Laundry Basket Evy and Etc….

I have the most beauitful little girl in the world. She is all smiles and LOVES to laugh {especially at Jake- she is his biggest fan}. She squishy and cuddly and just all around a joy to be near.
She is into EVERYTHING. I’m serious, this girl is amazing. Any crevice- whether it be an electrical socket, a cabinet or simply or nose and mouth- her fingers will find it. Futhermore, any loose object that is small enough to fit into her mouth, will make its way there. It’s very frustrating as Jake, I am realizing now, was not the least bit interested in any crevice {we didn’t even lock the cabinets, shhh…don’t tell our Dr}, and NEVER put anything in his mouth.
So the other day, our toliet overflowed. I was screaming for Brandon to come fix the toliet while I ran around to get towels, etc.  Brandon was playing with Evy. After Brandon fixed the toliet, and all the confusion was over, I turned around and saw this…
Brandon was in such a hurry to get to the toliet and didn’t want Evy to crawl into the mess {as she normally would} that he plopped her into the laundry basket!!! HA!
She was literally have the time of her life. Isn’t she the most beautiful baby ever?!? I love her…
And lastly, I need help. I am very sorry to say that American Apparel does not offer an XX-Large hoodie :(. In fact, they do offer a X-Large, but they run a size small so really, the X-Large is a Large. Today I am working very hard on getting an account with another wholesaler that might be able to offer me those 2 sizes, but I may not have them available when I list my new batch of items here in a week or two. {Which are turning out soo very darling. I can’t wait to show you all}
I would really appreciate knowing what sizes are the most popular and needed, so I put a poll up on the right hand side of this blog. I did not include a kids and mens chart below, but please remember that everything in American Apparel runs small, even in childrens and mens. So it is safe to say you should purchase one size up for all styles. Please keep that in consideration.
Size Chart



                              XXS    XS      S      M       L       XL

Size                       00        0        0-2     4-6   8-10  12-14

Chest (inches)       26-28 28-30 30-32 32-34 36-38 40-42

Waist (inches)      20-22 23-24 25-26 27-28 30-32 33-35
Measure under arms around the fullest part of the bust. Be sure to keep tape level across back and comfortably loose.

Measure around natural waist with a loose tape.

Thank you dear friends!
Happy Monday!

I’m So Excited….

About this!!

This is my living room, by the way…and I probably need to make a little explaination.
God has blessed us with a nice four bedroom, three bath home. That’s a big deal here in California. We are lucky enough to live in an area of California that has always been a little cheaper in regards to the housing market- course that was before the housing bubble. Well, if you follow the news at all you know what happened there. Even my brother in England keeps telling me that the Valley is always talked about.
Anyway, we bought when it was still realitively cheaper, so we are very thankful about that. And even though I said I would NEVER, EVER live in a track home…well, here I am. I have learned to never say never.
Anyway, I digress {as usual}…
So both our kids have a bedroom and of course we have one and then we have a guest room with an attached bath.
Well, when I started unexpectantly sewing, I had stuff EVERYWHERE. You can kinda see what it looked like here. And I was using my dining room table as a sewing table. NOT PRACTICAL…and I was embarassed to invite anyone over for obvious reasons, ha!
So I had to come up with some place to put my sewing. And a guest room overhaul was out cause we use it ALL THE TIME. My mom comes once a week {Jake calls it “Mumsy’s Room”} and we have visitors at least once or twice a month. We like company too much to lose it. And the guest room is too small to hold a queen size bed and sewing table.
So…WahLah! {Is that how you spell wahlah?!? hmmm…}
I had this old desk that my friend Alisha was housing for me {thanks Alisha for giving it back, ha! :) } but it was too high for a sewing table and it was kinda ugly. So my father in law cut the legs off and my mom in law {my sewing sensei, someday I will get her to pose for a picture} made this absolutely incredible table cover!! During the day it masquerades as a table…..
And at night {when I do all my sewing, ha!}…
Please ignore my child…he refused to move and I was too tired to make him. *SIGH*
Its a sewing table!!! YAY! :) And see that overstuffed chair next to me? That’s hiding all my hoodies in bins behind it.
Pretty clever, huh?
Now….I need help. This whole sewing table problem has given me the decorating bug. Already my mom in law and I are recovering and restuffing the couches in here. So see this…
That is my Nannie’s dining room table and side table. It’s been that stain since 1950. I want to paint it soooo badly…a nice crusty and flaky off white color. Make it look very old world and change the knobs on the side table. But I’m terrified I’d ruin it. Any suggestions? Anyone ever done this sort of thing?
HELP! My Nannie would turn over in her grave if I ruined the set. ACK! :(
AND….{I know this post is getting long, sorry}
I wasn’t going to do the Hoot again for Spring, but so many people have been asking for it, I’m thinking maybe I should. American Apparel doesn’t have a green hoodie like that sooo….
What colors should I do? Speak now or forever hold your peace as I start my “sewing like mad week” today.
Happy Saturday everyone!

"Potty" Please?

Potty…er…pretty please send some advice my way.
See this little man?
He’s super smart, I promise. That little peg game is his favorite…he likes things to be organized and will spend hours putting things “just so”…..
But he has NO interest in the potty.
He turned 3 on January 18, and although I’m not stressed about him still wearing diapers, I would really, really like to be done with them. Especially the poop…which we won’t mention why, but I’m sure you can all figure out what changing a 3 year old poopy diaper is like.
So anyway…
Advice Please!!!!!!!
Here’s my problem…he can tell me when he’s going poop, but not pee. He doesn’t even seem to realize when it comes out. Also, he is way too busy to sit down on the potty and standing up is torture cause he just gets mad that nothing comes out to hit the fruit loops.
We had one success this morning, and then the rest of the morning, I set the timer and every 20 mins took him, but he still had accidents. Like I said, I’m not worried about it so don’t want to stress him out since he is already saying, “please mommy, not the potty again!”, but if I need to push it then I will.
 Should I keep trying?
Help!! How long should I let this go on?
Thank you, my friends!

Tidbits and What-Nots

Just been thinking about a few random facts about myself that I thought I would share:
1) I would really, REALLY, REALLY like to lose my last 5 lbs of baby weight. Really. But I guess I’m just not motivated or something, cause I’m sure not trying very hard. Life seems to busy to focus on my weight…which if you know me, that is HUGE statement for me to make. ugh.
2) I have a love/hate relationship with schedules. I LOVE to schedule my work day away and have the horrible tendancy to try to cram about 50 bazillion things into one hour…but when it comes to my relaxtion times, Saturdays, nights out…my time will always have an “ish” behind it and you can expect me to arrive somewhere within the hour I state. It’s like I have a fear of commitment to fun or something…so strange.
3)  Spring makes me feel like I am waking up out of a very long sleep, wiping the crud from my eyes and thinking…”Oh Wow, life isn’t as bad as I thought it was”.  Winter must be tough on me, haha.
4) I don’t like people who are brown nosers/kiss ups/whatever you want to call it. If you say you are my friend, then mean it…don’t just be my friend for what/where I can get you. And don’t push me aside just because you are too busy worring about kissing up to the big dogs. You might really be missing out on a good thing.
5)  I wish I could accept that I am horrible at paperwork. Brandon is HORRIBLE-est at paperwork…so to I say I am, then wow, we’re in trouble, so I keep telling myself I’m a pro at it.
6)  This blog has been a wonderful way for me to climb out of mommy world…not that any of you didn’t already know that. ha. Also, I am a natural writer. A blog post like this takes me literally 5 mins. I’ve had several people act like I shouldn’t be blogging so maybe my paperwork would get done or something. {HAHA!!} But what those people don’t understand is that this theraputic, and I feel like a normal, collegiate person when I blog. :)
7) Yesterday I put Evy {she’s 10 months, btw, so probably a stupid move} into her bouncer so I could take a shower. I kept peeking out of the door to check on her and close to the end of the shower, I peeked and she was NO WHERE IN SIGHT. The bouncer was empty. I frantically called for her and she comes crawling out of my closet. Seriously, my kids are houdinis. HOW DID SHE GET OUT OF THERE?!?
8) Jake. Oh boy. He found the sharpie yesterday.
But just as I was getting warmed up on my same “please don’t touch the pens” reprimand…he pops his little fist up and says, “Look Mom, I made a “J” for Jacob!”
Wow, he’s 3 and can write a perfect J, upside down! I couldn’t be mad at him anymore.
9) SO SO thankful that God’s mercies are new every morning. Thank you Jesus.
That’s enough for me…so what tidbits about yourself have you been thinking about yourself lately? Please share!

Crazy Jake

Thank God for antibiotics because I am feeling MUCH MUCH better today! Thank you all for you love and prayers….

I mentioned a little bit in yesterday’s post about a video we took of Jake and his “craziness”. Before I share it with you, I would like to preface it with a few tibits of info about my son.

We have had many people tell us that we shouldn’t label Jake “crazy”…that maybe by labeling him that we cause him to actually be crazy. Well, perhaps they are right. But when I hear pepole tell me this, I realize that these people must not really know Jake.
When Jake was in utero, he moved CONTSTANTLY. I seriously thought I was pregnant with an ailen. It terrified me actually. ha. When he was born, he was so alert, moved so much and NEVER wanted to be held. He was a mover and shaker for sure. We realized he was going to be a front and center type of guy when around 3 or 4 months he started BABBLING…he completly skipped the cooing stage. And he has talked non-stop ever since.
Jacob is blessed by God with the gift of entertaining. He LOVES to make people laugh {especially Evy}, he loves to be labeled “funny”, “hilarious”, “silly” and yes, even “crazy”. He will call himself that. If you know anything about entertainers, you know that they use a vivid imagination, the crazier the better and if they can be considered the funniest, they have scored.
Such it is with Jacob.
Although this has the ability to drive us all NUT-SO at times, we believe wholeheartedly that God has big plans for our little man. If kept on the right path and reminded of the right motives, we are confident that Jacob is going to do great things. And if calling him “crazy” makes his ego soar, then “crazy” he will be.
So with that said….here is a couple pictures of our latest “Crazy Jake”
This morning during our Saturday morning waffle breakfast. He found letters in his waffles, and was so excited when he found a “J” for Jacob.
And last night….Jake goes to bed at 9PM, but around 10:30 I heard his fire engine go off, so I peeked in his room and low and behold, he had made a “new bed” for himself on the ground, and when I tried to put all his cars/trucks on all four wheels he said to me, “No Mommy! My friends are sleeping and they have to stay on their side, just like me!” So I guess Jake was having a little slumber in his room last night.
*If you look closely you will see the fisher price pig from yesterday’s post. Yup, that thing’s a big big problem around here.
And lastly…the video. It was actually over 6 mins long, but Brandon edited it for you all. It was early Friday morning and he hopped into our bed playing his “trumpet” and jumping up and down with his hair sticking straight up. Seriously, someone MUST have shot sugar into his viens while sleeping on Thursday night. And yes, I did have spit all over me, for all those who were wondering.
And oh yes, the song is “Funky Jesus Music” by TobyMac, from his new album Tonight. I’ve mentioned this before, but we are a BIG TobyMac family…..You must check him out if you aren’t familiar with him.
Anyway, enjoy the video!
 PS… everything is still on sale in my little shop. Not many women’s hoodies left, and this is the last of the Mossimo hoodies, if you are partial to those.

Strep Throat

I have it. UGH :(
I went to the Dr’s on Thursday only because I am impatient and our urgent care Dr {Dr. Birlew, for those Stocktonians} will prescribe you meds for ANYTHING, seriously. 
SOOO.. because I hate being sick, I went hoping for something to kick my body into gear. I mean, come on, who has time to be sick?
Well as soon as Dr. Birlew took one look at my throat, he said, “WOW, that’s red!” took a throat culture and here I am a full bottle of antibiotics and cough syrup with codeine later.  My sweet husband came home from work yesterday and attempted to get me to go straight to bed…but if you know me, or maybe learned a little more about me through this blog, especially this post, then you know I couldn’t sleep much. I spent most of the evening sorting through my American Apparel order.
But today, Brandon put his foot down, so I’ve been laying here in bed or on the couch. If I even wandered over for a second to touch my new items or start pinning things up, I got in trouble. Wow…this resting stuff is BORING.
So here are my thoughts and things I’ve noticed throughout the day- not that any of them are really that interesting, but part of the fun about this blog is that you are the reader and I am the writer which means you read what I write, haha!
1} My kids fought most of the morning over the same Fisher Price Little People pig. In a house full of toys, that tiny pig caused so many problems
2}Napping during the day is so much easier on a Sunday. Although I take a nap EVERY Sunday with my kids, I haven’t taken a long nap during the week in eons. Why is it so hard to just sit down and rest?
3}Cambells Homestyle Chunky chicken noodle is actually pretty decent if you add a little lemon and parmesan cheese.
4} My friend Leah is amazing. An American Apparel store is in the mall right next to her, and since I needed a second opinion on some of the items I ordered, she ran on down there an gave me all the info. 
*NOTE* If I do work from the couch that’s not working right? Cause I called her from the couch, Babe, I promise.
5} As I lay here in bed, bored out of my mind, my husband was getting dressed to get us some food. He  contemplated wearing a stripped sweater and kept asking me if stripped sweaters are out. I am ashamed to say I have never noticed. Are they out?!? Help!
*REVISED* Brandon was trying a STRIPED sweater on, not a STRIPPED sweater. Oh Lordy, these meds are killing me! ha!
6}Lastly, my son is a hoot. He climbed into bed with us this morning FULL of energy and his hair sticking straight up like he had been sticking his finger in the electrical socket. We got an AWSOME video of it that I was hoping to have uploaded to youtube by tonight but just never got to it, so I will have to post it tomorrow. Please come back, because trust me, it will validate all my “crazy Jake” comments, trust me.
So there you have my strep throat thoughts in a nutshell…thanks for all your prayers my friends!

Tutu Giveaway and Sizes Please!!

I know, I know…two blog posts in one day. Sorry.
I got so carried away in my “ugly” thoughts, that I didn’t add a couple things that I really wanted to talk about.
First, I follow a very cool blog called Dear Lillie. It’s a fab blog…so beautiful and creative and Jennifer is so stinkin’ talented at decorating!! I seriously have to watch when I read her blog. If I’m feeling down about my carpet or my lack of good living room couches or just my house in general {HA}, I have to read her blog with caution. Everything is STUNNING!!
Well, she is giving away a tutu this month. If you win, you have the choice of the following:
This is the one I want, FYI! :)
So hop on over by clicking HERE and enter to win!
And lastly, I need your help. I placed an American Apparel Order today! Whoohoo! :) I should have all the new styles sewn up within a couple weeks and up for sale, but I’m a little lost on sizes. Has anyone ever shopped at American Apparel and are you familiar with their sizes? I hear they run a size small?
And curious to know what sizes are the most popular? Currently I have only one size per style….what size do you need, if you don’t mind saying? Maybe I should put up a poll…hmmm..
Thanks a million dear friends!
Oh yes, I should mention that I will have at least one style that will be available from adults all the way down to babies, for both men and women, so you can match. :) I’m kinda excited about that one. hehe

The Ugly

As I sit here writing this, I have a giant box of kleenex perched right by my arm, a huge bag of cough drops in the kitchen and half used box of Tylenol Cold in the medicine cabinet.
I am sick.
I thought I escaped it this year when Brandon had the whole 2 month deal. In fact the frustrating part about this story is that he is feeling gobs better and I am not. Which means, since I didn’t show him much sympathy during his sickness, guess who isn’t getting much sympathy now. Umhmm….ME! :(
So I’ve been trying to keep up as much as I can, but I’m not doing such a great job. And all this got me thinking about a blog post that I read from one of my favorite blogs, Fly Through Our Window. Darby, the bloggette, wrote an awesome post a couple weeks back that has really stuck with me, called “Objects on screen are not as they appear”. It was such a fabulous post…
Somewhere in there she said this, “I show you the good and the bad, but never the ugly”. Wow.
Isn’t that the truth? This whole blogging world gives off the apperance sometimes that there is never ugly. Bad yes, ugly no. I hate that.
To be honest {since you all know how honest I am, ha!}, I WISH I could show you the ugly. I wish I could tell you how real we are and how desperate we are in need of a Savior, just like everyone else. But really, you can’t show the ugly….because …..because….wow, because why? why can’t we show the ugly?
Pride maybe? Or protecting those we love? Or simply protecting ourselves?
I’m not sure, but for what it’s worth, I guess my whole point about this post is this: THERE IS UGLY. And if you are out there thinking we are a happy family with no struggles…you are wrong. We struggle. We yell at each other, we have money problems, we make mistakes, we are human. End of story I guess.
Sorry, I don’t mean to ramble on and on, but I just feel sooooo behind today and so not on top of it. I’ve been taking little cat naps on the couch while my kids play {gasp!}, and I watched my son eat two whole cough drops for his “throat hurt” before I figured I better stop him. I watch my daughter clean up the floor for me by putting it all in her mouth. I really feel like a failure today.
So there you have it. And that’s not the ugly, BTW. It’s not even the bad, really, is it? It’s just the kinda bad.
So thank you Jesus that you love me through the good, the bad and the ugly. You are so good to me.
“Seek the kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and will give you everything you need.” Matthew 6:33
Us…when its not ugly, ha! Mothers day 2007, we had just gotten a new camera and Brandon was snapping away. I label this picture, “not too bad” cause even though I had just washed my face, my hair is a mess, etc….I think you can feel love, which is what gets you through the bad/ugly anyway, right? xoxo

Chocolate Kisses

I have a confession to make…
{I know, I know, I confess all the time, sorry}
I like my legs.
You see, I have come to learn that EVERYBODY, man and woman alike, have things they love and things they hate about their bodies. I have rarely met an individual who was 100% happy with themself. {And if you are, please do speak up cause I’d like to find your secret!!} So I, like everyone else, have things I love and things I hate.
For example, I HATE my arms. I can tell you lots of horrible things about them. HA! But my legs are decent, so I rarely complain about them. EXCEPT for this:
BEWARE…very white untanned leg , may not be suitable for young viewers…
That, my dear friends, is a lovely birthmark that the good Lord decided grace my body with. I have had it since I was a baby. Although I like my legs, I can’t say too much for this birthmark. I have thought about having it removed, but it will leave a scar, and I tell myself that a scar would be worse, so the birthmark stays.
I’ve always thought it resembled a knot in a tree trunk.
ANYWAY, when I was a kid, this birthmark was a source of great embarassment for me. Kids would make fun of me, and I would NEVER want to wear anything that would expose it. But as I got older, it kinda grew on me, I got used to it and when I was endlessly asked, “Is that a birthmark?”, I would just smile and say, “yup!”.
Now as an adult, I have to be honest and say I RARELY think about it, notice it or even get asked questions about it.
Until yesterday, that is….
Jake with his way too small, but very fave beanie on backwards. Oh I LOVE him!
This little man noticed it yesterday. The conversation went like this:
Jake: “What’s that Mommy?”
Me: “It’s a birthmark.”
Jake: “Is it chocolate? It’s chocolate isn’t it? I’m going to kiss it, ok?”
So my little man leaned down and kissed my source of embarassment for so many years. He carassed it and said, “I like chocolate, Mommy.”
I smiled. I will never think of my birthmark as ugly or embarrassing again. It’s chocolate and worthy of kisses. That’s good enough for me!
And here’s the best part…although he doesn’t know it yet, Jake has the identical birthmark on his back. If he ever feels embarassed about his birthmark, I will kiss it and tell him its chocolate. Fair deal, I think, huh?
oh yes, PS…everything is still on sale in my etsy shop. Great prices…but hurry, not much left!!