My Life ….. In pictures

Oh boy, I seriously wonder where my brain is! I just did a blog post and after I pushed pulish, I started thinking and realized I published it on the Evy’s Tree blog! Ha. Ugh.

So, to read about my life in pictures clickHERE . Thanks everyone and sorry about that!


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My Life…In Pictures

Oh boy. Once again I find myself so very behind. Oh well. I guess that means I live a full life, yes? ha. 
Anyway, I just got home from Western District Ladies Conference and I am exhausted. My allergies acted up at the conference and I lost my voice somehow and just feel overall very yucky. Someone suggested that I might be allergic to my hoodies since it seems that my allergies arrived full force once I started working full time with them. There might be something to that as it seems all of us in the E.T. Team seem to walk around with stuffy noses all the time. Hmmm..
Anyway, a lot is going on around here and since I am so very tired and have absolutely NO energy, I just thought I’d post several pictures of my life over the past couple weeks. I know you are all jumping up and down with excitement to see what’s going on. ha.
Receiving American Apparel  Shipments….

“The Factory” during the receiving….

Saturday Morning Fun…

Where’s Jacob?

Crazy little monkey…

On my way to Ladies Conference, all set for the rain…

The only picture of me at Ladies Conference. Me and my ridiculously giant Chinese Chicken salad while dinning at Cheesecake Factory with the rest of the CLC Minister’s Wives at, oh about…midnight Friday night {hence the coffee ha}. :) Thanks Jasmine for the photo!!
How has your last couple of weeks been??

Giveaway Winner, Grace Wrap Details and 411

Hello everyone!
First, I want to say a HUGE thank you to all of you who participated in this giveaway. I really have such a blast doing these giveaways as it gives me an opportunity to meet a bunch of new people and interact with the “old” ones. :) I really feel so blessed to have a ton of great people who love and support Evy’s Tree. You all are the absolute best!! THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for being such great fans!
And my family thanks you too…because of you buying Evy’s Tree, I am able to work from home and be the best mommy and wife that I can be while still bringing in some income and not miss moments like this one that happened this morning….
I love my babies. And I love that they love each other. Most of the time that is. ha.
Anyway…so onto the winner…
Congrats Teisa! Can you send me all your info and which hoodie you would like to win to You have 48 hours to contact me and then I will have to pick another winner. Thank you for playing!
And in case some of you are wondering how I came up with this number, it’s no easy feat, I promise you. Since I was only giving one item away this time instead of two, I needed to count the blog plus facebook, so 718 is the total of both those places. The rules stated to only leave a comment on this blog to enter if you BLOGGED the giveaway, not if you facebook’d it or just left a general comment. I realize those rules might not have been that clear since I was a bit brain dead when I wrote them….so I tried to delete the comments that were just general comments, thinking it would take them out of the numbers, BUT it didn’t. ha. So I’m so sorry, some of the comments got deleted and it didn’t help me any, so please don’t be offended if your comment was deleted, I was just trying to make it all work, but in the end all the comments got counted. ha. oh boy.
Anyway, I count all the comments and facebook and the blog and then go back and find the appropriate number. NOT easy, but do-able. :)
Hope that all makes sense? If not, please feel free to comment and ask a question and I”ll see if I can answer it. I’m hoping to do more giveaways like this in the future, so if you have a question, please don’t be shy, chances are someone else is wondering the same thing!
Moving onto the Grace Wrap. I am getting a lot of questions regarding this item. Here is the description about it in the listing and a couple new pictures, since my old ones weren’t very clear:
“Introducing The Grace, a wrap style jacket made out of an American Apparel 100% cotton sweatshirt material unisex black hoodie with black ruffles along the entire edge of jacket, finished with rayon grosgrain ribbon interfacing and a 2 1/4″ polyester grosgrain belt. 

*please be advised: this is a refashioned item made from a new American Apparel unisex hoodie. The pockets and cuffs have been removed, the sleeves cut shorter, as well as the hood and zipper cut out. The edges are left frayed at the sleeves and on top of the ruffles to give a fun and funky look, as seen the pictures. Also, upon deep inspection of the pocket area, you may be able to tell slightly where the pockets have been. All Grace wraps are unique for this reason and have been well inspected. The beauty of this item is its uniqueness. It really is a fun and stunning item, I wear mine at least once a week, both casual and dressed up with heels. 

Washing instructions: I suggest you machine wash on cold in a large lingerie bag to protect the belt and hang dry.”
In addition to the above, the graces all have an inside tie that is easily removable by cutting out if you do not like it. 
The Grace can be worn open {if you remove the inside ties}
The edges are left raw
And it can be worn without the brooch {you can buy it without the brooch HERE}
And lastly…I’ve had a lot of various questions, so here are some of the answers:
What is a size run? A size run is one hoodie per size that I offer. {1}S, {1} Med, {1} L, {1} XL, {1} Unisex L, {1} Unisex XL. When I say I am offering one size run, it means I will only be offering one of the above sizes. Once the size you want is bought, it is gone.
How do the hoodies run? American Apparel {where I purchase my hoodies} typically runs a size small. My adult sizes for most of the hoodies are similar to this:
SMALL {sizes 2-4}
MEDIUM {sizes 4-6}
LARGE {sizes 8-10}
XL {Sizes 12-14}
UNISEX LARGE {sizes 14-16
UNISEX X-LARGE {sizes 16-18}
The only items that do not follow that size chart are the Grace Wraps, the Brilla Cut Offs and the Ruffle Cardigans. Those are made out of unisex {mens} items and run BIG. Please follow the size chart in those listings.
As far as kids are concerned, they run a little small as well, I suggest ordering a size up. Also almost ALL the hoodies are 100% cotton, which means if you wash it on hot and put it in the dryer, they will shrink and entire size. Because of this, I recommend that parents purchase their kids hoodie one size up, since if you are like me, almost all my kids stuff end up in the dryer somehow. ha. 
When will I be able to list more Grey Ruffle Cardigans? Today!! I will be listing a size run of the follow cardigan today:
My seamstress who makes this is working as fast as she can to get me several size runs, but please understand, we are a small little company and all my seamstresses are moms who work around their kids. The seamstress who makes this cardigan also makes a couple more items that have been VERY popular so she is SLAMMED. She is a trooper though and told me I could list another size run today, and those will ship out next Thursday with the first size run I listed two weeks ago. Pretty cool of her, yes? :)
Where can I buy your items? I sell on etsy only right now, and an occasional trunk show here and there. I am located in Central California, and if you live near me, you are always welcome to contact me and see if you can meet up with me and try some on. Otherwise, etsy is your best bet. My graphic designer is working on getting me a website up and running by the end of the year, so hopefully soon you won’t have to worry about having an etsy account, but for now, you will need one, I”m sorry.
Also, when I list things, the popular ones tend to go very quickly. I would suggest you log on to my etsy site right at the time I say I will list and keep refreshing until the item you want appears. YOU MUST PAY FOR IT BEFORE IT IS YOURS. Up until that point, it is still up for grabs.
 Click HERE to check out my shop and get familiar with it.
When will you list the items in yesterday’s blog post? Today! Between 2:30 and 3:00 PM PST. Please be patient with me as I will be handling kids and listings as the same time. :)
Alright everyone! Hope that helps! Please feel free to comment if you have a question….
oh…just because you made it to the end of this ungodly long post… the first 5 people who comment below will be sent a beautiful Mrs Darcy brooch from my stash. I will choose, so it will be a surprise package. If you comment, please leave your email so I can contact you for your address!
Much love to you all!

More Spring Preview…

Well, hello everyone…and yes, I know.  I was supposed to have this blog post out hours ago. I should have taken a really good look at my day before I told you all I would do such a thing, but of course…me the “cram everything you possibly can into one day” person thinks all things can be done. ugh.I am so tired right now my eyes are crossing. So far today I have watched my kids tear my house into shreds, received two giant American Apparel shipments, completely cleaned out all bins housing my hoodies to make room for the hoodies that arrived today {that was a 4 hour job done with Kelsey’s help, did not attempt that alone}, fed my family, ran to the grocery store, stopped off at joanns before they closed, dropped off supplies to a seamstress, unpacked groceries, cleaned the kitchen, somewhat cleaned the house. And now I am attempting to write this blog, which currently looks very sketchy to me…don’t think this is making much sense! ha.

Anyway, please forgive me for my tardiness.

So I have a couple items to show you. They will all be available Wednesday at 2:30 PM {-ish…depending on Jake and Ev’s naptime}, in my ETSY SHOP. Some will be in stock, others will be preorders with a three week turnaround. I will let you all know what is what in the etsy listing.

Because I’m so tired, this will be very, very quick:

The Mini Watermelon Brilla
kids sizes 2-10

The Ruffle Cardigan- charcoal black
sizes XS-Large
**This item runs very big. It’s a boyfriend and meant to be slouchy. The XS will fit a size 2-6, Large 16-18.

The Black Brilla Cut Off
Sizes XS- 2XL
Navy Simple Limited Edition w/Mrs. Darcy Brooch
Sizes S-XL, Unisex Large &XL
*I only have five of these available*
White Simple Limited Edition w/ Mrs. Darcy Brooch
Sizes S-XL, Unisex L & XL
* I only have 5 of these available*
The Grace Wrap Limited Edition, Spring…w/ Mrs. Darcy Brooch
Sizes S-2XL
* I only have 5 of these available for now*

And just a couple of these in various sizes for adult and minis…..

The Chocolate Brown Lacey Zip Up

*Once this sells out, I will not be making it again until Fall

And I am giving away one of these items, however this time, I am only giving away one item. If would like to participate, than you can blog about this preview, using any of these pictures and linking back to this blog and shop. Please comment below that you did with the post link. YOU MUST BLOG ABOUT THIS TO ENTER. Just commenting will not count as an entry.
In order to participate on facebook, you have to share this picture:
And then come back and tell me that you did under the picture. You can participate once a day only. Please do not comment more than once a day or to ask a question. If you have a question regarding these items, please feel free to email me at or leave me a comment on the facebook page, or here on the blog. The giveaway will end at 10 AM PST. I will announce the winner via this blog before I list all the items.
Thank you everyone, I hope you love them all!
See you Wednesday!!


Valentine’s Day Fun….

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!
Hopefully you all had a wonderful day and/or weekend??
Brandon did something so special for me on Saturday. A while ago {or maybe a REALLY long time ago}, the youth staff had given us a free trip on the Dinner Train. We had scheduled to go a couple times, but things ALWAYS came up. We canceled at least 3 or 4 times. Finally, Brandon was able to nail down Saturday night, February 12 as THE day to actually ride the train….and we did!! YAY!
We had sooo much fun!! The food was amazing {Brandon had prime rib and I had salmon}…it was a 4 course meal and started out with Sparkling Cider and ended with the most amazing red velvet cake for two. And the scenery {at least once we got out of Oakdale} was awesome!! 
And we were serenated by the most adorable couple…an older man and his wife. She played the guitar and sang and he played the fiddle and mandolin. So darling…
We forgot our camera, so this was the best we got, unfortunately. We didn’t even get a shot together. :( But it was so fun. We really had a wonderful time and would recommend it to anyone.
And then today….
Brandon took the day off and spent it with me. The house got extra cleaned and then we went to Boudin together with the kids for lunch. And then tonight, I had big plans to make my very favorite Valentine cake turned into cupcakes with the kids. I was super excited about sharing with them my favorite valentine recipe that I made almost every year as a kid. The recipe came from a card that my Nannie gave me one year and I loved it so much I saved in my cook book that I had as a kid. 

BUT….the kids had other plans
Evy was literally in the worst mood EVER and cried the entire time. She only stopped when I let her open the box of the cake mix….
But it didn’t last long. :(

Anyway, we mixed up all the ingredients

BTW…the frozen strawberries are VERY hard to find. I buy the sliced strawberries with light syrup from Raleys. That’s the only place I could find them.

We attempted to use these lovely silicone pans, but I was not aware that you would have to spray them down as I thought they were NON STICK. Right. Use spray. ha.

So the silicone pans were a flop, but Jake didn’t know that. He loved them!!

So after he went to bed, since I promised him he could take cupcakes to his teachers tomorrow, I made new ones for him and finished off with fresh strawberries. Obviously they looked sooo much better! ha. You can see that here….

These cupcakes are the most delicious things ever. They are WONDERFUL. Seriously. Brandon, who hates cake, ate two of them. And I decided that I am going to make them for Evy’s 2nd birthday because they are that special and that easy! Don’t worry, I’ll still do the coconut cake too. :)

Oh, if you make these…make sure you double the frosting, as the frosting only covered these cupcakes and not the others, would never have covered the entire amount of cupcakes.
Anyway, happy Valentine’s Day everyone!! I hope yours was as lovely as ours!

DASO Photos and a Valentine’s Day SALE

Sometimes I wonder if my head is even screwed on right…hopefully I’m not the only mom out there who feels that way? ha.
Well, I was browsing through my last blog posts and I realized, to my complete frustration, I forgot, in my last two posts, to acknowledge my very talented brother in law, David, who took all {or most} of my mannequin photos for Spring!! YIKES!!
So I thought I would take a second to highlight him here. He took all the pictures you see here, here, and here. He also took the pictures of the Lacey Zip Ups that you see here.
I first met my brother in law David when I first started dating my husband, Brandon. His sister Bryony {who now works with me as a seamstress as well as creative designer}. Bryony and David had just started dating as well so we spent a lot of time on double dating when David was visiting California, as he is from Houston, Tx. Bryony and David got married a year before Brandon and I, and then moved to Ventura where David went to school to study photography at Brooks Institute. After that, they moved back to Houston for awhile and have just recently moved back to Stockton to be closer to the family. 
David is an extremely talent photographer. Here are some of his images that I stole off his site, hopefully he won’t kill me for it. ha. Sorry David!

And here is David…a self portrait….
Like his stuff? Head over to his website by clicking HERE. He travels! :)
Lastly…Valentine’s Day is coming up tomorrow and what would be a better gift for your loved one than an Evy’s Tree hoodie? So, just because all those guys out there like discounts, I went ahead and put up a discount code for tomorrow only: valentine10. Just enter it upon check out to get 10% off your entire purchase. Not a bad little Valentine’s Gift, huh?
Love to you all!!

Giveaway Winners: The Diana Wrap and The Brilla Cut Off

Thank you EVERYONE for joining in the giveaways. I have to say, I really love doing the giveaways…first it gives some of  you chance to win and who doesn’t love that? And second, it helps get Evy’s Tree name out there and that is a HUGE blessing for me. 
So thank you all of you who helped me this week increase my FB followers by over a 1,000!! yay!!
So the winners….
On the blog:

and on FB….

Congrats ladies! Please email you choice from that blog post and all your contact info to
Love to you all!

Spring Prices

Sorry for the delay in this everyone…prices take a while and its important that I charge you fairly but yet make sure I’m not working for free! ha. 
This will be quick as I am soooo tired and really need to hit the hay before I fall over! Been on this computer TOO LONG today. :)
Spring 2011 Prices
Please click on the name of the item to see info, size range and pictures.
Ribbon Tee   $38.50
Flutterby Tee  $48.50
Lacey Tee  $43.50
Brilla Cut Offs  $59.95
Please remember that only ONE size run of each of these items will be available for preorder {HERE}with a 3 week turnaround time tomorrow, Friday, February 11, at 1PM PST {California time}. Please email me at if you have any questions.
See you all tomorrow!
oh PS….I decided to not list thing by size, all things will be listed by STYLE and COLOR and then you will have to write you SIZE in the notes to seller. This is much easier on me as it takes almost 10 hours to list as many items as I will be listing tomorrow by size. So that means you’ll have to be patient while I am relisting and you MUST pay careful attention at the sizes in stock. For example, if you are looking for a small, but no small is listed as available, THAT SIZE HAS SOLD OUT. 

Thanks everyone!! 

The Diana Wrap and Brilla Cut Offs

Well, everyone. This is it. The end of the Spring Previews.
I have to admit I do have a couple more items to add to the line up, but American Apparel has had some trouble getting grey thread and one of my new items is on backorder, so I will wait to show you that one. :)
Before we venture into the last two designs, I just want to say a couple things. First, THANK YOU to all of you who have left kind words on my facebook wall, the comment section of this blog, or via email. As a mom of two little ones and wife to a very busy youth pastor, I can’t tell you how many times I have wanted to pull my hair out and wonder why in the world I am doing what I am doing!? ha. But seriously, you have warmed my heart with all your love and support and I really wish that I met all of you in person and give you a big hug. I really, really love and appreciate you all, so very much. And I do pray for all of you, that God blesses you as much as you have all blessed me. :)
That being said, I feel I need to explain a little bit about myself.
I am a VERY casual person, but yet I LOVE femininity. On any given day, you will find me in a comfortable top, comfortable ballet flats, my Tom’s, or my uggs, with a ruffle-y skirt of some sort. Girlie stuff with a effortless edge is ME. And everything I buy MUST be versatile to dress up or dress down and be comfortable. MUST. My lifestyle does not allow me the time to change much and, since I work out of my house, I must be able to look decent at any given moment, but yet still feel like I can crawl all over the floor measuring material, change a diaper, find a lost toy, etc.
My house? Ever heard of Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic? Well, I subscribe to her EVERY design idea. Old broken down, un-liked  items? They find a place in my house. Old flakey, wicker chairs? They serve as my dinning room table chairs. Vintage, cracked paintings? Framed in my house. My mom’s old cast off dishes? Loved and cherished by the Miraflor family.
Hopefully this is helping you understand me a bit better. I tell you all this because I feel its the motivating factor behind Evy’s Tree. You see, Evy’s Tree has taken something as boring, plain, blah as the hoodie and made it something you would feel proud to wear out of the house. To work even. Maybe even out to  dinner. Nothing about these hoodies are meant to be perfect. They are cut up, chopped off, redone. Edges are left raw, detail is at a minimum. Don’t like something about Evy’s Tree hoodies?? We encourage you to grab your scissors and chop away until you find the right size of the ruffle, the correct sleeve length, etc. And washing?? Please do. It just makes Evy’s Tree items look better. Iron? Uh, no. Don’t bother…they will all come unwrinkled if you simple spray with a water bottle and hang for a bit.
So that being said, I’d like to introduce you to my first made from scratch item here at Evy’s Tree. It’s called the Diana Wrap, after my mother in law Diana. She is the one who has taught me to sew and she helped me create the pattern for this item. In fact, I would not be sewing if it wasn’t for her, she taught me everything I know. I love her. This wrap is not a new idea, I have to admit. I bought a similar one from Nordstrom several months ago, but it attached with a button, which I hated, as I wanted to wear it open with my PJ’s or be able to throw it over my shoulder when I was running errands. I’m sure there are many of these out there, but this is Evy’s Tree version. I hope you all love it.  I love to wear this with my ruffle denim skirt, leggings and flats, but you could wear it with your jeans, dress pants, PJ’s whatever. It’s oh so cozy and looks simply AMAZING on. It comes in four colors, sizes S-XL. They run true to size and come with a kiltie pin to pin the side if you wish. They DO NOT come with the ribbon I used to embellish it with. That’s up to you to do if you wish….I love to wear mine that way. :) They can be worn pinned on the side, thrown over the shoulder, or open.
The Diana Wrap
…in charcoal
…in silver peony
…in Coral Rose
…and lastly, in grey. This one is made out of sweatshirt material. PERFECT Saturday morning wrap.
Oh boy, I LOVE THESE WRAPS. Kelsey, my assistant, says she wants one in every color! :) ha.
And lastly, a little fun. People always tell me they love the Brilla flower but want something a little more understated than all the ruffles that comes on the Brilla. So if that’s you, you’ll love this next one. This is made out of a pullover hoodie with the hood cut off, the lower arms cut off and replaced with tight ribbing material and finished off with a Brilla flower.
Can I be honest??
Seriously. I wear it at least twice a week. It looks so cute thrown over a tee. And it’s supposed to be slouchy, BTW. The small is what I wear and I think I want my next one to be a medium, I want it slouchier. :) I also have this one in black, but will debut that one next week. Oh, and I only have several size run of these guys, so buy while you can as I found the arm material in L.A. and bought every last bit. :)
The Brilla Cutoff
…in navy.
and in grey…
Well everyone. That’s it. WHEW. I’ll be glad when these are all listed and DONE! ha.
All the Spring items will be listed on my etsy site {HERE} for preorder with a 3 week turnaround time tomorrow, Friday, February 11 at 1PM PST {California time}. Only one size run of each item will be listed. 
Oh yes, I have been asked about pricing. I will do a blog post later tonight with all the prices, so stay tuned.
Ok…want to win one of these items?? Well, here’s what you do:
1. Click “Share” under this photo that is listed on FB…
… and tell all your friends about Evy’s Tree, then come back and comment under the photo ON FACEBOOK saying you did.
2. Blog about this blog post TODAY, using at least one of the pictures from his post and link back to this site, then come back and comment on this post saying you did. 
3. Follow this blog and say that you do under this blog post = extra point
4. Tweet this giveaway and come back and say you did on this blog post=extra point. Can be done daily.
Giveaway for one of these hoodies will end Friday at 11AM PST. I will pick TWO winners on Friday and name those winners in a blog post tomorrow just before I list the items. 
And the winners of the grey cardigan or Geometric Brilla?
On Facebook the winner is:

And the blog giveaway:

Congrats ladies!!! And super excited about this winning as Alisha is actual a very dear friend and I know she will be very excited!! :)
See you all tomorrow on etsy!
love to you all!!

Geometric Brillas…and a Cardigan

Well hello again everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! After I blogged last my husband insisted that we go away for a day, and we did! We went up to Sacramento on Friday and had a great time. You can read more about that on my family blog HERE.
Anyway, onto the Spring previews!! I have one more post {and giveaway!!} after this one to show you. And then…
One size run ONLY of each of the previewed items last week and this week will be listed on my etsy site Friday, February 9 at 1 PM PST. These will be preorder only and will have a 3 week turnaround time.
I want to clarify that only one size run of each item {that means S-XL, Unisex L and Unisex XL if available} will be listed. Once that is sold, I will list each item as inventory comes, with a 3-5 day turnaround time, throughout the the rest of the month. Some items will be available sooner than others. Hopefully I will have inventory of all items by March 1.
If you have questions regarding these items, feel free to email me:
Now for today….more Brillas!! :)
Giraffe Brilla
Well, I had mentioned a while back that I was going to pair the Giraffe with turquoise, but when Kelsey and I started sewing them up, we realized we just didn’t think it popped. And when we looked around, we noticed we had a lot of blue, so guess what? All you who loved the previous zebra brilla will be super excited about this….
They are available in adult sizes S-XL, Unisex L and XL
Mini sizes 2-10
The Blue Zig Zag Brilla
For those of you who loved the Candy Corn Brilla {which there are few left on sale, BTW}, you will love the Blue Zig Zag.
Available in adult sizes S-XL and unisex Large and XL
Mini sizes 2-10
The Black Night Brilla
So I orginally wanted to name this the Black Licorice, but since I decided to do that, I have come across like 5 other homemade beauties with that name, so in effort to not copy, I went with The Black Night. Because this hoodie reminds me of a nice, casual evening out.
Available in adult sizes S-XL, Unisex Large and Unisex XL
Independence Brilla
Confession: this hoodie really should be saved for July 4. But I have be honest, I don’t do holiday hoodies very well, as you all know. So you all will have the opportunity to buy it now and save it if you wish, or wear it now, if you’d like. I don’t have much of this material, so I’d buy it now if you like it.
Available in adult sizes S-XL, Unisex Large and Unisex XL
Mini size 2-10
I have had quite a few people ask for 3/4 length sleeves on the hoodies. Starting Friday, there will be a 3/4 length option in the shop. For $7 you can make any of the hoodies shown 3/4 length, all you have to do is purchase the listing along with the hoodie and I will know to shorten the sleeves for you. Please allow an extra week, on top of the regular turnaround time, for your item to ship.
And lastly…
I am so excited about this next one. Evy’s Tree is expanding this Spring, as you will see tomorrow, to some made from scratch clothing items. To add to Evy’s Tree collection, I thought it would be fun to incorporate a cardigan. Although I did not make the cardigan from scratch, it has been embellished by the Evy’s Tree team. I will have this cardigan in charcoal black as well, sometime next month.
Available in adult sizes XS-L {they do run a bit big}
Mini 2-6
Whew! Ok now…would you like to win one of these hoodies/cardigan? Well, here’s what you do:
1. Click “Share” under this photo that is listed on FB…
… and tell all your friends about Evy’s Tree, then come back and comment under the photo ON FACEBOOK saying you did. You can share every day if you like!
2. Blog about this blog post TODAY or over the weekend or every day if you’d like, using at least one of the pictures from his post and link back to this site, then come back and comment on this post saying you did. 
3. Follow this blog and say that you do under this blog post = extra point
4. Tweet this giveaway and come back and say you did on this blog post=extra point. Can be done daily.
Giveaway for one of these hoodies will end Thrusday at 9AM PST. I will pick TWO winners on Thursday and name those winners in that tomorrow’s last Spring Preview Giveaway blog post.
And the winners of your choice of Pink Polka Dot Brillas are:
And the winner of the Blog post is:
{Sorry I forgot to take a screen shot of the generator! ugh}
If the winners could please email me at to let me know which hoodie you would like and your address. Please allow 3 week to recieve your winnings.
Thanks everyone who played along! I hope you enjoyed it! See you all tomorrow…