Spring Hoodies 2010…and a Grand Opening GIVEAWAY

Thank you to everyone who has been following along with all my obnoxious postings this last week. I hope you have enjoyed seeing all my new hoodies as much as I have enjoyed showing them to you. They have definitely been a part of my life for several weeks now, which means, since this blog chronicles the adventures of my life, that you will probably read about it. :)
So here it is, my GRAND OPENING!! Yippee!!
{this is what it looks like over here, us all jumping for joy. :)}

To be honest, I have no idea where this little venture is leading me and I have can’t really tell you how long it will last either. But for now, I will just follow the little path I feel that God has put in front of me and see where it ends up. {Proverbs 3:6, one of my fave verses. :)}.
Everything will be listed tonight, Monday, March 29th at 7PM PST {That’s California time}
If there is a particular hoodie you would like, I suggest you log onto my etsy shop a little before 7 and keep refreshing the page until it pops up. Otherwise, I am sure I will have many things left for you to browse over the week to come.
Below you will find one picture of each item that will be listed tonight, as well as the price and the sizes I have available. If you would like to know more info about the hoodie, then please click on the name above the picture and it will send you to the blog post from this last week with all the info needed, including more detailed pictures.
Just a couple of things before I show you the pictures:
Please remember that I have found American Apparel to run a size small. For example, I usually wear a size small hoodie, but in American Apparel, I wear a size medium. This seems to be true for kids and men as well. Please visit American Apparels sizing chart for more info by clicking HERE. You want to look under womens and mens jackets, kids tops and babies all garments.Etsy and Paypal:
My items will be listed through etsy.com. If you do not have an account through etsy and are interested in purchasing something tonight, I recommed you do that prior to 7PM. Its free and very easy. :) I accept payment through paypal only. So if you do not have a paypal acct, I would suggest you open one of those as well. :)

Shipping on one hoodie is $6.50. I ship priority mail. Unfortunately due to the weight of the hoodies, I am not usually able to ship first class, which makes a break on shipping pretty impossible, however, if you purchase a couple items, I will weigh them and if a refund is due, I will send it to you through paypal. IF YOU ARE LOCAL and would like to pick up the hoodie, I will refund you the shipping fee. Please let me know through an etsy convo.

Desired Size:
When you purchase items through etsy, there is one listing for each style and then within in the listing you find the sizes I have available. Please make sure your size is available before you purchase, as someone else might have purchased it already. PLEASE INCLUDE THE SIZE YOU WOULD LIKE EITHER IN NOTES TO SELLER DURING BUYING OR IN AN ETSY CONVO IMMEDIATELY AFTER PURCHASE. I cannot relist the item until you tell the size you bought.

* denotes hoodies that are limited, and may not be made again pending on material available. The rest I will make again, but not sure when, might be in a couple months.
S, M, L, XL- one of each size only.

S, M, L, XL- one of each size only

S, M, L, XL- one size of each only

S, M, L, XL-one size of each only

S, M, L, XL-one size of each only
S, M, L, XL- one size of each only

XS {could be considered a child’s size 12}, S, M, L, XL- one size of each only
S, M, L, XL- one size of each only

12-18 mths, 18-24mths- one size of each available
2, 4, 6, 8 – one size of each available


XS{preteen size 12ish}, M, {2} L, {2}XL, XXL
2, 4, 6- one size of each only

3-6 mths, 6-12mths, 12-18mths, 18-24mths- one size of each only
2, 4, 6, 8- one size of each only
Ok, dear blog friends. I need your help. I first started this little venture by posting some pictures on this blog and then my friends on facebook and my blog friends passed the word along.  I sold 90+ hoodies in less than 2 months! Wow! The power of social media is amazing.
Could you help me again?
I need to get the word out about my little shop’s grand opening. And for your time and your help, I am offering a giveaway- a $30 credit towards any item in my store. The credit is good through the month of July, so you’ll have plenty of items to choose from between now and then- you might even like one of my new tees I should have in the shop soon. :)
Here’s how you enter. You can do one of the following, or all of them:
1) Become a public follower of this blog{your picture will appear under followers on the right hand side of this blog}, or state you already are one – 1 entry
2) Visit my etsy shop by clicking HERE and add it as one of your favorite stores- 2 entries
3) Post this link onto your facebook or twitter account- 1 entry each
4) Blog about this post and the opening of my shop- 2 entries
5) Grab the Evy’s Tree button on the right hand side of this blog and add it to yours- 2 entires
6) Lastly, leave a comment telling me which hoodie is your favorite- 1 entry
Please leave one comment for each entry- For example, if you became a follower of this blog, then leave a comment that says “follower”. If you blogged about me or added my shop as one of your favorites, leave two comments that says “blogged”, “added as favorite”, etc.
Giveaway will end Thursday April 1, at 11:59 PM PST
Thank you my dear friends. Even if you don’t participate in my giveaway, I would love for you to say a little prayer for me and this new venture-that I follow God’s will and that His hand is on my life. That would mean more to me than anything else.
If you have any quesitons about the items being listed tonight, please feel free to email  me at awollmer@hotmail.com
Much love to you all!
xoxo*Giveaway Closed*

Hottie Husband…opps I mean Men’s Hoodie {and kids too}

Sorry, I was getting sick of all the “sneak peaks” blah blah, so I went with a more catchy title tonight. ha!
Well, I promised one last blog post {I know you were all waiting around on pins and needles, come on admit it} before I posted the final one tomorrow with all the prices. I promised this one by Sunday and I have 30 minutes left of Sunday, so I’m doing pretty good! :)This weekend was C.R.A.Z.Y!! ugh.
We went to a wedding on Saturday where Brandon was the emcee. If you need a good emcee, he’s the one apparently cause EVERY, I repeat, EVERY wedding we go to {even those of complete strangers} he somehow ends up emceeing the reception. So I have decided that we are quitting our day jobs and taking up the wedding circut.

oh boy.

Sorry, I’m tired….ok…as Jake would put it “Dump..da.da.dahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!” {That’s imaginary trumpets, BTW}

My one men’s hoodie, The Rubix. And we get the hottie husband title from this:

That’s Brandon, my husband, in case you didn’t know and he’s doing his model pose. Now you all know where Jake gets his modeling tendencies from. I’m serious, Brandon can strike a pose with a completely straight face. I on the other hand, would break out in massive giggles and end up with a huge cheesy grin on my face. Hence why I am not modeling any of these hoodies.

ANYWAY,  this is a super soft heather grey 50/50 blend hoodie with a white zipper and drawstring. Brandon LOVES this hoodie, he says it so comfey.

Ok a little note about the Rubix: I handmake that patch. Or I should say Brandon and I do, as he helps and is the one who came up with pattern. It consists of fleece pieces cut up very small and glued onto a felt backing. I then sew them all together. VERY VERY labor intensive and I am still uncertain as to whether or not I will keep doing it. :(

I have The Rubix for men in XS {which could fit a pre-teen}, M, L, XL, XXL
And then Jake, again. I love him so much. Even though he has driven me completely NUTSO this weekend.

Modeling The Ronnie.   100% cotton navy hoodie with a handmade felt vintage 1930′s race car finished with metalic wheels and grill. This is actually a replica of my dad’s vintage midget, thus the name. :)

I have The Ronnie in 3-6 mths, 6-12mths, 12-18mths, 18-24mths, 2, 4, 6, 8

And I’m sorry, had to include this next set, just because I am a proud mom. :)

And finally, meet Alayna.

Isn’t she precious? She is the daughter of one of my very good friends, Elisha.
She is modeling The Mini Brilla.

This is also a 100% cotton black hoodie with mint green polka ruffles along the hood and down the front with green and polka ruffles on the pockets. It’s finished with pink and green felt and jersey flower and an oyster button.
Please be aware that, although I sew the buttons on tight, young children should not be left unattended with this hoodie. If you are concerend about the button for the smaller sizes, I can omit it and do a thread center instead.

I have The Mini Brilla in 12-18mths, 18-24mths, 2,4,6,8

So don’t forget, all the hoodies will be listed tomorrow,  Monday evening at 7PM PST in my etsy shop. I’ll see you in the morning with a final post which will include prices and {since Monday marks the official opening of my shop} A GIVEAWAY!! :) Whew..I’ll be glad to get these puppies listed and move on with my life, hehe :)

And just a couple more things…

go check out my friend Jenni’s tee shirt giveaway at Dear Lillie. She makes the most adorable stuff! Click HERE to enter! :)

AND…This is for my fellow Shabby/Notting Hill friends…sent this morning from my brother. Are we still on for a trip? I’m in DESPERATE need of a vacation, and I think I will just spend it sitting in this chair- but I won’t tell you how much it is cause that would definitely ruin the fun. :(


Are You Sick of Them Yet?!?

Hoodies I mean, and I am, just a little. :) Because oh boy, I’m really tired. REALLY, REALLY tired.
Evy has been waking up the last couple nights, for what reason, I have no idea, but has insisted on being held while she sleeps, which means I don’t sleep well. And then Jake has had that fever{which is gone now, thank God} and during the night he must have been hallucinating cause around 3AM he came into our bedroom marching like a solider screaming “Hup two three four!”  at the top of his lungs. Nothing like being waken up feeling like you are in Afghanistan. :(
 I had a couple more hoodies and tees that I wanted to list on Monday, but I haven’t finished them, so they will have to wait for a couple weeks.
And I wanted to show you pictures of the hoodies tonight that I have for both kids and mens, but Brandon is still editting them, and I’m too slow to wait.So, I MUST show you my handsome man. Is he not a stud? Here he is wearing the Rubix in heather grey. This is 50/50 blend hoodie, super soft, and just a tad thicker than the 100% cotton. I will have the Rubix hoodie in this color only and in one size bracket: 2, 4, 6.

The Hoodies will be listed at 7PM PST on Monday, March 29th.I’ll show pictures of the other two kids hoodies and my men’s hoodie tomorrow or Sunday. On Monday morning I will do the last post of the Spring hoodies {I know you are all very sad and wiping tears from your eyes over this} which will include all the prices.
Again, excessive posting, I know. Many apologies.


Welcome Baby Lincoln!

Well I promised something very exciting today, even more exciting than hoodies…and here it is:
I am an Auntie again!!! :)
Remember David and Bryony? I talk about them HERE and HERE. Bryony is Brandon’s sister and David is her photog husband. His work is amazing. If you ever need a good lifestyle photographer, you should check him out. His website is even more amazing, you can find it by clicking HERE.
Anyway, Bryony and David already have an adorable little girl named Scout. We love her. She is one of Jake’s best friends. Well one week ago, on Thursday, March 18, Bryony gave birth to a little boy named Lincoln Emory James Sowers.
He is precious. I wish I could hold him. I think it is even more precious how everyone says he looks like Brandon and I think he looks like very much like Evy, but with darker hair. Bryony and David I wish you guys didn’t live so far away!! :(
So anyway, here are some of David’s awesome photos documenting the birth. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. My fave one is the one of Lincoln’s hair getting washed…awesome!
Oh wow…I think he is the perfect cross between brandon and Evy!! Isn’t he beautiful?!? Hopefully I put these in the right order, David?
And in closing…remember yesterday how I said Jake had a fever of 101? Well, it got up to 103.5, poor thing. He kept telling me ”I feel sick, Mommy, make it better.” Oh that’s so heartbreaking! But it didn’t seem to stop him from having fun last night as he and Evy goofed off all night long.
But then this morning I got up and realized there was a kids cup on the counter, water all over the floor and drops of children’s tylenol here and there. Did that little man help himself last night? ACK!!!! I hope this isn’t why its 10:34 and he’s still CONKED OUT. I mean, really, really out. I’m over here typing away and he’s still sleeping. And so is Evy. I’m wondering if he took a bunch and then gave some to Evy too? I say that in jest, however, since the bottle doesn’t look like any has been consumed, but hmmm…..
So I leave you with this. Let’s pray that this means I will have a very peaceful day! :)

Sneak Peak #3

So my post yesterday was a bit depressing, and I’m sorry for that. Even Brandon said, “Wow, Babe, you really verbally vomited yesterday!”….or something like that.  So this morning I was determined to wake up with a good attitude but then Jake woke so very whiney and that makes me want to pull my hair out.
Finally Brandon said, “Something’s wrong with Jake, he says he doesn’t feel well.” Really?!? Where have I been this morning cause I haven’t heard that! I took his temp and sure enough…101. :(
Poor baby. I feel so bad I was irritated at him.
Anyway, I wanted to show you the rest of the hoodies for women. These are oldies, but goodies and super popular. I was hoping to show some tees too, but its been so crazy around here I haven’t had a chance to finish up the samples, so I might have to list the tees next month. :(
I wanted to say a quick note about the hoodies…American Apparel makes a very thin, but super comfortable 100% cotton hoodie. They are perfect for the summer months, which I am thrilled about. I have NOT prewashed them, but I have prewashed the embellishements. I recommend that when you wash your hoodie, you wash it on cold and hang dry, especially since it is 100%, to avoid shrinkage.
The Whimsy
One of the original hoodies. Unfortunately this is the last of this particular material, so this will be the last of this hoodie. I will most likely do this design again, but probably in different colors, etc. Unless of course someone finds that light green material for me? :)
One size bracket of S-XL
The Black Brilla
Pretty close to the original, except this one has mint green polka dots instead of the original black or the pink I had for a while there. It’s finished with hot pink thread and a jersey flower. I have one size bracket, S-XL, of this and maybe enough for one more size bracket.
I also have gone back and forth about doing this one for little girls{sizes 3-6 mths-size 12 which would actually be a women’s XS}….what do you think? Yes or no? Feedback please! :)
So there you have the last of the women’s hoodies. What do you think?
And I know I have blogged literally EVERY DAY…sorry. :( But please come back tomorrow cause I have something so exciting to show you, even more exciting than hoodies. :)
oh ps….Evy just said, “Hi, Dad!” Isn’t that the sweetest?!?

I Am Amy

You know sometimes you have those days where you just want to run away, find a nice beach in Bermuda, shove your sunglasses on your head, lay back, close your eyes and drink one of those nice cold drinks that they serve in the pineapple.
{What is in that pineapple anyway?! Or maybe I shouldn’t ask.}
Well, today is one of those days. Which, if you follow me on facebook, you probably already know due to my excessive updates filled with Jake-isms.
So for those of you who have missed the excitement, here’s a quick recap of the days events:
1. I asked Jake to move the pile of dirty diapers from the corner of the bathroom out of Evy’s path. Instead of moving them he decides to throw them at her.
2. Jakes climbs into the empty bathtub and starts squirting his sister with the rubber duckies filled with day old water.
3. After Jake dumps the entire box of alphabet cookies on the ground, I begin sweeping them up explaining that dumping cookies on the ground is a no-no. He doesn’t seem to hear me and starts throwing a fit when I tell him that, since our floor is NASTY, he can’t eat the cookies that he is starting to pop into his mouth.
4. Somehow he locates a Sharpie {which I keep hidden} and proceeds to “write his name” all over my Bible study and himself.
5. I notice a trail of clothes and follow it. I find a naked Jake outside with poop all over his buns and his church sippy cup. When asked what he is doing he replies, “I’m cleaning myself with my cup, Mommy.”
6. While taking a shower to properly clean above mentioned episode, Jake climbs up and grabs our razors and attempts to shave his upper lip. Blood everywhere, lots of tears and an instance upon a bandaid. Amazing what Mator and Lightening can do.
Please ignore the hoodie madness behind him…
And this was all before 2PM.
Sometimes I feel that I can possibly {key word here} understand an addict’s turmoil over their particular “drug”. Parenting has the ability to do horrible things to your body. The baby weight, the grey hairs, the wrinkles, the emotional stress, the exhaustion. But on the other hand, the euphoria combined with it makes you keep doing it.
Like the times Jake comes up and nuzzles his little face next to mine and says, “I love you SOOO much, Mommy.” Or like last night when he learned his first Bible verse and he was so happy he wanted to call everyone and tell it to them. Or like the moments when they are sleeping in your arms and they are so peaceful and content and you really, really feel like you could fly to the moon you are so proud of your babies.
But I’m not going to lie. I’m tired. And when you are tired, you feel frustrated with even the little things in life. And you begin to wonder:
What have I gotten myself into?
Why did I have kids?
Why did I quit my job?
Why did I decide to give up everything for these beings who really, at the moment, don’t seem to care?
{And they might not for a REALLY long time- maybe not even until they have their own kids}
But then I shake myself out of it and I remember, I am Amy. I am a grown adult who makes decisions and worked hard to make sure she made the right ones. I went through college, got my degree, worked hard at a profession, and tackled a classroom of 35 fourth graders for goodness sake.
I can do this.
I can be the mom I need to be. I don’t need to break down and wallow in self pity and worry and frustration.
But regardless of the amount of pep talks I give myself, I have to admit, this is really hard.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. I realize how lucky I am that I have two healthy babies, a wonderful husband who loves me and supports our family with his strong arms of tenderness. I realize that I am blessed.
But at the same time, I want to tell people who maybe haven’t stepped over into the kid world yet and you look at me, in my shabby clothes, my dishevled hair, my tardiness, my horrible messy house, my stressed out persona, the financial strain and my breakdown moments…..
Have mercy and grace. Because it will happen to you. And when it does, I won’t offer you a rolled eye, or a frustrated sigh or a lecture. I will offer you a hug, a smile and a you can do it pep talk.
Because, as I like to remember…
“I can do all things through Christ who strenghtens me”
Philippians 4:13
Even this….

Sneak Peak #2

So my second round of pictures. :) I’m hoping to give you a preview every couple of days of what is coming. If you did not see the first sneak peak click HERE.
Just a few words about the hoodies and tees….
I wish I had a million hands, but I don’t. :( I have two and they barely work as it, hehe. Basically what I am trying to say is I wish I was able to make enough hoodies for everyone. I have had many people request the same item {i.e. size small in the Anchor or the Kate, etc.}. Since I don’t do made to order, it is basically a guessing game for me to know who is going to buy what {which is why I would love for you to participate in the poll on the right hand side of this blog}. So it is safer for me to just sew up one size bracket and then go from there.
 Many people have asked if they miss their particular hoodie, will I make it again. The answer is no on only a few of the styles {like the anchor, due to lack of material}. I will do a large blog post the day before I list with the prices included and tell you which ones will not be made again, but most of them I will. I purchased quite a few hoodies from American Apparel - one size bracket for each style -and before I can place another order with them, I have to make some money first, which means I have to sell what I have. :) So, staying true to my word from the beginning, I probably won’t list much again until May, at the earliest, which would be listing something once a month.
When I started doing this, I decided that I would not sell anything that was not already made and that I wouldn’t work myself to the bone. I’ve kinda backtracked on the working myself to the bone comment, since I have had MANY late nights. But unfortunately I can’t backtrack on the selling before they are made bit. Since my life is already hectic as it is, I will go nuts. I hope you understand.
A word about sizing….
American Apparel runs small which means that XL is not really XL, its more like a large. :( Please check out this link and click on women’s jackets and shirts to double check your measurements. I’m still not sure whether or not I will be able to offer XXL and a XL that is true to size this time around. I will keep you posted. I hoping that I will be able to in the future.
So without further adieu…
 Spring Hoot
This hoodie is pale pink with an owl made out of vintage looking jersey knit and a handmade jersey trim. There were so many cute pics of this one, I couldn’t choose, sorry! :)
Spring Love
The adorable hoodie is made out of an asphalt hoodie with a darker grey zipper. The hood is trimmed with eyelet lace and the heart is a jersey knit heart material, the two colored hearts are fleece. It is finished with a fun heart button.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE this hoodie. I want to wear it everywhere. :)
The Grey Brilla
Light Grey hoodie with grey polka dot ruffles and a chiffon and tulle flower brooch that is detachable for washing purposes.
And I marked down what is left of my older hoodies in the shop. Hop on over and check them out by clicking HERE.
Keep checking back, still more to show you!


Not sure if I have ever mentioned that my younger brother Brad lives in London? Well he does, in Notting Hill to be exact. Yup, that would be the same place as the moive.
Anyway, I have mentioned before about my love for all things from Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic. Her store in San Francisco used to be my little getaway. Anytime we were in the city I would make sure to make it all the way over to Fillmore street to just sit in the beautiful, quiet WHITE heaven.
But then her stores closed. And I was very sad. :(
I was THRILLED however, when she made a comeback and opened three stores, one in L.A., one in New York and, most recently, one in NOTTING HILL!!!!!!
So my poor brother has been sent several emails over the past couple months about how she has a store right down the street from him. Bless his heart, he had no idea {I’m not sure he even knew who she was? Correct me if I’m wrong, Brad. :)} and said he has probably been walking right past it. And then last week I sent him this blog post from Rachel’s blog and it shows part of her flat. And sure enough she lives just a couple blocks from my brother.
So I’m jealous. A Shabby Chic store right down the street AND Rachel as a neighbor? Hmmmm You can imagine how I feel about that. And then to make me even greener with envy, my sweet brother stopped to take these with his blackberry.
So I have decided that I am leaving the kids here with Brandon and going to live in that store for a couple weeks. I’m sure my brother will bring me food and water, but if not, I’ll fast {maybe I’ll lose the rest of this baby weight}. How does that sound?
And if you are bored and have extra time on your hands, you can read my very long story about when I met Rachel herself in person by clicking here! :)

Sneak Peak #1

Well, I was up till 3 last night finishing and sewing up all my new designs. WHEW!!
The designing is the hardest part, in my opinion. I have so many ideas running through my head that its hard to narrow them down. But I did, and I’m very happy about what I have.
I thought I would share with you a couple of them. I’ll be showing you most of them throughout next week. I hope to have them all completed and listed by Friday, Monday at the latest.
Anyway…meet Kate and Kris…
You might remember Kris from this post. Both Kate and Kris are very special to us- Kris was our beloved youth worship leader for three years and Kate is the younger sister of one of my closest friends in the whole world, Heidi.  And they are also getting married this May. Are they not the most beautiful couple?
Lucky for me they were going to be in town today, so they stopped by to take some pictures. Kate is wearing my Brilla hoodie and Kris is wearing a pinned on half made rubix patch, hehe. :)
So here are three of my hoodies. These are the only brand new designs for women this spring, as the rest of the hoodies are oldies, but re-designed oldies. :)
The Kate
This hoodie did not have a name as of this morning…but Kate loved it so much, so we named it in her honor.
The hood is cut off to make a “track jacket/popped collar” sort of feel and is finished with hand cut and hand sewn jersey flowers. It comes in two colors, white and chocolate brown.
The Anchor
LOVE this hoodie. It’s hood is lined with anchor jersey knit and the cuffs have been replaced with 6″ ribbed knit. The final touch is an anchor on the chest with a brass button.
Due to the fact that I only have a couple yards of this material, I will only have ONE size bracket of this
And if you like the pics please tell my husband how wonderful he did taking them…I am so impressed with how they turned out!!
Come check back throughout the week, can’t wait to show you what else is cooking.
Happy weekend to you all and I hope you have a blessed Sunday!!

A Few of My Favorite Things….

Well, I’ve been sewing away the last 48 hrs and I’m in desperate need of a little break. I must say, the Rubix patch=torture. Seriously. I’m REALLY wanting to keep making that hoodie/tee for boys and men, but I have to be honest and say its extrememly time extensive. If you like the Rubix it would REALLY do so me some good if you gave it a little shout out. Seriously. Or you may never see it again. Ha.
This picture is of us at Jake’s baby dedication. He was 11 weeks old. Look at those skinny legs! Are they not darling? And we look so happy. Funny, but I remember being thrilled with my boy…but not so thrilled with life with a newborn. I think the best word to describe my feelings would be: OVERWHELMED… and maybe scared. :)
So yesterday I had a old friend stop by {Hi A.R.! :)} She is currently pregnant with her first baby and she is having a girl. We chatted a bit about pregnancy, life with kids, etc and since I LOVE talking about all my fave baby things…the conversation settled on that topic for a while.
While talking to her, I remembered how I felt as a young, newly pregnant mom. You are in the nesting mode and wanting to prepare for your new baby arriving. But when you step into the baby stores, you feel so bogged down with all the choices…you have no idea what is really a NEED and not just a WANT and you feel like you must win the lottery to provide for you little bambino.
The strollers…wow. That stressed me out beyond belief. No joke. Ask Brandon how many “stroller testings” we went on.
Now, the second child…bless their hearts…not so much stress. Let’s just say Evy is wearing A LOT of Jake’s clothes, hand-me-downs {Jenni you rock!}, and sale items. You start to realize you don’t NEED as much as you WANT.
Anyway, I thought I would highlight some of my fave items….I should really get paid for this, ha!! :)
Strollers…as I said this was a big stresser. We originally got one of the more popular inexpensive strollers but after pushing it around the block once or twice, I was ready to push it off a cliff as well. So we sold it and everything else we could think of to buy the UppaBaby:
Worth every penny!! Trust me…it also grows with your child which is great. We have the seat attachment for Jake. We also loved the Snug rider, although there is no need to get that now with the uppa since it has the attachment as well. And we could not live without a Maclaren. Its a great little umbrella stroller that is sturdy and full sized and great to ship the kids off to my parents or sister for the weekend {did I say “ship”? ha}.
My bouncer. Its  by Carters and you can’t find it anywhere. :( But I am a firm believer in these puppies. If you don’t have one…GET ONE! I’m serious, both my kids slept in them during the day for weeks when they were newborns and Evy actually slept in it at night for the first 2 months. I recommend that you get one that bounces, reclines to 2 or 3 positions, vibrates and plays music. Trust me, that is HARD to find in a bouncer. But they are out there. Here’s Evy in ours on Valentine’ Day:
Did any of my friends get a Diaper Genie? If so, please stand up for it now, cause I have nothing positive to say about it. Instead we use these:
Scented trash bags. This is my fave brand as it cheaper than the baby brand and its big, so it can hold a whole days worth of stinkies. :) I would just toss them all in there and at the end of the day, walk them right out to the trash can outside.
My fave breastpump:
And I LOVED Lansinoh storage bags, although I have heard the Target brand is just as good.
Books I COULD NOT live without:
Babywise {Please don’t leave hate mail if you disagree, hehe}
What To Expect Series {They are all ”Mommy Bibles”} 
My fave dipaers are Pampers, especially Swaddlers because the smell and feel soo nice
Some fun baby items that I COULD NOT live without :)
Vans and Converse for boys {although Evy wears them too :)}
Mia Joie Shoes for girls
*Follow her blog if you want to get a pair. They sell out IMMEDIATELY. No joke.
Diapees and Wipes used to be my fave, but now that I have 2 kids in diapers still {let’s hope for only a few more weeks} and my Evy Bags…well, let’s just say they are GREAT!! :) And I am making several new ones for spring.
Earth Best’s Meals. Not the single fruits and veggies as I kinda feel they are a rip off, but the meals are sooo tasty {at least my kids seem to think, ha} and are organic too. Makes Mommy feel GREAT! :)
My monitor {thanks Alisha for recommending it!}
And lastly, some very fun etsy shops for your baby:
Evelynfields  *great snack bags…or buy the pattern and make them yourself
Whew…there you have it! Hope that helps some of you!
What is some of your fave baby items that you have found? Please do share!!
PS…I would really LOVE for you participate in the size poll if you haven’t already. I need to get a better handle on sizes needed for my hoodies. What size do you wear? Thanks! :)