Dell Osso Farm 2010

I am trying not to say what I am thinking….but who are we kidding I say what I am thinking most of the time so here goes:
Whew…that felt good to let out. Ha.
Seriously though, I do feel horrible about my lack of blogging, not that anyone is holding me to it, but as you all know, this blog is for my kids. When Jake was born Brandon started an online photo album for our family while I was in the hospital. It was so great to be able to email all our family and show them pictures of Jake’s birth, etc. I kept that up RELIGIOUSLY and had so many people tell me how much they loved it. I even kept it up while I was blogging, but then Evy’s Tree popped into my life and I can barely manage to find time to post one or two posts a week, much less organize an album full of pictures. 
I don’t normally tell too many people about our online album, but I will today, only because this whole set of pictures in this post should really go there. But to be honest I have completely forgotten the password to even upload them. Sheesh. ha. Anyway, if you have never seen the online album, please feel free to check it out. You’ll get a better view of us as a family. Click HERE to access it. 
{And try not to laugh…the last photo album is introducing Evy’s Tree. I find that pretty ironic as that seems to be ending point {or beginning point?} of a lot of things in my life!}
Anyway, I’m trying to get caught up with what’s been going on in my life and I want to start with Dell Osso Farms…have you been there? If you live anywhere near Tracy California, you MUST go. It is way way fun! Especially before Halloween. We have never been during Christmas time but we hear its great then too. Apparently they have added a skating rink, a giant snow field and slide and now Santa visits there too. We will check it out this year for sure.
I will warn you its a bit pricey. EVERYTHING cost something. Ha. They only thing that is free is the petting zoo, but only if you don’t want to feed them. So be prepared to drop some money. This was our only outing for the entire month of October, haha. I say that jokingly, but it does have some truth in it. ha.
When we first got there we started with the food…it was really good, especially the corn! YUM! We also had tri tip sandwiches which were delish as well…Jake got a hot dog. Uh yeah, it’s safe to say my kids are not hot dog eaters. Crazy I know…

We then headed to the petting zoo which was so much fun. Jake had the time of his life petting everything/everyone…I think he could have stayed there all night and just rolled around in the wood chips with the pig, but Evy, yeah…not so much. I think she and I are cut from the same mold after all…animals are darling when they don’t droll or slobber all over you. She could NOT handle that at all! ha.

Brandon and I had big discussion on what this thing actually is?? Any suggestions?? All I know is its CREEPY!

After the petting zoo, Jake got to ride the horse…He was sooo excited. We could NOT get him to look at us!
Dell Osso has this really cool bike race track and Jake HAD to ride it so we waited in line FOREVER for it. While we were waiting the lemonade man came by and we doled out, get this, $4 for lemonade!! YIKES!! But it was so worth it…fresh squeezed and YUMMY. Evy hated it in cause you couldn’t figure out by her face. Ha. Too tart I guess.

The Lemonade man…and Evy running away as usual

The bike track has regular stoplights that keep changing from red, green, yellow. Jake was stressed about those lights and when they were red, he HAD to stop and wait until they turned green. We were DYING laughing about it, especially since all the other kids just whizzed on by him! 

We attempted to get a cute little picture of the two of them on the pumpkins. Uh, yeah, no can do.

But I love this one of me and my boy….

And me and my man…/

And then the train ride. Jake was BEYOND excited. It went all around the corn maze and whistled the whole time. 

On our way out, the policemen had their dog and Jake got to pet it. The police also gave him an awesome sticker! He loved it!

And before we left we stopped off in the store and got some fudge. This is an incredible store! I hope to go back for some Christmas gifts. Super yummy homemade items.

Thanks for following along!

Preschool Thoughts

Ok, how much cuter can you get than this preschool picture?!
Seriously, is he not a stud?
We have Jake enrolled in a preschool program for 3-4 year olds and we LOVE it! It’s a Christian program, he goes Tuesday and Thursday mornings and he is learning so much. I can’t tell you how quick he is understanding…he can identify all his letters, knows most of their sounds and can count to 11. I’m SHOCKED. As a teacher, I know that is tough.
He really loves learning and I love that. 
Although, I have to admit, it was really hard to get him to like school. :( The first day he loved it and didn’t cry at all, but the second and third, oh wow. He clung to my legs and the teacher literally had to pry him off me. I think I cried harder than he did, not because I was going to miss him but because I was DESPERATE for him to like school, and lets be honest, I needed a break. 
But on the 4th day, he adjusted and liked it thank God. No more crying.
Well, that made me encouraged. You see, I work 50+ hours a week. I walk around with my computer glued to my fingers and I sleep with my Blackberry. I try to condense all my work into specific hours, but with kids, that is very hard. A normal 5 hour day is a 5 hour interrupted day which really translates into 10 hours long with all the interruptions. Don’t get me wrong, not that I mind AT ALL helping my kiddos, but I do feel very bad that I am always saying, “I’ll be there in a minute” while I frantically try to return an email in about 10 seconds. And quite frankly, I don’t have time to take the kids to the park, play games etc, and I feel that Jake is getting VERY bored at home.
So pretty close after we found out Jake actually liked school, we put him on the waiting list to go to his preschool 5 mornings a week. {Evy goes to the baby sitters Tues, Wed and Thurs mornings} But that has been 3 months ago and still no hopes of an opening. It’s a very popular school. 
So our church school has a K-4 class and the teacher is wonderful and a very good friend of Brandon’s mom. She and the principal graciously allowed Jake to attend the class Monday, Wednesday and Friday. His first day was last Friday. We got him all excited and bought him the new uniform. He was so thrilled to wear the uniform that he wouldn’t even put on a hoodie and braved the 60 degree weather with just the school tee. I thought for sure he was going to love it.
But on Monday, well, not so much luck. He woke up saying he didn’t want to go and it took me a whole hour and half to get him ready for school. Once we got there he cried and cried. I left him there hoping it would wear off, but at about 1:30 he was inconsolable. The teacher called me and I came and got him. His words through the tears?
“Mommy, I’m not having fun there!”
Ugh. If that doesn’t break your heart then I don’t know what will.
So here is where I think we went wrong:
1. The K-4 class is for 4 year olds. Jake is 3. Yeah, not emotionally ready.
2. Brandon was in Canada last weekend speaking at a youth retreat. He had been gone since Thursday. Jake was really missing him.
3. Jake has the remnants of a cold. Can we say cranky?
So why in the world did I not think of all these things? When I picked Brandon up from the airport on Monday I told him I was a bad mom and should have waited until Brandon was home and Jake felt better to try the church school. Jake kept saying how much he 
didn’t want to go to school and now I felt like maybe I ruined his school tenure all together! oh boy.
So Tuesday came along and we were back to normal, Brandon dropped him off in the morning and he did great. But when I picked him up the teacher told me he broke down and started crying in the middle of the morning. He got over it, but when I picked him he said he didn’t want to go anymore {even though he was obviously having the time of his life}.
So now I feel like poop and am freaked out that Jake won’t want to go back to school?
WHAT TO DO? Luckily he doesn’t have school on Thursday so we are going to spend the next couple days nursing his cold, spending time together and enjoying our family. 
But will he ever like school again??? 
Oh boy. Has anyone ever gone through this?
All this school talk has made me realize I never showed you first day of school pictures. I am sooo behind!! ugh. Here they are….
School started on Tuesday, but on Monday there was preview day. Mumsy and Gramps came with us. Gramps walking with Jake.
Taking a picture with his teacher Miss Becky. She is so sweet. Jake was so excited about the bug table. 

On Tuesday, the kids packed in the car ready to go. Evy on her way to spend the morning with Ashley her babysitter. 
Getting out of the car at preschool.
Waiting for the door to be opened.

Signing in
Jake’s backpack peg
His lunchpail on his class shelf
Standing by his backpack
Excitedly waiting for the classroom doors to open
Jake’s first picture of Daddy
The boys. 

Finding a new friend
Showing off his name tag
Love this kid

This is the “Mommy please let me go” pose
So what do you think, will Jake ever like preschool again?!? 
ok sorry one more random pic…found this on the camera. This morning Brandon had them. Love their matching tops and random sweatpants {Jenni, do these look familiar?!?}
Love these kids. Ok xoxo for reals now. ha.

Holiday Boutique 2010: A Very Merry Shopping Event

If you follow Evy’s Tree on Facebook, then you no doubt already heard about the Holiday Boutique put on by my good friend Monica better known as The Mrs. Darcy. Monica has opened her home every fall and puts on a little trunk show, inviting several of her friends who have the creative bug like her {and me ha} to sell their goods, eat yummy treats and just have a lovely little afternoon hanging out and chatting.
We had so much fun!!
The sellers this year were Monica, myself, Charity of Dainty Button and Monique from La’ Monique Boutique.  Monica, Charity and myself live pretty close to San Jose, so it wasn’t so hard for us to be there, but Monique is from Redlands, down in Southern California and she and our other friend Monique M. drove up to be with us. What a treat to have them! They also brought Monique M’s little girl Ambree with them, who is just a doll!!
Anyway, we all met at Monica’s on Saturday around 1pm and sold until 4:30ish. I had all my items marked down to wholesale prices!! Then we hung out a little afterwards eating Monica’s delish pulled chicken sandwiches and lots and lots of cookies. :) It was really nice to be with close friends, meet some new ones who follow us on facebook and just chat with other people who are in the same business as you. I really enjoyed every minute of it, Monica, you did such a wonderful job! Your house is darling and just so welcoming!
I tried to get pictures of everything, but as soon I got there and set up, people started coming so I didn’t get a chance to get very many good pictures but here’s a few:
My dress forms making themselves at home….
My little rack and hoodies all ready….
 My table in  the process of getting set up…
Monica’s table getting set up…
Monique’s table all ready…
Group photo, from left to right: Sepnah, myself, Monique M and Ambree, Monique of La Monique, Angela and Charity of Dainty Button, and Monica of The Mrs Darcy, our host.
Yesterday was special for two reasons, the boutique for one, but also it was my 6th wedding anniversary!! Yay! And it was the first time I have ever been away from my husband our anniversary. :( I actually agreed to do this boutique because Brandon was speaking in Canada. To make up for his absence, he had a good friend deliver a dozen red roses and a wrapped gift and card to my door early Saturday morning before I left.
Isn’t he the greatest?!?
And then to end the day off…I got home and Jake is sick again. :( So here we are missing church this morning and just resting up. I’m giving him lots of vitamin c, I am sooo sick of this cold!! ugh.
Did you miss out on the Holiday boutique and the great prices?!? Not to fear…. I have a handful of items left and guess what?!? I will be listing them on my blog with the same wholesale prices via a paypal link for ONE DAY ONLY starting tomorrow sometime. Everything that doesn’t sell will be marked back up to the regular price on Tuesday.
Let me clarify this is only for what I have in stock and ready to ship. There are some one of a kind items as well as the one mini Bordeaux Brilla…and they will ALL BE MARKED DOWN TO WHOLESALE PRICES!
So come back tomorrow! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!