Weekly Design: The Hibiscus Brilla

Not sure if I was wishing I was in Hawaii with my dear friend SoShawna, but regardless, this flower has been on my mind…
You can purchase this beautiful painting HERE.
This week’s Weekly Design is called The Hibiscus Brilla after that beautiful deep purple flower.
This is my first attempt at at triple ruffle Brilla. Lots of ruffles….
I have to be honest. I am NOT a purple person. I can’t think of one purple item I own. However, I get LOTS of requests for purple, so it must be a popular color, so when I saw the Hibiscus flower I knew exactly what color I wanted my triple ruffle to be.
Because I feel that purple can be so overwhelming, I added the polka on top. I LOVE polkas. Did you know that polka dots are the best selling material? I was told that by a good friend in retail merchandising, and I believe her one hundred percent. If I am going to buy any sort of pattern, I always gravitate towards polka dots. Not really sure why, but I believe it is because they are so dainty, whimsical and fun.
My favorite part about this hoodie is the flower. I LOVE this button. I’m finding out about myself that I am kinda a button snob. A button can either make or break your item and this one MAKES it. You can’t really see it well in the photo, but the button is a giant black circle with the edges tipped in oyster shell that shimmers in purples, pinks and greens depending on the light. It is a gorgeous button!!
The sleeves are also left at elbow length {depending on your arm}. I have not cut these arms yet, so if you would like to have the arm left long, just shoot me an email AFTER you purchase. The small is already cut for short sleeves, so that one has not option.
*Hoodie Sold Out*

PLEASE NOTE: This hoodie will not ship for one week from Tuesday. If you want the sleeves to be long instead of elbow length {small is already cut as elbow length} please send me an email: evystree@gmail.com.

Hope you love it!
PS…. Have you checked out the new look on my family blog {HERE}? Brooke has done an amazing job! Make sure you check out the about page, you’ll learn about us Miraflors. :) Next up is the Evy’s Tree website, so stay tuned, lots of excitement here at Evy’s Tree!

Easter 2011= AMAZING

Happy Easter everyone! {a couple days late :)} I hope you all had a wonderful and blessed day! We ended up in Santa Rosa with my parents, the second time EVER to spend a Sunday holiday with them, which is always such a treat {although we did miss our church family, as well as the Miraflor family, on Sunday, hope the service was outstanding!!}
When we got there late Saturday night, my mom surprised Jake with a new Easter suit…..
To say he was excited is an understatement. He LOVED it. He has one navy blue blazer that he insists on wearing with everything to every service. He thinks he looks just like Daddy wearing a blazer, which of course is so cute. Anyway, he was happy to get a new addition to his wardrobe. 
And then Mumsy also got Jake these:

A kid size version of Brandon’s very favorite driving loafers. Jake ran around the house like a crazy person, he was so excited. Honestly, it was too cute. :)
When we woke up in the morning, we had the privilege of attending my mom’s church, The Promise Center, pastored by our good friends Heidi and Chad King. The church was pushing for 700 attendees to hear about the resurrection story. They well exceeded that goal…they had roughly 770 people between their two services. It was beautiful.
They had to rent a tent to attach to the garage doors of the church warehouse, and it was packed out. They brought people who did not have a ride in their red {bomber, ha Jason and Leah West :)} bus. Brandon and I were out in the front greeting people, and when this bus pulled up before the first service, about 50 homeless people walked off the bus. 
Words cannot express the emotions I felt at that moment. The look in their eyes as I greeted them, wished them a happy Easter and welcomed them to the Lord’s house was, well… I really have no way to describe it. All I know is that instant tears poured down my face. There was only one lady in the bunch, and when she looked at me and we smiled, and connected, I realized that THIS is what the resurrection was for, so that people like them, and like me, could live again. It was by far the most convicting and moving part of the day. That moment changed me and made me re-evaluate WHAT I was really doing for Christ. WHY I called myself a Christian. And WHO I was really doing this all for. I’m sure many of you have had a similar experience along the way, but if you haven’t, I encourage you to reach out to those in need, it will change you, I promise. 
And then of course, baptisms after the service…making new commitments:
Before and after the service, in a huge tent out in the parking lot, some of the church ladies made a pancake breakfast, complete with sausage, potatoes and fresh fruit, juice and fresh coffee for EVERY SINGLE PERSON who attended service. Those ladies deserved a medal, I don’t think they even stepped foot in any of the services, they worked tirelessly.
Meanwhile, Jake was attending the Sunday School program run by our good friend Jacob Perieda. That’s Jacob over to the left there….

They had an Easter egg hunt and learned all about the Resurrection. Jake loved it. Wearing his new suit and shoes of course. :)
After service, we headed back to my parents to eat a WONDERFUL lamb dinner, simply served with salad, potatoes, peas and carrots. So yummy!
And then afterwards my mom had a delicious egg cake with marzipan frosting from Michelle Maries. Of course all Jake wanted to eat was the frosting! ha.

And the Easter bunny was so kind this year. He asked Gramps to hide a bunch of Easter eggs, which he did proudly, and the kids so excitedly hunted for….
Evy in Lil Blue Boo….

And the Easter bunny {aka Mumsy} also brought the most amazing Easter baskets

And that Easter bunny was so smart. All the toys were to be left at Mumsy and Gramps for play time when the kiddos visit. THANK YOU Easter Bunny! God knows I don’t need one more toy in this house! :)
And last but not least, here’s us on Easter Sunday:
Since its pretty much impossible to get a good family photo, this one will have to do. And in case you want to know what we’re wearing{highly doubt you care, but I”m going to tell you anyway, ha}, I’m going to copy my friend Heather over at ADF Designs:
Suit, shirt and shoes- Crewcuts
tie and pocket square- Dainty Button
Outfit and headband- Crewcuts
Shoes- Ragg kids
Mom and Dad:
Vintage Miraflor closet- JCrew, Banana Republic circa 2000, ha.
Happy Easter to you all. Aren’t you so glad HE LIVES?!?
PS..what do you think about the new blog layout that Brooke came up with?!? Be sure to check out the about page, some new stuff in there! :)

Catching Up

Well, hello world! Western District Youth Convention is now over. WOW. Can we say EXHAUSTED?!? I think Youth Convention is always exhausting, but on top of that, Evy’s Tree had a booth so that really made the week MUCH more tiring. And then poor Brandon is even more exhausted. He didn’t get home until, get this, SIX AM this morning. Right, that’s 6 AM, for those of you who thought I wrote it wrong the first time. ha. The kiddos were bouncing on our bed at 8 AM this morning, {and will be crying their eyes out shortly since they went to sleep at midnight last night and Jake didn’t nap at all yesterday} so here the kids and I are sitting in the family room watching old Disney re-runs, trying not to be too loud so Brandon can get just a little more sleep. {Currently we have this one on. Next will be this one. Don’t you just LOVE those old movies?!?}
I have a TON of thoughts swirling around in my brain today. I have wanted to blog at least a dozen times this week regarding different things. I really wish there was like 30 hours in a day. But if there was, I’m sure I’d still lack for time. ha. 
I just wanted to show you a beautiful picture from the Sam Hassas Evy’s Tree spring photo shoot. Have you checked them out yet? If not, you must!! Anway, here’s my favorite image from the shoot:
We were escaping the rain and found the coolest old vintage shack. Sam is ULTRA creative, in case you haven’t figured that out. :)
{Side note…have I told you that I lost 10lbs doing weight watchers?!? Well, I have, and I’m just a couple lbs away from what I was when I got pregnant with Jake, but why in the world do I still look like I need another 10lbs in these pictures?!? Please don’t comment on that! ha.}

We are running out the door to catch up on life a little {which is basically code for getting the car washed, grocery shopping, etc, etc.}, but I always wanted to remind all of you San Diego area people that I will be down there very shortly! PLEASE come see me and stop by the Evy’s Tree booth! I would love to catch up! Here’s all the info:
Check out their website by clicking HERE.
Lastly, I just want to leave a couple of my favorite scriptures with you in lieu of a beautiful Easter Sunday coming up. 

But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us”
Romans 5:8
He is not here; he has risen, just as he said. Come and see the place where he lay”
Matthew 28:6

I am so thankful for the death, burial and resurrection, aren’t you? My hope and prayer for you this Easter week is that you feel the power of the resurrection more this year than you ever have. It will change you life, that is for certain! 

God bless you all!

PS… Brooke {rightleft studios} and I are working on updating the blog. We’re just testing a couple little things out, so hang in there with us, its slowly coming together. :) An as for combining Evy’s Tree and Family blog: no can do. We thought about it and thought about it, and for now we’re going to keep it separate. Business is business, family is family. I HAVE to draw some boundaries or else I will go nuts….and you, as my followers, probably will too! ha. :) xoxo

Weekly Designs and Backorder Info

Well, The Vintage Brilla is gone. :( I’m actually rather sad about that…I really loved that fabric. ha. I packaged up the last one this morning and they will all be in the mail tomorrow. But before we close the chapter on the Vintage Brilla, I want to talk a little bit about what it was the first participant for:
Weekly Designs.
We discussed Weekly Designs yesterday, but I wanted to explain a little bit more in detail about it along with our backordered items, which I also mentioned yesterday. First of all, the shop will be closed starting late tonight until Monday morning, April 25. I had originally said Saturday, but I wasn’t thinking Sunday was Easter, so I figured Monday would be better for all of us. :) Evy’s Tree will be selling at Western District Youth Convention so hopefully I will see many of you there!
So, backordered items:
Currently, when you order from our etsy shop, you have the sizes listed that are in stock and ready to ship within 3-5 days and then you have sizes that are backordered 2-3 weeks. Due to the American Apparel Financial woes I mentioned yesterday, we are going to take down the option of backordered items. The reason for this is that we place weekly orders with American Apparel, which many of those backordered items are usually part of. If you order a backordered item on a Monday per se, and I place orders on Wednesday, and on Tuesday American Apparel closes its doors…well, you can see the dilemma! Selling only what we have in stock takes us out of a great risk factor if American Apparel closes.
What taking down backorders also does is give us complete control over our Raw Inventory. We are able to release the exact amount of items we feel we can produce without stretching thin the raw inventory we have in stock. Which means we can keep an eye on things a bit better. And guarantee what you order will actually be produced. That’s good right? :)
BUT…what it does mean is that upon opening on Monday, our shop will look much less “fluffier” *is fluffier even the right word to use here? ha! I’m sure referring to my shop as “fluffy” makes it feel like this dog probably does:
Isn’t this awesome?!? You can buy the ears HERE
….my point is there will not be as many items offered.  So here’s where the Weekly Designs come in. As I mentioned yesterday, usually towards the end of the week, hopefully Thursday, I will preview a new hoodie. Sometimes it will be for women, sometimes men, sometimes kids. Regardless of what it is, it will be a completely new item that will be completely limited, no more than one hoodie per size will be released. We hope that by doing this, we will be able to stretch our inventory out through the summer and into the fall, but yet still keep the shop looking “fresh” and “exciting”. More than likely I will do like I did last night, release it via paypal links on the following Monday night here on the blog, and whatever doesn’t sell, we’ll list in the shop the next day.
This is going to be interesting for me for sure. I get so busy around here that I rarely focus much on design. In fact, my friend Jessica over at Joyfolie did a Design a Day for 30 days and one day while chatting with her I told her there was NO WAY I could do something like that! Ha! Well, here I am seeing that if Evy’s Tree is going to navigate its way through the American Apparel woes, I must be creative, so let the creativity begin!
In closing, I have been asked what will happen to us if American Apparel closes? Well, we are currently looking into new suppliers that we can wholesale from, as well as looking into overseas manufacturing, so all is not lost if American Apparel says goodbye. :)
Hope all that made sense and we’ll see you all next week for another Weekly Design!

The Vintage Brilla and Weekly Designs

Good morning everyone! I’m here to talk about this hoodie
…as well as fill you in on a few important details going on this Summer.
But first, The Vintage Brilla
This lovely hoodie is a little work of art for me, and I have to admit, a bit of a sacrifice. Over a year ago I found this lovely vintage looking fabric on etsy. I can’t for the life of me remember the seller, but whoever it was said it was a reproduction of vintage fabric. However, when I received it, it was tagged and the tagging and manufacture markings were not new, so I do think this fabric is somewhat aged. Anyway, I LOVED it at first sight. It’s just absolutely gorgeous and uses all the colors I love: pinks greens and pale yellow, almost a golden color. I used the fabric for my first Spring Hoot I did last March, but the rest I’ve been saving in hopes to use it for something very special. Well, the other day I was cleaning out my fabrics and found the fabric and I had a sudden vision of it as a Brilla and got very inspired. So I put together some fabrics and came up with The Vintage Brilla. In the effort of getting a size run {S-XL, Unisex L and XL} I used up all the fabric. That’s where the sacrifice comes in as I was really wanting to hold onto this fabric, ha! Oh well, its just so beautiful, I just can’t blame myself. :)
The hoodie is a stark white, with the sleeves cut off just below the elbow {although please remember, sleeve length will vary per your arm length}, the ruffle is a double ruffle with the vintage fabric on top of a lovely muted pink striped jersey and the flower is finished with matching pink fabric and retro yellow button in the center. A note about the button- I had these lovely vintage yellow glass buttons picked out on etsy to add to this, but then I realized you would not be able to machine wash the hoodie, and that goes completely against the Evy’s Tree motto, so I decided to go with the retro button which is actually made of plastic, so machine wash away!! :)
I tried my hardest to play with Polyvore since my friend Simone of Gardenhouse {have you seen her stuff? OMW, you will love it!!} is such a pro at it and always has the cutest little sets, but my kids are home today due to my sitter being on Spring Break {pray for me please I’m about to lose it! ha}and in between Elmo blaring in the background and the kids fighting I just didn’t have the patience to figure it out. BUT, if it were me, I would wear this lovely number over a long, flow-y, gauzy, ruffly white dress and bohemian strap-y sandals, and my hair piled up on top of my head with a lovely vintage silk scarf wrapped around my hair. Total dinner-at-the-beach wear. Can you envision it??
This hoodie will be listed TONIGHT, Monday, April 18 at 7 PM PST {California time} via a paypal link HERE on the blog….NOT ETSY. Why not etsy? Well, I have ZERO material left and with etsy there is the possibility of overselling, I just can’t have that today. So come back here around 6:55 PM and you should see a paypal link pop up with a drop down box with the sizes…just click on the size you want and then proceed to pay. It should be a little easier than etsy. Whatever doesn’t sell by tomorrow morning I will upload to etsy.


Oh and one more thing, these will ship out tomorrow…so you SHOULD receive it in time for Easter, no promises though. :)
Available HERE
And lastly, I wanted to quickly discuss something new here at Evy’s Tree: Weekly Designs. In light of American Apparel’s financial issues, many people have asked me how it will affect Evy’s Tree and what we will do if they fold. Well, the good news is, it looks like their stock is up and that their lenders haven’t called their loan yet, so we might be ok, however, if they do close, Evy’s Tree will still survive. I will discuss this more with you in all in another post, as this one is getting a bit long, but the point I want to make is this:
In order to protect ourselves in case American Apparel does fold, and in effort to make our currently raw material inventory stretch over the summer and into the fall, I will more than likely take down all the backordered items from the listings within the next couple weeks and only offer items that are ready to ship through etsy. And then here’s the exciting part:
Once a week, hopefully on Thursday, I will introduce one new item. Sometimes they will be made from American Apparel hoodies, other times they will be made from scratch, but when I offer them, they will only be offered one hoodie per size, so 6 hoodies max. I am hoping to list them every Monday evening either here on the blog or in the shop. Once they are sold out, they will be sold out.
Disclaimer: Summer is a crazy time for all of us, so I’m not going to promise that I will introduce a Weekly Design every week, and please don’t hold me to the Thursday and Monday bit, although I will do my best. I know you all understand what a life of a busy mom is like. ha. But regardless of how it works, I can promise that many new, fun, limited items, just like the gorgeous Vintage Brilla will be coming your way this summer. Are you ready for them?? :)
So thanks for listening. Feel free to ask any questions in the comment section, if you have one, and I will do my best to answer. Otherwise, I will see all tonight!
Oh and remember I said I had no sitter? Well, I just walked into the family room to find this:
Oh boy! ugh.

Sizziling Saturday!

Crazy day today. First of all we woke up to find this:

As you can see, all the candy came from Jake’s school Easter basket. And I think Evy was the little instigator here. It was super quiet when I got out of bed and when I walked into the kitchen I found a happy little Evy rocking herself in the chair and sucking on the lollipop with bits of paper all over her face. Apparently Jake didn’t even help her open it, so just ate right through it. ha. 
And then we had two parties to go to and lucky us it was HOT HOT HOT and both parties were outside. The first was a birthday party complete with bounce house and trampoline which the kids LOVED. They bounced till their little hearts content and when it was time to go they both cried their hearts out. But we had to get going as we had another party to get to….a very special one. 
Brandon’s cousin Brandy and her husband Johnny were in town with their brand new baby twin boys!! We did NOT get a picture of the boys, which is such a bummer because they are DARLING. One looks just like the Miraflors and their other one looks like a Larson. So cute. 
Anyway, while we were there, Brandon got to hang out with his good friends from high school, Rustin and Jason. Sorry these pictures aren’t edited, so tired here….
anyway, here’s Rustin
And Jason…

SO…because the kids were having SUCH a great time, we forgot to make Jake go pee and since he was in someplace he wasn’t used to, he didn’t ask to go, so guess who peed his pants?? ha. Right. Jake. So anyway, Brandon finally found him running around with his pants all wet and since we were at a party where there was all girls and NO BOYS {seriously, there was about 10 girls and Jake and his baby cousin Lincoln were the ONLY boys…oh and the twins} and since this Mommy ALWAYS forgets extra clothes we had to ask around for help from the girls. Someone fished up these size 4 Dora Pull ups {Jake is a size 6 BTW}.
So we gave him the option of going home or running around like this:

But it didn’t bother the kid one bit. He was pretty proud of himself and wasn’t the bit worried about it. Oh boy.
I’m pretty positive I have a teenager here. Where did my little boy go??? :( 
After all that, you can imagine the kids were in bed by, get this: 7 PM. Can you believe it?? 
So how was your Saturday? Hope you are all well.

Reclaimed Infant Headbands

It’s a lovely, cool, rainy day here in California. I just LOVE this weather, as I’m sure you have heard me say before. I was raised in the Bay Area fog and sometimes I miss that wet, misty weather that rolls in during the afternoons and stays until late morning. So when it rains, I feel perfectly at home.
It also gives me a good excuse to play a little.
A couple weeks ago I went through Evy’s headbands and got rid of every single one that she never wore. I gave them to a good friend who just had a baby girl. But I was at a loss as to what to do with all the gorgeous headbands that Evy used so much as an infant but were too tight for her head now. The most logical thing, I guess, would be to cut the bands off and replace with a larger band, but to be honest, her hair is at such an awkward stage. Seriously…her bangs flop right into her eyes. She really needs a clip to hold back all that craziness. 
Oh…speaking of the hair in eyes issue, I have had a lot of people tell me to just cut bangs for Evy. We don’t do bangs around here, for many reasons, but one of my main reasons is this picture:
Right, that is me at my second birthday party with my younger brother Brad {who hates seeing pictures of us in matching outfits, ha} and my beautiful mom {who will probably kill me for putting this up}. Anyway, note my bangs that my mom just cut a couple months before. Well, she managed to cut whatever hung from the crown forward, which ended up being a massive amount of hair…so guess who had bangs for the rest of her life? And when I say bangs, I mean BANGS!?! Seriously not cute. I was 15 when I got the guts to grow them out. Boy oh boy, was that a chore. ha. 
Anyway, I digress as usual…
So no bangs for Evy was my point, so she’s really needing the whole clip action. And that made me think about all these adorable headbands that I love so much and still wanted to use…so I decided to make them into clips. 
Here’s what I needed:
Glue {THIS is my favorite glue}
Clips {I used THESE}
Glue gun
This headband was from Halle Jean. It was one of the first etsy buys I made for Evy. It was TINY, as I bought it right when she was born and she wore it with a darling little Tea outfit. Unfortunately it doesn’t fit anymore, so time for a renewal. :)
Cut the headband off like soo…..
Add some fabric glue on the back

Then take a circle of felt about the size of the back of the flower and press it onto the glue. It will take a few minutes to dry.

Then take another piece of felt and snip a little opening with the tips of your scissors.

Slide your clip into the opening….it will look like this:

And then cut around the clip like so, leaving a little border around the edges

With your hot glue gun, add some glue to the top of the clip

With the snap open, press the hot glue onto the back of the flower and let dry. You don’t want to close the snap until its dry. 

Since the flower is a bit thick on top, the snap does close slowly, and that will be normal. If you have that much material its normal for it to not bend very well. Also, I know there are metal snap clips at Joann’s that I should have used, but I was at Target and grabbed the black ones….really wish I had used the silver ones they are much stronger. 
Here is another clip I made from my first ever Joyfolie {formerly Mia Joie} headband. I loved this one. It looked so cute on Evy. It’s much too tight now, so I thought it would look darling as a clip…. hopefully Jessica doesn’t kill me! ha. {sorry girl! :(}
For this one I wanted a very clean circle so I put glue on the back, placed it on the felt and then cut. I created the same clip as I did the others.

Here is another DARLING headband from Halle Jean. I love this one so much, but it has gotten way too tight on Evy. The purple band is my favorite part about this clip, so, even though no one will ever see it, I added purple felt to the back.
Also, with this one I removed ALL the backing from the band and show felt. I wish I had done this with the others. It makes the snap close a bit better.

And last but not least, have you ever shopped at Lou and Lee? If not, you MUST! Their headbands are amazing. Totally beautiful stuff. I have this headband, which I love so much, but the band was much too small, and so needed my clip refashioning! :) This time I used black felt like so…unfortunately the glue got a little messy on this one. :(
So here you have my reclaimed clip collection!

And because you all are so sweet to follow along with me on this little endeavor, I thought I would offer a clip to you:
The first person to comment WITH THEIR EMAIL ADDRESS will get this lovely clip made by me from a beautiful Halle Jean headband. Jen will email you tomorrow with your address and get this out to you. I hope you enjoy it. :)
So are you going to create any reclaimed clips?? Send me some pictures of what you do, I’d love to see it! 

Jake’s First Fight and Combine Blogs?

Hello everyone. 
I wanted to share something pretty exciting to the Miraflor family. For those of you who know the Miraflors, you probably know that they are Filipino and involved in a Filipino martial arts called Escrima. My father in law, Art, and his brother, Abel were encouraged to take up the hobby by their  father, Bing, when they were little and have continued in the arts throughout childhood and into adulthood. Art has a school where he teaches it to other young men, and I dare say there are PLENTY of people walking around in the world who would say they learned some martial arts or defense mechanisms from Grand Master Art Miraflor. 
Art naturally taught the art to Brandon, who fought in many tournaments throughout his teens and did very well. Escrima is a type of stick fighting… usually when two Escrimadors fight, it is with two hard bamboo sticks that make a very unique “clacking” noise. It’s actually a very beautiful sport to watch. We have Escrima sticks all over this house, and Brandon even cut up some Bamboo sticks and made some for Jake…they scrimmage often together. 
When Escrimadors do a tournament, they usually fight with padded swords and the winning is based on point of contact and foot work. Art has done several tournaments over the years, and he just did one recently. Brandon and Jake attended the tournament and in the middle of it, Art decided that they should have a child’s fight. Jake of course wanted to participate, so he got suited up and ready to fight. I am so sad I missed it as me and the rest of the Miraflor women were at our cousin’s baby shower. Thank God Brandon video’d it!!
As you can see, Jake won. And obviously, he’s not afraid to fight. Ha. The man in the middle is Art, Brandon’s dad. He was so proud to have his grandson fight and win. So cute!!

In closing, I have a question for you. Many moons ago, when Evy’s Tree was born, I decided to separate Evy’s Tree from our family blog, mainly because I felt that people reading about Evy’s Tree probably didn’t care about my family stories, enlightening thoughts and other ridiculous things. And furthermore, I thought those of you following about my family didn’t care about Evy’s Tree. However, I’m finding that the same people who read the family blog read Evy’s Tree. 
So, right now we are knee deep in creating an Evy’s Tree website which my Evy’s Tree blog will be connected to. And we are also going to redo this family blog, which you will probably see happening within a week or so. But I’m wondering if they should continue to be separate? Maybe I need to just come to grips with the fact that my life is messed together, so therefore I should give up trying to make them so separate. ha. 
Anyway, would love your thoughts, if you even care. haha. oh boy.

My Life With a Bunch of Crazies

Hello everyone. Just thought I’d do a quick write and prove what I’m sure many of you already know about us…we’re a pretty crazy family. 
{Sad, very sad, but true}
If you follow Evy’s Tree on Facebook, there is a good chance you already saw this picture, but yesterday I took the kids with me to do my Post Office run. I loaded the car up with my giant bin full of hoodies to be shipped, which is actually about the size of me once its full. No joke. Anyway, I told the kids to get in the car and turn around found Evy insisting on me putting not one, but two clips in her hair and Jake all dressed up like this:
In case you can’t tell, that’s a long sleeve shirt he has on his legs and its being held up with a belt. The shirt is on backwards and that hat he has on? Yeah, those are his pants. Oh and the hangers, well, they are hanging strategically from his belt. What is he you ask? He’s a weather man, apparently. He learned about the weather in school yesterday and came home with this very cool weather wheel and he felt he needed to be a weather man to operate it. 
{please ignore the water stain right in front of the kids. Ugh, how embarrassing! ha}
So I took my kids to P.O. looking just like that. And of course, they insisted upon helping me carry the giant bin into the P.O. which resulted in me pretty much screaming at them because I just end up tripping over them the entire time. And let’s not mention the looks I got from people regarding Jake’s ensemble. It was funny at home, not so cute in public I must tell you. 
Anyway, we {as in ALL of us, yes, they MUST hand me each package individually so when you have 30 packages that takes a bit} unloaded the packages into the package box and as we are walking out of the P.O. I remind them of the “holding hands around cars” rule. Apparently Jake forgot and bolted out in front of me. I guess he felt like playing games because I ran after him which just caused him to circle the car about 3 or 4 times before I could catch him, twice running into the street. 
UGH. You can imagine how upset I was. And you imagine what the very busy P.O. thought of this trio of kooks. oh boy.
Anyway, moving on. 
Any of you have any home remedies? I have a couple, but my all time favorite involves toothpaste. 
Yes, this is me, real time. I have yet to comb my hair and I’m still in my P.J.’s but what I want you to notice is the lovely toothpaste face mask I created on my forehead and other parts of my face which you can’t see too well here. I’ve come to the conclusion that my skin must be freaking out knowing I’m going to be 35 in a month so it has decided to have some hormone fun and party like its 1992. I’m sure the fact that I have WAY too much on my plate at the moment doesn’t help either, but whatever is wrong with it, its been needing a little toothpaste zap the last week. Toothpaste is the BEST cure of skin blemishes in case you didn’t know. You just put it on at night and when you wake up in the morning those little suckers are dry and peeling. No joke, try it!
Anyway, when I went to get Evy this morning, she took one look at my face and literally backed away while pointing at me saying, “What’s that?!?” She REFUSED to come to me. I’m not kidding. I coaxed her and coaxed her and finally she reached up and touched my face and said, “ohhh, yucky!” At that point she would come to me but would not let me kiss her. She warmed up eventually, and I got them the kids ready for the sitters and forgot about my face.
Well, I drove to the sitters looking just like this. Yes I did. Bless my sitters heart, she didn’t act like it was a big deal at all, but I’m sure once she got the kids out of the car and shut the door of her house she texted all her friends and made a big joke about it. ha. {Alexis, please be kind!! )}
Right, crazy over here.
Oh, I’m closing down here I promise, but I wanted to show you all something:
I know that its kinda hard to see here, but that is a “profitmeter”. Yes, I’m sure all know what that means, I however, had no idea what it meant until I did a little etymology and broke the word down a bit. That little wheel was given to me by my dad this weekend, it was given to him by his dad, my Gramps. All in all, this wheel has been aiding the Wollmer family in business {My Gramps was also self employed, he and my Nannie owned Wollmer’s Music in Burlingame, which later, after it was sold, moved to San Mateo} for more than 50 years. It’s this very confusing wheel with gobs of numbers on it. It’s quite scary actually. My dad has been trying to give it to me for months, hoping it would help me get a grip on my profit margins, but the wheel and I just weren’t getting along AT ALL, so I kept refusing it. I much preferred the formula that my brother gave me to figure out my profit margins. Well, this past weekend, my dad pretty much told me that if I didn’t sit down and learn to use the wheel he wouldn’t give me anymore business advice, so I had another very long lesson the thing and I think we have become friends. So here I am with the 50+ year old wheel and I have to say I’m super stressed out over it. Not because I don’t understand it, but I’m freaked out that my kids are going to hide it somewhere, or worse, cut it to bits and pieces with all the scissors that hang out in this house. I do think that this wheel might be the death of me at some point.
ANYWAY, thanks Dad for the wheel! I do feel very honored that he would choose to give it to me out of all the other kids. Ha, ‘course right now I’m having the realization that he probably gave it to me because I’m the only NON mathematical person in the family and he probably feels sorry for me! Either way, I’m honored to have it!
And regarding my dad, many of you guys have emailed, texted or called me asking about how he is doing. He is doing good, and I am hoping to do a little blog post about him in the next couple of days to fill you all in on him and health issues.
Well all, that is that. I hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday. I am going to spend the morning doing my taxes and paying bills, doesn’t that sound like a blast?!? But I’m going to end the night going to church and hearing one of my very favorite ministers ever, Rev. Chester Mitchell!! He is here to speak at To The Chief Musician, the music conference that is going on here in Stockton. If you are in the area, you should really stop by CLC’s 99 campus and hear him. I promise you won’t be disappointed. He and his wife are amazing people and had such an impact on my life when I was younger. So excited to be with them tonight.
Many blessings to you all! 

Food Friday: Meal Planning

I know, I know, two Food Fridays back to back! whew, I’m on a roll! ha.
This post is going to be super quick as we are rushing out to the door to run up to Santa Rosa {again! I hope this is the last trip for a LONG time. ha} to take my dad’s ipad up to him. Not sure I mentioned previously, but we traded ipads. He didn’t want the camera and all, and of course, I would LOVE the camera, so my dad has my old one and I have his new one. But you have no idea how hard it is to switch over content. The guy at the apple store made it sounds so easy. Uh, no. Brandon spent many nights the last week getting them cleaned up. 
Oh and some exciting news here. My dad now has email. Yes, you all heard me. Of course he won’t look at it and refuses to give out his email address, but he has it. ha. 
Anyway, before we leave I wanted to share with you all what I have come up with for my meal planning. I created a little sheet on word which took me FOREVER and is not the least bit user friendly. I don’t think I will be using this one for long. If any of you have a great downloadable meal planning sheet, please let me know, I’d be super interested in it. 
Anyway, here’s a screen shot my sheet:
We have the same thing every morning, as the kids and Brandon LOVE cereal, so technically I didn’t need to include Breakfast on this sheet, but I thought about the once a month times we have pancakes or something, I’d need to write that down. Lunch is pretty much the same story as breakfast, but again, I included it just in case. And then we have dinner. 
The only other thing I needed to know was what I needed to buy. I left it blank on the computer because I am one of those has to write things down with a pen for the grocery store type of people. I make little graphs and diagrams to tell me where to go and what stores to stop at first. I know. weird. 
Anyway, it looks rather boring for this coming week as we have a conference at church, so we will be eating quickfood and sometimes there at the conference so that is what TTCM means. And we will be in San Jose next week for our family photo shoot with Sam Hassas on Friday, so we’ll be eating out then. 
All in all I feel super pleased with my plan and it doesn’t make me feel stressed out like I have to cook too much or anything. I figure if we can eat leftovers once {or maybe twice} a week and do a quickfood night in there {like mac n cheese, burritos, cheese, crackers and fruit- yes my kids love that for dinner! ha}, and then we always eat out at least once a week, usually something quick like in n out or panera. It really makes our week to have a fun night like that. 
In case you are wondering, the minestrone soup is the BEST and it is by Giada. You can find the recipe HERE. That stuff lasts forever and we eat if for lunch for a couple days after. The Chicken pot pie is from my beautiful friend Hanna, you can find it HERE. I have not tried it yet, but it looks sooo good. I’m not sure I’ll bust out my mom’s pie crust or use frozen, but if I do, HERE is the recipe for mom’s crust. 
My husband is rushing me out the door. So in closing some pics of my babies. I love them so much. They smell wonderful {I just kissed them and I love the way they smell!} and just over all make me smile. 
Jake using every straw we have to drink his water

We got Evy a potty. She has been wanting {begging is more like it} to sit on ours but she is too small still and falls in ours, so now she has her own. She literally wants to sit on it all day long and walks around pulling up her clothes and saying, “potty”, “pee pee” and “poo poo”.  I have no grand hopes that she’ll be potty trained any time soon, but I do have to say after all the potty trained messes I had with Jake {remember this one?!?} I am sooo relieved to see that she actually is taken with the idea of the potty. :)

Happy Friday all!