my dad.

And after all, Parkinson’s has done some great things for my family, if that can be said. Us siblings have gotten so much closer, calling each other to check in on dad {since only 2 of the 4 of us live in the same town as my dad}, filling each other in on new research we have heard about, helping my mom out by encouraging him to try new drugs or see the doctor {he doesn’t really “believe” in doctors, and is a bear to take to appointments}, and just being an overall support to my parents during this time.

So…the point of this post: Dad, I love you. I am so proud of you and what you have accomplished. You make us all look good and have blessed us beyond measure. Thank you for working so hard over the years to make sure your family was well taken care of. We all have benefited, as well as our kids. I want you to know that I am here for you and I am praying that God will touch your body. But if He does not, I support you and will, along with mom and the rest of us kids, make sure you get the best care possible. Why? Because you did that for us. Thank you Dad. I will love you always, this #2 daughter of yours. :)
And to my kids, who hopefully will read this someday, I hope Gramps keeps living life to fullest for a long time so you can get to know him for who he really is. But if not, I hope you can remember him through my stories, and pictures and talking about him. He was and still is a wonderful person. And we owe a lot to him….God blessed me, and ultimately you, when he gave me a dad like him.

I love you Dad!!

PS….I have had the rough draft of this post in my blogger for over a week now, not sure if I should post it or not. As I was proofreading it late Sunday night, I took a break and started reading through my google reader. One of the first posts I saw was entitled, “My Dad” and it was by my friend Ashley over at Lil Blue Boo. I thought it was ironic that we both had a post under the same title! Anyway, after reading her post, I couldn’t stop crying. Little did I know that Ashley lost her father this past weekend. Please make sure to keep her in your prayers, I am sure her heart is breaking right now. After I read her post I realized, I HAD to post mine. What if I suddenly lost my dad I never got tell him how much I appreciated him?? Make sure you hold tightly to those around you while you have them…

Much love to you all!

The Independence Brilla Winner!

This is going to be really quick as I am running out the door to take Jake to the dentist {yes, prayers would be appreciated, thank you! ha}…but I wanted to post the winner of the Independence Brilla
And the winner is:

Congrats Andrea!! Please shoot me an email at to tell me the size you would like this hoodie and we’ll get it started for you!
And a BIG THANK YOU to all of you for helping me share Evy’s Tree. We will have another giveaway later this week, so check back!


At the moment, Evy is sitting in her highchair eating cereal, and Jake is on the couch with the ipad playing with the Sprouts app. I am making my coffee. It is beautiful outside, overcast, misty, just gorgeous cold weather. I love it. I’m getting ready to return some emails and get my day started…the kids are home with me today as we are picking up Brandon from the airport today. Overall, its just a nice, cozy morning.
For Brandon on the other hand, well…he missed his flight his morning, so he sat for a couple hours in the Milwaukee airport. There is another flight heading out within a couple hours of his missed one, but it is full, so he is on stand by. Two passengers have to be bumped for him to take the flight. The next flight home would be 12 hours later. If he misses this next flight, he will have to sit in the airport all day long. 
When he called me, I have to admit I was a little upset. I scheduled the entire day around picking him up. Canceled the sitter, pushed around my day so I could get him. I thought about the money we might have to spend if he needed to spend the night. I thought about a lot of things that aren’t really important or even that necessary. 
Brandon said, “pray I get on the earlier flight.”
Can I be honest with you all? I FORCED myself to pray. I said a simple, “God, let him get on the flight. Amen.” prayer. At that moment I felt NO faith that Brandon would get on that flight. And that bothered me. Big time.
I started thinking about me and my beliefs when I hung up the phone with Brandon about two hours ago. WHY do I struggle with my faith sometimes? Don’t get me wrong, I do have faith. I was raised to have faith. But in the things you SHOULD have faith in {or what the world thinks you should have faith in}. Like I believed that there was an all powerful God. I believed in eternal salvation. But when I was asked to believe in miracles…well, my faith was shaky. Too many people believed and believed and never saw any tangible results, and that shakes me up a bit. I watched families lose loved ones to sickness that we spent years believing God would heal. I have seen people lose their homes, all while believing God would provide. I have seen mothers believe and believe for their children to return to their faith, but the child spend years without even responding. 
And this bothers me. I have spent the last two hours silently praying, tears dripping down my cheeks, asking the Lord WHY do I struggle so. What is WRONG with my faith?!? 
There are two little birds who are hopping around outside my window. I am watching them pick up dirt, make beautiful music, flit back and forth. I am reminded of my favorite scripture Matthew 6:25-34: “…do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. is not life more important than food, and the body more important than clothes? Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store way in barns and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?”
So WHY am I so faithless?
As I made my breakfast, I started thinking about the four Hebrew children, Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, who were transported to a foreign land and required to live a life different than theirs {Daniel 1-3}. I thought about the last three boys who refused to bow down to the King’s gods and were thrown into a fiery furnace. Those boys often serve as examples of faith to our young generation…many preachers use their story to encourage youth to be as strong and stand for their faith. 
But this morning, while I was reading their story, I got excited. I read again their statement to the king: “…If we are thrown into the blazing furnace, the God we serve is able to save us from it, and he will rescue us from you hand, O king. But even if he does not, we want you to know, O King, that we will not serve your gods or worship the image of gold you have set up.” {Dan 3:17-18}
Even the three Hebrew children understood faith. Faith IS NOT believing so blindly about something that when the opposite happens your world is crushed. “FAITH is being sure of what we HOPE for and certain of what we do not see.” {Heb 11:1}. HOPE= anticipation. Desire. It means that there just might be a little room for error. But you hope anyway. You have FAITH. Even if there is a chance that it might not happen.
It means you don’t give up. You still believe. Even if a million other people prove you wrong. Faith means you still HOPE.
I started thinking about those Hebrew boys. Let’s be honest here: They just watched the king come in and besiege their land. Surely they saw other young men refuse to worship the kings gods and were killed right in front of them. Surely they heard the elders say to them, “pray the Babylonians don’t beseech our city” and I’m sure they spent many hours, if not days, praying to their Almighty God to intervene and stop the King from taking over their city and snatching their young men out from underneath them. I’m sure they had faith to be protected and not taken….
But they weren’t. And they still had faith. Because their story was part of a bigger picture…a bigger plan. And sometimes that plan that God has for our lives does include answering your prayers as you would like. And sometimes it doesn’t. The Hebrew children understood that and still vowed to remain faithful: “But if he does not…“.
So what’s the point? STAY FAITHFUL. Don’t stop believing. Continue in hope. Even if God choses to answer your prayers some other way, you have to have faith that God is good and able to do it and if He doesn’t there is a good reason why. Realizing He may not answer like you would want is half the battle. But continuing in faith is the other half. Accepting the fact that it might not happen isn’t lack of faith. It IS faith. Faith would be super easy if you knew that whatever you were believing in was 100% certain. Having faith in something means it must take a little risk, your odds are little less than good. It means seeing the other side of the story and still believing that God is able.
So as I sat there, reading the Word, I began to thank HIM. Because I am ok. My faith is good. My hope is sure. And HE is all powerful. That’s all I need to know. Because that is FAITH. 
Oh, and by the way, Brandon made the earlier flight. :)

Facetime, Strawberries and Lollipops

What a nice, relaxing Saturday we having over here a the Miraflor casa. Brandon is still in Wisconsin, so the kids and I are just lounging around the house, in fact, we are still in our jammies! Well, ok, I am still in my jammies, the kids have changed once or twice through out the day thanks to the messes they seem to get themselves into. Anyway, Evy is napping and Jake is having some quiet time in his room reading with his Leap Frog system, so I thought I’d get a quick blog out about:
Anybody out there love it as much as we do?!? It is such a great tool for us since Brandon is gone a lot…the kids LOVE to talk to him {and so do I!} and feel like he is still right here with us, even if he is all the way across the country. In fact, my computer screen has lip marks all over it from Evy, she tries to “kiss” her Daddy every time his face comes up! ha. 
I also really love that I get to chat with those I don’t get to see that much, like this person:
That’s my brother Brad, who lives in London. And yeah, he’s buffed, ha. He just recently got an ipad, so we’ve been chatting on the weekends when we can. This was last Friday morning for me {which is why I look so bad, FYI}, afternoon/eve for him. The kids have had the best time talking to him and I just love being able to see him. Those little facetime chats with him mean so much to me.
And then today, I had another amazing facetime!!
One of my dearest friends in whole wide world is my friend SoShawna. We went to college together and were in each other’s weddings, in fact the last time we saw each other was at my wedding, 7 years ago. She lives in Hawaii with her three precious babies, who I have never met, only through stories. So this morning I got to meet them all for the first time and our kids chatted it up. I got a map out and showed Jake where they live and he is confident that we are going to Hawaii on, get this, a sailboat. In fact, he was so determined about it that got his swim hat on, wrapped his swim trunks in his blankie {apparently that’s all you need for a trip to Hawaii}, got into the car and told me:
“Mommy, will you please call Samuel’s Mommy and let her know we are on our way to see them in a sailboat?”
SoShawna’s response was: “See you in November…that will be one long trip!” :)
After that, we jumped in the car to go here:
If you are EVER in Stockton during the summer, stop at the Strawberry stand on the corner of Eight Mile Rd and Davis. You will thank me, trust me. The strawberries taste like candy. No joke. AMAZING. After we devoured one entire crate of them in about 5 seconds flat, I told the kiddos they could have a See’s Lollipop. Jake choose Butterscotch and Evy choose chocolate. They got a big kick out of me telling them Butterscotch was my fave as a kid and chocolate Brad’s. :)
They were pretty happy about it. And since I don’t let them eat very much sugar, I set the timer for 2 minutes and told them to suck their hearts content until the timer beeped, then we’d have to put them in ziploc baggies for next time. 
We got this far in less than a minute. No joke. Amazing, yes?!?

Jake was pretty good about the timer going off, surprisingly. Just another incident to prove that my baby boy is growing up a bit. Evy on the other hand….

I had to pry it out of her hands, poor baby. ha. 
Oh one more thing…I walked into Evy’s room the other day and found this:

Oh boy, those two!
Happy Saturday everyone!

Weekly Design: The White Rabbit Zip Up

Hello all, I’d like to introduce to you one of my husband’s favorite candies:
{My husband found this picture online somewhere, so can’t remember where, so if you find the source please tell me! ha}
It’s called White Rabbit and it is a creamy milk taffy like candy that is covered with a sticky rice wax paper that is edible…which is very hard for me grasp and I usually strip the paper off the candy before eating, which Brandon hates! ha. You can read more about this popular candy HERE.
I think I have mentioned before, but my husband is a quarter Fillipino, his dad is half and was born and raised for most of his early years in Hawaii. My Father in Law is a lover of all ethnic foods, but especially any Asian and whenever the Miraflor family gets together, we have to have rice with everything…yes, even spaghetti. I’m not joking. I often have to apologize to my husband, as when he was a kid, the rice cooker never left the counter, it just got cleaned out and refilled every day, but our rice cooker makes an entrance into our kitchen once, maybe twice a month if its lucky. That should explain to you my feelings about rice. :)
ANWAY, I digress…
So Brandon grew up shopping at Asian grocery markets and The White Rabbit candy was his favorite candy to bring home. So it makes sense that when I showed him this week’s design, he said it HAD to be named The White Rabbit…
I have to be honest, I am on a huge navy blue kick. I am usually a black person, but for some reason I can’t enough of navy lately. So I am in LOVE with this zip up.
A while back I found this gorgeous jersey knit material. It has colorful flowers and shapes on it and I could not even think about cutting it into strips to use it for a zip up or a brilla since I loved the pattern so much. But the other day I took another look at it and decided to give it a shot. The jersey fabric has a rolled edge, which is unusual for me, however, I wanted this hoodie to have a more “dressed up” feel making the usual raw edges inappropriate. In my mind, I see this zip up being worn with a pencil skirt and some fun, colorful heels. I just love how the ruffles cascade and almost stick up on the shoulder, like a lovely brooch that carries down the length of the jacket.
I do have quite a bit of this material, but I am only going to offer one size run on Monday because I only have a little bit of the material cut and edged. I am thinking about doing this in a Brilla style too, maybe for the website launch! I also plan on doing a mini…more info on that one next week. :)
I will list The White Rabbit Zip Up via a paypal link right here on the blog, Monday evening at 6PM PST.
The White Rabbit will ship within one week of payment. Thanks!
See you all then!!
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Share the Love, Website Prep…and a GIVEAWAY!

Good morning {or afternoon to some of you! :)}
On the spur of the moment last night, I decided to ask many of you on Facebook and Twitter to share the Evy’s Tree pages with your friends. I have to admit, I was SHOCKED by the response! I gained over a 100 followers on facebook alone in less than 12 hours. THANK YOU!
I did promise those of you who participated a chance at a little thank you, so according to
Brittanie Donaldson is the winner of my very favorite Lacey Tee in Sliver Peony.
I adore this color, it is so pretty and soft, perfect for Spring! Brittanie, you can choose your size S-2XL! Please email at with your size and address to send it to.
Thank you to everyone for participating in that impromptu share!!
And let’s talk about sharing here for a second….
In about a month, Evy’s Tree is launching our very own website. Brooke, over at RightLeft studio is designing it for us as we speak. I got to see a little sneak peak and its GORGEOUS!! I wanted to show you a little glimpse of it, but its not really done yet, so I’ll just show you one corner…
HA! Doesn’t say much, I guess, but trust me, its going to be amazing!
Anyway, I need your help. Since we are slowly pulling away from Etsy we won’t get as many unique visitors as we used to. We will still sell a little on etsy, but the majority of our items will be sold off the website and we will depend solely on traffic from the blog, twitter, facebook and other means of social networking.
Can you help us?
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Thank you friends for your help!! Good luck to you all and happy sharing about Evy’s Tree!!
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What A Weekend!

It’s the crazy time of year again! The Spring and Summer tends to mean very busy weekends for us as we always have a bunch of graduations, weddings and events, especially in the month of May. This last weekend was no exception.
We had the following on Saturday:
9 AM: Brandon speaking in Merced {an hour and a half drive from our house}
11AM: Wedding in Lodi {BEAUTIFUL wedding, BTW, Tim and Adaria!}
2PM: Bible College graduation
4PM: 2 graduation parties to attend
9PM: The Lees visit!!! YAY!
So despite the amazingly crazy day {seriously, I think we all thought we would fall over by the end of the night}, it was so great to see our wonderful friends, the Lee’s. They spent the night and while Joy and Thaddeus and little Chloe tried to sleep in a little, we took Little Thaddeus with us to church.

The two little hoodlums goofing off at church….

And then Sunday after church we all sat around and chatted. Love these people!
Uncle Thaddeus with the girls, Chloe and Evy…

This picture TOTALLY tells their personalities… mr. crazy and mr. calm. :)

Chloe couldn’t be any more beautiful!

Scary kisses!

My beautiful friend Joy…wearing the Diana Wrap in Coral Rose. Doesn’t it look amazing on her?!?

And then we had lots of fun Monday night after eating a yummy pot of “poor man’s soup”. Not familiar with that soup? It’s when you put everything you have in your pantry into the pot and hope it turns out! ha. No really, this batch of soup turned out AMAZING! onions, garlic, thyme, carrots, celery, cannelloni beans, crushed tomatoes and penne pasta. Apparently Evy really liked as she rubbed it all over herself while eating. Brandon tried to sneak a picture of her without her noticing, but as soon as she caught a glimpse of the camera, she hammed it up

Of course, Jake had to get in there as well

And just a couple more things. My roses bloomed the week of my birthday. I was so excited. Here’s my first flush that picked for my kitchen. The rose right in front is Evelyn, the two on the side are Chicago Peace and the one on top is Brandy. I promise, make sure to prune your roses every year, they will come back so full and beautiful!

And lastly, I just wanted to inform you that I have remained true to my pact, I have worn my hair down 5 out of last 7 days. This is a picture of us leaving the wedding on Saturday. It actually is a horrible picture as my hair looks super flat, there is fuzz on my forehead and I the crows feet under my eyes are screaming! ha. But I have no patience with photoshop right now so it will have to do. Yet regardless, I’ve had a really fun time wearing it down, I actually love it! Yay!

Much love to you all!

Weekly Design: The Juicy Fruit Brilla

Well, I’m sorry everyone, I had such high hopes of getting this Weekly Design out sooner, but this has seriously been the most crazy weekend. Although I had the hoodie finished on Friday, David of DASO photos couldn’t photo it until Saturday and then I had a wedding, a graduation and then two graduation parties to attend on Saturday, with some friends from out of town staying at our house on Saturday evening. Today was also equally busy as we our youth group graduation service tonight, so we’ve been running around like mad people with just now eating dinner and getting wound down.
So onto this week’s design:
I am calling this one The Juicy Fruit Brilla. I know its crazy, but the flower reminds me of the gum and the ruffle of fruit, so it just clicked for me. :)
I have been in a HUGE lime green mode, and I have to say I ADORE this fabric. The top layer of the ruffle is made from a large green polka dot fabric, and the bottom layer and contrast green. The flower is a fun yellow and bubblegum pink flower topped with a simple lime green button. It is all finished with lime green threading.
I personally feel this is the perfect poolside/BBQ hoodie. The ideal item of clothing grab when it starts getting just a bit chilly on your warm summer days. The stark white of the hoodie really makes it stand out even more.
The Juicy Fruit Brilla will be available tomorrow, Monday May 16 at 6PM PST.  It will debut right here on the blog via paypal links, and whatever doesn’t sell will be listed in the shop on Tuesday. I will have one size run S-XL, Unisex L and XL.
See you tomorrow!

The Diana Wrap Giveaway Winner

So this post was supposed to also highlight the fabulous Queen Bee Market, however, I had waited all afternoon to get some pictures from Brandon’s phone {I forgot my camera at some points}, and by the time I got them tonight, I was fixing dinner, cleaning kitchen, and running to Target {they are remodeling mine, YIKES I freaked out! Seriously, took me at least 30 mins longer to just find everything! :(}. After all of this, my father in law stopped by, which was so nice, as he works out of town during the week and since we have been nearly every weekend the last couple weeks, we have really missed him!
Anyway, needless to say, I still need to sort through those remaining pictures, so hopefully by Monday I’ll have a nice Queen Bee post for you. I really want to show you how beautiful those booths were!!
So onto the winner of the limited edition blue grey Diana Wrap:
AND {so excited here} the #102 is:

YAY Heather!! I am excited because I just met Heather for the first time last weekend at the Queen Bee Market and she is the reason why I ever even learned about the market to begin with…she literally emailed me like one day before the application cut off and really encouraged me to go. She is such a sweetheart! Send me an email Heather and we’ll get that wrap rolling for you! :) 
And thank you again to EVERYONE who helped spread the word about the market! I love and appreciate you all….
Oh a couple things:
1. This week’s Weekly Design is being photoed first thing in the morning. IT.IS.DARLING. Seriously. Lots of bright colors, perfect for pool weather, and for those of you who have been asking for them: you will be happy to know that it has long sleeves. :) I am still deciding on a name, but I think its will be something with the word “juicy” in it, as it reminds me of scrumptious fruit. :) 
2. We will be doing a monthly giveaway on the blog starting the last week in May. It seems FB has made some giveaway guidelines, so I”ll probably just stop using it all together for the giveaways and keep it strictly to the blog, so I would start following the blog, if you don’t already. :) 
Lots of love and yay Heather! :)

It’s My Party… {and FREE SHIPPING!}

Today I turn 35!!
Me on my 6th birthday. To read more about that click HERE.
And since it’s my party and I really wish you all could be here to celebrate with me, eat some cake and rejoice at all the life I have left in me {hehe}…I’m offering FREE SHIPPING in the shop all day today and tomorrow. Just because I love you all. YAY!
So head on over by clicking HERE.