Finches, Hoodies and Other Such Nonsense

“And I’m pretty sure the finches I gave you have salmonella…”
{10 points if you know where this line is from, ha!}
As I went nuts trying to sew up all my hoodies and prepare for the ladies conference, I thought many times about this line. I thought about how sometimes we try so hard to please but the end result isn’t always how you wanted it to be.
Like this weekend.
I worked my tail off getting all these hoodies sewn up and packaged and sized correctly, etc. And Brandon worked so hard on my little wooden tree. And I sent my son to my parents. And Evy was carried around like a rag doll all weekend by my teenage helpers. And I caught a terrible cold on Thursday night and I’ve been in a fog ever since. And in the end I felt like such a failure cause I hardly sold anything.
Don’t get me wrong…I’m sure the economy, or maybe the fact that I was at a LADIES CONFERENCE trying to sell a very youthful item, or the fact that my hoodies were not embellished with feathers, sequins or beads{VERY popular there} had a lot to do with the lack of sales. But it was still a bummer.
So back to the finches…I started thinking about how sometimes we give so much attention to things that don’t really matter in the end. Like putting so much energy into giving finches as a gift and then not being able to help that in the long run they have some deadly disease. Or like me working myself to the bone over these hoodies {or anything else in life, for that matter} and in end the whole thing doesn’t turn out as great as I would liked.
And yet, despite the lack of sales at the conference, I saw so many people I love and adore and got to spend some valuable time with them. I also had the privilege of taking three girls from our youth group with me each night and it was SO MUCH FUN. Seriously, I had a blast with them, and they made my day with their cheerful banter, silliness and just plain innocence. It was lovely and so refreshing.
Really, in the end,  it was the people that was more exciting and more important than the hoodie sales or lack thereof.
So, the whole point to this excessive rambling? Well, of course, I must include a picture right?
Finches/hoodies/colds/whatever else= silly nonsense
People= priceless
Since I didn’t sell much, EVERYTHING is marked way down to liquidate my inventory and make room for the American Apparel items that are coming soon. Please hop on over to my store by clicking HERE
If you make a purchase and mention that you read my blog, you will get a free Evy Bag with your purchase.
{While supplies last}
Much love to you all!

Items For Sale…

As I’ve mentioned before, I am selling my hoodies at a Ladies Conference this weekend in Sacramento. I am offering my items at a special lowered price just for this conference. If you are attending the conference, and see something you would like, please do not hesitate to contact me by email and you can prepay for it and pick it up there. The prices listed under the pictures are the special price.
If you are NOT going to the conference, but see something you want, I will give you the same special price. If you are out of town you will have to pay shipping. :)
These are the LAST of the Target hoodies. From now on I will be using American Apparel items, so some of these might change some, or might not be offered at all. All the sizes I have left are listed under the pictures. And apologize for the bad pictures, this is all before ironing, sorry.
First I want to share with you some of my new designs. I’m so excited about them. And Jake is too, if you can’t tell. Not only was he excited about the hoodie, but he was jumping out of his skin with excitment that he was getting into the car with his Mumsy to spend the weekend with Mumsy and Gramps. After I buckled him in the car and was kissing him over and over he told me, “Ok, good-bye now, Mommy.”
Oh boy. :(
Anyway, here is The Ronnie. Its actually the exact 1930′s vintage midget race car that my Dad and his cousin own and race. Brandon took a picture of it and we shrunk it down and made it into a pattern- hence the name “Ronnie” after my dad. :)
6/9 mths
12/18 mths
18/24 mths
The Rubix
My very own design made out of fleece pieces and felt.
6/9 mths
12/18 mths
18/24 mths
The Mini Brilla in dark grey
I only have one of these so far and its still pinned up! :) I have plenty more material and plan on doing adults with the American Apparel. What do you think? Does it need more color? Would love your opinions.
{Runs big}
The Mini Whimsy
12/18 mths
{Runs big}
The Mini Hoot
18/24 mths
{Runs big}
The Mini Brilla light pink
18/24 mths
{2} 4T/5T
The Mini Whimsy tee-lime
Kids sizes
{3} Mediums
Adult Brilla in Black
This is using the pink polka and has candy apple green stichting. This is the last of the pink polka. :(
The Whimsy in Green
One of a kind.
The Love
The Hoot
The Whimsy in Black
{2} L
The Whimsy Dark Grey
The Rainbow
The Brilla Tee
Adult and Minis
Adults- $15
{2} Small
Kids-$12 {sleeves are slightly shorter than pictured}
{4} Small
The Evy Bags
{7} Hoot
{11} Brilla
Well that’s it! Hopefully I will see many of you there. I will be sharing a booth with the talented, Monica Hassas. Here hair accessories go like HOTCAKES!!
Brandon made me a HUGE white, wooden tree to display my goods on, so to find me, look for the tree! ha.
And in closing, as if we didn’t have enough pictures already, I just have to show you how Jake dressed himself the other day. He was so proud of himself, bless his heart. Is he not the cutest? I’m going to miss him!

Some Great Giveaways…

Couple of fun giveaways:
This beautiful quilt is being givenaway over at Lila Tueller Designs. Click HERE to enter. I hope I win, this would look lovely in my guest room!!
and I found a new blog that I LOVE because of these:
These ADORABLE owls are made by aprilfoss and you can check out her etsy store HERE. The blog Whimsical Creations is giving away one of her owls in a giveaway. Head on over and check it out by clicking HERE.
Good luck everyone!!

It’s Just Carpet…

Just for the record….
I hate my carpet.
Yup, its true. We’ve had this conversation before, but my house is predominently white. I know, I know…I’m crazy, but just believe me when I say that white is THE with kids. Seriously. All you have to do is invest in stock with oxyclean and bleach products, hehe.
Anyway, back to my carpet. A little history: Brandon and I bought our house three months before we got married. It’s a track home that was built for us, so we got to pick out some of the details of the exterior/interior, etc., and one of those details was the carpet. My Dad and brother {who are both contractors/builders} recommended that we get the standard{i.e. CRAP-O-LA} carpet for FREE and then pay for hardwood floors ourselves within the next year or so. It would save us THOUSANDS {their words}. So following their advice, I chose a very ugly *I mean lovely* shade of light biege or maybe cream? Either way I got carpet that was not high-end, scotch gaurded or kid/animal friendly.
At the time of our marriage, I had Baby, my 19 year old cat whom I had since 4th grade. Isn’t she a love?
Well, unfortunately she wasn’t such a love on my carpet. ugh. We became very good friends with our local chem dry and pet odor remover. Our carpet really suffered.
And we never got those hardwood floors as planned.
Everytime I would go to buy them, something would come up and the money would be needed for other things. And then Jake came around…
He was a big spitter upper. BIG BIG spitter. The kid couldn’t stay clean if I paid him, no joke. Carpet suffered, again. Chem Dry and I are still friends.
Still no hardwood. And it looks horrible.
So yesterday, I left the kids in the family room for a few minutes so I could grab a couple things from my room. I came back to find my precious baby girl standing up by our little marble table and was COVERED with my chai latte{which was lukewarm, thank God!} I had sitting on the table. COVERED.
And so was the carpet. Lots of Chai, all over the carpet.
Evy was just smiling.
I was crying.
I seriously started to feel really sorry for myself. Why, almost six years later, do I still not have those hardwood floors? Why?!? The thoughts running through my mind went something like this:
We would be able to afford better floors if:
 Brandon and I weren’t in the ministry
I hadn’t quit my job
I hadn’t listened to my dad and brother {sorry guys, ha}
I hadn’t bought my couches
I hadn’t bought a better car
I hadn’t bought ANYTHING, period.
But then, as I franctically tried mopping up the mess, I turned around and I saw this:
Jake and his little fire engine with the fire man{right next to the marble table and the puddle I was cleaning up}. He had his “little man”, as he calls the fireman, standing by the engine and in the best fireman’s voice Jake was saying,
“Hi, I’m Fireman, and I’m here to help Mommy clean up the coffee!”
And precious little Evy was sitting next to him laughing.
And I realized… It’s just carpet.
Its just a THING that will come and go. It’s really, at the end of the day, not that important.
What’s important is the smiles I see on my kids faces daily. The laughter that fills my home. My happy {at least at times, ha} husband. And the love that people feel when they come over. That’s what’s most important. Not the carpet.
So God, I believe that SOMEDAY I will have hardwood floors. And when I get them, I will jump for joy. But until that day, I thank you for the carpet- that we have floorcoverings at all. Thank you,especially during these hard times, that we have a home to live in.
And if you, my dear friends, come over to our house, please don’t look at our carpet. Please look at my smiling kids. Feel the love that resides in our home. And I hope you smile, despite the carpet.
And on that note, I’m signing off. Jake found Brandon’s razor and blood is everywhere. Better call Chem Dry. AGAIN-ugh.

Nine…wait…EIGHT Years Ago

I have NO idea what has happened to me. Seriously, I keep telling myself I have a college education but I can’t tell you what I have done with all that knowledge because the last couple of years my brain seems to have transformed into mush. I can’t read properly, speak intelligently, or keep a train of thought running for longer than 5 minutes- unless, of course, its regarding diapers, sleep routines, food adversions…on those subjects I’m a pro.
And now it seems I have a new “can’t” on my list….I can’t add!
So I apologize to all those people who I have been telling its been NINE years when in actuality its only been EIGHT…but anyway, without further adeu…
Happy Anniversary Babe!
Eight {NOT nine} years ago yesterday, February 17, 2002, Brandon and I offically became “a couple”. :)
Even though I have known Brandon for many years prior to this weekend, we really had just reconnected several month before. Since about Novemeber 2001 we had been hanging out as “just friends” meeting up in the city {San Francsico} where Brandon was working for several months, which was convienently located down the street from my brother’s apartment.
VERY BAD scan…but us towards the end of 2001 in front of Mel’s Diner in the city.
Valentine’s weekend was coming up and we heard that DC Talk, of whom we were both huge longtime fans, was on their final tour together as a band and they were having a show in San Diego. We thought it would be a fun getaway, especially since we both had close friends who lived in S.D. who we would love to see and whom thought wouldn’t mind having us crash at their houses, ha! :)
So Brandon, his cousin Jordan, and I embarked on a 13 hour drive to So Cal.
We had a BLAST. So much fun. Brandon gave me a Red Currant Votivo candle for Valentine’s Day, which was the best EVER- and I still have the jar. :) And DC Talk…it was awesome to be able to be at one of their final concerts. What was even more awesome was Brandon randomly, on a trip to the bathroom, ended up backstage, ran into Michael Tait, struck up a converstation {so Brandon}, got asked to play the guitar in Mike’s new group, and got us backstage passes for the next concert in Fresno two nights following!! That alone is a very long story, one that I will leave for Brandon to tell sometime, but Brandon and Mike have remained friends since then. In fact, they met up this summer while Mike was on tour with The Newsboys in Turlock.
Again, bad scan and VERY BAD pic of me, but us at the DC Talk concert. Brandon, me and Jordan.
Brandon and Mike, this summer.
ANYWAY…without telling all the romantic details, haha….the day after the trip Brandon and I fessed up to our mutual admiration for eachother {which had just hit me, but Brandon had quietly been hiding for several months, bless his heart} and thus began our 3 year dating period. :)
I love you Babe, thank you for loving me. Thanks for waiting patiently for me until I loved you back. You are the best. I could never imagine life without you.
Oh yes PS…Last night I had the privilege of speaking in our youth service. actstwenty9, you guys are AMAZING. Seriously, you blow my mind. Thank you for having me and I’m so glad God had His way. I love you all. And I’m sorry for accidently lying and tell you that Pastor Brandon and I had been together nine years when it was really eight. haha.

The Winner! …and Valentine’s Day Excitement

Well, I tried something new tonight. I tallied up all your points, put them into an Excel spreadsheet then used, like all those other very savvy and cool blogs. I got my number…but no cool picture! :( ugh. I was hoping to insert it in here, but all I got was this:

True Random Number Generator





Powered by RANDOM.ORG

HA!!! Sorry, no cool little random generator icon thingy, but at least we got the number….drum roll please…
#34 is…
Carolyn Grady!!
Whoo hoo Carolyn, Congrats!
Carolyn wanted the Brilla Evy Bag, so Carolyn, can you pretty please email me your address to: Love you girl.
And I love all you other entrants, for most of you are some of my very bestest of friends. If you really want an Evy Bag, there are still some in my half opened shop. And just for all you entrants, the price will be $10, instead of the $12. :)
To get the discount, put the item into your shopping cart, but don’t pay, I will send you revised paypal request.
And in closing, I have to give a huge shout out to my husband, who really, truly does way more than I ever expect him to. Like I said in this post, Valentine’s Day just crept up on me this year and although I got my husband a card, I didn’t get the kids one! Ack, what was I thinking, especially since this is Evy’s first Valentine’s Day? Well, Brandon, being the cool cat that he is, walked up to me Saturday night with, get this, FILLED OUT V-Day cards for both the kids and said, “Here, Babe, sign these”. Oh my goodness, when did the roles reverse here?!?
ANYWAY….here we are Sunday morning {as it is every Sunday morning} with the kids all piled up in our bathroom opening their Valentines. Sorry for the horrible pictures. Honestly, if I don’t get a new camera for my birthday in May I will be forced to take drastic measures to purchase one myself { I hope you’re listening, Mom, Dad, Brandon and anyone pitching in for a gift}….
Evy opening her card..
Jake was so excited

Reading Evy’s card. I think Jake was much more into it than Evy, but she put on her interested face.
Congratulating Evy on her first Valentine’s Day
My two very, very precious kiddos and the monkey balloon that Grandma brought over to Jake on Friday. It has literally been following him around the house since then.
From my Babe…beautiful roses, a vintage card and that red tin was my fave thing…
NO….its not what you think it is! SHEESH get your minds out of the gutter {if you follow me on facebook you know what I mean}….
They are BAND-AIDS with my motto on them. I have so many owey’s around here that now, even when I have blood squirting everywhere I can “keep calm and carry on”!
Much love to you all!!

Valentine’s Day Giveaway!

I have been embellishing these bags for the Ladies Conference I am attending at the end of the month, and I LOVE them so much…I thought I would give one away for in honor of the national LOVE day. :)
 Actually, ok, I’m going to be honest….
It was Brandon’s idea to give one away. I have been talking so much about how much I LOVE them…he felt I should share the LOVE. So you have him to thank. :)
I call them The Evy Bag – they measure 8″x12″ and I use them for diapers and wipes. I can fit 6 size 4-6 diapers in these puppies, plus one wipe case. But you could use them for whatever you want…
The Brilla Evy Bag
The Hoot Evy Bag
Here’s how you enter:
Leave a comment telling me which bag you want- 1 entry
For extra entries:
Become a follower of this blog {or state that you already are one}- 1 entry
Facebook/tweet/blog this giveaway- 2 entries
Please do all of the above in ONE comment.
Giveaway closes on Monday, February 15, 2010 at 9pm PST.
*Giveaway Is Closed*
Happy Valentine’s Day my dear friends!
Oh, I almost forgot! I listed just a few things in my etsy shop. Even though my shop isn’t officially open, I am cleaning out my inventory and getting ready for American Apparel items. I also added a couple Evy Bags! :)

Is It Valentine’s Day ALREADY?!?

Well, a couple days ago I woke up out of my mommy fog and realized that it was ALMOST VALENTINE’S DAY! ACK!!!
Where have I been?
I haven’t been thinking about a special little gift or even a card for my husband {I have since remedied that, no worries Babe}, or thought of  making Valentine cards with the kiddos, or bought the ingredients for my yummy Valentines cake I have been making since I was a kid.
But then I started thinking, do I REALLY want my already hyper chid indulging in a giant valentine’s cake? Futhermore, do I want that cake hanging around for this already struggling to lose the rest of baby weight mommy? So I changed my mind and nixed the cake.
Hope nobody is offended.
But I DID decide that this morning I would make a special breakfast for my little family. And by special I mean something other than cereal or toast but nothing too fancy like a quiche or anything, because really, who has time for that? {If you made one this weekend, please don’t tell me. ha.}
So I pulled out my Nannie’s famous pancakes, because they are well, well loved around here. Even Evy gobbles them up. They are so light and fluffy that you can literally eat 10 of them before you know it. In fact we had a friend come over for breakfast once and devour TWENTY of them before my very eyes….no names mentioned {*ahem* Glenn Karamath}.
 I also made some eggs but burnt them while I was talking to my sister-in-law Bryony about baby Lincoln who arrives in one short month! whoohoo! So try not to notice that part. Such is my life these days…
And it is such a very, very beautiful day here- lots of sun and wonderful mildly warm weather{sorry east coasters :( }- that my little family is lounging around, playing soccer outside and taking little cat naps today. What a wonderful way to spend a Valentine’s weekend!
I hope you all have a very happy Valentine’s Day.
Much love to you all!!
Nannie Wollmer’s Buttermilk Pancake Recipe
serves 3- I double this recipe
2 eggs
3/4 C. Flour
1 teas bking powder
3/4 teas baking soda
1/2 tea salt
Separate the eggs, setting aside the whites in a metal bowl. Beat together yokes and all dry ingredients, then add enough buttermilk to make thick- not too runny {about 1/2-3/4 C.} Beat egg whites to low peak and then fold into batter.
Cook on med griddle until brown on each side.

Camera Giveaway…..

Our good friend and photographer Scott Andrew is giving away a camera to good and needy cause. He is taking nominations over on his blog. If you know someone/someplace that could use his camera, head on over by clicking HERE and leave a comment!

Anybody Interested?

I have an x-small Rainbow hoodie available if anybody is interested.
It was my first attempt at working with a fleece rainbow instead of the originial felt, so it has some imperfections in the bottom stiching, but still looks very nice.
This is the ONLY Rainbow I will be offering at this time. The hoodie pictured is the one for sale.
The hoodie is discounted to $40. For non-locals shipping will be an extra $6. If you are interested, please email me or leave a comment. I will set up a custom etsy listing for you ASAP.
The discounted price will be good until tomorrow {Friday, Feb 12}. Please feel free to pass this post on to friends who you think might be interested.