Let’s Do This

I have a recuring vision that I renact in my mind over and over. I have this vision at many times in my life…and they are all times of:
Yes. I have stress. I am, by nature, a very intense person. I know, surprise, surprise. I attack life with a vengance at times. And as you can imagine, that can be stressful.
Anyway, my vision.
Have you ever seen “You’ve Got Mail”? You know the part where Kathleen Kelly {Meg Ryan} decides to fight Fox Books and just before she makes a big press conference, she is the back of her store boxing thin air?
Well, that is a lot like my vision. Except in mine, I am staring my “assailant” dead in the eyes, and while staring, I fit my hands up firmly with my son’s red boxing gloves. And occasionally, when I get really ticked, I grab my husband’s Escrima sticks {my father in law and husband are masters at Escrima, a Filipino marshall arts. They’ve both been doing it since childhood} and I start swinging those things around, doing the little hand twirls that my husband is so good at {and I can’t do in real life, ahem}.
And then, in my vision, I quietly say, “Let’s do this.”
So tonight, I am faced with a PILE of paperwork and very negelected bank book. Since January, when my life went a little topsy turvy, I have “*GULP* not properly balanced my checkbook. I have all my payments on automatic payment, but normally I put them all into Excel and balance them out- that’s what properly means to me. Well, here it is JUNE and I have yet to start my Excel sheet for the year. I check my bank account several times a week, but without my Excel worksheet I have no idea if things are going out or coming in properly….and apparently they aren’t because I just realized yesterday I paid my visa TWICE last month.
I cried. Because we don’t have that kind of money to waste. And this month we are paying for it.
So please pray for me. I am not stupid when it comes to money. But I was already slacking majorly with it when kids came along almost four years ago and now with the hoodies slapped ontop of it…well, I seriously feel like I could pull my hair out{and feel like a bit of a failure as well}. And don’t even think about Brandon doing it. He’s a tightwad for sure, but has MAJOR Form-a-phobia {yes, its a real phobia, trust me} and gets a glazed over look when he comes within 20 feet of paperwork.
Besides, a Proverbs 31 woman “…carefully watches everything in her household.” {vs 27}
So here I am. Paperwork, bank statements, Quickbooks…
Let’s do this.
Oh yeah, here’s my theme song. TobyMac, of course. :)

Puppies Puppies Puppies!

You might remember this post about my sister’s golden retriever, Bella, giving birth to THIRTEEN puppies! WOW! Just the thought of it stresses me out.
Seriously though, if you know my sister, you would know that instead of a stress, this would be a joy- because she accomplishes SO much in her day and she could have literally had a dozen kids and be happy. Pammy is the most loving and kind person out there.
So for months now she has dealt with having a whelping pen in place of where her beautiful new dining room table used to sit, and her table now has a temporary home in her backyard. She is amazing.
Anyway, when Bella had that many puppies, she was a little worried about how they would find homes for them all. So she had some pictures made….
And my sister created a blog so you can find out more information about them
And now she only has two puppies left, a boy and a girl!

If you are interested, feel free to visit their blog…all my sister’s contact info is on there.
And all these beautiful pictures were taken by Emily of ES Photography. Emily is a friend of my nephew Brandon…a young, teenage, up and coming photographer. Isn’t she fab? She does lifestyle and family portraits as well. Feel free to give her a call if you need some good pictures!
Emily Semans
ES Photography
(707) 535-9664

Thank God

Summer is here and my life is right again. I have a bunch of wonderful teen-aged helpers knocking at my door at all times asking what they can do. And almost all of them possess that one very important trait that I seem to be lacking the past ….oh…5 years or so.
The above was delicately placed just so by Jasmine. She is the best ever. Seriously, does ANYONE out there do this with their sippy cups? I’m shocked she could find that many to wash! Usually they are hidden throughout the house and only come out of hiding when the milk is ready to explode inside the bottle.
Anyway, I have to say…one of the biggest perks of being a youth pastor is the summertime. Spending time with these teens just makes life so much more sweeter…and innocent too. It makes you remember why you became a youth pastor in the first place. I know its not for everyone, but trust me, if you are “called” to work with teens, you know what I mean. They make life right.
So HELLLOOO summer!!
PS…please, pray for our youth group next week. We are heading up to the mountains for our annual church youth camp. 150 kids usually attend. Pray that God meets us there and that every student is spiritually renewed. And pray for the counselors…’cause no counselor ever sleeps at camp! :(

Giveaway Round Two Winner!

Thank you to everyone who entered Round Two of my 100 Sales Celebration! I hope you all had fun and enjoyed yourselves. I have to be really honest and admit that I find giveaways rather stressful. Not for me as the giver, but as the entrant! I always do my best to enter and then realize I missed an entry or didn’t do something right, ha! And not to mention the fact that I NEVER seem to win and get beat out by all of my friends! {ahem Jenni R!! Seriously the luckiest girl alive, ha}
Anyway, again, thank you for taking the time to participate. There were 229 entries, minus my 9 example entries, so really 220 and…
The winner is:
Congrats to Prencie! Prencie, send me an email at evystree@gmail.com to talk about which hoodie you would like!
And if any of you would like to purchase this hoodie, my shop will be open until around 6 PM CA time tonight and then will be closed for two weeks. Any orders placed today will be shipped the beginning of next week.
The store will be reopening sometime during the week of June 14th.
I say “sometime” because I am attempting to potty train Jake that week, so we will see how much time I have to devote to reopening, hehe. Please wish me luck and say your prayers. I need all the help I can get! :)
Much love to you all!

New Black Brillas in the shop

Since I am almost out of the Mint Geen polka dot Brillas with no more material to replace it…I have a couple of these in the shop
Right now I have sizes Medium – X-Large available but will have more sizes in the weeks to come, minis and plus sizes included.
Also a reminder that Evy’s Tree will be closing shop for at least two weeks, maybe a little longer, starting tomorrow afternoon. If you order something today or tomorrow it will go out next week. My family and I are attending our church youth camp and then the week after camp, Evy is going to my sisters and I am devoting the entire week to potty train Jake.
Your thoughts and prayers for success would be appreciated! HA!

Memorial Day Weekend 2010

I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!
We spent Memorial Day with Brandon’s family at the park. My Dad also came.We BBQ’d, ate lots of yummy food, and then when it started to rain, we all came over to our house for more food, fun and fellowship {the 3 F’s that make the world go around, according to Brandon. Ha}.
I’ve been experimenting with some photo actions to make my pictures look a bit better and to enhance my new camera. Would LOVE your opinions…need some feedback. Any suggestions?
The morning started out with a Peeping Tom who wanted to interact with the neighborhood kids in the yard next door…
Then we met the rest of the family at the park and while we waited for the food to cook, Jake met a bunch of new friends and started stealing all their bikes {too mad to get a picture of it, ugh}, climbed the highest play structure, and attempted to hurl himself off the balcony…
When food time came around, Jake was too busy to be bothered and continued playing, but little Evy…well, she’s a girl after my own heart.
And a little snapshot of our life over the weekend…
The bag lady…one of the last cabinets that still needs a lock!
My Drama Queen.. serious DRAMA…wish you could hear her cry to go with this. You would think she was being tortured.
And the chocolate man. I really could stash that stuff in Fort Knox and he would still find it. Amazing.
And lastly, thank God for those who fought for us. Thank you for helping us keep our freedom. I hope that I never take advantage of this wonderful gift. We remembered you, honored you and prayed for your families on this Memorial Day 2010.