Fall Release: Friday August 27th

Well, today is the day I will release *SOME* of my fall items. I am shocked to say that I do not have all my items ready to sell. You can blame my photo shoot for that. Been so preoccupied working on it that not everything is sewn up.
Anyway, here’s a quick recap of what I DO have. If you have been following me on facebook, then you probably already know what is coming, but now I will include the prices.
All items in this blog post will be listed TODAY at 3:30 PM PACIFIC TIME. They will be listed on etsy.com through my shop http://www.evystree.etsy.com/. You must have an etsy account and paypal account to buy. I will be relisting item as they sell, so if you don’t see them pop up, please be patient, they are coming as I relist. You can always check my sale items and see how many I have sold and double check that amount with the amount listed that I have. If I have sold all that I said I have, the item won’t be relisted.
All items sold today will have at least a THREE WEEK TURNAROUND. There are two reasons for this, Brandon and I will be in Flordia for a youth event next week, and I am training several seamstresses so I need time to work with them on some of the items. Please be patient. If you are concerned about an item you order, I don’t mind one bit if you send me an email, I will be happy to help you with dates/time, etc. :)
Lastly, please pay for the item through paypal immediately after you commit to buy the item on etsy. I will not be holding any items today. If I do not receive payment within ten minutes of your commiting to buy the item, I will relist it. If the item is there tonight, you can come back and commit to buy it again, and the normal 3 day pay policy will be accepted.
If you buy several items, you will be reimbursed for shipping this weekend sometime. I do my best to include as many items as I can in flat rate priority shipping boxes, so I will see what I can do with your orders! :
I hope all this makes sense! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me! :)
The Candy Corn Brilla
Adult $68.50
12 hoodies available
XS-XL {American Apparel items run a size small}
Plus size XL -XXL {true to size XL and XXL}
Mini $46.50
10 hoodies available
18-24 mths -size 10{Please remember American Apparel runs a size small}
The Pink Lemonade Brilla
12-18 mths- size 10 {Please remember American Apparel runs a size small}
12 hoodies available
The Pink Polka Dot Brilla
Adult – $64.50
12 hoodies available
Sizes XS-XL {American Apparel runs a size small}
Plus Size XL and XXL {true to size}
Mini $44.50
Sizes 12-18 mths- 10
10 hoodies available
The Olympia
Adult size only $62.50
8 hoodies available
Arms are cut off and have a fitted higher cuff
The next group of hoodies start my collaboration with themrsdarcy a fabulous new etsy shop run by my good friend Monica.
Stop by her shop…she has special prices listed for you this week. Her stuff is STUNNING and she uses incredible material. She hand fashioned some great brooches for some of my hoodies, and they are limited.
The Jackie
Adult $74.50
Sizes XS- XL {Please remember that American Apparel runs a size small}
Plus size XL and XXL {true to size}
10 hoodies available
The Black Simple with Fuchsia Brooch
Adult $69.50
Only 8 hoodies available.
**The plain black simple will also be available for a lower price*
The Chocolate Brown Simple with Burnt Orange Brooch
Adult sizes XS-XL{American Apparel runs a size small}
Plus size XL-XXL {true to size}
Only 5 hoodies available
*Chocolate brown hoodie will be available plain at a lower price*
And lastly, my most exciting venture yet, a wrap style jacket made out of hoodie material.
The Grace
Adult sizes S-XXL
This item is made out of a unisex American Apparel hoodie and has ruffles along the edge added as well as rayon grosgrain ribbon interfacing. It is finished with a beautiful grosgrain 2 1/4″ belt. The orginal edges of the hoodie are left raw and give that slight frayed look. The sleeves cuffs have been cut off and are also left raw. The perfect blend between dressy and casual.
The Grace boasts a stunning removable grey crinkled taffeta and lace brooch made by The Mrs. Darcy.
This item runs true to size, perhaps even a size small. I normall wear a small and the small fits me, but I prefer this to fit me a little looser so I can wear it over tees, etc., so I will go with the medium. And you can wear this with or without the brooch.
The belt is lightly tacked in the back, so if you would like to remove it, it would not be a problem.
I only have 10 Grace Wraps available.
I have been asked on facebook and been sent many emails on why I only have a few wraps and will I be offering more in the future. The honest answer is, I’m not sure. This is a very labor intensive item and currently, I am the only one out of my sewing team who knows how to make it…which is why I am asking for at least a three week turnaround. Also, if I do make more of The Grace, I am considering reserving this item for boutiques only.
As you can see there is a lot to think about with this wrap….but I will keep you all posted on its progress over the next couple of weeks. I do have visions of doing it in army green, charcoal grey, and light grey with coordinating fuchsia and eggplant grosgrain. ACK…must stop my mind from turning! :)
Oh! I almost forgot! I have a couple of these:
The Lacey Tee in eggplant
Adult sizes S-XL, runs true to size, long sleeve
A fun crinkled jersey tee with my popular lacey tee design on it. I actually have this in army green, chocolate brown, bright pink and black coming in the weeks to come. This is just a teaser. :)
Thanks dear friends. I hope you have a FAB day!

Sam Hassas Photo Shoot

Holy Moly….did you know that the San Francisco Bay Area gets super hot?!?
Well, it does! 110 degrees to be exact. And it happens like one week out of the year. And that happened to be the week that my Fall 2010 photo shoot was scheduled.
A bunch of ladies, men and kids running around in hoodies, woolen socks, cowboy boots and the whole fall gamet, all while the were surrounded by a sauna heat wave so hot we all thought we were going to DIE. And did I mention one of my models is pregnant?
Yup. Misery.
And to top it all off, the shoot was at my parents house in the Wine Country, and they, get this…DON’T HAVE AIR CONDITIONING. Yes. It’s true. They never had. I lived my whole life without air. Outside of this one out of the year, you don’t really need it. In fact, when I moved to Stockton {where air conditioning is a MUST HAVE}, I didn’t even know how to turn it on. Sad, I know.
So anyway, there was absolutely NO PLACE to escape the heat. Except for my parent’s movie theater, which, thanks to the fact it is underground and has no windows, seems to remain somewhat cool. So the kids hid out in there while us adults braved it out.
But wow oh wow…what an incredible shoot! Seriously amazing. Despite the heat, and the stress, and the exhaustion from staying up four nights in a row to finish the hoodies, and the running around like a chickent with my head cut off during the shoot making sure everyone was dressed appropriately {I still hope everyone had the right outfits on!}, I HAD A BLAST! But I also learned a couple things:
1. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to arrive to the location. Our models were coming from all over and I was driving the two hour drive from my house to my parents. Would you believe that in the 8 years I have lived in Stockton, I have only had a detour on the road to Santa Rosa about 3 times. Well guess what, there were TWO this trip. No joke. I about cried on the second one. We were an hour late. Next time, I am going to wherever it is and spending the night. ha.
2. Have plenty of water and snacks available. I had one giant gallon of bottled water. No enough. And the kids got hungry and since my mom is in Europe, the fridge was BARE. Not good. Next time, snack spread is a must. Especially for the parents of the kids who just sat there for 5 hours.
3. Hire an assistant. I WISH I had done this. I should have brought someone with me who could follow me around and execute all the orders made from my photographer and me. I did everything and ran around my parent’s property like a chicken with my head cut off. I didn’t even get to see much of what shots Sam got. I would get one person dressed, then move onto the next person. Then run them to the spot Sam was shooting at that moment. Then run back to the house. Then start again. Exhausting. And I just pray that the hoodies look ok in the pictures ’cause I can’t really tell you exactly how they looked when I put them on. HA. Oh boy.
But Sam, our photographer did such a great job, was such a good sport, tried a million great ideas and was such a crack up!
And my boy…he is such a darling. Bless his heart, in two heavy layers, long jeans and Uggs! Yikes. Can you see the sweat on his forehead?
And P.S…. yes, the Ronnie Hoodie will be back for both boys and Men in chocolate brown this fall. There will also be a couple new boys hoodies coming out next week sometime.
You can see a little more of the Wine Country rolling hills in this picture. Seriously, they are beautiful and will make such a wonderful background for the Fall Hoodies. To the left you can see part of the Kendall Jackson vineyards and my dad’s olive trees that Jake calls, “Gramp’s lollipops!” ha. It’s all just stunning.
And of course, my staple model, Kate, waiting for her turn to be shot. She is the one pregnant. She’s 3 months. You’d never guess. Seriously sickening. And that hoodie she is wearing, well you can’t see it very well in this picture, but it’s called The Olympia and it will be offered on Friday. Think The Anchor hoodie from Spring and you’ll get a good idea as what it looks like. I have to be honest and say its one of my faves. And I only have about 10 to offer.
Well, that’s is ALL the photos I caught. I meant to take pictures of the entire shoot, but I just couldn’t fit that in. So the last thing I learned:
4. Hire a photographer to take pictures of the photography. HAHA.
In closing…
I am HUMBLED beyond words that everyone who modeled for me drove the drive, endured the heat, went without food and worked so hard…all for no pay. They did it simply because they are my friends and believe in Evy’s Tree. In fact, when I put a call out for models on facebook, I got so many emails I was shocked. {I sent them all to Sam and he picked, by the way! :)} I am brought to tears when I think about it. When I arrived at my parent’s, one of my models brought her grandmother, who along with her husband pioneered an INCREDIBLE church in San Jose, CA. My heart was filled with gratitude that she was there. I felt it was God’s way of smiling upon my little business, saying, “I believe in you enough to have elders in faith support you.”
If you believe in divine power, you know what I mean.
So I am so thankful. Because really, all we do is worth nothing if it isn’t filled with love. So thank you all my dear friends. Thank you for supporting me and believing in me. Thank you for working so hard to make Evy’s Tree successful. It means more than words to me.
And to those of you who purchase Evy’s Tree, thank you. I feel so honored you would love my items. Evy’s Tree would be nothing if it wasn’t for you.
Much love everyone!
PS…check back later today for another fall sneak peek! :)

Fall Sneak Peek I

I have a confession….
I LOVE Fall, but I’m not a huge fan of fall colors. When Pantone released the fall 2010 colors, I took one look at them and prayed for inspiration, especially when I saw burnt orange and eggplant on the palate. Ugh. Not normally my thing. But then I went to L.A. {to read about my trip, click here} and I found soooo many fabrics that had, get this, FALL COLORS in them.
So my inspiration found me. Thank God.
So designing and sewing away I have been doing for the last week and I am almost done. Thanks to some great help from my friends, I should have all of my new hoodies {almost 15 of them!} completed by tonight, just in time for our Evy’s Tree photo shoot with the very talented Sam Hassas tomorrow.
What I discovered while designing, however, is the large amount of Brillas I made. To be quite honest, I am a little sick of the Brilla. I have made so many of them that I am starting to prefer the other more unique hoodies like the track jackets, the lacey zip ups, etc. But the Brilla remains my most popular seller. About 75% of my sales consist of this hoodie. And I understand why…it appeals to the girly girl within, it has the frills, the flower the “funk” without being tooo frilly. It just adds the extra feminine touch that we all search for from time to time.
So Brillas I make. And lots of them.
This fall I have six of them, with almost all of them being offered in mini sizes, so if you love the Brilla, I can promise there will be a color combo for you and your little one! :)
So this sneak peek will include a couple Brillas. I hope to give you another peek of some more of the fall items, but we shall see how my time goes before the shoot. I will give more info about the shop reopening and when all the hoodies will be available at the end…
The Pink Polka Brilla
Based on the original Brilla {polka with green ruffles}, I was ELATED with I found an entire bolt of this pink polka material. I’m sorry, I was kinda late in shooting and the light isn’t very good, so you can’t really see the polkas as well as I would like, but just trust me when I say it is darling. It has army green and fuschia pink accents.
Adult sizes XS-XL, Plus size XL and XXL
Mini sizes 12-18 mths- size 10
The Candy Corn Brilla
Ok, I admit, these are not my colors, but aren’t they super fun?!? Burnt orange and geometrics, I totally fell in love with this hoodie and it looks just DARLING in person.
Adult sizes XS- XL, Plus sizes XL, XXL

Mini sizes 12-18 mths- size 10

The Pink Lemonade Brilla
I really had a hard time deciding if I should use this material for fall, or save it for spring, but really, the orange in the material sold me on offering it now. I also had a hard time deciding what color hoodie I should offer it on, as it looked equally cute on chocolate brown, however, in the end, I went with the pink, because who doesn’t need a pink hoodie for your little one all year long?
Here’s the deal on this hoodie…
American Apparel discontinued all their powder pink hoodies. Don’t ask me why, I have not idea, but I seriously bought all the minis they had {you should see my garage} and I do have plenty to last me for a while I think, BUT, they were sold out of the adult pinks by the time I got word of the discountinuation.
Lucky for you all, I had two medium pink adult hoodies already that I made into the Pink Lemonade Brilla and I am offering them here on the blog to whoever would like them. Please remember, this will be the LAST TIME an Adult Pink Lemonade hoodie will be offered due to the fact that I will not {unless AA changes their minds} be able to purchase powder pink hoodies again. So if you want to match with your little one, then I suggest you snag it now.
The Adult Pink Lemonade Brilla

The minis will be available when my etsy shop reopens.

Ok, so I have had many people who follow me on facebook ask, “How do I purchase your items?” Well, here’s how:

I sell through Etsy only. My shop is currently closed, but I will reopen either Thursday or Friday with all the Fall items listed. Before then I will continue to post pictures of the items on facebook and on this blog, so you know what will be offered. To purchase from etsy you need two things:

1. an etsy account. This is free and very easy to open.
2. A paypal account. Again, this is free and easy to open.

When a listing is up you purchase it, pay through paypal and put what size you want of the item in the notes to seller. I make your hoodie for you upon payment, so please allow AT LEAST two weeks to receive your item.

As usual, if you have any questions, you can email me at evystree@gmail.com or convo me through etsy.

I hope this helps. Thanks a million for all your support!
Happy Fall Shopping! :)

Food Friday: Taco Salad

Well, this has actually been a relaxing day!
I have gobs of hoodies I should be sewing up for the Evy’s Tree photo shoot with Sam Hassas on Tuesday, but I have just had SUCH a week, I did not have the energy. I spent the early morning photographing my new hoodie for fall, then spent some time editting it and posting it on facebook, then I packaged up a dozen or so very tardy hoodies/tees, sent Brandon off to the PO with Jake and then spent some quality time with my precious baby girl.
Oh wow, I love her.
She has the MOST infectious laugh. Her little teeth stick out and her head goes back and her belly just shakes with laughter. It’s sooo cute. In fact, she has laughed this way since she was 6 weeks old!! She has always had such a great belly laugh.
Anyway, after I laid Evy down for her nap, I made my SECOND pot of french press {with my friend Soshawna’s Hawaiian coffee…yum!!} and then sat down and got marginally caught up with all my blog reading. That was so great! I just love reading along with my friends, hearing what they are up to and living life with them. It makes you feel so refreshed, like you really aren’t in this mommy thing alone, you know?
I was hoping to do some blogging myself but I got so carried away reading that before I knew it Brandon had gotten home with Jake and it was almost time to start dinner! So here I am, trying to catch up {the story of my life lately!}…I hope to maybe blog about Jake’s first day of school tonight as well, if my computer is friendly with me and doesn’t run as slow as molasses, as it has been doing lately.
So again, true to my patterns, I owe this one to my sister, Pammy. I have actually never even had her taco salad and I am ashamed to say that up until recently I never even made it for my family. What got me started was youth camp, actually. I was looking for a cheap, filling and able to feed 25 people meal that I could serve to the staff in the evenings after service and I was coming up with a blank because the key word here was CHEAP.
Uh yeah, 25 persons dinners isn’t always cheap.
So I called my mom and asked her. If you don’t know my mom, you must understand that she is the ultimate cook. I mean GOURMET. People always ask me how I learned to cook and I always tell them that I was a child slave to my mother and her elaborate dinner parties that she threw at her house.
 No joke.
Guests would arrive all fancy and I would be there in the kitchen with an apron on following out my mother’s coodking instructions while she entertained. Sad I know. Ha.
Anyway, I digress as usual.
So my mom, after being asked what I should make for the camp staff said, “Taco Salad! Your sister makes it all the time when they have friends over, you will love it!” So I asked my mom how my sister did it and she gave me a round about recipe, but not exact. Then I called my sister and she gave me a completely different recipe and her final statement about it was, “I don’t know, I just use whatever I have.”
So there you have it…a directionless salad, great, huh? ha. I’m sure many of you have the same story if you make taco salad. So I took what both of them said and here is what I came up with:
1/2 head of lettuce, iceburg and some Romaine mixed in
1 lb beef
1 packet taco seasonings
2 tomatoes chopped
green onions, chopped
can of black beans
avocado, cubbed
mixture of Mexican cheese
sour cream
Start by browning the meat. I use very lean ground beef from Costco. I find it has the least amount of fat. And please excuse my horrible appearance in this picture, that was such a long day…. I seriously don’t think that I even looked in the mirror since 7 AM that morning. Sheesh what is wrong with me?!?
While meat is browning cut up lettuce. I usually add Romaine but I didn’t have any…so iceburg it was, sorry everyone!
Once meat is browned, drain the fat…
Then return to stovetop and add seasonings, following instructions on packet.
While meat is simmering, cut up remaining items and add to salad
Then drain and rinse black beans and add. I use Trader Joe’s Organic. They are sooo yummy!
Then top with the meat
And finish off with cheese, sour cream and salsa. I use just a dab of sour cream and douse the salad with lime juice….so yummy and less calories! :)
Usually we use chips to dip into the salad, but I also use tortillas and add meat and cheese, making a burritto for the kiddos. These Trader Joe’s Handmade ones are TO DIE FOR!!
And of course, this food Friday would not be complete without pictures of my babies
So I’m curious, do you make Taco Salad and how to do you assemble yours?
And with that…I am calling it a night. I was hoping to do that first day of school post, but its 11:30 and we have a big day tomrrow. Maybe tomorrow night.

Crack Baby….

I’m still alive, I promise. Barely. But I am.
I received my largest order from American Apparel yet this week: 15 giant boxes packed with hoodies needing to be organized and stashed SOMEWHERE…
The only problem is I had no idea where that somewhere should be, so this entire week has been spent from early in the morning until late at night, organizing my entire existence. Seriously. It’s been fun, ha…NOT! {Ok, too early 90′s I know}
Anyway, a couple other things that happened this week:
1. I caught a cold, visited the Dr and was given antibiotics. And true to cold’s form, now the kids have it. Great, huh?
2. I have spent hours working on all the material I bought in L.A….washing, folding, finding more places for all of that stuff. Again, FUN! ha.
3. JAKE STARTED SCHOOL!!! That’s in caps because that is BY FAR the most exciting and important thing about this week, and this was definitely fun for reals!! :) I have a bunch of pictures that I hope to get the energy to go through and blog about tomorrow.
Anyway, I just feel so guilty because I have not even logged onto Google reader the entire week. :( So again, I have no idea what everyone is up to. I am a loser blog friend. Ugh.
In closing, a little snapshot of why I am postponing the possiblity of more children, indefinitely.
Yes, that’s my baby girl. And that baby girl is a MESS. That butt crack you see there, well, its because she literally has to put her hands into EVERYTHING, which means that diapers are pulled off, electrical sockets are explored, water glasses are pulled off the table and shattered in a million pieces. Serioulsy, this girl will be the death of me. I’m surprised I’m not 80 lbs after all the running around I do after her.
Case in point:
And not only is into everything, but she is VICIOUS. She can definitely hold her own. Here she is with our “wacker”. I’m sure by the name you know what happens with that thing. Well, she’s trying it out on her brother…
That’s all for now!
Oh PS…I am completely aware I have missed Food Friday. I have a whole slew of pictures to show off Taco Salad, but again, no energy. I will pretend that tomorrow is Friday and it will all be good. :)

Where Have I Been?!?

I have no idea…
Seriously, the last week and a half has been so insane, I am wondering how I even made it through it all. No joke.
And along the crazy path that last week took me, it left me with absolutely NO SLEEP.In fact, the night before we left for St. Louis I got, get this, 45 minutes of sleep! ugh. Have you ever gone a whole week and a half with hardly any sleep? Well, if so, then you know that leaves you with a wonderful vulnerability for a cold, especially when you spend half that week flying.
Hence, my HORRIBLE sore throat that has not left me for a week.
Apparently, according to the dr, its from exhaustion.
Anyway, I’m sure I have completely lost all my blog friends since I have had no time whatsoever to even read up on what everyone is doing, much less post anything. Sorry, dear friends. I’m still here, just a little brain dead. I hope you will forgive me.
{Jenni R, I’m dying to know…how’s that pool?!? Serioulsy, I have thought about it several times, haha}
So WHERE HAVE I BEEN?!? Since nobody probably even cares at this point {haha}, I doubt you will want to follow along with the VERY crazy week and my mass of pictures, but I figured {I know, I know, I say this all the time} that since this blog is for my precious kiddos, I figured I should at least journal it…even if I am so tired I won’t be able to edit all the pictures. Sorry everyone, raw photos here we come! :)
St. Louis
Thursday- Sunday, August 5- 8
Once a year, Brandon hops on a plane and goes to one of two youth conferences…The North American Youth Congress or The Commune-ity Meeting. Youth Congress is a giant youth conference {17,000+ students} that is located at different places every other year throughout America, and The Commune-ity is a smaller workshop based conference for youth workers and their wives. This year the Commune-ity was located in St. Louis and this year, I was able to attend with Brandon.
We had a great time. I already posted a Food Friday from St. Louis, if you haven’t seen it yet, you can click here. Seriously, I was impressed with the food…YUMMO!
But the best part about St. Louis is that we got to stay with Brandon’s cousin’s Brandy and Johnny and their little girl Katelynn. And even better was that Brandon’s other cousin Brooke, her husband, Jon and their little girl Maddie were also staying there! We had sooo much fun! Brandy and Brooke are from Stockton and were raised like Brandon’s sisters, so it was so good to see them. We stayed up super late, laughed, ate great food and just enjoyed seeing eachother.
And oh yeah, we also got to see the St. Louis arch…way cool!
We also had WAYYY too much fun at the museum under the arch. Seriously awesome place. Brandon and Johnny got a little carried away…
And precious Maddie and Katelynn…are they not the cutests babies on the planet? Jake misses his cousins so much! :(
Brandon had the time of his life. He LOVES Museums and could live in them. He got a little out of control, however. He even asked a sweet little Amish family if they would let him video them. Their answer was “no”, of course. Sheesh Babe, why do you have to be so embarrassing?!?
And on Sunday, Brandon preached at Brandy and Brooke’s church, who is pastored by Darren Hudspeth. Super cool church and awesome service! Amazing spirit in their church!
{Yes, that’s Johnny’s big head in front of me! ha}
L.A. Fabric Trip
Wed – Friday, August 11-13
Well, if you have been following my blog at all, you will know that several months ago I started a little Etsy shop called Evy’s Tree. I sell embellished hoodies and tees for men, women and children. Most of my items are embellished with jersey knit of some kind which is almost IMPOSSIBLE to find. Believe it or not, I can pull my hair trying to find good material to use. When I do find something great, I buy every bit of it, and usually that’s not much, only enough to give me about 10 hoodies at the most per style.
So a couple months back, I realized that I could find a better selection of jersey knit material at a much better cost if I drove down to the Los Angeles garmet district. I talked my dear friend Monica into it coming with me and we decided that since our kids are starting school next week, this week would be the only time we could fit it in.
Oh boy. Am I crazy or what?!?
{Wait, don’t answer that one! ha}
So Wednesday afternoon we took off in my little volvo SUV and drove the 7 hr trip to L.A.
Serioulsy, we had sooo much fun!! My friend Monique of La’ Monique Boutique {check out her facebook page, her stuff is DARLING} met us and took us around. She was so sweet to do that! If you love fabric and use a lot of it, I promise you will not be disappointed with the massive amounts of fabric you can find there. Like these piles that were, yes, all mine {ok, some was Monica’s too}…
I came to the conclusions that you have to be willing to handle stores that have gobs and gobs and bolts and bolts of material PACKED into their store to be able to do the L.A. garmet district. Material is literally bursting from the store doors…
And yes, everything is at a GREAT price…this place was the cheapest, although it was so packed I wasn’t able to get in there and get anything at that low $1 price!
This place was amazing. I can’t remember the name and I actually didn’t buy anything, but doesn’t this picture just make you so excited? Monica and I felt like we died and went to Trim Heaven!
We spent a total of SEVEN hours walking around, picking out fabric and searching. My car was PACKED to the gills! After we finished we drove like wild people to make it over to market night in Redlands where Monique’s boutique had a booth. We were late {thanks L.A. traffic!}, but we finally made it and met a bunch of very sweet new Evy’s Tree customers. Monique’s booth looked so cute too!
And on our way to Market Night, Monica reminded me that I needed to have something for Food Friday this week…so here’s my Food Friday:
Me eating a Panera Turkey Sandwhich on Country bread {which I thought was whole wheat…would NEVER had ordered white, ha} and driving down the I-10 in traffic at a snails pace to make it to Market Night:
And a wonderful Funnel Cake that Monica wanted….
…And I ate most of! :( Sheesh! They are so gross too, what in the world made me eat that thing?!?
Anyway, I think I gained like 10 lbs from this last week. Seriously, I have to start my diet back up again!
In closing….when I arrived home last night around 9 PM, this is what my car looked like:
Yes, it’s crazy. I thought about stopping by American Apparel to pick up a bunch of hoodies, but I realized that they would never fit in my car! Next time we are bringing the box for the top of my car, I could have used it!! :)
Whew…that’s it for me. I am super tired and my throat is about to explode from pain. I must get some rest! Tomorrow I will catch up with all your blogs.
Much love!

Food Friday…on Saturday, or Sunday?!?

Good Grief, what time is it anyway?
I am so confused!
I’m here in St. Louis, as I mentioned in the last blog post. We had our youth workers conference and it was awesome, but the best part about the conference was two things:
1. We got to spend time with some incredible other youth pastors and their wives, most of them very good friends who we don’t get the opportunity to see much.
2. We are staying with Brandon’s cousin Brandy house, with her husband Johnny and their little girl Katelynn, as well as Brandon’s other cousin Brooke, her husband Jon and their girl Maddie.
These two things made this trip 100% awesome!
BUT…on top of those two things I have to say, the other best thing about this trip was the fact that St. Louis has some REALLY good food! I mean REALLY good!  We ate at a couple good places, but I only remembered to take pictures once, but wow, was it incredible food!
On Friday night we ate at a place called Mosaic. It is in downtown St. Louis and we went with about 5 or 6 other couples….we sat at a long table and laughed and talked and shared each other’s food. I can’t say enough about this food…it was the perfect size, small and yummy! We all ordered three courses and then shared each course with each other. So worth it. If you are ever in St. Louis, I would totally recommend this place.
Anyway, here was my first course:
Oh, wait, that was after I ate it, HA! I remembered to take a picture after I had devoured the entire bowl of Butternut Squash Soup with Madegascar Vanilla Bean. OH MY WORD, seriously it was like a dessert! Anyway, I realized after I ate it that I needed to take a picture of it so I snuck one of my friend’s who was sitting next to me….
My friend Monique had a Warm Goat Cheese Salad, which was wonderful!! Have I ever mentioned that EVERYTHING is better with goat cheese? Well, in case I haven’t, it is. You must have goat cheese in your fridge at all times, at least that is my personal feeling. Anyway, here’s the salad…
And our main course, Brandon got the Lamb and I got the Beef Tenderloin. Oh wow, they were good and the perfect size! And do you see that awesome butter to the right? I asked for butter and that’s how they brought it to us…too fun!
And our dessert, Brandon got a Carmel something, I can’t remember the name but I will tell you that it had the most AMAZING mint syrup on it! They even gave Brandon the recipe, so excited to try it!
And mine was the Bread Pudding….WOW…good!
And then we attempted to have our friend Monique take a picture of us to end the night, but she just snapped away without giving us any warning and all we got was this:
So we tried again while walking out. Success, sort of. Brandon looks a little pained, but can’t quite figure out if it was all the food we ate or just a bad moment? HA.
us, at Mosaic in downtown St. Louis…
Happy Food Friday…or Saturday, or Sunday or whatever it is where you are! HA.

Want To Win So Yummy Body Scrub?

Then head on over to my friend Jenni’s Blog. You can enter to win her homemade scrub…
Jenni is SUCH an incredible person, and if you don’t follow her blog, you should. I just love her and her kids are DARLING. Plus her daughter Lola shares all her clothes with Evy, how cool is that? :)
So click HERE to enter to win this yummy scrub, it looks AMAZING!!  But hurry you only have until Tonight at midnight!!
Also, please say a little prayer for me, if you don’t mind. Brandon and I are attending a youth workers seminar in St. Louis and we are flying out very early on Thurs AM. I feel like I am about to pull my hair out, I am so overwhelmed. I have several hoodies I have to finish before I leave still and then I am taking Jake to my parents tomorrow. Plus I am making some business decisions this week that have my nerves a little frayed. I could just really use a little faith and prayers from all my friends.
I’m hoping I’ll be able to do a Food Friday of something cool we’re eating in St. Louis. If you are from that area, feel free to suggest some great spots to eat!! :)

The Uniform Collection and a WINNER!

Yes, that is me. I was the only girl in my kindergarten class. I will never forget walking into the room that first morning and realizing I was all alone with all the boys. I begged my mom not to leave me. Of course, like a good mommy she made me stay. But she didn’t leave me alone. Oh no. She left me equipped with the TIGHTEST shoes around. I mean, how cool are my bright red Nikes?
And all turned out cool in the end. Though I HATED the kid who is sitting next to me on the left, poor guy I can’t even remember his name, I adored the guy sitting all the way to the right on the front row. His name was Mark. He became my friend, so it was good. And my teacher. Oh my, I adored her. I remember her being so beautiful and fun. And she drove a yellow VW Bug. Again…
Anyway, most of my life I attended private school, but only a few of those years where in uniform. As a teacher {and now a parent}, I will shout to the rooftops about my feelings about uniforms…
I know, teenagers hate them, but seriously, how many times do you have to wash polyester? That stuff literally stays clean all year. Food, dirt and other grime just slides right off it. And no more worrying about what to wear when you have uniforms. Nope. When you have uniforms you worry about the cool accessories like….
{you knew I had to bring that in sometime, right!}
Anyway, enough about me and my thoughts…
Here is my uniform collection. Currently these are made in minis, but I can make them in adult sizes too, for your teen. Just shoot me an email and we can chat about it.
The following pictures are modeled by our good family friend’s little girl, Eden. Is she not the most darling thing on the planet? Her dad, who is an AMAZING photographer, shot the pictures for us. We did a little trade, in exchange for the hoodies, I asked if her dad could just snap a *FEW* pictures for my etsy site…well, you an see what he gave me. AWESOME. I was amazed. This was way better than what I was hoping for. Thank you Scott and Cheryl!!
 If you love these pictures, I encourage you to check out her dad’s work, Scott Andrew Studio. He does incredible stuff, I promise- and he TRAVELS! If you look closely at his past work, you’ll see several of our family in there. AND…if you like Eden’s adorable headband, check out her mom Cheryl’s shop, Linden Love Birds.
Red Polyester blend hoodie, American Apparel. Slightly thicker than the other two cotton hoodies, is NOT the regular cotton hoodie that I normally use.
Sizes 2, 4, 6
100% Cotton American Apparel
Sizes, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10
100% Cotton American Apparel.
Sizes 2, 4, 6, 8, 10
And here’s the exciting part. As I realize that your child might need more than one hoodie for the school year…
All Uniform Mini Hoodies are $34.50 during the month of August.
After August, the price goes back to the $39.50, so stock up! :)
And many apologizes to all of you for taking SOOO long to give you the giveaway winner. I cannot tell you what a crazy day I am having. Will be a late night for sure. Brandon and I are off to St. Louis for a youth conference on Thursday and between packing, getting the kids ready to go to the Grandparents, finishing orders and working on new hoodie designs, I’M BEAT. ugh.
Anyway, the winner of the Mommy/Daugther hoodie set is: JULIE!
Julie’s winning comment was:
Love Covet
429 sw 10th Ave
Portland, OR 97205
503) 222-6838
Julie, you have 36 hours to contact me and claim your prize! :)
A BIG THANK YOU to all those who participated. Thank you, thank you! I cannot tell you how much that helped me. My goal was to get 200 boutique names by January. I’m halfway there! YAY! :)
Much love to you all!