Out Of the Mouth of Babes

This morning was one of those mornings where I should have woken up sooner, but thanks to this little cold I have, I just didn’t and because of that, all hell seemed to break loose. 
Jake woke up in a horrible mood crying that he just HAD to have cereal and a movie. But we were heading out to the babysitters, so we didn’t have time for all that. He was NOT the least bit happy and was jumping up and down but finally I got him calmed down enough to get himself dressed, which he DANCED his way through. Seriously. The kid has got major ants in his pants. No joke. I find myself screaming, “STOP MOVING” over and over and “FOCUS” probably more than I say anything else to him. Yes, I know he’s hyeractive. It’s in his genes unfortunately {ahem, BRANDON}.

Anyway, meanwhile, Evy is sitting in the highchair and had finished her cereal. While Jake is bouncing around the room like a Mexican jumping bean, Evy is screaming at the top of her lungs to get my attention to move the bowl. In between me yelling at Jake to stop moving and calmly telling Evy, “Please stop screaming Evy!”, I felt like sitting down and crying. I had yet to change out of my PJ’s and my book keeper, Jen, was going to be here any second.


The whole scene probably was quite comical from the outside looking in, I’m sure, but me being the mom in the middle of it all…well, not so funny I have to admit.

Right after I yelled at both Jake and Evy for the umpteenth time, I thought to myself{quietly, not outloud}, “I need Jesus…need to say a prayer or something!!” I seriously felt myself losing it.

And right then, Jake looked at me and started singing our favorite worship song that comes on the radio. He was a little off beat and out of tune, but he knew the words. I smiled and sang along with him. The world seemed right at that moment.

Isn’t it funny how focusing on Jesus and not the problem can do that to you??
So I thought I’d share the song with you. It’s called Closer by Shawn McDonald. And its amazing.

May your day be blessed everyone!!

Disneyland 2010

Oh my…this is long overdo. 
In my defense, I was waiting to get some pictures from my sister as I pretty much just took pictures of my kiddos…but I am STILL waiting for her to upload them to kodak share. 
So if my dear, beloved sister ever uploads them, you might get a chance to see more of our trip besides my two precious ones. But for now, this is the best I’ve got. ha. 
A couple words before the pictures…this year we decided to do our family trip very late in the year and unfortunately, the time we normally go {the first week in December}, our hotel that we always stay at was booked. Have you ever stayed at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel? Well, if you have, you know why we would move our trip around just to stay there. It’s AMAZING. If you ever plan on going to Disneyland and have a little extra money to spend, spend it staying at a Disney Resort Hotel. They treat you like royalty and make your trip super memorable. Plus, all their hotels are right in the park so no transportation is needed, which is so great with kids. Especially when you have little ones like ours and they need afternoon naps. You can just pop right into your room without getting in the car, waiting for a shuttle, etc. Simply FAB.
Sheesh…I digress as usual! Ugh. 
So anyway, my point…. since everything was so last minute, unfortunately my brother Jeff, his wife Lia and their kids Andrew and Emma weren’t able to join us as Andrew is in high school now {YIKES!!} and was in the process of taking his finals {he’s super smart and wants to go to Stanford…proud Auntie here. :)} So in case you were wondering, that’s why they weren’t there. :(
Despite that my older brother couldn’t be there, one very cool part about this trip was that my younger brother, Brad, who lives in London, England, was able to do something SUPER special…surprise my parents and come on the trip as well. Since the trip was so last minute, Brad didn’t think he was going to be able to swing taking time off work to come home for Christmas as well as the trip, so he told my parents he wouldn’t be making it. But as time got closer he was able to pull some strings and called me to let me know he thought he could get a direct flight from Romania {where he works during the week} to L.A. I was so excited. He told me not to tell the parents or any of the kids {only my sister and I knew} as he wanted to surprise them, so I immediately went to work on getting him a room at the hotel and tickets to the park so he could sneak in a meet us as soon as his plane landed. 
He landed on Wednesday and made it through customs surprisingly fast, then hopped the bus over to the park, threw his bags in the room and made his way into California Adventure where we were visiting with Woody and just about to ride the AWESOME Toy Story 3 ride. I was so afraid I would blow it as my sister and I kept watching the clock, knowing his plane landed at 3, and anxiously awaiting his text that he was on his way. Luckily for me, it was a super busy day in the shop, making it necessary to relist things on my blackberry, so my parents thought all the emails I was sending was to customers…but it was Brad texting me his ETA. My dad kept saying, “You must be selling a lot today, Aim!” I just nodded and smiled! ha!!! whew! :)
Anyway, I caught the whole surprise bit on camera and to say that it was awesome is an understatement. Both my parents cried and my mom screamed bloody murder when she saw him…she must of thought he was a ghost! ha. Not to mention I’m sure everyone else around us thought we were all crazy as we were all wiping tears away and hugging like maniacs. 
It was so very special.
So with that said…welcome to our Disneyland adventure!
{Oh PS…there are quite a bit of pictures, I’m sorry. They were all so cute. So skim quickly if there is too many for you! ha}

Our mornings at Disneyland always start out at Storytellers Cafe, which is downstairs in the Grand Californian Hotel. It has a wilderness theme and a lot of the characters that visit there are from Brother Bear, Tarzan, Briar Rabbit and the Chipmunks. Jake LOVES those animals!!

As you can see, Jake dressed up as Captain Hook the first day. He wanted to see Captain Hook so badly! It was all he could talk about! He was fully in character…..

My precious girl was so good in the stroller…

In front of the castle

Obviously he’s not too fond of his Mommy kissing him! ha

So as we were walking around when we first got there, we got a lot of people telling Jake how cute he looked. One nice man yelled, “Hey Captain Hook {at Jake}, Captain Hook is over by the Fire Department!” So we ran over there to get in line. He was THRILLED!! You can see the little sequence of events here, by far the cutest part of the trip and so worth letting him dress up! :)

He found a friend!

 Sad to say goodbye! 

Our next stop was Fantasy Land to Ride the Peter Pan ride. He HAD to ride that! But first we stopped at the Sword in the Stone, where Brandon and Jake have taken a picture together every year since Jake was a baby. I think next year Jake won’t be able to sit on the stone…he’s too big! ha

Waiting in line for Peter Pan

Getting on the ride….

Next, of course, was Pirates of the Caribbean. Jake was in HEAVEN with all the other pirates and felt right at home, singing at the top of his lungs during the ride. We didn’t really get very many good pictures in there, as it was so dark and we were split up in the boat.

Getting ready to walk into Pirates. I love this picture…Evy was such a big girl holding onto Brookie’s hand.

My brother in law Dave sat with Jake and my nephew Brandon.

I wish he would have looked at the camera…ENTHRALLED with all the boats in the beginning!

When we got off Jake was in TOTAL character and kept calling himself “Captain Barbosa” {he has no idea who that really is, BTW, ha}. He kept standing on the exit steps shouting orders. 

 After that we went over to California Adventure as Jake HAD to see the Toy Story 3D Ride and Woody. I think we literally rode this ride like 5 times. No joke. He LOVED it and now we have the app on our touch so he can play it. I don’t think he made one point, he just really loved the noise, the pictures, everything about this ride is just awesome.

At this point, Brad had landed and was making his way into the park. I think you can pretty much get the idea of what was going on here. Jake and the cousins were waiting in line to see Woody, so this was a perfect place for Brad to meet up with us since we were all parked for a bit. I seriously love these pictures. They make me smile and tear up just a bit. :) Brad’s the one in the blue/grey plaid shirt, BTW. 

If you know my dad, for him to tear up is pretty shocking. BOTH my parents were crying. It was so sweet. I think all of us were crying, to be honest. Ha. The look of happiness on my parent’s faces, but especially my Dad’s, is so great here. I had been a year since they had last seen Brad.

Meanwhile, the kids were waiting for Woody and had no idea that Brad was coming. He jumped in the picture with the kids right after they saw him. It was cute.

Somehow we cut Brad out of this picture, but this was when they realize he was there… ha. Jake’s clueless, but the rest of the kids were thrilled!

PS…the green army man’s eyes…creepy yes?

After they walked away from Woody, Jake saw Brad. It was so cute, I didn’t think he would recognize him, since it had been so long since he had seen him, and we hadn’t told him he was coming, but he yelled out, “Uncle Brad!!” and gave him a big hug. So sweet!

I love this picture. My dad hurt his foot a week before this trip. It was all swollen and so painful. Being the stubborn German that we is, he refused to see the Dr after it happened or even ice or elevate it, and was attempting to walk around the park. But the end of the first day, he could barely make it and broke down and got this electric wheelchair. He was NOT happy about it, but we were thrilled as now we got to use the handicap entrance and get on all the rides first. ha. 

But seriously, if you could say a prayer for my dad. He finally went to the Dr about two weeks ago and found that he had torn his Achilles Tendon!!! He has been walking around with his foot like that for months! They are deciding whether or not they need to operate this week, or just let him heal naturally, but either way that would be almost two months off his foot altogether. My dad is a VERY active person and this is just killing him! Any prayers sent up for him I know would be appreciated {and for us- as we will have to deal with him! ha}

Anyway, this picture is so cute I think. Jake LOVED the wheelchair and just wanted to walk next to and/or ride with Gramps the entire time.
We ate that night at Rainforest Cafe, where my nephew Brandon entertained us with card tricks the entire time. Very cute.

And Jake pretended to do card tricks with the sugar packets! :)

That first day in the park was the best…the rest of the pictures following are of the second day. The third day it rained cats and dogs and I didn’t pull the camera out once! ha. Oh well….

Jake being Jake…
Had to go back and see Woody again. Note the gloves from last year’s Disneyworld trip.

Us waiting in line to see Goofy.

Dancing with the Goof

Being a goof…

My parents…

Goofy’s son Max. Jake loves this character!
Brandon and I LOVE this picture of Jake inside Mickey’s house. Doesn’t he look like a little kid?? Oh we adore that boy.

My niece Brittany. She is getting so big and she is SUCH a crack up. Super fun girl.

The Wollmer grandkids present this year L-R:

Brooke, Evelyn, Jacob, Brandon, Brittany

The Wollmer, Douglas and Miraflor Families. 

Well, that’s it. See, I told you it was all of the kiddos. ha. In fact, most of it was Jake and not even Evy. But seriously, Jake was at the PERFECT age for Disneyland. We hardly rode any rides, he just really loved seeing all the characters. They are so real to him and it’s so cute. He has no idea they are people dressed up. Really makes you remember the magic of childhood.
Oh and the Pixar parade in California Adventure at nights? AMAZING. A must see for all kids. Has all the characters and is so interactive and entertaining. The best parade there, in my opinion.
A big thanks to Mumsy and Gramps for the amazing trip!! We love you guys so much and are so thankful for our family!!

Fairytale Town and Some T.L.C.

Hello everyone.
It’s been some couple of weeks, let me tell you. First, CLC had the Landmark Conference, which if you are familiar with our church you will know that this is one of the biggest conferences put on yearly here for us…which means Brandon was very busy. Not to mention that the kids and I tried to attend the night services {TRIED key word here, we made it 1.5 out of the 3 :)} and since the services last so long, you can imagine how exhausted the kiddos were {ahem…and me! ha}. Regardless of the length and the exhaustion, it was an amazing week, and the services I was able to attend were outstanding and so worth the effort!
Anyway, I have no idea where my brain went as I scheduled to preview on FB and the blog my new Evy’s Tree Spring collection the next week. Right. I have scheduling problems. :(
After staying up until 2 AM every morning working on the previews and getting everything sewn, I about lost it around Thursday sometime in the wee hours of the morning. I decided that my family had had enough and I most likely couldn’t continue at the pace I was going since everyone was showing signs of getting sick…sore throat city over here. :(
So, Brandon took control and made me shut down. Which is always nice, I must admit. He made plans for us to go up to Sacramento on Friday and spend the day at Fairytale Town and then get some shopping in at Arden Fair. {Jake needed new shoes AGAIN…seriously, his foot grows at an ungodly rate}.
Anyway, it was wonderful. We had such a good time hanging out together. We didn’t get very many pictures but I do have a few, so I hope you enjoy them!

Before we left, Jake spells his name out with his crayons. I have to admit…I was IMPRESSED!

Silly pirate all ready to go. He insisted on wearing his fave {way too small} vest.

Attempting to get a group picture in the kings chair inside the castle…. not extremely successful, obviously….

Jake having the time of his life in the pirate ship. What he came all dressed up for.

The giant slide in the shoe. This was so much fun, we all went down it!

Have you ever been to Fairytale Town? We had so much fun!
Since we are all home sick today {blah}, I’ll see if I can finally blog about our Christmas and Disneyland trip. ha. Better late than never I guess. :)

Polka Dot Brillas

Hello again everyone! I hope you all are having fun previewing the Spring Collection as well as getting a chance at winning them! I have to be honest and tell you I.AM.POOPED. Seriously, I have no idea where I was when I scheduled this week, but obviously I wasn’t thinking very clearly. As I mentioned in a post a while back, last week our church held a big conference and since my husband is the youth pastor, we were heavily involved. Friday night alone, my husband didn’t get into bed until 4:15 AM! So you can imagine that we are a bit hung over and tired from that week. Not really smart planning on my part to have a big week this week!
And I must confess, despite the fact that all the Spring items were designed and material prepared and pinned, NONE OF THEM WERE SEWN. Right. As of this weekend, all I had was the tees and maybe one or two hoodies ready to preview, with the rest still hanging on the rack itching to be sewn up. I guess that wouldn’t be so bad since I work best under pressure and having this giveaway has really gotten my tooshy into gear, however….as I started putting some of the hoodies together, I got sidetracked {yeah, a big problem of mine} and I started changing up some of the designs.
Right. I’m one of those scattered people. ha. Oh boy.
So anyway, needless to say, I switched up about half of the hoodies on Tuesday and just when I thought I had decided on what I like, one of my assistants, Kelsey, came over and we changed stuff up again last night. Still, maybe not much of a big deal since I got them sewn, but I also had to photograph them, and can I be honest? I really hate the photography part of this business. I would much rather have someone else do it, but my brother in law David, who took the pictures of the tees, was in Austin for the week and won’t be back until next week. Ugh. So, I’ve been attempting to take some pictures which takes me FOREVER… and then yesterday I started getting a sore throat and I feel horrible. My house is BOMBED and hasn’t been cleaned all week. My bills are staring at me begging to be paid. My husband and kids are sick of take out, and quite frankly so am I. ha.
Anyway, blah blah…
So my point.
I’m going to take Friday and the weekend off from the Preview and pick back up on Tuesday or Wednesday. David comes back Monday {thank GOD!!} so he can shoot some picks for me then. After today’s post, I have about 2 or maybe 3 more preview posts for you to check out, which should put us at the end of next week to finish up the preview.
Because I’m such a loser, I am going to leave today’s giveaway up all weekend long, until I post the next one. Which means…YOU GET TO SHARE AND THEN ENTER EVERYDAY! Yay. Gives you extra chances for this one and I’m glad as I LOVE these…..
Hope that is ok with you all?? Thank you for your patience with me!
 So onto previewing the first of the Brillas…..
The Brilla is by far my most popular item. For some reason, people love the ruffles and all the funk it brings. I don’t blame them, they are super fun. For those of you who are just joining us and wonder where I got the name Brilla, WELL…Brilla is Brittony’s, my sister in law, nickname. Two Christmas’s ago, when I first started embellishing hoodies, Brittony came to me and asked me to embellish her fave old hoodie for her as her Christmas gift. She wanted me to surprise her. So I sat on the floor for hours playing with material, trying to come up with a cute idea for the hoodie. My mom in law helped me some, and we came up with the design for the Brilla. I kinda crack up as the Brilla is my most copied hoodie, but I can proudly say, I made this design up all on my own!
Here’s the original {sorry for the bad picture, I only took a quick one on Christmas Eve and my settings were off obviously}
The great thing about the Brilla is it gets better with age. The more you wash it, the funkier it looks…I LOVE that! I am going to do a little video demo on how to take care of the ruffles here in a week or two, but in case you are wondering, with the Brilla’s all you have to do is spray it with a water bottle, smooth the ruffles out and take a hair dryer to it for a second, and the ruffles with bounce back after washing…NO IRONING…which of course I love, ha.
I have many Brilla’s this Spring and today I am going to preview three of them. I’m splitting them up in two posts, today’s focus is on Polka Dots. Next week’s will be on geometrics…I think you will love all of them! :)
Introducing the Polka Dot Brilla Collection…
The Watermelon Brilla
Confession: I LOVE THIS HOODIE. I picture it being worn over your bathing suit at the pool, or dressed up with a frilly white skirt and heeled espadrilles or strappy sandals. Pale, pale pink polka on white ruffles, sewn on with watermelon thread and finished with a lime green and bubblegum pink flower.
Sizes S-XL and unisex large and xl
The Blue Polka Brilla
Honestly, this hoodies screams FUNK! My assistant Kelsey, who is a college student, LOVES this hoodie! Pale blue polka on white ruffles sewn on with navy thread on a grey hoodie and finished with a navy and heather pale blue flower.
Sizes S-XL, Unisex large and XL
The Black Polka Brilla
So I had to have a black Brilla and since my Pink Polka is almost gone, I felt this was a pretty close candidate for black hoodie…
FYI, I have TONS of this material and it will be available for wholesale for anybody who is interested.
It will also be available in a mini 2-10.
Well, that’s it for the polka collection… :)
Oh just a couple answers to some questions I’ve been getting:
How much are the Spring items? I have no idea! ha. No seriously, I have yet to sit down and break the prices down, but I hope to have some solid prices by the beginning of next week. Thanks for your patience there.
When will the Spring Collection be ready and listed on etsy? If you have been following me lately, you will remember that I am trying to transition to in stock only items being listed on etsy. However, at the end of next week I will list one size run only of each Spring style. It will be PREORDER ONLY with at least a 3 week turnaround time. Once those are gone, the Spring items will be listed slowly as I get inventory towards the end of the month. Keep an eye on this blog and facebook as I will do a post each time I list a Spring item that has inventory.
What about sale items, will they still be listed in your shop? Yes and no. I will take some items down and save them for next fall, most likely all the fall items that are listed for sale in the shop, like the Candy Corn Brilla, and the long sleeve tees. Need to make room for Spring. The Holiday items will remain in the shop until they are gone and the year round items that are marked down to 10% off will go back up to full price at the end of next week.
Hope that helps some!
Now onto the Giveaway rules:
1. Click “Share” under this photo that is listed on FB…
… and tell all your friends about Evy’s Tree, then come back and comment under the photo ON FACEBOOK saying you did. You can share every day if you like!
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3. Follow this blog and say that you do under this blog post = extra point
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Giveaway for one of these hoodies will end Monday at 11:59PM. I will pick TWO winners on Tuesday and name those winners in Tuesday’s Spring Preview Giveaway blog post.
And the winners for yesterday:
The blog winner is…..
And the facebook winner is
Congrats ladies!! Please email me your choice of hoodie at evystree@gmail.com!
Thanks for reading this long post and I’ll see you all next week!!

Lacey Zip Ups and Lil Blue Boo

Welcome back everyone, I hope you are enjoying the Spring Preview Week of Giveaways!
While yesterday was full of lots of color, the beginning of today’s Preview is full of something that is very me…simplicity. I’d like to tell you something about myself really quickly: I’m a Plain Jane at heart. My mom used to tease me when I was kid; when she would take me shopping for new shoes, she would beg me to buy something fancy or cute. Like the clear plastic heels she loved {remember those?!?}. My go to shoe? Keds or KSwiss or basically anything white, simple and functional.
Yeah, pretty embarrassing I know. And before you think that I have absolutely no style whatsoever, I will tell you I no longer where the keds.
I wear hoodies….
doesn’t that make you feel better?!? ha.
So with all that said, I want to talk about one of my favorite items of the Evy’s Tree Spring line.
It’s my Lacey Zip Up, which I have admitted time and time again is my probably my favorite item from Evy’s Tree, its so simple, yet frilly and I promise it looks amazing on everyone. This Spring it will be available to you in three new colors, as well as the classic black, grey, army green:
Navy Lacey Zip Up
adult sizes S-XL, Unisex Large and XL
and it comes in a mini sizes 2-10
And in white for adults sizes S-XL, Unisex Large and XL
And lastly a mini in pink, sizes 2-10
What do you think? Not bad, even for a plain Jane, huh? :)
And on to the second EXCITNG part of today…
About three weeks ago or so, I was approached by Ashley of Lil Blue Boo. Ever heard of them? If not, you must check them out…DARLING!! Anyway, Ashley sent me the sweetest and most flattering email asking me if I would design a couple hoodies to coordinate with her Spring Line. To say I was honored was an understatement! While talking about what the designs would look like, she mentioned she would love to see some Brillas and sent me some samples of her line as well as some of the most beautiful hand screen printed material I have ever seen {hand as in Ashley does them herself!!}. I immediately went to play and here are the two Brilla’s I came up with to match several pieces in her line…notice the beautiful screen print on this first one?
Isn’t this little model just stunning??
I wanted to show off Ashleys amazing material, so I played with a little Ruffle Zip Up…I really love this one and Ashley and I are talking about maybe even making this available for us moms, ’cause I promise, it’s really amazing!
And lastly a precious pink one to coordinate with my favorite outfit from their shop Holland Days
All the above, including the Lil Blue Boo items, will be available in the shop next week for just a selected pre-order amount.
But would you like to win one of the Lacey Zip Ups or LBB coordinates now? Here’s how you can:
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Giveaway for one of these tees ends tonight at midnight. I will pick TWO winners tomorrow morning and name those winners in tomorrow’s Spring Preview Giveaway blog post.
And finally, the winners:
For the blog post on Tuesday:
and number 56 was….
and the facebook winner was….
Congrats ladies! Please email me at evystree@gmail.com and let me know which tee and size you would like. Thank you everyone for spreading the word about Evy’s Tree! I’ll see you back here tomorrow!

Spring Tees

My oh my…
Are you ready for a splash color? Sick of the dull, grey skies? Well, search no further…
Evy’s Tree Spring Tees are here in three styles and almost all are available in sizes S-2XL and mini sizes 2-10….


When my brother in law David called me Monday morning and said he wanted a dozen colorful helium balloons, I laughed at him. But I have learned that with photographers you just do what they ask for, as it always turns out amazing. Well, he was so right…don’t these tees make you feel like you are at a party?
The Lacey Tees
…are back, in six bright colors for women:
Heather Lavender
Coral Rose
Silver Peony
Blue Curaco
…and four fun colors for minis
Peapod green
Blue Sky
Pearl Pink
Not all colors are shown here….
The Flutterby Tees
I have the privilege of working with my husband’s sister, Bryony. She has some amazingly creative ideas and when I told her I wanted a tee with lots of flowers on it, she took the idea and ran with it. We spent many hours contemplating how these tees should look and we finally came to the conclusion that dainty, handcut flowers tightly tacked on the tee and cascading down the front would look lovely. We both agreed that the tee needed sparkle, so we added little handsewn crystals in the center of several of the flowers, adding just a little glitz.
When it came time for a name, Bryony mentioned that she and her daughter, Scout, called butterflies that were fluttering by you “Flutterbys”…and the name stuck.
These tees are available in four colors:
Coral Rose
Peapod Green
Silver cloud
What do you think?
The Ribbon Tee
I actually made this tee last Spring, but never sold it. I loved it so much I wore it myself…..and you know what? That tee is my favorite tee. It washes amazingly well and looks great EVERYTIME. The Ribbon Tee is embellished with a long strip of sheer organza and finished off with matching colored gem or stone.
It is available in six colors:
Silver Peony
Silver Cloud
And lastly…my brother in law, David {Bryony’s husband} is so artsy, I tell ya. He took all these bright, beautiful photos and in the stash he sent me I found this:
A picture of a picture. Isn’t that awesome?? If you notice, the background is upside down, not really sure how he did that?? ha.
Thank you David for the photos!! I love them!!
{PS…please everyone, don’t judge my poor little photos that are coming the rest of the week :(}
Ok, so would you like to win one of these tees? Here’s how you can:
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Giveaway for one of these tees ends tonight at midnight. I will pick TWO winners tomorrow morning and name those winners in tomorrow’s Spring Preview Giveaway blog post.
Good luck and see you back tomorrow!!