Hoodie 411 and Le Papier Studio Giveaway

Ok, first I must say, I have been meaning to acknowledge that I know I spell “hoodie” wrong. I completely realize that the correct spelling is HOODY, but I love the way HOODIE looks and since this is my little business, well, I guess I get to make the rules now don’t I? hehe
oh boy
If you were wanting a Black Brilla in either adult and/or mini sizes, I do have a pile of unfinished hoodies and there are some adult black brillas and a bunch of minis. I will also have the following:
Womens Black Brillas-Unisex L and XL- a true to size fit for XL and XXL $49.50
A couple Red Brillas for both adult and mini {no picture yet of that one}$49.50/$39.50
ONE mini Kate in Chocolate, size 2- $39.50
A full range of sizes of Mini Spring Hoots $39.50
Mini Spring Hoot tees sizes 2-6 {no picture of those yet} Price TBA
Four tee shirt styles for women, sizes S-L {no pictures yet} Price TBA
And maybe another surprise or two.
Those all will be completed the week of the 26th. I am taking preorders for the Black Brillas and the Mini Spring Hoots….so if you are interested and willing to patiently wait for the hoodies, please send me an etsy convo or email me at evystree@gmail.com.
And one more exciting bit of news. I am sure all of my good blog friends as well as my friends in “real life” who have seen me walking around like a zoombie, have wondered how in the world I am going to keep up with the hoodies as it seems that I can barely keep up as it now.
I have hired an extra seamstress. :) She will be helping me complete the hoodies by making particular styles and doing piecework for me weekly. She is a very good seamstress, much better than me, and I am so so excited about this. I hope to hire a couple more in the future, to help ease the load. I just couldn’t keep up the pace and maintain my sanity. So please, say a great big thank you for me to the Lord for working that all out. I thought for sure I was going to die of sleep deprivation, ha.
And in closing…
I want to introduce you to an awesome blog and etsy shop that I have just recently starting following.
Le Papier Studio makes the most adorable silhouette paper products, I think you will just love it. I am planning on placing an order today for Evy’s birthday invites. Anyway, she is doing a giveaway and has three prizes.
The first two people will get:
The Grand prize winner will get:
So check it out by clicking HERE.
Oh and one more thing…Brandon has this week off!! Whoohoo! So excited to have my guy home with me. Our house is a home when he is around. :)

It’s An Adventure Alright…

Our life I mean, and I think I aptly named our blog because I am seriously wondering how much more exciting my little life can become.
Today, oh boy. I really, really could give Jake up to the next gypsy band who comes to my door.
Or I should say I “feel” like giving him up. Because as soon as they stashed him in their little caravan wagon, I would probably be running right after them to get him back.
But today I was sorely tempted.
The kids are still sick, although Evy is getting better thanks to the antibiotics she is on. Jake however, seems worse. I think I’m going to have to call Dr. B. tomorrow. :( But because of this, I felt it would be unwise to take him out in the cold rainy weather this morning, which meant no church for us today.
The morning has gone fine, but around 2:30 ish I am cleaning up the kitchen and the kids are playing in the living room when I  take a bathroom break. Something in side of me tells me to take Evy with me, and even though taking either of the kids to the bathroom with me is a MAJOR PAIN, I snatch her up.
A few minutes later I come back into the kitchen and find Jake, comet bottle in hand, and half of the bottle empited out on the kitchen table. Also sitting on the table was the bottle of Fantastic and the Windex bottle. They both had been sprayed all over the pile of comet. Remnants of the coment are scattered all over the floor. Thank God I took Evy…all that stuff would have gone straight into her mouth.
My table finish is ruined {not that it wasn’t already, but it really is now}. And Jake was standing there feeling really bad and complainig of burning from the Fantastic on his feet.
I send him straight to the bath to clean up, plop him in and walk away to go get him new clothes. I come back a few minutes later and he had squeezed out 1/2 a tube of Butt Paste into the bath.
Frustrated I tell him to get in the shower, which thankfully doesn’t yield anything interesting.
A little while later I am trying to read a couple of my fave blogs, latte in hand to calm my nerves, while my kids play. About 5 minutes into it, I notice it has become very quite, I look behind me and find that Jake had taken out all of Brandon’s cuff links, was organzing them on the ground, and had Brandon’s fuzz buster and was doing a number to his hoodie he had on.
I really have no words at this point, and spanking…well, I’m sure you can tell it hasn’t been working today.
I put him straight to bed and tell him to stay there. A few minutes later he comes back SOAKED.
He had dumped his humidifier all over himself  and his bed and his carpet.
WOW. Sorry, no picture of that one. I was too frustrated.
And then, after he is sent back to bed, Brandon goes to check on him a few minutes later and he is gone. We call and call for him, finally to find him hinding under the dining room chair.
Um, yeah, no picture of that one either.
I really do have one mischievious child. Or maybe they are all that way? Or maybe I am just a bad parent? Or maybe I need to learn new tatics on how to get my child to obey?
{Sorry, please don’t give any negative feedback- at this point, I just can’t take it- I’ve already eaten my stress away with See’s Rocky Road and feeling pretty bad about myself right about now.}
Either way…. all day I have been thinking about God and His love for us. How He is our Father and how He loves us just as much as I love Jake, maybe even more. How I’m not sure I ever really understood His love for us until I have had kids. I’m not sure I have ever really understood that overwhelming love that swings back and forth like a pendulum, one minute sooo very frustrated, but the other minute so consumed with love that you just can’t stay mad. I really would do anything for that boy.
I liken it to grace.
So God, thank you for sending me Jake. I have no idea why I got the crazy one, but I would like to think its to make me grow as a Christian. To help me understand Your love and to enable me to share Your incredible love with those around me.
Thank you God, and please, please…maybe you could have Jake obey just for one day tomorrow? Thank you.

“But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”
Romans 5:8

Easter 2010

Evelyn’s first Easter!
And what a special Easter it was…
One thing about being a pastor that I don’t think many people understand is that you don’t usually get religious holidays off. For example, most churches offer some type of service on Christmas or Thanksgiving weekend…but ALL churches {at least that I know of} offer an Easter service. Futermore, Sundays, if you are employed by a church, are considered a work day- it is acutally a pastor’s Monday.
 Because of this, Brandon and I have never, during our married lifetime, spent an Easter in Santa Rosa with my side of the family, or any holiday that falls on a Sunday.
Although I never complain, and really love being in Stockton for Sunday holidays, Brandon knows that one of my greatest wishes would be to spend a Sunday holiday in Santa Rosa with my family.
Well, a day before Easter, I casually mentioned to Brandon that my sister was hosting Easter at her house in her brand new kitchen, and how I wish I could be there, especially since it was Evy’s first Easter. A couple hours later, Brandon informed me that he was able to use a vacation day and….
Oh wow, you could imagine my excitement!
So here are a few pictures and stories from our Easter….Evy’s first and our first as a family in Santa Rosa.
What a blessing!
Our family dressed for church.
Upclose the spastic version…
Brandon and his girl…
Me and my girl. A little blurry, but doesn’t Evy look so angelic?
Evy playing with my mom’s horse whip…
Jake dressed in my mom’s riding garb. We called him Prince William. :)
My parents, my kids and me
We went to my mom’s church for Easter, The Promise Center, which is pastored by our good friends Chad and Heidi King. It was amazing! When they stepped into the pastoral role not quite 4 years ago, there were 50 people in attendance. On Easter Sunday they started their second service and averaged 500! Seriously, it was so incredible to visit. The people are so precious and so hungry for Bible teaching. Lives are being changed and as fellow pastors, we are just overjoyed for the Kings and what God is doing amongst their saints. So glad we got to participate in one service.
Lunch/Dinner at my sisters. Here is her new kitchen. I wish I had before pictures, but the dining area there was actually her original kitchen, the current kitchen was previously my nephew’s bedroom. The  house was  a two room house built in the 20′s and has been expanded consistently since. The kitchen was in DESPERATE need of renovation. I am so happy for my sister since that kitchen has caused serious tears over the years. :)
Kids eating….
My mom, sister Pammy and Evy. Evy is wearing a Dainty Button headband. Soo cute!
My dad on his THIRD plate. I’ve mentioned before, but he has the metabolism of a teenager. Amazing.
My niece and nephew, Brandon and Brittany are homeschooled. My sister works very hard with them and is an amazing teacher. The kids are part of a speech class that is awesome! This year they traveled to San Diego and participated in a tournament…they did very well. They also won 3rd place in another tournament in Santa Rosa. You can read more about this by clicking HERE.  I am so very proud of them.
They decided to do a impromptu performance for us. They were INCREDIBLE. Brought tears to my eyes to see how good they did as I know how hard my sister and they have worked. Here they are performing a duo of their rendition of “By The Great Horn Spoon”.
And yes, Brittany is wear the “original” Hoot. :)
After the dinner, we went back up to Mumsy and Gramp’s to open the kids Easter baskets, since we were running late for church in the morning and didn’t get to do it. My mom got the coolest stuff! Here’s Evy digging into hers….
And Jake with one of his fave things out of his incredible basket, a Mr. Potato Head. My dad thought it was cool also. :)
Thank you Lord, for such a BEAUTIFUL Easter!! I feel so blessed to be able to spend this one with my family. Thank you also for dying on the cross and for the resurrection. Because of this, we are able to to have life, and have it more abundantly. We give you all the glory for our amazing life.
Hope your Easter was fantastic everyone! Thanks for following along with me. :)

Hello World

Wow. What a long week this has been! I am amazed {you are probably relieved however} that I have not blogged for one week!
It has been a crazy busy week.
I am seriously wondering where in the world my head has gone cause I feel like someone plucked it off my body and I am wandering around brainless. Ok, I feel this way most the time actually, but I REALLY feel that way right now.
So so so tired.
The week started off with Easter, and it was a wonderful Easter. I have been wanting to blog about it all week, as it was a very special Easter for me, but I just haven’t had the time, so I will more than likely do two posts today. Gotta make up for my absence, you know. :)
The rest of the week went in this order:
kids sick
Evy gets an ear infection {again}
Hoodie catch up
Western District youth convention
hoodie catch up
Western District youth convention
Won’t say anything further about the kids being sick. If you are a mom, those 2 lines said enough. ugh.
 If you are familiar with Western District youth convention, you know how busy and stressful it can be. Especially now since Brandon is heavily involved and futhermore, since the 3,000+ student conference is located at our church here in Stockton. Brandon and I didn’t rest our heads on our pillows until at least one every morning, and last night it was 3AM. :(
But I will say this….teenagers are AWESOME. Seriously. They are so cool and just make you smile. I had such a moment last night {or I should say this morning since it was 2 AM} when I watched 700+ teens pack into the SCS gym and cheer on a drum-off. The thought occurred to me that these kids could choose to be anywhere else on a Friday night, but they choose to be at a Christian youth function. For those kids I am willing to work my tail off. Or I should say Brandon works his tail off as he and the rest of our youth staff worked the after party in the gym. Either way, they are worth it.
We love you WD youth!
And hoodies. Have I ever shown you my factory?
This is it…and “the factory” is what we have lovingly dubbed my little hoodie sewing area- which is what used to be my living room. Thankfully my living room doesn’t always look like this, but this week, while I feverishly attempted to finish all my hoodies, it did. :(
I have promised myself that by Monday my living room will be looking back to normal, at least for a little bit.
And the highlight of our week:
Our very good friends and fellow youth pastors David and Monique McGovern, along with their two beautiful girls, Anevay and Ambree, came to visit us. They drove up from San Diego area on Wed March 31 and David spoke in our youth service that night. Then they meandered their way into the City and Spent the weekend and the beginning of this week there, then they came back and stayed with us for the youth convention.
It was such a treat to have them and my kids LOVED it. We are so thankful for good friends who are also reaching for this generation.
Here are a couple pictures that David and Monique took while here:
The kids playing in our family room.
We woke up one morning and realized that Evy and Ambree had the same PJ’s on. Isn’t Ambree darling!?! And of course my baby…. :)

David speaking in actstwenty9

Anevay and Jake goofing off during youth service.
Thank you David and Monique for visiting! It seriously was a big highlight of the week for us! Love you guys!

My Tuna Baby

Since Jake does so many hysterical antics around here, he tends to hog this blog a lot more than my sweet Evelyn.
So today {or tonight?…ugh so late, I can’t even tell you what time it is anymore}…I bring you my tuna baby.
That was a nice sized tuna sandwhich above, by the way, and she manages to eat these things with the only two teethers she has…those bottom two. She is such a funny girl, always laughing and giggling about something.
And she is SUCH A GOOD EATER. Seriously, she eats anything….as opposed to my crazy little man who eats only when he is made to{hence his little skinny self}. He is much more concerned with playing with his food or his utensils…like this cup:
It’s his “knight’s cup”- it has a helmet and shield made out of my coasters. Go figure…who would have come up with that?
Anyway, back to my baby love. Is she not precious? I was trying to get a picture of the tuna in her little tuff of hair, but she was too excited to smile at the camera.
So Lord, thank you for my little baby love. Thank you that I have one child that will eat anything, even stinky smelly tuna! :)
Happy Easter weekend everyone! May you remember why we celebrate Easter…and rejoice in the beauty of the cross and the resurrection. Thank you Jesus for your sacrifice!
“…Christ had to suffer and rise again from the dead… This Jesus whom I preach to you is the Christ.”
Acts 17:3


Emily was chosen by the random.org generator, which I must confess, my husband went to GREAT strides to provide you with a picture of the generator. Apparently capturing this thing on a PC is a chore. :( Thanks Babe!!
It was a little difficult to come up with the winner because not everyone followed the directions to a tee and put one comment per entry, but that’s ok, it IS a bit confusing, even for me. :) So I printed all the comments out and assigned numbers appropriately.
Anyway, Emily will get a $30 credit towards anything in my store.
A great big THANK YOU goes out to all who contributed! I really am so honored to have you all join in on the giveaway, but even more, I am honored that you would help me pass the word on my little shop. Sales are going VERY good. Better than I expected. Thanks to you all. :)
Just a couple of things:
1. I am behind in shipping out my hoodies. If you did not read yesterday’s post, I encourage you to. It will explain my tardiness. But regardless, all hoodies will be shipped out on or around Monday, April 5.
2. There is a slight possibility that I might have more anchor hoodies, and maybe a few for sizes 6-12 as well. :) I will keep you all posted.
3. What I have in the shop is all I have for the moment. However, I will be placing an order for more hoodies in a couple weeks, so if what you want is not there, feel free to email me or send me an etsy convo so I know to order more of a particular hoodie.
4. Prices…I had to raise them by a couple of dollars. I had completely overlooked that I am a California state wholesaler and I am subject to California state tax.:( My Dad went over my profit margin and quickly pointed out that if I wanted to keep doing this {ie make any money} I needed to remember stuff like this. *SIGH* I am so sorry. I really understand that a lot of you are moms who are on limited incomes, but I am hoping that if you like my hoodies enough the couple dollar increase won’t affect you too much. Please understand that I am doing my best to keep the hoodies affordable for all, but worth the time for me, as I haven’t worked this hard on ANY job {outside of my kiddos}. I’ve even got teaching beat, with my late nights and all. :(
4. My friend Jenni. Oh boy. She is amazing. {ok I have two friends named Jenni in this blog world and they are both amazing. I am not talking about this one, but if you haven’t met that Jenni, you should too :) }….
Anyway, my friend Jenni from Dear Lillie is doing a giveaway in which the prize is a beautiful dress. These are my faves:
So hop on over to her blog by clicking HERE to enter.
Thank you again to all of you. I can’t express how much I appreciate you all. Please stay tuned, I’ll be doing lots of little giveaways in the future.
Much love

Why God?

As pastors, Brandon and I get asked that question often- in fact, we have even asked that question ourselves from time to time. Why does God allow things to happen? Why do we suffer? Why do “unfair” things happen to us? Why God, why?
I asked the Lord that again this week.
On this past Monday, March 29th, at 9 AM, Brandon’s brother Bryson and his wife, Charity, were anxiously arriving at thier 3D ultrasound/gender check. They were ushered into their ultrasound room, and began the exciting process of viewing their newborn baby. The sonogramer started the ultrasound, and a few minutes into the appoitment, they realized that there was something wrong.
There was no heartbeat.
As a mom to two little babies, I can imagine the massive amount of grief that Bryson and Chairty felt. One of my greatest fears during both of my pregnancies was entering each Dr apptoitment and waiting axiously as my Dr probed around to hear the heartbeat. I would always give a huge sigh of relief each time that the heartbeat was found.
I can’t imagine NOT finding one.
An even greater fear of mine, over not finding a heartbeat, would be having to give birth to a dead baby.  I have had a couple friends who had that happen to them. In fact, my Nannie’s first baby was a 6 month gestational stillborn little girl. To have to go through the extreme and trying time and labor and not have the joy of a heathly baby to hold at the end….well, I sure everyone can understand why that would be a fear.
But that’s what was in store for Charity and Bryson.
The baby was 17 weeks gestational. And since Charity’s body had not started the miscarriage process, she needed to be induced, go through labor and deliever the baby.
Heartbreaking. I have no idea how she did it.
After a 10 hour labor, Charity gave birth to a little baby boy.
Jericho Nathaniel Miraflor
.5 lbs
7.5 inches long
A beautiful baby boy who was fully formed, with fingers, toes,  a little nose, and tiny lips.
Anyone who ever doubted life to exist prior to birth would be proven wrong if they saw Jericho. He was perfectly human. He was a little boy. He was a LIFE.
So beautiful.
I have no idea why God decided to take Jericho so early. Or why he allowed Charity and Bryson to experience such pain. Some would say its punishment for something they did wrong. Or maybe poor healthcare. Or SOMETHING. There always has to be something to point your finger at, doesn’t there?
But I don’t believe you can do that. I believe that God is God and He is soveriegn. He knows the amount of hairs on our head, every breath we breathe, and the length of our days. And He knew that Jericho’s days would last a short 17 weeks.
And now, little Jericho is sitting at the feet of Jesus. Running through the streets of gold. Holding the hands of some of his cousins who have made it there before him.
He is not alone.
So Bryson and Chairty, I am so sorry. I wish I knew what to say. I’m sure you have been, and will be, offered all sorts of advice on how to survive. I’m sorry to say I have none for you. I just know that God never puts more on you than you could bear and that HE will hold your hand through this time.
I believe that will all my heart.
And to little Jericho….we will see you again. Soon and very soon.
Jericho’s footprints next to a penny.
Due to this loss, I am running severely behind in my hoodie shipments. I am so sorry. I decided to list the hoodies despite the loss, and to be honest, that was probably a poor decision. I had The Anchor, The Light Grey Brilla’s and The Kate hoodies half done, and my plan was to finish them on Monday morn before listing{I even had two baby sitters here to assist me}. But I recieved Charity’s text around 9:15 AM and my day from there on out was focused on the baby. In fact, I slept a total of 3 hours Monday night as Charity was in labor and I could not sleep. My heart ached so much for them- so I laid wide awake, praying. Very early Tuesday morning, Brandon and I spent some time at the hospital, seeing the baby and visiting with Charity and Bryson, and to be honest, I just haven’t been able to find my sewing feet again.
I hope you will all have patience with me. All hoodies will be shipped out on or around Monday, April 5. If you have any questions regarding the arrival of the hoodies, please feel free to contact me via email.
Thank you again for your understanding and please continue to keep Charity, Bryson and the rest of their immediate family in prayer.
Love to you all.